Super Son-in-law Chapter 669-670


Super Son-in-law Chapter 669

Under the night, Lin Hao and Lin Leng stood facing each other, the two of them quietly looking at each other. This scene was like a world away, as if the two teenagers back then had a common ideal and a common pursuit. And now more than ten years had passed, the hearts of the two were still the same, and that was everything for Lin's sake.

        "Pat ......" Jun Wu Jing clapped his hands and walked out from the shadows, he smiled and said to Lin Hao and Lin Leng, "Not bad, I'm really glad that after so many years, your feelings haven't changed. "

        "The Yanjing Gestapo has no regrets?" Lin Leng instantly recognized Jun Wu Jing, he had heard of Jun Wu Jing last month when he was at Lin's in Yanjing. He just didn't have the chance to see it at the time, but now that Jun Wu Jing had followed Lin Hao to Western Europe, he was shocked as well.

        Jun unrepentant nodded and didn't say anything more, Lin Hao nodded to Lin Leng and said, "Lin Leng, thanks ......" Lin Hao said and threw the fully assembled dagger into Lin Leng's hand.

        Lin Leng took the dagger and slowly said: "You and I do not need to say the word thank you, fortunately that day after you left I, otherwise I'm afraid I'm now killed by your father. Let's go and go to the Holy Mountain, but it's very troublesome now, the people I brought from Africa have been placed on the outskirts of the Holy Mountain, and although I'm a member of the branch, Lin Xiaoyun and the others still don't trust me. I can only take you to my station, on the outskirts, and can't get inside ......"

        Lin Hao frowned, but then he got over it, this was Lin Xiaoyun's style. Lin Leng had been out there for so many years, although he had been loyal to Lin Jie Tian Lin Jiu Yin before. But Lin Xiaoyun was still clearly not very new. After all, all the Lin branches in Huaxia were dead and Lin Leng wasn't, that was the biggest mystery of all!

        Lin Hao nodded, "Well, it's fine, the periphery is enough, when the war starts, I'll break through into the interior, just when the war starts, withdraw with your men and horses, don't start a war with Lin Yan, Lin Yan has been preparing for this for so many years, he won't be a bit unsure, and don't think about participating in this duel again. I recognize you, but Lin Yan doesn't know ......" Lin Hao frowned deeply.

        Lin Leng also nodded with a heavy face, "Well, okay, I know, I'll withdraw when the house master attacks, and at that time, the house master's main target is Lin Xiaoyun's few people, so he probably won't care about my team anymore. It's not a good idea to be late, so let's go now ......"

        Lin Hao and Jun Wu Jing nodded, lowered their hats to follow Lin Leng, and soon disappeared into the night. Lin Hao and Jun Wu Jing would participate as warriors under Lin Leng's command, and the three of them meeting here, neither Lin Xiaoyun nor Lin Yan knew that there would be a third party involved in this upcoming duel, and it was still two top-level Gestalt innates!

        If they knew, they would be far less peaceful ......

        At four o'clock in the morning, in the secret base where Lin Yan was, Lin Yan walked out of the closed chamber. Taking a long breath, his body's condition returned to its peak. After more than ten hours, he had eliminated the last bit of breath that Burial had left in his body, and now that his strength was back to its peak, the injuries on his body were irrelevant.

        "Exorcised it clean? If you haven't gotten it clean, we'll just wait another day to attack ...... "Dao Yi watched Lin Yan walk away from the chamber and asked Lin Yan.

        Lin Yan nodded, "Well, get it cleaned up. Don't postpone it any longer, I'm afraid Lin Xiaoyun already knows about us coming to Western Europe, and if we attack a day later, Lin Xiaoyun will be able to mobilize some more forces from the outside. Let's attack in two hours, the first moment the sun rises!"

        Dao Yi frowned and looked at Lin Yan in a somewhat complicated manner and said, "While you were in seclusion, I received news that the power of your main vein has been all over the world, waging war against the branch vein, this should be your mother's handiwork ...... "Dao Yi looked deeply at the Lin Yan took a glance. Before the duel, he felt he needed to tell Lin Yan this news.

        Lin Yan was stunned at the news, a trace of reminiscence and complexity rising in his eyes, and after a long moment of silence, he murmured in his heart, "Mother? It seems she knows all about it, thank you ...... It's just that I'm not sure if I, after this time, will be able to go back alive either ......"

        Lin Yan's heart lamented, but his mouth did not say it. Instead, he said to Dao Yi: "Gather your strength, let everyone eat and rest, two hours later, kill zero Wu closed land west whisk west holy mountain to ......".

        Dao Yi was silent, he said to Lin Yan with two big black eyes on top of his head, "Don't you have anything else to prepare? Should we rely on the warriors under our command to charge in? Don't you have some people inside the branch? You know, that sacred mountain, the people of your branch, have operated it for hundreds of years, and now it's defended like a barrel, if we kill it head on, the brothers under our command will be killed and injured ...... "Dao Yi frowned deeply, he felt that with Lin Yan's character, he would definitely be inside the Lin Clan's branch. Staffed ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 670

But in Dao Yi's expectant eyes, Lin Yan shook his head deeply at him, "No, none of them, Lin Xiaoyun, Lin Xiaohu, Lin Fengyun those people aren't as simple as they appear. Arranging people in, if it's the top level, there's no way to escape their scrutiny, while if it's the bottom level, it's useless. That's why I didn't waste that energy all these years ......"

        After being silent for a while, Dao Yi took a deep breath and said with a firm look in his eyes, "Alright, then only strong killing, I've already arranged the pensions for the families of the warriors under my command ...... "Dao Yi's heart was somewhat heavy, because he didn't know how many of those warriors under their command would still be able to survive after this battle?

        Lin Yan's eyes also had more than a hint of sadness in them, and after a long silence, he said in an unbearable tone, "Yes, people will definitely die, and many more will die, and I don't know how many will be left in the end to survive ......"

        After Lin Yan finished speaking, he was silent again, and he lit a rare cigarette and smoked it. By the time he finished smoking, he remembered an ancient oath in his head, an oath that every member of the Lin Clan, was instilled from birth.

        "The Lin Clan will always be united and work together in foreign affairs, and if there are any second thoughts, the children and grandchildren of the Lin Clan will be staked together!"

        It was that oath that Lin Yan didn't know if there would still be any reporters back then when the war started in two hours, those children of the branches controlled by Lin Xiaoyun. There shouldn't be any, after all, those people from the Lin branch of the Huaxia Clan had forgotten about it, so Lin Yan had killed them all without any mercy. So this oath he didn't tell Dao Yi either, after two hours, he could only attack and kill them in by force ......

        An hour later, Lin Yan, who was dressed in a black coat, and Dao Yi, arrived at the foot of the holy mountain of Lin's branch, and behind them stood silently two hundred top assassins, dead men. And farther away, a figure was rushing this way, Lin Yan secretly saving more than ten years of power, all gathered here at this moment ......

        As the number of people and horses behind them continued to increase, the momentum on Lin Yan and Dao Yi's bodies also climbed up and up again, and the movement of such a large number of them couldn't be hidden at all, as Lin Xiaoyun had already discovered.

        At this moment, Lin Xiaoyun was standing on a raised platform in the middle of the Sacred Mountain that was exposed, looking down on Lin Yan who was standing in the distance. Lin Xiaoyun opened his mouth and said to Lin Yan with a full breath, "Lin Yan! You won't get out alive today ......"

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which will be the first thing you need to do to get the newest addition to the list. Up.

        After Lin Xiaoyun said something to Lin Yan, he stopped talking and turned around to enter the interior of the Sacred Mountain. The duel was about to begin, and in his heart Lin Yan was already a dead man. This Sacred Mountain base, which their branch had operated for hundreds of years, was simply a fool's errand for Lin Yan to break through ......

        At this moment, Lin Yan and Dao Yi, looking directly in front of the overlay covered with snow-covered mountains, stood quietly.

        At the foot of the snowy mountain, at this moment a team of Lin's branch has also drilled out and set up their weapons, waiting for the main pulse to attack, Lin Xiaoyun has a very large number of people and horses under his command, at this moment there are thousands of people and horses just appearing at the foot of the sacred mountain ......

        "Can we attack now?" Dao Yi looked at the Lin Clan branch personnel who were still streaming out from inside the Sacred Mountain at the moment, and said to Lin Yan.

        "Let's begin, don't have any scruples, if the two of us die today, then the world won't have anything to do with us even if it gets better in the future. And this duel has dragged on for nearly a hundred years, it's time to end it, it's time to have an end ......" Lin Yan said slowly as he looked at the great snow mountain in front of him.

        "Good ...... then ...... let's start ...... "Dao Yi's eyes nodded with a heavy gaze, the qi ground service on his body Love Lu Wushan's momentum instantly climbed to the extreme. Then he pressed a red button in his hand ......

        At this moment, in the distant sky, the first sun was just rising, a ray of golden sunshine on the earth, under the white snow map, so brilliant, the whole world became bright at this moment, the sky at this moment bright ......

        And as the day dawned, as the visibility outside became clearer and clearer, as the sun became higher and higher, under the nervous preparation of the Lin's branch personnel, suddenly there was a group of in the distant sky, and those missiles flew very fast and were launched from the ocean floor hundreds of miles away.... ...

        And when the hundreds of missiles flew over, those people from the Lin Clan's branch were all dumbfounded. Because they were still on the ground making preparations for the main vein's attack. They didn't even think that Lin Yan would be so ruthless as to use the missiles directly to bombard them ......

        "Anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft guns get ready, get ready to intercept, intercept, intercept!!!" One Lin Clan branch's top executives now saw hundreds of missiles flying over from the distant sky and hurriedly shouted ......


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