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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2293

Hearing this, Mashiro was shocked, "Mom! A square meter design fee of 800 to 1,000 yuan, that would be 50 to 60 million yuan, wouldn't it? That's too scary!"


      Xiao Chu Ran smiled and said, "What's so scary about this, some internationally renowned designers charge hundreds of millions of RMB for the exterior design of a building!"


      Lan Ma touched her chest and hurriedly asked her, "Good girl, are you planning to take on this project?"


      Xiao Choran seriously: "Of course I want to take ah, but my studio is currently not so large, to take such a project, I'm afraid that the bidding can not compete with rivals, and too much pre-preparation work, if I want to bid, now I have to immediately devote myself to go in and do bidding preparations."


      Saying that, Xiao Choran couldn't help but sigh again and said, "Hey, the company is pretty big after all, and I'm afraid that I can't digest such a big project."


      Ma Lan was surprised and asked, "Isn't design just moving the computer? What can't you digest?"


      Xiao Chu Ran said, "It's not as simple as you think, with a business area of more than 100,000 square meters, there are more than a dozen room types, several restaurants of various types, as well as a leisure and entertainment section, an administrative office section, and security and fire protection planning, the overall design volume is very large."


      "It's like making an animated movie, doesn't the average person think it's just getting a bunch of people to draw? But in reality, twenty drawings are needed for a second picture, and for an hour and a half animated movie, at least tens of thousands, even more than a hundred thousand drawings are needed, the amount of work behind it, several hundred people have to do it well for several years."


      Said Xiao Chu Ran: "We don't have many people in the studio, even if we can next such a big project, we can't finish it ourselves, we have to subcontract to other design studios to do it together, and we need at least dozens of designers and more than half a year of time to finish it"


      "And this is just the first phase, when the construction starts, we will have to follow up the whole process, the construction cycle will be at least a year, so the whole follow up will take a year and a half."


      "Dozens of designers, a year and a half, good designers earn big hundreds of thousands a year, ordinary ones at least 200,000, so the salary cost alone will be tens of millions!"


      Marashi was surprised to get out, "My goodness! Tens of millions in salary alone? That's a bit harsh, isn't it?"


      Xiao Choran seriously said, "That's how it was, I'm still all conservative estimates, if the construction period is longer and the program is modified more, the whole time cost and manpower cost will also increase."


      Ye Chen on the side asked curiously, "Wife, what are you going to do then? Should we go for it?"


      Xiao Chu Ran nodded and said: "Although my studio is not strong, but I still want to try, if I can get this project, I can do this project, along with the merger of several small design team, in that case, when this project is finished, then my studio can at least improve at least two orders of magnitude, can reach the upper middle! The scale of it!"


      After saying that, she said with some concern, "However, the size of my studio is indeed a bit small, and with so many companies bidding this time, I really don't know how sure I am."


      Ye Chen smiled, "Wife, if you're interested, feel free to go ahead and do it, if you make it, it's an excellent opportunity, if we don't make it, we have no real loss, it's just a waste of energy, what do you think?"


      "Yes" Xiao Chu Ran nodded lightly and said, "I just want to try my hardest, so from today onwards, I'm going to work overtime with my team to come up with a proposal, make a bid, and prepare for this bid with all my might!"


      Saying that, she herself said with some emotion, "But I've heard that many design companies are looking around for someone to prop them up in order to get this big order, and there are even people who want to stuff money and give kickbacks to the executives of the Imperial Group, so I don't know if the Imperial Group will then engage in any underhanded operations..."


      Ye Chen laughed, "How can a large group with a market capitalization of over 100 billion like the Imperial Group engage in any underhanded operations on a design project worth tens of millions of dollars, it's not up to it."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2294

However, although the words are so, but Ye Chen has already made up his mind at this time, to say hello to Wang Dongxue, without revealing this project to Xiao Churan.


      The Empire Group was originally his own property, and since his wife was so interested in this project, he naturally wanted to give her a chance to practice.


      So, he then said to Xiao Churan, "Churan, you don't need to think so much now, just focus on the preparations, I'm sure you'll be able to do it!"


      "Well!" Xiao Chu Ran also nodded very firmly and said, "I will definitely cheer! Try to get this big project off the ground!"


      After lunch, Xiao Churan went to the office, so Ye Chen returned to his room and gave Wang Dongxue a call.


      As soon as the call came through, Wang Dongxue spoke up, "Young Master, you're calling because of Madam's bid, right?"


      Ye Chen smiled, "You guessed it."


      Wang Dongxue busily said, "Young Master, originally the design project of our hotel's decoration, I wanted to entrust it directly to Madame's company, but I was also worried that if I gave the project directly to the past, Madame would be suspicious in her heart, so I told her about it and planned to start a bidding session so that Madame's company could get the project through internal bidding, so it would also seem more natural. "


      Ye Chen praised, "Dongxue, you have done a good job in this matter, and you have thought about it very comprehensively, I am calling to tell you about this matter as well, my idea is the same as yours, let Choran participate in the bidding normally, then the group side will directly internalize her studio, at that time let her feel that it is her own test strength to win the bid just."


      Wang Dongxue assured, "Young Master you can rest assured, I will arrange all these."


      Ye Chen asked her, "When does the group plan to officially start bidding?"


      Wang Dongxue said, "I'm going to give a week to come up with a rough draft and start bidding after a week."


      "Good, then this matter is in your hands."


      After hanging up Wang Dongxue's phone, Ye Chen thought that there was nothing important in the afternoon, so he didn't plan to go out again.


      Thinking about the New Year, he promised to prepare some pills for the crowd who came to his home to give gifts in return, so he planned to take advantage of this free time to refine the pills.


      He called Qin Gang, who answered the phone and asked with incomparable respect, "Master Ye, what is your order?"


      Ye Chen said, "Master Qin, help me prepare some medicinal materials and bring them to my home this afternoon."


      As soon as Qin Gang heard Ye Chen say that he had to prepare medicinal materials, he instantly realized that Ye Chen should be planning to concoct medicine, so he said excitedly, "Master Ye, which medicinal materials you need, feel free to tell me, and I will immediately have someone prepare the best to send them over to you!"


      Ye Chen said, "This way, I'll send you the recipe on WeChat later, just prepare it according to my requirements."


      Qin Gang said without hesitation, "No problem Master Ye, send me the list and I'll have Aoxue send it to you when I'm ready!"


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