The unknown Heir 987-988


Chapter 987

All of the bald man's little brothers were lying on the ground screaming one by one, some with broken arms and some with broken legs, and it could be said that everyone's end was miserable.

Against such people, Chen Hao would not show any mercy at all.

In the end, only the bald-headed man was left standing upright and staring at the spot.

The bald-headed man was now completely entire stunned, and his legs were somewhat starting to tremble constantly.

Chen Hao walked step after step towards the bald-headed big man.

The bald-headed big man's throat swallowed deeply, and his heart was filled with fear arising out.

The way he looked at Chen Hao eyes and appearance felt like he had encountered death.

"You. You. What do you want?"

The bald-headed man's voice trembled as he stared at Chen Hao and asked as he retreated backwards.

The corner of Chen Hao's mouth raised a wry smile.

"Aren't you very powerful? Why are you scared now?"

Chen Hao looked at the bald man and mocked disdainfully.

Where did the bald man dare to be arrogant, knowing that Chen Hao's skills were so terrifying, where would he really be an opponent, it was too late for him to hide.


In the next second, without waiting for the bald man to react, Chen Hao threw out a slap.

Chen Hao directly smacked the bald big man to the ground.

The bald-headed big man's teeth were directly knocked out in a row, and blood continued to pour out of his mouth.

"Da. Big brother. Big brother, I know I was wrong, I won't dare to do it again!"

The bald-headed man hurriedly begged for mercy towards Chen Hao.

"Now you know how to beg for forgiveness?"

Chen Hao asked coldly.

People like the bald man really didn't deserve to be pitied with pity.

"Big brother. I really know I was wrong, I won't dare again."

The bald-headed big man was begging for mercy again.


Chen Hao wouldn't just let it go like that, and blasted out with a direct kick, blasting the bald man's body and sending him flying.

"If you dare to come here and bully anyone again in the future, I'll beat you once I see you!"

Chen Hao warned towards the bald man and the others.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the Bald Big Man and the others nodded their heads immediately.

Then, the bald-headed big man and the others hurriedly climbed up and then fled, like street rats.

When the bald man and the others left, a fierce round of applause immediately rang out.

"Pop, pop, pop, pop!"

Everyone was applauding and praising towards Chen Hao, and they all felt that Chen Hao was really too good.

Chen Hao also waved his hand humbly before heading over to the owner's wife and daughter.

"Boss lady, it's fine, they won't dare to come again in the future."

Chen Hao smiled and looked at the owner's wife to comfort her.

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

The lady boss also looked at Chen Hao with a burst of excitement and thanked him.

If it wasn't for Chen Hao's help today, then the mother and daughter really didn't know what would happen to them by the bald man and the others, so they were really too grateful to Chen Hao, feeling that he was their benefactor, and they were close to kneeling down and kowtowing to him.

"Oh, no need to be thankful!"

"We're not even full yet, boss lady, so go ahead and bake us something to eat!"

Chen Hao also smiled faintly, and then he proposed towards the boss's wife again.

The owner's wife was also stunned after hearing this, then she immediately nodded her head and agreed.

"Hey, good, good, no problem, you guys can eat whatever you want today, it's all free."

The owner's wife was also very happy as she looked at Chen Hao and preached.

After saying that, Chen Hao walked back to his seat once again and sat down.

The boss lady and her daughter, on the other hand, cleaned up the stalls and carts, and then they went back to their work.

"Senpai, you're really great!"

As soon as she sat down, Tang Yuxin stared at Chen Hao with an adoring face as she praised him.

This was really Tang Yuxin's sincere words.

She thought that Chen Hao was really too powerful, it wasn't just anyone who could fight so many people.

"Oh, it's fine, it's just that they're too weak."

Chen Hao still remained humble in his narrative.

It was really, rather than saying that Chen Hao was too powerful, it was just that these people were too weak and wouldn't be a match for himself.

Joking aside, not even Lin Tianyuan, a taekwondo expert, was a match for Chen Hao, let alone these punks.

After another ten minutes or so, the owner's wife was again carrying a large plate of food on Chen Hao's table.

"Here, this is grilled for you, not enough to keep talking to me!"

The boss lady smiled as she narrated towards Chen Hao and the two.

"Thank you, boss lady!"

Chen Hao and the two of them thanked the boss lady at the same time.

"Oh my, we should be the ones thanking you, if it weren't for you, we mother and daughter really wouldn't know what to do."

The owner's wife also waved her hand in response.

After saying that, Chen Hao continued to eat with Tang Yuxin.

But it seemed that because of this incident at night, the business of the boss lady's stall was gradually improving, and one after another, many people were coming to her stall to eat as well.

It wasn't until around 11 pm that Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin ate well.

After Chen Hao ate well, he walked up to the owner's wife.

"Boss lady, how much is it?"

Chen Hao asked towards the owner's wife.

"Oh my, no need for money, no need for money, you have helped us so much at night, where else can I charge you for it!"

The boss lady immediately declined Chen Hao's sermon.

But although the boss's wife said so, Chen Hao would not agree to it.

Chen Hao knew that it wasn't easy for the boss's wife and daughter, and the two of them had eaten quite a lot of food tonight, so they would definitely have to pay quite a bit of money, so of course Chen Hao wouldn't refuse to pay.

"Boss lady, I know it's not easy for you either, you must take this money, or I won't dare to come and eat next time!"

Chen Hao also immediately explained to the owner's wife, and then took out a few hundred dollar bills from his wallet and handed them to her.

"Yes, Madam Boss, just take it, it's not easy for you guys."

Tang Yuxin on the other side also naturally understood Chen Hao's intentions and immediately agreed with Chen Hao's advice towards the boss's wife.

Hearing both Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin speak like this, the boss lady had no choice but to reach out her hand to receive the money from Chen Hao.

"Alright then, I'll take it this time, you guys can come and eat here more often in the future ah, I'll give you a discount!"

The boss lady also smiled and suggested towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

After Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin heard this, they also nodded their heads for a while immediately.

"Mmhmm, of course I will!"

Hearing that Chen Hao and the two of them had agreed, the boss's wife also smiled with joy.

Then, Chen Hao left with Tang Yuxin.

As she left, she only saw the boss's wife's daughter staring at Chen Hao's back, not taking her eyes off at all.

The boss's wife also certainly noticed her daughter's eyes.

"Little Yun, are you falling for him?"

The boss lady looked at her daughter and asked.

The boss lady's daughter was called Zhang Yun, her nickname was Xiaoyun, and she was a student who was still in her third year of high school.

Having been told so by her own mother, Zhang Yun's pretty face turned red.

Chapter 988

"Mom, what are you talking about."

Zhang Yun hurriedly explained towards his mother, looking shy.

But how could a mother not see it.

"Xiao Yun ah, your task now is to study hard, but mom is not against you falling in love, as long as it is good for you."

The boss's wife reminded with another long-winded look at her daughter, Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun listened and also nodded for a while, all the intentions are only her own heart the clearest Chen.

But for Chen Hao, Zhang Yun was also really moved, she felt that Chen Hao was really different, and was the most secure man she had ever met.

If there was a chance, Zhang Yun also wanted to meet with Chen Hao, or the two of them could have a conversation alone.

But would this opportunity really be there? Zhang Yun's mind could not help but think.

Late at night, Chen Hao sent Tang Yuxin back before returning to his villa.

After returning home, Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue'er were also already asleep, and Chen Hao could only sit alone in the living room, pouring a glass of red wine and drinking it alone.

The next morning, Chen Hao got up early and took Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue'er out.

After dropping Lin Xue'er off at school, Chen Hao took Zhou Nuo to the group.

"Dong Chen, Dong Ke from Zhong Tian Group will be coming to our group today, do you think you want to meet with him on your side?"

Only Zhou Nuo was sitting in the car reporting towards Chen Hao.

"Zhong Tian Group?"

Chen Hao was suspicious after hearing that.

"Yes, he called me to say that he came to apologize to you."

Zhou Nuo nodded his head and looked at Chen Hao to explain.

After hearing this, Chen Hao came to a sudden realization.

He had to know that he had met Ke Zhongtian's wife, Li Zhulan, yesterday when he had brought the three of them to the Happy Valley Amusement Park.

After yesterday's incident, Ke Zhongtian had already divorced Li Zhulan.

And in order to keep his own Zhongtian Group, so Ke Zhongtian would personally come to Chen Hao today to apologize and ask for his forgiveness and keep his own Zhongtian Group.

"Alright, since people are also so sincere, let's meet!"

Chen Hao pondered after a pause, then spoke up and agreed.

Chen Hao wasn't the kind of person who was unreasonable and ruthless.

Yesterday's incident was originally none of Ke Zhongtian's business, it was all his own wife Li Zhulan's fault, so Chen Hao would not go overboard to make things difficult for Ke Zhongtian.

Soon, after half an hour, Chen Hao and the two arrived at the Yaojiang Group.

Only to see a black car already parked at the entrance of the Yaojiang Group.

That's right, this car was no one else's, it was exactly the car of Ke Zhongtian of Zhongtian Group.

When he saw Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo's arrival, Ke Zhongtian immediately got down from the car.

"Chen Dong!"

Ke Zhongtian respectfully shouted towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at Ke Zhongtian.

"Ke Dong, we meet again!"

Chen Hao's words had a hint of fun in them, making Ke Zhongtian feel a little embarrassed to hear them.

After all, yesterday, his own wife had done that to Chen Hao, it really made Ke Zhongtian feel humiliated.

But now it was good, Ke Zhongtian had divorced Li Zhu Lan.

"Chen Dong, I'm really sorry about yesterday, I've divorced my wife as you said!"

Ke Zhongtian said in a very determined tone as he watched Chen Hao word by word.

Yesterday, Chen Hao told him that he must divorce Li Zhulan, so how could he, Ke Zhongtian, not dare to listen.

Chen Hao smiled lightly again and then spoke, "Go up and talk!"

After saying that, Chen Hao headed upstairs with Ke Zhongtian and the others.

Arriving upstairs, Chen Hao's office.

"Come, Ke Dong, please sit down, Zhou Nuo, serve tea!"

When Chen Hao walked in he first signaled towards Ke Zhongtian and then gave a command to Zhou Nuo.

"Okay Dong Chen!"

Zhou Nuo directly nodded his head and walked out.

"Ke Dong, an apology is not necessary for you, I know what happened yesterday is none of your business either."

Just hearing Chen Hao spoke up and narrated towards Ke Zhongtian.

Hearing Chen Hao's words made Ke Zhongtian's entire body freeze in place.

Ke Zhongtian didn't understand the meaning of Chen Hao's words at all.

"Chen Dong, what are you..."

Ke Zhongtian asked with some worry, looking all flustered.

"Oh, Ke Dong, don't be nervous yet, I don't mean anything else."

Chen Hao looked at Ke Zhongtian with a faint smile and reassured him.

Now Ke Zhongtian's appearance had somewhat eased up.

Chen Hao could certainly tell that Ke Zhongtian was worried about something, he was definitely worried about whether or not he would acquire his Zhongtian Group.

In fact, Chen Hao did not have the intention of wanting to acquire the Zhongtian Group, but there were just some other things he wanted to chat with Ke Zhongtian about.

Although the Zhongtian Group was not as good as the Yaojiang Group, it was still considered one of the leading enterprises in Tianhai City, and it had also made a lot of contributions to charity.

Based on this alone, Chen Hao would not go against the Zhongtian Group.

Moreover, it was true that yesterday's incident could not be blamed on Ke Zhongtian, and everything was not what Ke Zhongtian wanted to encounter.

"Ke Dong, it's like this, I know that you are also a good entrepreneur and created this group from scratch yourself, so what, I hope that Zhongtian Group can cooperate with our Yaojiang Group."

Chen Hao then looked at Ke Zhongtian and spoke from his heart.

Indeed, the reason why Chen Hao had agreed to meet Ke Zhongtian today was because he had such an idea.

Hearing Chen Hao say this instantly shocked Ke Zhongtian to the core, his face filled with an incredulous expression.

He never would have thought that Chen Hao was trying to work with him instead of dealing with him himself, he was overthinking everything.

"Chen Dong, really? You really want to work with me?"

Ke Zhongtian was very surprised to see Chen Hao confirming the question, thinking that Chen Hao was joking with him.

"No joke with you, really!"

Chen Hao nodded his head and smiled as Ke Zhongtian spoke.

"Chen Dong, that's really great, I've always wanted to work with you too!"

Ke Zhongtian was in an incomparably excited mood and looked at Chen Hao and said, he really never thought completely that Chen Hao would take the initiative to approach him about cooperation, what an exciting thing for him to do.

"Ke Dong, which aspect of your group is your main operation now?"

Chen Hao then asked towards Ke Zhongtian.

"Chen Dong, our Zhongtian Group is now mainly operating in this aspect of construction, which includes a lot of real estate as well as area construction."

As soon as Ke Zhongtian heard this, he immediately replied towards Chen Hao.

This was an excellent opportunity for Ke Zhongtian.

If he could climb into a cooperative relationship with Chen Hao's Yaojiang Group, it would be a great development for his Zhongtian Group and would allow it to move up to the next level.

"Ke Dong, then what is the biggest project you currently have in your hands?"

Chen Hao also nodded his head before asking a direct question towards Ke Zhongtian.


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