The Unknown Heir 989-990


Chapter 989

If we're going to collaborate, then of course we should pick the biggest project to work on, otherwise what's the point of that collaboration existing?

Hearing Chen Hao say this, Ke Zhongtian also immediately responded.

"Chen Dong, I do have a very good project in my hands right now, the development and construction of the Tianhai City Huanhai District."

Ke Zhongtian told Chen Hao about the project he had in his hands.

As soon as Chen Hao heard it, he became interested.

"Are you talking about that development of the commercial area of the Huanhai District?"

Chen Hao was suspicious for a moment, then he asked towards Ke Zhongtian.

Ke Zhongtian nodded his head indisputably.

"Yes Chen Dong, it is there, it seems that you also know something about it."

Ke Zhongtian smiled and looked at Chen Hao as he narrated.

"Well, I do have concerns about that place, Dong Ke, in that case, I, the Yaojiang Group, will get involved and take a large share of the construction of this area together with your Zhongtian Group, but all the circumstances and design of the construction must be handled by our Yaojiang Group."

After a pause, Chen Hao then looked at Ke Zhongtian and proposed.

Ke Zhongtian was stunned when he heard this, and then immediately agreed.

"No problem, Chen Dong, it's already my greatest honor that you're willing to work with me, and I'll leave everything to your Yaojiang Group."

Ke Zhongtian did not dare to have any opinions about this situation.

To know that Chen Hao could take the initiative to offer to work with him was already a matter that made him feel very surprised .

If he still put forward various conditions, then if he lost this opportunity to cooperate, I'm afraid he Ke Zhongtian would really have to regret it a lot.

Doing business is all about seizing a good time and opportunity.

If you don't grasp it well, then you will miss out on success.

Only at this moment, Zhou Nuo walked in with tea.

"Zhou Nuo, you go draft a contract for cooperation and bring it over to me later."

Chen Hao instructed towards Zhou Noor.

"Yes, Chen Dong!"

Zhou Nuo responded and then walked out.

"Chen Dong, you're so interested in this area, how are you going to roughly build it?"

Ke Zhongtian was now curious and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

This commercial area of Tianhai City's Huanhai District covered a huge area, but it was all brand new land, and it was also all completely under construction, so how to go about building it was also a big question.

Although the Zhongtian Group was the one that had bagged such a large project, Ke Zhongtian had been having a headache about how exactly to go about this project.

No, just when he was clueless and in great distress, Chen Hao's cooperation descended on him, which made Ke Zhongtian extremely happy.

This project needed nearly more than ten billion dollars, even if the Zhongtian Group was rich, it was impossible for a single person to take over such a large project, and subsequent cooperation with all parties was also needed to share.

But now with the addition of Yaojiang Group, this project belonged only to Yaojiang Group and Zhongtian Group, and only these two groups could share the project.

Ten billion dollars was just a snap of the fingers for Chen Hao.

Very quickly, after about nearly an hour, Zhou Nuo walked in with the contract.

"Chen Dong, I've already drafted the contract you want, please take a look at it!"

Zhou Nuo handed the contract to Chen Hao narrating.

"Okay, thanks, hard work Zhou Nuo."

Chen Hao also thanked Zhou Nuo in a very considerate manner.

Zhou Nuo would also smile, then turned around and walked out.

After Zhou Nuo left, Chen Hao took a look at the contract and handed it to Ke Zhongtian.

"Ke Dong, take a look at this contract, you can talk to me if you have any problems, or you can bring up any conditions and requirements, since we are in a partnership, it has to be mutually beneficial."

Chen Hao looked at Ke Zhongtian as he narrated word by word.

Chen Hao didn't put up a very strong identity because he didn't think it was necessary, since we're all cooperating, then of course we have to be sincere and also respect others.

How to say Zhongtian Group was not small, Ke Zhongtian was still the chairman of the board, of course he still had to give him face.

Ke Zhongtian immediately stood up and received the contract that Chen Hao handed over, and then sat down to examine it again.

After looking at it carefully and carefully for a while, Ke Zhongtian closed the contract.

"Chen Dong, I've carefully looked over the contract, and there's nothing wrong with it."

Ke Zhongtian responded towards Chen Hao.

"Okay, let's sign it then!"

Chen Hao nodded his head and then proposed to Ke Zhongtian.

After saying that, they picked up a pen and signed their names respectively.

Once the contract was signed, it meant that Zhongtian Group and Yaojiang Group would now officially start working together.

"Chen Dong, I wish us happy cooperation!"

Ke Zhongtian respectfully extended his hand towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao also politely extended his hand and shook Ke Zhongtian's hand in response, "Of course, Ke Dong, good cooperation!"

"Okay, then Chen Dong I'll leave first, you can contact me at any time if you have any questions."

Ke Zhongtian said another sentence to Chen Hao, then turned around and left.

It was only after Ke Zhongtian left that Zhou Nuo walked into Chen Hao's office from outside.

"Chen Dong, why did you take the initiative to choose to cooperate with the Zhongtian Group?"

Zhou Nuo was a little surprised as he looked at Chen Hao and asked.

In Zhou Nuo's opinion, in fact, even if this project didn't need the Zhongtian Group, their Yaojiang Group could easily take it down, but now instead they wanted to share a piece of the pie with the Zhongtian Group, it really made Zhou Nuo somewhat unable to understand Chen Hao's mind and approach.

"Zhou Nuo, I know you must be thinking that we can actually take this project easily ourselves, so why share a piece of the pie with the Zhong Tian Group right?"

Chen Hao also immediately saw what Zhou Nuo was thinking and asked.

Zhou Nuo didn't deny it and nodded his head.

Chen Hao didn't go to blame Zhou Nuo, but instead revealed a smile to look at Zhou Nuo.

"Zhou Nuo, think about it, if we Yaojiang Group make enemies with others in every aspect, then it will end up being counterproductive, making too many enemies is not a good thing."

Chen Hao explained with a long-winded look at Zhou Nuo.

"Also yesterday's incident was never Ke Zhongtian's business in the first place, it was his wife who went too far, and Ke Zhongtian didn't do anything excessive, so I've done this to repay my grievances with kindness, not only can I buy people's hearts, but I can also make Ke Zhongtian cooperate with me wholeheartedly in the future, which will bring long-lasting benefits."

"Zhou Nuo, we can't be obsessed with some benefits in front of us, there are some benefits that come quickly but we will lose even more."

Chen Hao elaborated on this series of truths to Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo nodded his head in understanding after hearing it.

Chapter 990

"Well, Chen Dong, I understand."

"Come, sit down, let's discuss about how to go about getting this development and construction of the Huanhai District specifically."

Chen Hao greeted Zhou Nuo again and sat down.

"By the way, where is Leng Yue? Get her over here to discuss it with us too!"

Chen Hao was reminded of Leng Yue again, so he ordered towards Zhou Nuo.


Zhou Nuo echoed and then took out his phone to dial Leng Yue's number.

The call was quickly answered.

"Hello, Leng Dong, Dong Chen asked you to come to his office, he needs some things to discuss."

Zhou Nuo reminded Leng Yue on the other end of the phone.

"Okay, I'll be right down!"

Leng Yue directly agreed to it in one breath.

As long as it was Chen Hao's order, Leng Yue would do as she was told without saying a word, and there would be no slacking off.

After a minute, Leng Yue was seen walking into Chen Hao's office with high heels on her feet.

Leng Yue dressed very stylishly and femininely every day, the kind that would make people directly fascinated at a glance.

"Leng Yue, sit."

Chen Hao motioned towards Leng Yue.

The three of them then sat down together.

"Leng Yue, just now, we have reached a cooperation with Zhong Tian Group to take down the construction project of the commercial area of the Tian Hai City Huan Hai District, and then that area will all be handled by our Yao Jiang Group, while Zhong Tian Group will work as an auxiliary."

Chen Hao first gave an account of some of the specific circumstances with Leng Yue.

"Mr. Chen, that area isn't so easy to develop, it's been more than half a year since the Zhong Tian Group obtained the authorization for that area, but it's been in the stage where no construction has started, would it be too hasty for us to take it over now."

Leng Yue was worthy of being Leng Yue, with a very flexible mind, and immediately saw what the problem was.

"You're right, but you have to know that the current contractor is not the Zhongtian Group anymore, but our Yaojiang Group."

"I've learned that the reason why Zhong Tian Group has been stuck is because the partner has never been found, and the funds are not available, but now that we have taken over the project, the funds are not a problem, and we are in full charge, taking the lion's share."

Chen Hao looked at Leng Yue and explained.

A project handed over to different people would of course produce different results.

Just because Zhong Tian Group couldn't do it didn't mean that Yaojiang Group couldn't do it.

For this project, Chen Hao was imperative and very confident, he wanted to make this area the most valuable and commercialized area in the entire Tianhai City, if possible, Chen Hao wanted to set up the Yaojiang Group in the very middle of this area, that was one of the main reasons why Chen Hao wanted to take this project, because Chen Hao wanted to change the Yaojiang Group to a different venue.

"Chen Dong, what kind of ideas do you probably have?"

At that moment, Zhou Nuo just looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"I want to change the Yaojiang Group to a different venue and set up the Yaojiang Group's new headquarters in the Huanhai District."

Chen Hao immediately spoke out his idea.

When they heard this idea from Chen Hao, Zhou Nuo and Leng Yue also revealed a hint of surprise.

They now realized that the reason why Chen Hao wanted to cooperate with the Zhongtian Group was to give the Yaojiang Group a new headquarters location.

"Well, Mr. Chen, I think that's a good idea, that area of the Huanhai District is indeed very suitable for the establishment of our Yaojiang Group's headquarters."

Leng Yue also agreed with this proposal of Chen Hao and said.

"Good, since you guys don't have any opinions, then this is decided, Leng Yue, this area of construction will be handed over to you, and I will take over the Yaojiang Entertainment side for the time being."

Chen Hao then gave a command towards Leng Yue.

"Yes, Mr. Chen!"

Leng Yue naturally agreed directly without a single comment.

For Leng Yue, she still liked this project more.

Leng Yue really doesn't want to be in charge of the Yaojiang Entertainment side, and she also doesn't want to have much to do with Lei Lie, she knows that she can't control Lei Lie.

This was also just right, letting Chen Hao personally manage everything in Yaojiang Entertainment, which would also allow Lei Lie's side to converge a bit.

"Zhou Nuo, you'll assist Leng Yue together."

Chen Hao then looked to Zhou Nuo again and instructed.

Leng Yue was definitely tired from being in charge of such a big project by herself, so Chen Hao still decided to let Zhou Nuo assist Leng Yue together, he believed that Zhou Nuo and Leng Yue's abilities would not let him down.

"Okay, Chen Dong, we will definitely not let you down."

Zhou Nuo also immediately nodded his head and promised.

Leng Yue and Zhou Nuo had a good relationship with each other, like good sisters, there wasn't even a little bit of an upper and lower barrier that existed.

"Alright, then you guys go do your work first, I'll go to Yaojiang Entertainment."

Chen Hao motioned towards Leng Yue and the two of them again, and then walked out of the office.

He also hadn't been to Yaojiang Entertainment for a long time, and he had to go to see how exactly Lei Lie was proceeding with Yaojiang Entertainment over there.

Chen Hao is not the kind of person who shakes his hands, there are some things he will still care about, he won't leave it to Leng Yue and Zhou Nuo regardless of what he hears.

Moreover, it was true that Chen Hao was a bit unsure about Lei Lie.

It wasn't that he didn't trust Lei Lie, but he was worried that Lei Lie would cause a little trouble.

After all, Lei Lie and Chen Hao were very close brothers, and Chen Hao would turn a blind eye to some things and wouldn't bother with them.

After a ten-minute drive, Chen Hao drove to arrive at Yaojiang Entertainment.

As soon as he got out of the car, Chen Hao's eyebrows furrowed slightly.

The two security guards at the entrance were even sitting over there, smoking cigarettes with their legs crossed, looking like they were very dashing and leisurely.

And from time to time there were all kinds of people going in and out, they did not register and ask questions.

Such a loose attitude towards work really made Chen Hao a little angry.

Chen Hao directly walked quickly.

No, as soon as he reached the entrance, two security guards stopped Chen Hao.

These two security guards didn't know Chen Hao, they were recent arrivals, plus Chen Hao hadn't been here for a long time.

"Stop, what are you doing here?"

When two security guards stopped Chen Hao, one of them pointed at him and asked.

Chen Hao also had a heavy heart.

To think that those people didn't even stop him from entering or leaving, and he was going to be stopped when he went in, what kind of reasoning was that?

"You guys don't know who I am?"

Chen Hao stared at the two security guards with an icy tone and asked rhetorically.

"Heh, who are you, I'm telling you, this isn't the place for you to just come here if you want, get out!"

The security guard just glared at Chen Hao and cursed with a sneer.

This was really a death sentence.

"Who recruited you guys? Is this what you do at work? So loose!"

Chen Hao questioned in a low voice.


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