Super Son-in-law 664-666


Super Son-in-law Chapter 664

"What is it?" Lin Hao turned back and frowned at Jun Wu Jing.

        Jun Wu Jing looked at Lin Hao with an interesting look, and with an extra wry smile on his face, he said somewhat grimly, "Oh, you're short on time right now, you need to hurry up and go to Western Europe, right? And if you leave, then if I want to kill your people, it's very simple, such as your brother, your wife. After all, after you leave, no one can stop me in the city. Let me get out of here? Hehe ...... "Jun Wu Jing looked at Lin Hao with a smile.

        Lin Hao didn't even look at Jun Wu Jing's eyes this time, and didn't say another word, but turned around and walked away.

        "Eh ...... "Jun Wu Jing was stunned, looking at Lin Hao didn't even pay attention to him, and quickly spoke to Lin Hao's back, "Hey, don't go, I told you, if you go, I but I will really do it, aren't you worried? ......"

        "You're Jun Wu Jing Gai Shi, you won't ......" Lin Hao didn't turn back, but his voice reached Jun Wu Jing's ears, and as Lin Hao's words fell, his figure disappeared from Jun Wu Jing's sight.

        Jun Wu Jing was stunned, he never expected Lin Hao to reply like this. For a moment, he also had a hint of strange emotions in his heart towards Lin Hao. Jun Regretless muttered, "What an interesting person, really quite interesting, do you trust me as an enemy that much ...... hehe ......"

        At this time, the door of the operating room opened, and a sweating doctor came out of it, the doctor walked up to Jun Wu Jing and said with great relief to Jun Wu Jing: "Mr. Jun, the operation has been done, your brother is fine, but he has to recuperate in the hospital for a few days, the bones have just been connected, don't make any big movements ......".

        Jun unrepentant nodded his head ......

        Downstairs of the hospital, when Mo Lao saw Lin Hao walking down alone, he shook his head helplessly, and when Lin Hao got into the car, he turned his head and said, "I told you, how could he help you, hey, let's go, let's go to the airport ......"

        "Well ...... "Lin Hao nodded, and just as the driver, in the front row, was about to start the car, the door beside Lin Hao was opened, and the next moment, Jun Wu Jing, who was full of pride, directly sat in.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it's a good fit. Your father beats me up, you beat up my brother, and now I'm actually going to go with you to save someone! I'm f**king ......"

        Jun unrepentantly sat beside Lin Hao, who had been cursing, and he, Yan Gai Shi, had gone to Yanjing. He didn't even take the initiative to find Lin Yan's trouble, but as a result, he sat at home, Lin Yan came to his door, fought with him once, and then left. And now he actually had to help Lin Hao go to Western Europe to save Lin Yan! Jun Wu Jing didn't know what he himself was thinking. Reason told him that Lin Hao Lin Yan died just fine, but for some reason, he still came down, he just had an urge in his heart, an urge to follow Lin Hao to Western Europe, and now Jun Wu Jing himself felt that he himself was crazy ......

        "Oh ...... thank you ......" Lin Hao looked at the scolding Jun Wu Jing who was sitting beside him, he also smiled. Then Lin Hao put away the smile on his face and said incomparably seriously to Jun Wu Jing, "Thank you, I owe you a favor, from now on you will be my brother ......"

        "Get lost, who is your brother, when you go to Yanjing, we still have a battle ...... Don't get close to me, Yanjing Gaiji's name, I won't let you have it!" Jun Wu Jing said to Lin Hao without looking at him.

        Although Jun Wu Jing's tone was very bad, but Lin Hao's heart was instead more at ease, Jun Wu Jing such as this, such a world class pride, all have their own pride, he said that he would help, then he would definitely do his best to help. And at this moment, sitting in the front row, Mo Lao, looking at the two young Gestalts in the back row, mouth wide open, old face full of shock ......

        Ten minutes later, on the Tianhai Airport, in front of a plane that was about to take off, Lin Hao stood in front of Mo Lao, Jun Wu Hui stood at the mouth of the plane, Lin Hao nodded to Mo Lao and said seriously, "Grandpa Mo, wait for my good news, I will definitely bring Lin Yan back, this time, the Lin Clan branch, will be destroyed, I will level their sacred mountain!"

        "Well, I'm sure I'll be waiting for you and your father and son back in the Celestial Sea! Be safe! Take care!" Mo Lao was also incredibly serious and nodded to Lin Hao with a heavy face.

        "Mm ...... "Lin Hao turned around and followed Jun Wuyoung onto the plane, and the next moment the plane's cabin door closed and the plane took off, hurtling towards Western Europe ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 665

Just as Lin Hao boarded the plane to Europe, inside the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, Old Madam Lin, who had always been unfazed by Mount Tai, also felt that something was wrong, the quietness inside the Lin Clan these past few days made her feel very wrong, and her eyelids were always jumping, her heart was bored, and she always felt as if something was about to happen.

        "Qiu Hong, I've always been upset these past few days, what do you think is wrong with me?" Old Madame Lin frowned, rubbing her temples herself and said to the maid beside her.

        Qiu Hong was also an old man, she had followed Old Madam Lin all her life. At this moment, she sniffed, looked at Old Lady Lin and said, "Miss, do you have a cold? It's windy outside, let's go inside, it's warmer inside ......"

        Old Mrs. Lin stood up at the news and said, "Well, good, then go back to the house zero yi yi shade shan ......"

        Just after Old Lady Lin took a few steps, she suddenly stopped and said to Qiu Hong, "By the way Qiu Hong, did Lin Yan not come for the past few days? I don't like him, but he came every day before to pay me a visit, so why hasn't he come in the last few days? Have you seen him at the ancestral home in the last few days? What's he doing?" Old Mrs. Lin's brows furrowed even more and she finally remembered what was wrong. Yes, Lin Yan hasn't come for several days ah ...... Ever since the day before yesterday when Lin Yan left, she sensed a hint of something wrong from Lin Yan ......

        When Qiu Hong heard Old Lady Lin's question, she also frowned and nodded, "Well, yes. Lin Yan hasn't been here for three or four days now, and I haven't seen him again in the ancestral mansion in the last few days. Not only him, but even those people in Lin Jie Tian Lin Jiuyin haven't seen him either. Well, these days the ancestral mansion is much, much quieter, as if there were suddenly a lot less people ......" said Qiu Hong to Old Lady Lin, she didn't think deeper.

        It's just that Old Mrs. Lin, who was walking towards the house, was now trembling all over, frowning and saying: "Not good, something happened, something big happened ...... "The next moment, Old Mrs. Lin's face instantly changed greatly... ...

        "Huh? What's wrong, miss? What's going on? What the hell is going on?" Qiu Hong was puzzled and asked to Old Mrs. Lin.

        Old Mrs. Lin was anxious, and was in no mood to explain to Qiu Hong now, but quickly took out her cell phone from her pocket and called Lin Ban Cheng: "Ban Cheng, quickly check what has happened in the Lin family recently! Lin Yan disappeared, Lin Jai Tian Lin Jiuyin those people also disappeared, right check again what those people in the west Lin Tsunyun are doing, quick, quick ah ......"

        After Mrs. Lin hung up the phone, the house did not return directly and got up to go to the ancestral home of the Lin Clan Shrine. She was incomparably anxious, she always felt that something had happened, and it was a big deal, something was very wrong. Old Mrs. Lin on the way to the ancestral shrine, the phone in her hand did not stop, she married to the Lin Clan so many years, she naturally has a large intelligence network in her hands, but these years she did not how to activate. But this time she was all activated, with the old lady's phone one by one, suddenly countless people began to move ......

        Old Lady Lin, on the other hand, was sitting alone within the lobby of Lin's CEO. Her face was incomparably heavy, and she now desperately needed to know what was going on! And when she passed by Lin Yan's residence just now, she also noticed that even Dong Xue and that bastard Lin Yu were not there, and the old lady Lin's heart was pounding non-stop, and she had a feeling that something was definitely wrong. ......

        Time slowly passed, and as one phone call came in, Old Lady Lin's face became even heavier. Just as Old Lady Lin was about to make another call, the anxious figure of Lin Ban Cheng hurriedly barged in.

        "Half-Cheng, what's going on?" When Old Lady Lin saw that Lin Ban Cheng looked so panicked, she quickly stood up and asked in a condensed manner.

        Lin Ban Cheng's face was incomparably complex, and his eyes had a deep, hidden color of sorrow. He opened his mouth with difficulty to Old Lady Lin, and before he spoke, Yanjing turned a little red, and soon hot tears emerged in his eyes. Lin Bancheng looked at the old lady Lin in front of him, and for so many years he had always treated old lady Lin as his sister . Old Mrs. Lin has spent her life for Lin's sake, a Heroine, and her husband Lin Zhantian, her son Lin Yan, and her grandson Lin Hao, which one of them is not a Gestapo figure? Such a woman can truly be called a wonder woman ......

        Lin Half-City already knew the truth, that he and Old Lady Lin had been wrong about Lin Yan for so many years. Lin Yan hadn't changed from start to finish! He had been holding back, and he had just found out that at this moment, the Lin Clan branch was in the west, where the Holy Mountain was, and Lin Xiaoyun's few people had put the Holy Mountain completely under siege and were preparing for Lin Yan's attack like an enemy. And Lin Yan was now at the foot of the sacred mountain at this moment, ready to launch a final battle against the Lin Clan branch at any moment.

        So Lin Ban Cheng didn't know if Old Madam Lin's heart could bear it after he told her this news at this moment! And at this moment, when Old Lady Lin looked at Lin Ban Cheng's face like this, the bad feeling in her heart grew stronger and stronger, she knew that something had happened, but now she didn't know the truth ah.

        "Half-Cheng, what's going on, tell us what's going on? I'm dying of anxiety, hurry up and tell me ......" Old Lady Lin hurriedly urged Lin Ban Cheng, because she had already felt a sadness, an extreme sadness from Lin Ban Cheng's body at this moment ......

        Lin Ban Cheng took a deep breath, his eyes incomparably complex and said to the old lady Lin: "Big sister, Lin Yan is at war with those people of the branch, three days ago he killed all the Lin Clan people in Yanjing, Dong Xue and Lin Yu were not killed by Lin Yan, but they also died, now Lin Yan has arrived at the foot of the sacred mountain of the western branch, at any time he will start a decisive battle against those old people of the branch. ......"

        At this point, Lin Bancheng took a deep breath and said with red eyes, "Old sister, we've been wrong to blame Lin Yan all these years, he's been holding back, he's been holding back ah. And two days ago, when Hao'er got married, Lin Yan probably thought that Hao'er had grown up, so he no longer waited, so he just killed the Lin Clan branch by surprise ......"

        Lin Bancheng incomparably complicated said ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 666

"What ...... Lin Yan, he ...... him, he's been holding back all these years? He's going to kill his way up to the Sacred Mountain to fight those people now?" Old Lady Lin's face changed dramatically, and her body involuntarily all took two steps backwards. Because this news was too sudden and too shocking for her. Because she didn't know at all beforehand, Lin Yan had done too well, quietly, until now when Lin Yan had all arrived at the foot of the Sacred Mountain and would launch a decisive battle against those people of Lin Xiaoyun at any moment.

        "He, he came to see me three days ago, so that was the time he came to say goodbye to me? He ...... him ...... "Old Mrs. Lin's tears brushed down. At this moment, in her mind, she couldn't help but remember that look Lin Yan gave her three days ago when Lin Yan gave her his blessing and told her to take care of her body ......

        At that time, Old Mrs. Lin felt that something was wrong with Lin Yan that day, and sure enough, was something wrong. It turned out that her son had been so good, hadn't betrayed her, had been holding back, and that was for a full decade or so ah! Old Mrs. Lin couldn't help getting teary-eyed at the moment.

        But she quickly reacted and hurriedly said to Lin Bancheng, "Bancheng, quickly, quickly mobilize all the power of the main vein, to give support to Yan'er, quickly ......" Old Mrs. Lin was now crying and shouting anxiously to Lin Bancheng. At this moment she had understood, everything was clear, but her heart was so hard, so painful, she had never been good to Lin Yan all these years. And yet Lin Yan had never said anything for so many years ......

        Lin Ban Cheng's tears were falling at this moment, he was really shocked and deeply shaken by what Lin Yan had done at this moment. He never thought that Lin Yan would actually be able to do such a level, a single concealment for more than a decade. More than ten years of concealment, ah, watching with his own eyes every day, his own enemy, bouncing smoothly before his eyes ......

        Just at this moment in the face of the words of the old lady Lin, but Lin Qingcheng is incomparably painful shook his head: "too late, too late ah, our forces are scattered around the world, now even to mobilize, I'm afraid it's too late ah ......" Lin Qingcheng at this moment in addition to the shock of the heart, there is only a deep helplessness ......

        The tears on Old Lady Lin's face continued to flow down, but she still hurriedly said, "Then let's find a way to give Yan'er the greatest support, since our forces can't reach Western Europe. Then those people of Lin Xiaoyun's scattered forces won't be able to reach either! Hurry up and give the order to strike globally, all branches of power, annihilate them all!!! Leave no one behind!!!"

        Old Lady Lin made a quick decision, since they couldn't mobilize their forces to Western Europe to support Lin Yan now. Then Lin Xiaoyun wouldn't be able to mobilize the scattered forces back either!

        Lin Ban Cheng also brightened up after hearing the words of Old Madam Lin and quickly nodded his head, "Mmhmm, yes, if we can't get past our power, then Lin Xiaoyun's power on the outside won't be transferred over either! I'll go and arrange this right away ...... "After Lin Bancheng finished speaking, he hurriedly walked out ......

        "Lin Yan, you ...... must come back alive! It's mom's fault, it's mom's fault ah, you must come back alive, don't let mom's white hair ah ...... "Old lady Lin mumbled to herself with tears on her face. At this moment her heart was filled with too much emotion, too much complexity, too much shock ......

        After thinking for a moment, Old Lady Lin quickly dried the tears on her face, now that her son was still in great danger. She couldn't cry! Crying won't solve anything! Her son had been holding back for so many years, and now that he had exploded, how could she, as a mother, drag her son's feet at this time? Her priority right now was to hurry up and do something favorable to Lin Yan's duel!!!!

        The next moment Old Lady Lin forcibly left all her grief, all her sorrow, in her heart! She dialed Mo Lao and she wanted Mo Lao to support Lin Yan. Just wait until she finished, Mo Lao's response left her stunned.

        On the other end of the phone came Mo Lao's complicated voice: "Big sister, you also know ah, sorry ah, I've always known about this matter, I planned it with Lin Yan more than ten years ago ...... that Lin Yu is not Lin Yan's biological son... ..."

        When Old Lady Lin heard Mo's words, her heart was ruthlessly shaken again, but then she felt a bit of comfort in her heart. After all, Lin Yan wasn't alone and there was still the old man, Mo Yuntian, to help him.

        "Yun Tian, tell me honestly, how sure are you with Lin Yan?" Old Mrs. Lin's voice trembled as she asked Mo Lao on the phone.

        After a moment of silence on the other side of the phone, Mo Lao said, "Fifty percent, just the words that Lin Yan and I those preparations, we only have fifty percent ......"

        "Fifty percent? Only fifty percent?" Old Mrs. Lin's heart tightened, and her worries grew even more.

        Mo Lao's side was silent for even longer this time, only after a while did he continue to say to Old Lady Lin, "But now it's ninety percent, because Hao'er has already passed, Hao'er even brought Jun Wu Jing with him just before he left, Hao'er has already broken through to that level, he's no worse than Jun Wu Jing now! Hao'er now means to be the Gestalt of Heaven and Sea! Old Sister, don't worry, with Lin Hao and Jun Wu Jing in the past, there is absolutely no problem in this battle, absolutely ......"

        "Hao'er ...... "Old Mrs. Lin's heart was hard shaken, and her hot, muddy tears fell again ......


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