Super Son-in-law Chapter 661-663


Super Son-in-law Chapter 661

"Brother, it's all up to you, make sure you bring that man, our father, back here, safe and sound!!!" Lin Qingcheng was relieved after experiencing Lin Hao's extremely strong and powerful Qi firsthand. Lin Yan had a certain chance of winning the duel with the Lin Clan branch since he had a certain level of certainty. And now added Lin Hao's words, then the odds of winning this duel were a bit greater ......

        Lin Hao sucked in his breath and nodded heavily, incomparably sure, "Well, sis, don't worry, I'll bring him back, he's lied to us for so many years, don't just want to walk away from him!"

        After Lin Hao finished speaking, he looked deeply at the people in the hall, then his eyes fixed on Mo Lao and Yuyi, Lin Hao frowned and said, "Grandpa Mo, Yuyi, I'll leave the family to you. Please don't ever have an accident, don't ever be like my last trip to Yanjing, and please help me protect Xiyan ...... "Lin Hao finished paying a deep obeisance to Mo Lao, he could go outside and fight to the death, but what he was most worried about was Shen Xiyan. He didn't want it to be like last time, when he came back, Shen Xiyan suffered a series of grievances ......

        Mo Lao's face was incomparably serious as he nodded his head and looked at Lin Hao, "Hao'er, don't worry, I'll give you my word that unless this old bone of mine dies, no one will want to hurt Xi Yan! Don't worry about going to Western Europe, and don't have any worries in your heart!"

        Night One also assured Lin Hao with a heavy nod, "Brother, don't worry, I will also swear to protect my sister-in-law. Don't worry, absolutely nothing will happen ......"

        Lin Qingcheng also took a deep breath, held Shen Xiyan's hand with great force, and said to Lin Hao, "Brother, don't worry, these days you're away, I'll be staying here today, accompanying Xiyan. With me here you can rest assured, sister will definitely give you a good protection of Xi Yan, what Xi Yan was like when you left, when you come back, Xi Yan is definitely still like!"

        Lin Hao listened to the assurances of the three, and only then did he feel somewhat relieved. He wasn't afraid of anything, but he was afraid that Shen Siyan would be wronged. At this moment, Shen Siyan also sensed that something was wrong with the atmosphere in the hall, and her intuition told her that it was still dangerous for Lin Hao to go out this time. And every time Lin Hao had gone out before, he had returned with injuries. Shen Xiyan was incomparably worried, and her tears were about to fall. But she still managed to hold back and said to Lin Hao, "Honey, be safe, definitely! I'll be at home waiting for you to come back ...... back ......"

        Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao with incomparable affection. This was her man, a gestalt hero, and Shen Siyan was very understanding. Knowing that Lin Hao was carrying a huge responsibility and that Lin Hao was going to save his own father this time. Shen Siyan can't be stopped if she blocks it, she can only go to support it, and she doesn't want to be a drag on Lin Hao ......

        Lin Hao took a deep look at Shen Xiyan, smiled at her and nodded and said, "Well, don't worry, I'll be back safely, absolutely nothing will happen this time ......"

        Lin Hao finished a pause, and then looked at Lin Qingcheng, Night One, Mo Lao said: "Well, it's not too late, then I'm leaving now ......" Lin Hao said and went out, Night One and Mo Lao followed behind Lin Hao. Aisan Wu Xi Lu Xi steak closed But just as Lin Hao walked to the door to get into the car, Shen Xi Yan opened her mouth and called out to him.

        "Lin Hao, don't forget, after saving Dad, bring back Sister Yu Tong, be sure to bring her back, don't let her marry someone else ......" Shen Suyan shouted at Lin Hao's back.

        Lin Hao's body was puffed up, and a hint of complexity rose up in his heart. Yes, Shen Yutong also happened to be in Western Europe. Lin Hao wasn't going to think about Shen Yutong's matter, but right now when he was leaving on his way out, Shen Xiyan also told him so, so Lin Hao nodded his head, "Well, good, after I've dealt with the matter, I'll go and look for her ......"

        After Lin Hao said that, he got into the car, and Night One and Mo Lao also followed Lin Hao into the car. Lin Qingcheng and Shen Xiyan, on the other hand, stood at the entrance of the villa and watched the three of them go away, while the villa was now surrounded by hundreds of the most elite top warriors protecting it, both brightly and darkly. Unless it was an attack by an innate master himself, absolutely no one would be able to harm Shen Shi Yan when Lin Hao was no longer there. ......

        "Sister Qingcheng, don't worry, Dad will definitely be fine, I haven't even offered him tea yet, Lin Hao will definitely bring him back safely ......" Shen Xiyan spoke to Lin Qingcheng to comfort her after she saw Lin Hao leave.

        Lin Qingcheng clenched her fist, took a deep breath and nodded heavily, "Mm, it will definitely be fine. Both of them are the most important men in my life, both of them are Gestapo heroes, it will definitely be alright ......"


        Lin Hao left, Shen Shiyan over there has Lin Qingcheng personally accompanying him at all times, he was also relieved. Others did not know Lin Qingcheng, but he himself was very clear. His own this old sister's own strength are not weaker than the night one, not only grows a beautiful, and the reach is also top-notch, in addition to the body, Lin Qingcheng all aspects are also top-notch, with her accompanying Shen Shiyan, Lin Hao assured ......

        On the way to the airport, Lin Hao suddenly thought of Wang Shufen, Wang Shufen was still living in Tang Cheng Yi Pin's house. The first thing you need to know is how long it will take to get there. Before you go, you need to say goodbye to Wang Shufen.

        "Night One, turn around and go to my mother's place, after I leave later, you take my mother to Xi Yan's place ......" said Lin Hao, who was sitting in the back of the car, to Night One.

        The car then turned around and Night One drove very fast, just ten minutes, and Lin Hao arrived at Wang Shufen's door. Just after a few people got off the car, Lin Hao frowned as he looked at the scene in front of Wang Shufen's house, and the hostility in his body was instantly released ......

        Because at this moment, in front of Wang Shufen's house, Wang Shuwen, Wang Shutao, and their father, Wang Shuo, from Tianhai City were confronting Wang Shufen, and the three of them were all looking very bad, and Wang Shufen was furious with the three of them.

        "Wang Shufen, don't go too far, no matter how you say you are also a member of our Wang family. Heh ...... You're developed now, you don't want to care about us, right? You drive a fancy car and live in a fancy house. What about us? We're broke. We don't even have a place to live now. You're so rich, what's wrong with giving us a few million? Do you have to watch me die to do that?" Wang Shutao cursed at Wang Shufen, a naked moral kidnapping.

        Wang Shufen's anger began to shiver all over his body, pointing at Wang Shutao and saying, "Oh, you guys are still begging me now? Huh? When I first came to you, drenched in the rain, on my knees, begging you for help, what about you? What are you guys doing? You are eating meat and drinking wine!!! Didn't you say I wasn't allowed in that house anymore? So what are you doing here with us now? Huh?" Wang Shufen shivered and gritted her teeth, her heart for these relatives, disgusted to the extreme, lazy, climbing power and aristocracy, see the wind and helm ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 662

At this moment, Wang Shuwen also opened his mouth to Wang Shu "Shufen ah, you see ha, things are over, it was our fault, we apologize to you, but blood is thicker than water, we are still a family ah. The two of us are fine with it, but what about Dad? He's over 70 years old. Can you bear to see him beg for food? Huh?"

        Wang Shufen was extremely speechless as she heard her big brother, Wang Shuwen, say this. After so many years, when had this father of hers ever looked at her squarely in the eye? Forgot about her long ago! And hated her to die out there. Now that their Wang family was bankrupt, they thought of coming to themselves instead. Wang Shufen's face was black with anger, her mouth was shivering and she couldn't say anything ......

        The next moment, just as Wang Shufen was about to speak, she suddenly saw Lin Hao's group walking over. Wang Shufen knew that the scene had just been seen by Lin Hao, and Wang Shufen felt incomparably humiliated at the moment. It was so humiliating that she actually had such a relative, Wang Shufen complexly called out to Lin Hao, "Hao'er ......"

        As Wang Shufen opened her mouth, Wang Shuwen, Wang Shutao, and Wang Shuo, also hurriedly turned back. Then they saw a gloomy-looking Lin Hao walking over, and suddenly the three of them were trembling with fear. You must know that the Lin Hao in front of them, now can be the most powerful person in Tianhai City ah, overnight wiped out the Gong family, and two days ago the Leng family was also destroyed. The entire clan had moved out of Tianhai City. Such a terrifying existence, how dare they provoke? Especially when Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao were in Nanjiang City, they even opened their mouths to scold Lin Hao ......

        So now, when they saw Lin Hao again, they were both so scared that their faces were white and their legs were shivering. Lin Hao walked up to them with a gloomy face and said to the three of them, "You guys really have a lot of guts, you actually dare to stay in the Heavenly Sea? And it's coming to you?"

        To be honest, Lin Hao had really forgotten about these few jumping clowns, and now he had a lot going on. Little people like Wang Shutao, he didn't care about them at all, and these few trash were not worth his attention. But these three people in the Wang family were fucking like a toad, it didn't bite, but it was disgusting ah. Lin Hao had limited time now and didn't bother to waste time on the three of them, his heart was straightforwardly filled with killing intent ......

        And now after feeling Lin Hao's killing intent, Wang Shutao Wang Shuwen kneeled in front of Lin Hao with a thud. Wang Shutao was incomparably fearful and said, "Lin Lin ...... Lin Hao, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, we're leaving, we're leaving ......"

        After Wang Shutao finished speaking, he quickly stood up and crawled, pulling Wang Shuwen and Wang Shuo to run out. Lin Hao turned his head to stare at the backs of the three of them and said gloomily, "Let ...... you guys go?"

        Wang Shutao's three bodies trembled so hard that the Wang brothers were so frightened that cold sweat began to break out all over their bodies. That old man of the Wang family, Wang Shuo, now turned around and looked at Lin Hao with incomparable complexity and emotion, then looked at Wang Shufen, he sighed deeply and regretted it to the extreme, only now he looked at Wang Shufen's indifferent appearance, and understood in his heart, understood that Wang Shufen really would not help them from now on ......

        "Big brother, time is limited, I'll deal with these people, don't worry ......" said Night One as he saw the killing intent surging in Lin Hao's body. Now time was running out, Lin Hao couldn't afford to be mistaken by these three trash anymore.

        As for Wang Shuwen Wang Shutao, his guts were on the verge of breaking when he heard Night One's words. They also knew that it was useless to beg Lin Hao at this moment, so they hurriedly kneeled down to Wang Shufen and kept smacking their faces, begging Wang Shufen to let them both go ......

        Wang Shuo also opened his mouth to plead with Wang Shufen ......

        Wang Shufen sighed deeply and still spoke to Lin Hao, "Hao'er, forget it, let them go, I don't want to see them again ......"

        Lin Hao nodded and said to Night One, "The two of them break a leg and tell them to get the hell out of the Heavenly Sea ......"

        "Yes, big brother ......" Night One nodded quickly, and then Night One beckoned his hand. Two combat sequences came down in the back of the car and brought the constantly wailing and begging Wang Shuwen Wang Shutao, as well as the regret-filled Wang Shuo onto the car. The car started and soon disappeared within the neighborhood ......

        Only after dealing with the three members of the Wang family did Wang Shufen ask Lin Hao, "Hao'er, what's wrong? You don't look so good to me, do you? What's going on out ......?" Wang Shufen hurried Lin Hao's very anxious appearance, so she didn't let Lin Hao enter the door, so she quickly asked.

        Lin Hao nodded: "Mom, I have something to go to Europe, and I don't know when I'll be back from this trip. But it will take at least a few days, I'm afraid that after I leave, something will happen again, you will follow Yei Yi later and go live at Xi Yan's place, so don't live here alone again ......"

        I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do, but I'm sure you'll be safe. I'll be waiting at home with Xiyan for you to return. Be sure to pay attention to safety ah ...... "Wang Shufen's eyes have endless worry ......

        Lin Hao nodded, "Yes, Mom, I will, don't worry, it's fine ......"

        Night One then separated another car and let Wang Shufen get into it, and at Lin Hao's signal, he took Wang Shufen to Shen Xi Yan's place.

        "Hao'er, we can go to the airport now, right?" After Mo Lao saw Wang Shufen leave, he asked Lin Hao to open his mouth to Dye Sandwood Dye Ground Zero.

        Lin Hao was silent and looked in the direction of the First Hospital of Tianhai City and said, "No, before I leave, I still have to meet one more person ......"

Super Son-in-law Chapter 663

Right now at Tianhai City First Hospital, in a rescue room on the third floor, Hei Long was lying on the operating table. This morning, he had broken three ribs in his chest by Lin Hao, and that wasn't the most dangerous thing, the most dangerous thing was that one of his broken bones was stuck in his lung, which meant that Black Dragon was a top-notch warrior with a strong body and strong will, and also had the first aid of the White Tiger, otherwise, Black Dragon would have no possibility of being resuscitated... ...

        Outside the operating room, Jun Wu Jing was also waiting here, and Black Dragon had followed him all the way to the battle. In his heart, he had long thought of Black Dragon as his best brother, and this time it was his carelessness and misjudgment that caused Black Dragon to be seriously injured by Lin Hao. And in a situation like that in the morning, he couldn't say anything. After all, it was the Black Dragon who wanted to kill Mo Tianji first. And if he started a war with Lin Hao in the morning, with Lin Hao's men and this was Lin Hao's territory, then their group would definitely lose a lot of money.

        So Jun Wu Jing didn't say anything about the Black Dragon's serious injuries and the fact that Lin Hao's men had also injured Mo Tianji. It was just that although Jun Wu Jing didn't say anything, his face was still very gloomy at the moment.

        "Big brother, Black Dragon was too badly injured this time, are we just going to let it go?" The valiant white tiger was a little reluctant to ask Jun Wu Jing repentance.

        Jun Wujiao regret frowned, "What else can we do? Do you really want to start a war with Lin Hao? And this time, we were the ones who started, so if we clash with Lin Hao in the morning, are you all sure you'll survive? Hmm?" Jun Wu Jing narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath, this morning's incident was definitely a mistake, a defeat. But it gave him a reminder that he absolutely must not be too proud in the future. Otherwise, something would really happen ......

        After hearing Jun Wu Jing's words, Bai Hu opened her mouth to say something when suddenly her eyes went wide and filled with incredulity, at the same time, she instantly pulled out the dagger at her waist, at this moment not only Bai Hu, but also the few people around Jun Wu Jing, all of them simultaneously prepared for battle and stared closely at the doorway. Jun Wu Jing also stood up, his eyes profoundly looking at Lin Hao, who came from the opposite corridor. ......

        Yes, the person here was Lin Hao. Lin Hao had just told Mo Lao that he had one more person to meet before he left, and the person he wanted to meet was Jun Wu Jing, the world-famous, innate cleric with the power to fight! And Lin Hao came to see Jun Wu Jing for no other reason than to see if he could pull Jun Wu Jing along with him to Western Europe, if he could, it didn't matter if he couldn't, he was just coming over to try anyway, after all, such a top-notch Innate Clan battle power was on display here. And if he could pull Jun Wu Jing over, then he would be even more confident about the next duel with the Lin Clan branch.

        "What are you doing here? Looking for me to cover up the Westland Whispering Saison?" Jun Wu Jing frowned and asked Lin Hao.

        Lin Hao nodded, "Well, good, looking for you, my father is about to have a duel with the Lin Clan branch in Western Europe, and I want to drag you there with me, I want to ask for your help ......"

        After Lin Hao finished speaking, Jun Wu Jing was all happy, he thought it was something. The feeling was that Lin Hao had come to ask for his help. Jun Wu Jing was speechless, he looked at Lin Hao with a smile and said, "Oh, Lin Hao, do you think we are friends? Are you that familiar? Oh ......"

        Jun Wuyou paused and pointed to the operating room behind him and said gloomily to Lin Hao, "Don't forget, my brother is still in there and hasn't come out yet. And he was injured by you, and I'm not going to go after you, but you're actually thinking of asking me to give you a hand? Oh, I'm curious, what is this brain of yours?"

        Lin Hao nodded his head without any expression, "Because you are Yanjing Gaishi and I am Tianhai Gaishi. I just came here to ask you, to ask if you'll go or not, and I don't have any hope in my heart. But if you go, in the future, you jun no regret is my friend, today you help me once, I will help you once. If you don't help, it doesn't matter, I will leave immediately, my time is limited, now give me your answer, help or not?"

        Jun Wu Jing was laughing at Lin Hao's words, and as he laughed his expression became incomparably grim. In an instant, there was a killing intent that spread out on his body, and he stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare and said, "Wonderful, I'm so damned convinced! Your own father, Lin Yan, came to my door for no reason a few days ago, and left a breath in my body before he left. I still haven't exorcised it, and you, as his son, injured my people, and now even more so, you're asking me to follow you to save Lin Yan? I'd like to ask, are you crazy, or am I?"

        Lin Hao looked deeply at Jun Wu Jing, then did not hesitate anymore, turned his head and left, he is now pressed for time, he came here, just to try the possibility of what if, since Jun Wu Jing does not agree, then it does not matter, he quickly left ......

        "Wait!" Just after Lin Hao took a few steps, Jun Wu Jing suddenly called out to him.


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