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Amazing son-in-law Chapter 2291

Su Zhiyi said, "I want to go back and find a master to give a fortune telling and see if he can give me some hints."


      Su Zhi Fei couldn't help but laugh, "Didn't you just say you don't believe in this?"


      Su Zhiyu seriously said, "There's no other good way, so why not give it a try."


      After that, she asked Du Haiqing, "Mom, are there any famous masters in Yanjing? Don't you always go to the temple and donate money? Do you know any monks who have gained the way?"


      Du Haiqing earnestly said, "Don't talk nonsense, high monks practice Buddhism, and fortune telling is a Taoist matter!"


      Su Zhiyu busily asked, "Do you know any capable Taoist priest? I'll go ask him for a fortune and see!"


      Du Haiqing thought about it and said, "I'm really not sure about this, I haven't asked anyone to start a fortune in many years, the last time I asked someone to start a fortune was when I was about the same age as you."


      Saying that, she couldn't help but think of Ye Changya, and her heart sobbed again.


      She then said to Su Zhiyu, "Right, I heard that the Ye family built their ancestral graves some time ago and specially invited Mr. Lai, the heir to the Lai family from the United States, your grandfather also has some personal friendships with Mr. Lai, if you really remember a fortune, you can ask your grandfather to ask if Mr. Lai is still in Yanjing."


      "Mr. Lai?" Su Zhiyu frowned and asked, "How come I've never heard of it? Is that great?"


      Du Haiqing said, "Mr. Lai is the successor of the Song Dynasty Feng Shui Master Lai Bu Yi, who is proficient in Feng Shui physiognomy and the five elements and eight trigrams, so he should be the most powerful master in the world today."


      Su Zhiyu exclaimed in awe, "Really awesome?! Then I'll call Grandpa and ask him!"


      After saying that, she quickly pulled out her phone and called her grandfather Du Zhenhua.


      As soon as the call came through, she would ask Du Zhenhua on the other end of the phone, "Grandfather, my mother said that you know a Master Lai who is proficient in the five elements and eight trigrams, right?"


      Du Zhenhua was surprised and asked, "O Zhiyu, why are you asking about this?"


      Su Zhiyu said off the cuff, "Grandfather, I want to find that savior of mine, but I haven't made much progress, so I want to get a fortune from the master to see if I can find a breakthrough."


      Du Zhenhua said, "Master Lai has returned to the United States some time ago."


      "Ah? Going back?" Su Zhiyu was very disappointed and said, "When did you go back?"


      Du Zhenhua said, "It wasn't long ago, just a year ago, he went back, after he came to Huaxia, he stayed in Ye Ling Mountain for more than three years, I guess he also wanted to go back long ago."


      Su Zhiyu said with incomparable regret: "So [51 novels] unfortunate then what to do Grandfather do you still know other masters?"


      Du Zhenhua said, "I know quite a few masters, but the only one who can truly claim the word master is Master Lai."


      Saying that, he added, "In that case, let me ask Master Lai for you, if he is willing, he can directly help you with a fortune."


      Su Zhiyu was surprised and asked, "Grandfather, is what you said true?"


      Du Zhenhua laughed, "Can Grandpa still lie to you? Master Major Lai is old and a bit odd tempered, so I can't promise you if he's willing to help with that."

Amazing son-in-law Chapter 2292

Su Zhiyu busily said, "It's fine, it's fine if you ask for me."


      Saying that, she then asked, "Right grandfather, in case he is willing to help, do I still have to go to America?"


      "No need." Du Zhenhua said, "Master Lai is magical, if he agrees, I'll give her your birthdate and tell him roughly what you want to ask, it should be enough."


      Su Zhiyu was amazed and said, "So magical?"


      Du Zhenhua smiled, "I Ching Bagua is something like this, it's the supreme wisdom of our ancestors, it's said to be magical, we modern people have only enlightened a little bit of it."


      Saying that, he added, "It's midnight on the American side, and I'm not too good at contacting Master Lai, so why don't you wait patiently for the evening, and when it's morning on the American side, I'll give Master Lai a call."


      Su Zhiyu busily said, "Grandpa, that's up to you!"


      At this moment, Ye Chen had already hurried home and made lunch.


      Although Ma Lan had broken her leg, she still insisted on leaning on her crutches and gave him a hand in the kitchen.


      After busy work to get the meal done, Ma Lan said with a face of shame, "Good son-in-law, it was supposed to be mom who cooked for you, but it's just that mom's leg is inconvenient, and she has to bother you to cook personally, mom this heart is really sorry!"


      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Mom, there's no need to be so polite, I don't have anything to do anyway, it's only right to do the housework."


      Saying that, he said to Ma Lan, "Mom, Churan and Dad should be arriving soon, I'll cook another tomato and egg soup, and when they come back, we can have dinner."


      Ma Lan was busy, "That's really hard for you good son-in-law, Mom will wash the tomatoes for you!"


      Ye Chen put the best food, wife Xiao Churan and father-in-law Xiao Changkun, also drove back home one after another.


      As soon as Xiao Churan came back, she said to Ye Chen with some excitement, "Hubby, today Emperor Group's Wang Dongxue Wang, the deputy director, called me and said that that six-star hotel under construction by their Emperor Group will soon start bidding for the design of the overall interior decoration."


      "Yes?" Ye Chen asked with an act of surprise, "This project should be very large, right?"


      The company has been in the process of developing the newest and most advanced technology in the world, and is now in the process of developing the newest and most advanced technology in the world, and is now in the process of developing the newest and most advanced technology in the world. "


      Just say, Xiao Chu Ran continued to introduce: "The entire hotel two billion budget, half to buy land and infrastructure, the other half almost all for the post-decoration, of which at least 300 million hardcover, soft furnishings and a variety of top home furnishings, beds, bathrooms, electrical purchases almost six or seven hundred million or so, now those domestic big brand home furnishings, bathrooms and decorative building materials executives are running to Jinling! up, and is getting ready to bid on the back!"


      Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Then how much budget has the Imperial Group prepared for the renovation design?"


      Xiao Churan said: "This kind of commercial decoration design quotation, generally in three hundred yuan a square meter up and down, Emperor Group this six-star hotel, business area a total of 130,000 square meters, remove part of the same room type in the repeat design, that design project volume is at least 70,000 or 80,000 square meters, just decoration design fee, it will be 20 or 30 million!"


      Marashi, who was on the other side, was surprised to hear this and said, "Mom! Choran! You're not kidding Mom, are you? You're just going to do some renovations and you're going to pay $20-30 million for a design?!"


      Xiao Chu Ran nodded and said seriously, "No joke, this price is still a relatively low offer, if it's a big design company, or a well-known designer, the price will be even higher, a square meter of design costs at least eight hundred to one thousand!"


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