The Unknown Heir 985-986


Chapter 985

Chen Hao also laughed and looked at Tang De to explain, "Oh, uncle, don't worry about that, I don't have to work particularly hard at that job, I just need you to help with the management, and the salary is about 10,000 yuan a month."

"Really? There's a salary of ten thousand, such a good job."

Without waiting for Tang De to open his mouth, Wang Yuehong fiercely exclaimed.

Joking aside, both Wang Yuehong and Tang De didn't dare to imagine that they could find a job that paid over ten thousand a month.

"Of course it's true, since Uncle you happen to be looking for a job, I'm still short of people there as well, Uncle, you can work at my place."

Chen Hao directly suggested towards Tang De.

It wasn't really like that, Chen Hao was merely saying that there was such a job because it was to help Tang De.

"Fine, fine, since you think so highly of me, Little Chen, then of course I'm willing to work at your place."

Tang De agreed without a single comment.

Joking aside, a job opportunity with a monthly income of over ten thousand dollars was right in front of Tang De, how could Tang De go and miss it, then he would really be too stupid.

"That's fine, uncle, you can report to Yaojiang Group tomorrow, I'll have someone handle the entry procedures for you, and someone will tell you the work process."

Chen Hao looked at Tang De as he narrated word by word.

"Hey, yes, yes, you can!"

Tang De was busy responding with a burst of excitement.

Wang Yuehong on the other side and Tang Yuxin were also very happy.

"Ah Chen, thank you so much, not only did you save our lives, you also introduced a job to Yu Xin's father, it was really too much trouble for you."

Wang Yuehong looked at Chen Hao from the bottom of her heart and thanked him.

Chen Hao also smiled lightly in response.

"Auntie don't say that, it's all a small matter to me, and it also just so happens that I have someone there who needs it."

Wang Yuehong, Tang De and Tang Yuxin really didn't know how to thank Chen Hao, their family had already received too many benefits from Chen Hao.

But this was all just a small matter to Chen Hao.

To use an idiom, it's all about helping others.

After another short while, Tang De helped Wang Yuehong upstairs to rest.

Only Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin were left sitting in the living room downstairs.

"Yuxin, do you have time later? I haven't eaten dinner yet, so go out with me for some."

In order to break the awkward atmosphere, Chen Hao took the initiative to extend a generous invitation towards Tang Yuxin.


After hearing this, Tang Yuxin directly agreed without even thinking about it.

After that, Chen Hao left the villa with Tang Yuxin.

After getting into the car, the two of them drove towards the direction of the Tianhai Night Market.

In the car, neither of them went to talk much.

Tang Yuxin didn't know what to go and say to Chen Hao, so it felt like a very awkward kind of feeling.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the Heavenly Sea Night Market.

The Tianhai Night Market, but very famous, to be frank, is just a snack street, with all kinds of food and stalls, every night after ten o'clock is very lively.

It was also a place for countless office workers to entertain themselves after work.

In the past, Chen Hao didn't come to this place to eat, drink and be merry, but then his identity was different, so he went up a grade, going to those high-class bars and clubs.

So, Chen Hao has not been back for a long time, and he has come back to find the feeling and memories of the past.

When he arrived at the night market, Chen Hao led Tang Yuxin to a stall and sat down.

It had been a long time since she had been here, and basically the entire night market had changed dramatically.

The stall that Chen Hao and the two of them sat down in was set up by a mother and daughter pair.

"Boss lady!"

Chen Hao sat down and shouted at the boss lady.

As soon as the boss lady heard it, she immediately came over.

"Hey, handsome and beautiful, come take a look, what do you want to eat."

The boss lady handed the menu to Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin each and said.

Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin immediately looked at it.

To be honest, Tang Yuxin didn't know much about this either, she had never eaten night market food before either.

"Boss lady, twenty skewers of lamb, one plate of fried dried powder, one grilled carp, one crispy bone 。。。。"

After watching the food for a while, Chen Hao immediately ordered the food.

Chen Hao had enough to order a lot of food.

"Yuxin, how about you, look at what you want to eat, just order anything, it's fine."

After ordering it himself, Chen Hao looked towards Tang Yuxin and suggested.

Tang Yuxin, on the other hand, smiled slightly and shook her head.

"No need, senior, you've already ordered a lot, so eat first."

Hearing Tang Yuxin's words, Chen Hao had no problem with it, so he immediately said towards the owner's wife, "Owner's wife, that's all for now, we'll order more if it's not enough."

"Alright, then you guys wait a bit, it'll be up soon!"

The owner's wife smiled and motioned towards Chen Hao and the two before turning around and leaving to return to the stall.

To be honest, most of the stalls around the area were doing very good business, but only the mother and daughter's stall didn't have many people coming, except for Chen Hao's table, which was still very desolate.

So when they saw Chen Hao and his wife come, the mother and daughter were also very happy, finally tonight is going to be open.

"Senior, look at the skewer, it's even the owner's wife's daughter eh!"

The sharp-eyed Tang Yuxin immediately reminded Chen Hao when she spotted a place.

As soon as Chen Hao heard it, he immediately turned his head to look.

At a glance, it was indeed true that the skewer was a girl about the same age as Tang Yuxin, so she should be the boss's wife's daughter.

"I didn't expect that at such a young age she would take up the task of making money."

Tang Yuxin sighed some more, she felt that she was really much happier compared to this girl.

After about twenty minutes, Chen Hao's food was served to both of them.

"Boss lady, that's your daughter, right?"

Chen Hao then grasped the opportunity to ask towards the boss's wife.

"Oh, yeah, it's my daughter, she works hard and comes to help me along after school, I can't be busy by myself."

The owner's wife explained with a faint smile.

"You guys eat slowly first, I have to go busy beforehand, just call me if you need anything."

The boss lady motioned towards Chen Hao and the two of them again, then turned around and returned to her stall to continue her work.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, ate with the two of them, Tang Yuxin.

It had been a long time since they had eaten a barbecue, and Chen Hao also felt nostalgic about it, it was a beautiful thing to miss, it was simply too blissful.

"F*ck off!"



Just as Chen Hao and the two of them were eating happily, they only heard a loud noise coming from not far away, with the sounds of various things being smashed, which sounded very chaotic.

Chapter 986

The huge commotion immediately caught the attention of Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin.

Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin immediately cast their eyes away.

They saw a group of people with different weapons walking menacingly in their direction.

This group of people were constantly smashing the surrounding stalls as they walked, looking very vicious.

All of a sudden the entire street could be described by the idiom of "chickens flying and dogs jumping", many people were beaten and fled.

At this time, the boss's wife and her daughter also panicked.

The boss's wife and her daughter immediately began to pack up their things in a hurry.

"Boss lady, what's going on with you guys?"

Chen Hao was then curious and looked at the boss lady and asked.

The boss lady took a glance at Chen Hao and then hurriedly spoke up to answer, "These people are the ones who collect protection fees in this area, so forget about your meal fees, we'll be leaving first."

After saying that, the owner's wife was ready to pack up her stall and leave with the cart.

Chen Hao was also surprised and amazed, not expecting such a thing to exist these days, it was so infuriating.

But before the boss's wife and daughter had time to leave, the gang of evil men had already arrived.

The gang just directly surrounded the boss's wife and mother and daughter.


The leader was a big bald man with a very fierce appearance.

The bald-headed big man came up and just kicked over the boss's wife's cart, and suddenly everything was scattered on the ground.

"Big brother. Big brother, please let us go, we can all be small business."

When the boss lady saw this, she quickly pleaded towards the bald man.

You know that this was what they mother and daughter had to eat and feed their family, without this they really wouldn't know what to do.


I heard the bald man snicker for a moment.

"Small business? I don't care how much protection money you have to come up with for us today, or you two won't leave!"

The bald-headed man stared at the boss's wife and daughter word for word and spoke in a grim tone, not having any sympathy or human feelings at all.

The surrounding people also dared not to be angry, no one dared to come out and do justice.

"Brother, we really don't have any money, please let us go!"

The boss lady was still looking at the bald man begging for mercy, looking incomparably undignified kind.

It couldn't be helped, that's how it was in this society, weak people were just easy to be bullied by others.

"No money? Hmph, that's fine, I think your daughter is pretty good looking, then let your daughter drink with us as compensation, what do you think?"

The bald man then looked at the boss's wife in a different way and suggested with a covetous look at the boss's wife's daughter.

The boss's wife subconsciously pushed her daughter behind her.

The boss's wife took a look at a stick beside her and immediately picked it up in her hand and pointed it at the bald man and the others.

"Don't bully yourselves too much, or I'll fight you!"

The boss lady roared with an angry glare at the bald man and the others.

Although she was also scared, there was nothing she could do, she had to stand up and protect her daughter, she absolutely could not let her daughter be bullied.


Seeing the boss's wife picking up a stick, the bald man and the others just burst out laughing, laughter filled with sarcasm.

"You're the only woman who dares to spar with us? Hahaha, let's say, seeing that you both mother and daughter are good looking, it's no fun for you to do such a small business, why don't you just hang out with me from now on?"

After the bald man's mouth was pursed, he looked at the boss's wife with an oily lecture.

"Bah, don't you dare!"

The boss's wife was also very spirited, so of course she wouldn't accede to the bald man's request.

"Yo, quite a temper, in that case, don't blame us for being rude!"

The bald-headed man didn't want to talk nonsense to the boss's wife and daughter, and spoke sternly.

After saying that, the bald-headed big man was ready to walk up and grab the boss's wife.


Just then, a single sign flew right past everyone's eyes.


Then only a scream was heard from the bald-headed man.

Only the bald man's arm was run through by this signet, and a small blood hole appeared, blood splattering out.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned.

However, no one saw who actually made the shot to throw this signet, only that a signet suddenly flew through there.

At this time, Chen Hao, who was sitting in his seat, stood up.

"Bullying women is nothing, what a bunch of bastards!"

After Chen Hao stood up, he spoke out in a light tone.

When they heard Chen Hao's words, the group of bald-headed men locked their gazes on Chen Hao's body, they did not expect that someone would dare to stand up against them at this time.

Actually, not to mention the bald man and the others, even the surrounding crowds were surprised.

They all felt that Chen Hao was at a deadly pace, meddling in nosy business for no good reason.

Although Tang Yuxin was surprised, she thought that Chen Hao was really nice.

Looking around at these onlookers none of them dared to come forward, it was really too indifferent.

Alas, but it couldn't be blamed on these people, who let the bald man and the others be really too fierce, no one wanted to get into trouble.

But for Chen Hao, Chen Hao wouldn't be afraid.

These things were a trivial matter to Chen Hao.

As the saying goes, when you see an injustice, you pull out a sword and help.

Chen Hao was such a person who liked to help others.

What's more, indeed, this mother and daughter were very clever and worthy of Chen Hao's help.

Besides, this boss lady had even exempted Chen Hao from paying for his meal, so of course Chen Hao would have to thank someone properly.

"Kid, who are you that you dare to meddle in other people's business?"

Without waiting for the bald man to open his mouth, a young man with an airplane head walked towards Chen Hao and pointed at him, cursing furiously.

When the airplane head reached Chen Hao, Chen Hao just reached out his hand and grabbed the airplane head's fingertips.


A crisp sound of bones breaking sounded.

That's right, Airplane Head's fingers were directly snapped by Chen Hao.

Airplane Head's entire body bent down, and his face was distorted with pain.

Joking aside, having one's finger stiffly twisted off was certainly an incredibly painful thing that no one could endure.


Then, Chen Hao was the one who kicked out.

Chen Hao kicked the airplane's head out.

The airplane head fell heavily to the ground, unable to get up for half a day.

"Give it to me!"

When the bald-headed man saw this, he also immediately gave an angry order towards his little brothers.

Hearing the words of the bald man, his little brothers also rushed towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao did not panic at all and stood very calmly in place.

Then, in less than a minute, Chen Hao finished off all of them.


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