Super Son-in-law Chapter 667-670


Super Son-in-law Chapter 667

The so-called Holy Mountain of the Lin Clan Branch, its appearance is a large snowy mountain over two thousand meters above sea level, stretching vastly. The origin of the Lin Clan's branch of the Sacred Mountain was established more than a hundred years ago, at that time, China's domestic poverty and weakness, the general environment is not good, the Lin Clan's inheritance of a thousand years also suffered from war, the clan's heritage was constantly being depleted, and as a last resort, more than a hundred years ago, the Lin Clan, after internal discussions, decided to open a second base overseas. In order to preserve the Lin Clan's heritage.

If you look at it from back then, this decision was incredibly correct. It was just that in the following hundred years, after this overseas base of the Lin Clan had been run by those in the branch, they had the ambition to establish another Lin Clan on their own, to break away from the Huaxia Lin Clan, and either the overseas Lin Clan would annex the Huaxia Lin Clan and make the entire Lin Clan one. Either that or stand on their own overseas, so that time more than a decade ago, after Lin Zhantian's death, Lin Xiaoyun started the first internal struggle within the Lin Clan, wanting to make the Lin Clan change, and from then on, the power of the Lin Clan's branch would go to their side.

It was just that in that struggle back then, although the main vein's power was heavily damaged, Lin Xiaoyun and the others were still unsuccessful. And then for the next ten years, Lin Xiaoyun was overseas constantly developing the power of the Sacred Mountain, preparing every moment for a second war against the main vein, and Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin were the spokesmen for Lin Xiaoyun in Huaxia, but what Lin Xiaoyun never expected was that Lin Jiuyin would be annihilated by Lin Yan before he could do anything. None of their branch's power would be left in Warsaw!

At this moment, inside the Holy Mountain of the Lin Clan Branch, in the middle of an incomparably well-protected chamber, the white-haired Lin Xiaoyun, Lin Xiaoyu, Lin Fengyun, and two mixed-blooded old men were meeting inside.

Lin Xiaohu was a muscular man, and although he was already old, his body exuded an iron-blooded intent and was not angry. At this moment, Lin Xiaohu slowly spoke, "Jai Tian and Jiuyin were killed by Lin Yan, and all the forces we left in the country were annihilated by Lin Yan, it was us who all underestimated that Lin Yan, thinking that he would do nothing after becoming the head of the family. Turns out he's been holding back all along!!!" Lin Xiaohu's eyes had a murderous flicker.

The immortal-looking Lin Fengyun also nodded gravely, "Not bad, and Lin Yan's strength is very strong, judging from the fact that he was able to kill Burial, I'm afraid that his current strength is no worse than any of us here, even stronger than me ......"

"Oh, I haven't seen that Lin Yan yet, according to the information we got, he's already here and he's planning to hit the Sacred Mountain and wipe us out? I'd like to meet this person, is the best person of the main vein, a bit of an expectation ......" said a mixed-blooded old man sitting opposite Lin Fengyun, smiling lightly. His name was Lin Congfeng, he was born overseas and also had the battle prowess of an Innate Master, but he had been active overseas all these years and hadn't been to Warsaw.

Another mixed-blood old man, like Lin Congfeng, named Lin Jungle, also nodded his head at this moment and said, "Not bad, we two brothers also want to see this, century-old genius of the main vein. But isn't he underestimating us too much? Do you really think you can kill us if you can kill Bury? Oh ...... Not to mention anything else, with the five of us here today, there aren't many forces in the entire world that can stop us. Why should he Lin Yan fight up here? Is it just by virtue of that Dao One beside him?"

"Heh ......" Lin Jungle looked disdainful, he really didn't care about Lin Yan. Lin Yan was strong, but Lin Yan was only one person after all, and the most battle-hardened of them all, Lin Xiaoyun, was completely capable of dealing with Lin Yan. And couldn't the four of them kill a Daoist One? And knowing that this was their old nest, run for over a hundred years, it had already been run like a barrel. There were hundreds of top killers alone, as well as two thousand of the most elite warriors. These people were not innate masters, but the ants were biting the elephants.

As Lin Xiaoyun listened to the four people in the room talk, they didn't seem to be taking Lin Yan too seriously. Only he, Lin Xiaoyun, was different, he had a deep scruple in his heart towards Lin Yan.

The revenge of killing his wife was unbearable, and Lin Yan was actually able to endure it for over ten years! Let's not talk about how good Lin Yan's battle strength was, just this reticence of Lin Yan's was enough to move him to be treated with any amount of caution.

Lin Xiaoyun tapped his fingers on the table and slowly said, "Don't underestimate Lin Yan, since he dared to come this time, he must have a certain level of certainty, we should treat him with caution. I'm not afraid of Lin Yan coming, I'm afraid of him not coming, if he dares to come this time, then don't think about going away Earth Love Service Love Dye Zero Dye ...... "

Lin Xiaoyun's eyes had a cold flicker in them, the power of the Sacred Mountain was too strong, and this was his lair, his home base. When they started that battle over a decade ago, none of them had broken through that level yet, but now they had. Although Lin Yan and Dao Yi had broken through as well, they were only two after all, but there were as many as five of them on their side of the top battlefield. In particular, Lin Congfeng, who had been hiding in Western Europe, and Lin Jungle, the two brothers, were the two bottom cards in his hand. These two cards Lin Congfeng had hidden very well all these years, just to wait for this day ......

Lin Xiaoyun's eyes flickered with cold manners and his mouth curved in a strange curve as he muttered, "Lin Yan, Lin Yan, I was originally planning to make an end to your main vein, if you had hidden in Huaxia and never came out. We were really a little afraid to go over there, but now that you've come out, you won't think of going back this time ......"

Yes, even though Lin Xiaoyun now held such a huge amount of power in his hands. There were as many as five innate masters alone, but he still didn't dare to go directly into Huaxia as a branch vein and kill them. Huaxia had a Great Terror, and as long as that person didn't die, even if their branch vein had more innate masters, they wouldn't dare to go back. And more than a hundred years ago it was also because of the existence of that terror that the Lin Clan decided even more to transfer half of their heritage outside, just in case that person would get a whim and wipe out the entire Lin Clan ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 668

Thinking of that terrifying existence, Lin Xiaoyun's eyes also had a hint of deep scruples ......

        These people of the Lin Clan branch were quietly waiting for Lin Yan's arrival, waiting for the duel. At this moment, a private plane that was flying from Warsaw to Western Europe had finally landed on an airport in Western Europe. In the next moment, Lin Hao, who was dressed in black with a hat covering his face, and Jun Wu Jing walked down from the plane ......

        When he finally landed on the ground, Lin Hao took a deep breath and said somewhat reassuringly, "It looks like Lin Yan hasn't started yet, it's good to catch up ......"

        Lin Hao looked at the direction of the Lin Clan Branch Sacred Mountain and muttered to himself, yes, because of the height of the Lin Clan Branch Sacred Mountain, Lin Hao could clearly see the situation there even from dozens of kilometers away. And at the moment, the holy mountain of the Lin Clan's branch, it was quiet, it was obvious that Lin Yan hadn't started yet, Lin Hao and Jun Wu Jing came here by plane, and also flew for eight hours, it was too far, this way Lin Hao was worried in his heart that he would start a duel with the Lin Clan before he reached Lin Yan.

        Lin Hao is greatly relieved, Jun Wu Jing also looked at the direction of the Lin Clan branch of the sacred mountain, and said somewhat playfully, "In fact, the overall strength of your Lin Clan is stronger than our Jun Clan, but you have split, if Lin Xiaoyun and these people are in Huaxia, and are on the same page as you, then within Huaxia, I'm afraid that there is no family, forces can no longer be able to compete with you ......"

        Lin Hao nodded, with killing intent pervading his body, "Yes, but people are always ambitious. I also didn't know until now that the Lin Clan still had such a huge and extremely powerful force overseas. This force isn't even weaker than the Lin Clan in Warsaw. With such a powerful force, Lin Yan, are you really prepared enough?" Lin Hao had a worry in his heart about Lin Yan. He had seen all the information about the Lin Clan branch that Mo Lao had collected on the plane. After reading it, Lin Hao felt a depression in his heart, this battle was bad, very bad.

        Jun Wuyou nodded and said, "No matter what, after this battle, your Lin Clan will be greatly injured, the enemy is too strong, while your father hasn't started yet, you find a place to help me force out the strand of breath your father left in my body, we forced out half of it on the plane, and now there's still half of it ......"

        Jun Wu Jing was also deeply frowning at the moment, his face had a heavy weight and his heart was incomparably horrified. The Lin Clan was worthy of being a great clan with a thousand years of inheritance, and now, just from what he knew, there were as many as six innate masters that the Lin Clan had put on display! And his Jun family is now counting him, there is only one old man. Jun family is even worse than the Lin family ......

        Lin Hao shook his head: "There's no hurry, wait for someone first, count the time, it should be soon ......" Lin Hao's eyes have a touch of profoundness, there is a person he has arranged in the Lin branch for more than ten years, and in these ten years he has not been in contact with that person, the original agreement, Lin Hao and him are still just a small child, and now more than ten years have passed, Lin Hao also does not know if that person will still abide by the agreement of that year, the youngest ......

        "The people you arranged within the Lim branch? Is it reliable? Lin Xiaoyun is not an ordinary person, I've dealt with him, this person is very calculating, the secret person you planted may not be useful ......" said Jun Wuqing frowning at Lin Hao.

        Lin Hao also shook his head with a heavy face and said, "I don't know, he's from the branch after all, I don't know if he'll come back. Let's take a gamble, either he'll come by himself or he'll bring someone here ......"

        Jun Wu Jing was on guard at Lin Hao's words. He felt that Lin Hao wasn't sure of himself right now, and Jun Wu Jing nodded to Lin Hao before silently walking to a corner and hiding. He was also able to support Lin Hao if there was a conflict later on.

        A little bit of time passed, seven or eight minutes later, a person came out of the darkness, this person had a mask on his face and ink on his head, making it impossible to see his face clearly.

        This person walked to Lin Hao three meters in front of the place to stand, a deep look at Lin Yan said: "soon to duel, this time you should not contact me, those people will be suspicious ......"

        Lin Hao looked deeply at the person in front of him and said, "Lin Leng, can I still trust you? After all, more than ten years have passed, will you still keep the promise you made back then?"

        Yes, the person Lin Hao had placed within the branch was Lin Leng!!!! In the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, in direct confrontation with Lin Hao, the Lin Clan branch of the best back in Warsaw, in Europe, on pulling out a strong team of Lin Leng! It was also hailed by the Lin Clan branch as, the only junior within the Lin Clan who could be on par with Lin Hao!

        Lin Leng was silent in the face of Lin Hao's words, back when Lin Hao was a teenager, he was too. A promise made by two little kids back then. And now more than ten years had passed, Lin Hao was growing up. Too much time had passed, and many things would change ......

        The next moment Lin Leng pulled out half a rusty dagger from his pocket and tossed it to Lin Hao, "The day the broken sword is recast, the day your brothers meet again! Although I was born in the branch, I am loyal to the ancient oath, I am loyal to the Lin and will never betray it!"

        "The day the Broken Sword is recast is the day the brothers are reunited!" This incredibly middle-of-the-road statement is the oath those two little kids made back then ......

        Lin Hao held half a dagger that Lin Leng threw over, he also pulled out half a dagger from his bosom, the dagger blade had a mechanism, at this moment Lin Hao combined the two daggers together, and a complete dagger appeared in Lin Hao's hand ......


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