The Unknown Heir 983-984


Chapter 983

"My husband will be right over in a minute, so don't leave if you can help it!"

After hearing this, Chen Hao also raised a fox smile to the corners of her mouth.

"Fine, we're not leaving, we'll just wait here for your husband to come over, I'd like to see who's going to end up in the end, don't blame me for not reminding you, when your husband comes, don't regret it!"

Chen Hao warned a warning towards Li Zulan.

But where would Li Zhulan pay attention to Chen Hao's words, in his opinion Chen Hao would be completely lying.

"Zhou Nuo, you should take Lin Xue'er in to use the bathroom first."

Chen Hao then reminded towards Zhou Nuo.

After hearing this, Zhou Nuo nodded his head and then walked into the bathroom with Lin Xue'er.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, went to the side and sat on a bench under a tree and waited.

Chen Hao was confident that he was confident that everything would be clear when Ke Zhongtian arrived.

By then, it wouldn't be him apologizing to Li Zhulan, it would be Li Zhulan and Ke Zhongtian begging him to let them go themselves.

But at that time, Chen Hao wouldn't have any sympathy at all.

It was because Chen Hao had already given Li Zuolan a chance.

After about forty minutes, only a man in a suit rushed over.

To help his wife, it wasn't easy for Ke Zhongtian.

Ke Zhongtian came all the way over here, and then it was a real treat to pay for a ticket to come in.

I saw Ke Zhongtian running all the way to his own wife, Li Juran.

"I'm here, where is everyone?"

Ke Zhongtian walked up to Li Zulan and asked with a confused look at Li Zulan.

Li Juran directly pointed to the three Chen Hao sitting on the bench.

"Just the three of them!"

Li Zhulan narrated towards Ke Zhongtian.

Ke Zhongtian also immediately cast his gaze towards the three of Chen Hao.

When the eyes looked away, astonishment appeared on Ke Zhongtian's face, and he hurriedly walked forward.

Li Zhulan also followed behind Ke Zhongtian, she couldn't wait to see the picture of her husband fiercely teaching Chen Hao three people a lesson.

It was just a pity ah, everything would not go as Li Zhu Lan wished.

Li Zhu Lan is just lifting a stone to smash her own feet.

After getting closer, Ke Zhongwei was able to really see the faces of the three Chen Hao.

"Chen. Chen Dong!"

In the next second, Ke Zhongtian couldn't help but scream out with an incredulous expression on his face.

He didn't expect at all that the person his wife was talking about was the chairman of the Yaojiang Group.

"Ke Dong, don't be surprised, I didn't expect you to recognize me."

Chen Hao also stood up and looked at Ke Zhongtian with a faint smile and said jokingly.

"Chen Dong, look at what you're saying, how could I not recognize you."

Ke Zhongtian responded with great respect, looking at Chen Hao.

Just kidding, Chen Hao was the chairman of the Yaojiang Group.

Moreover, he had been present at several previous financial seminars and auctions, and had seen Chen Hao's true face long ago, but he had never had the opportunity to meet Chen Hao.

"Ke Dong, you can know me, but your wife doesn't know me."

Chen Hao narrated again towards Ke Zhongtian.

The meaning of Chen Hao's words was already obvious, clearly meaning that he was blaming and complaining about Ke Zhongtian.

Ke Zhongtian was no fool, so how could he not hear it, and immediately turned around to glare at his wife, Li Zhulan.

"Stupid woman, still don't get your ass up here and apologize to Chairman Chen!"

Ke Zhongtian angrily reprimanded towards Li Zulan.

Li Zhu Lan was violently shaken, she was also shocked as a whole, she didn't expect that it would be Chen Hao, the chairman of the Yaojiang Group, in front of herself.

She now knew that she had really messed with someone she shouldn't have messed with.

"Chen. Chen Dong, I'm sorry, it's all because I was blind and couldn't recognize you, don't bother with me."

Li Zhulan's attitude this time however really changed greatly, becoming respectful and looking at Chen Hao apologizing, where there was still that arrogance that existed before.

Chen Hao would not accept Li Zulan's apology.

Chen Hao didn't even look at Li Zulan and directly ignored her apology.

"Ke Dong, since things have come to this point, then I will be straightforward and give you two choices, first you divorce her so that you can keep your Zhongtian Group, the second is that I will immediately acquire the Zhongtian Group, at that time, I don't care what will happen to you and your wife, your wife beat my niece, I will not settle this account just like this. "

Chen Hao directly looked at Ke Zhongtian and put forth his two conditions.

These two conditions were very strong, so that Ke Zhongtian simply could not go back and refute them.

Ke Zhongtian himself also knew that if Chen Hao was really planning to buy his Zhongtian Group, then it was just a matter of an instant, then he would really be finished, everything would be over.

And the only option he had now was a path, abandoning the pawn to protect the car.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Ke Zhongtian and Li Zhulan both looked at each other as well.

"Hubby. I, I know I was wrong, don't divorce me."

Li Zhulan immediately hurriedly pleaded towards Ke Zhongtian.

"Chen Dong, I really know I'm wrong, please be generous and forgive me this time, I really didn't know it was you ah."

Li Zhulan looked towards Chen Hao again to ask for forgiveness.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, didn't pay any attention to her, and instead turned his head away.

Chen Hao would not be merciful to someone like Li Zhulan, all of this was what Li Zhulan herself deserved to end up with.

As an adult, one had to pay a certain price for what they had done.

"Chen Dong, I understand what you mean."

After a pause, Ke Zhongtian looked at Chen Hao and preached.

At this time, Ke Zhongtian had already made a decision in his heart.

After speaking, Ke Zhongtian then looked at Li Zhulan again.

"Li Zhulan, from now on I am dissolving my marital relationship with you, and I will have my lawyer prepare the divorce agreement for you."

Just listen to Ke Zhongtian just look at Li Zulan's tone of firm narration.

Hearing these words, Li Zhu Lan was fiercely shocked, her entire body was really like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

Ke Zhongtian had no choice.

He had founded the Zhongtian Group by himself, and he couldn't let it be acquired by Chen Hao just like that, so he decided to give up on this marriage.

Originally this marriage was also not good for Ke Zhongtian, he had long since been unable to endure Li Zhulan.

Every time, Li Zulan would only ask for money to buy things from him, and would only cause trouble for him, all of which would require him to step in and solve the trouble for Li Zulan, Ke Zhongtian had really had enough.

This time, Li Zhu Lan was considered to have stepped on a landmine and lit all the fuses at once.

In fact, Ke Zhongtian had to thank Chen Hao, if it wasn't for Chen Hao giving him this opportunity, I'm afraid he wouldn't have been able to make up his mind to divorce Li Zulan.

"Good, I hope you'll keep your word!"

Chen Hao also responded with a satisfied nod of his head.

Ke Zhongtian nodded and then turned around to leave without paying any more attention to Li Juran.

Chapter 984

She knew that once she left Ke Zhongtian, she really had nothing left, and she absolutely could not lose him.

Although Ke Zhongtian was not as rich and powerful as Chen Hao, but let Li Zhulan eat and drink for the rest of her life, living a rich life that is not any problem.

As he watched Li Zulan's back, Chen Hao also shook his head, that's how a pitiful person can be hated.

Li Juran did not deserve everyone's sympathy.

A person with no quality, even if they had more glory and wealth, it was useless, they would still be looked down upon in the end.

This was something that Chen Hao had done very well.

Chen Hao would be very calm no matter how he treated people or things, and would not deliberately do anything, nor would he try to play with his mind, which was why Chen Hao could do such a good job with the Yaojiang Group and still receive the respect and love of so many people.

There was a reason why some people succeeded.

But the good news was that this little episode of farce did not affect the mood of Chen Hao's three men.

Soon, the three of them continued to play in the amusement park after resting and recovering their happy mood once again.

Lin Xue'er, as a child, of course, also quickly put these bad things behind her.

It wasn't until almost evening that Chen Hao left the amusement park.

Lin Xue'er was so tired from playing that she fell asleep in Zhou Nuo's embrace.

"Chen Dong, Xue'er really had a great time today!"

Zhou Nuo said after a glance at Lin Xue'er and then looked at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao also nodded his head with a smile.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since I've seen Xue'er smile as happily as she did today."

Chen Hao also agreed.

Although Lin Xue'er would usually smile and shout when she saw herself, it was really the first time Chen Hao had seen a smile like today's, showing that Lin Xue'er was really playing without any worries or troubles today.

"Chen Dong, thank you for bringing me along today as well, I haven't been this happy for a long time."

I only heard Zhou Nuo thank Chen Hao again.

"Zhou Nuo, you've been following me since my earliest days, in fact, I've always treated you as if you were my family member, with you here, I've only been able to have today."

After hearing this, Chen Hao also looked at Zhou Noor and thanked him from the bottom of his heart and spoke from his heart.

Hearing Chen Hao speak like this, Zhou Nuo's heart was as sweet as eating honey.

She didn't expect her position in Chen Hao's heart to be so important, it really touched her too much.

Although Zhou Nuo couldn't express her feelings to Chen Hao, she felt that it was good to keep a sense of secrecy like this, at least as long as she could accompany Chen Hao's side, that was enough to make Zhou Nuo satisfied.

After returning to the villa, Chen Hao asked Zhou Nuo to take Lin Xue'er back to her room to rest.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, drove out again, he was going to go to Tang Yuxin's side, to see how Tang Yuxin's mother, Wang Yuehong, was recovering, and also wanted to see if there was anything he could do to help.

After a ten-minute drive, Chen Hao arrived at the villa where Tang Yuxin's family lived.

The place where Chen Hao lived and Tang Yuxin's villa were actually not far apart, and it only took about ten minutes by car.

No, as soon as Chen Hao parked the car, he saw Tang Yuxin's voice coming from behind him.


Tang Yuxin stood at the entrance of the villa and looked at Chen Hao and shouted.

When Chen Hao heard this, he also immediately turned to look at Tang Yuxin with an incredulous expression on his face.

"Yuxin, why are you at the door?"

Chen Hao asked curiously towards Tang Yuxin.

Tang Yuxin smiled as she looked at Chen Hao and replied, "I just happened to go out to throw out the trash and saw you drive up."

Chen Hao also nodded his head in understanding.

After saying that, Chen Hao followed Tang Yuxin in.

"Dad, Mom, Chen Hao is here."

Tang Yuxin reminded towards Wang Yuehong who was sitting on the living room sofa with Tang De after she walked in.

Hearing Tang Yuxin's words, Tang De immediately stood up.

Tang De and his wife also immediately looked towards Chen Hao.

"Little Chen is here!"

Mr. and Mrs. Tunde both greeted with joy and excitement at the same time.

"Yes, aunt and uncle, I came to see you, how are you? Are you all used to living there?"

Chen Hao smiled towards Tang De and his wife with concern.

"Oh my, of course I'm used to it, how could we not be used to living in such a nice house, but it's you who is so kind to come and visit us personally."

Wang Yuehong immediately looked at Chen Hao and replied, not forgetting to praise Chen Hao again.

Everything that their Tang family had now was given to Chen Hao, so of course they were going to thank him properly.

"That's good, auntie, how are you recovering?"

Chen Hao then inquired towards Wang Yuehong.

"It's recovering very well, and now all of them are able to get out of bed for walking around."

Wang Yuehong quickly replied.

Hearing this, Chen Hao was relieved.

However, when Chen Hao looked at Tang De, he noticed that Tang De did not look particularly good, as if he had something on his mind.

"Uncle, you don't look too good, did you encounter any difficulties? You can talk to me if you have any difficulties, I can help you as much as I can."

Chen Hao asked directly towards Tang De.

As soon as Wang Yuehong heard this, he also immediately motioned towards Tang De.

"Old Tang, Little Chen is not an outsider, just tell him, maybe he can really help you."

Tang De was also a bit embarrassed, not knowing how to speak.

"Senpai, let me tell you, it's like this, because we moved, so my father's job was quit, and now he's having trouble finding a job."

Tang Yuxin saw that her father couldn't speak for half a day, so she opened her mouth on behalf of her father to tell him about Tang De's troubles.

As soon as Chen Hao heard it, he thought it was something big, but it turned out to be just a matter of finding a job.

"Uncle, what kind of job are you probably looking for then?"

Chen Hao asked towards Tang De.

Tang De pondered carefully, then spoke up and answered, "I wasn't much educated, but I'm not afraid of hardship and hard work."

This was really what Tang De had in mind, like him, with one uneducated and two unskilled, he only had one strength, so he didn't dare to try to find a job that was so good that he could just support his family.

"So ah, hmm. Uncle, I have a job over there, I wonder if you're interested?"

Chen Hao first opened his mouth and froze for a moment, then he asked towards Tang De.

Tang De was instantly interested, and immediately looked at Chen Hao with renewed energy.

Wang Yuehong and Tang Yuxin on the other side also showed joy.

"There, anything is fine as long as you let me work."

Tang De immediately replied towards Chen Hao.


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