Secret Identity| Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2307-2308


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2307

When Su Zhiyu temporarily hid her inner impulses and decided to stay in Jinling, Xiao Weiwei was still busy in the Shangmei Etiquette Company.


      At this time, it was already evening, and Xiao Weiwei had officially taken over the Shangmei Etiquette Company this afternoon.


      In order not to disappoint Ye Chen, she immediately spent the afternoon carefully taking stock of all the accounts of the Still Beauty Etiquette Company since its establishment.


      First, she made a list of all the etiquette ladies who had been screwed by the Shangmei Etiquette Company, then she assessed their losses based on the records of the activities they had participated in, and then calculated the total amount of money to be compensated.


      She then contacted all the etiquette ladies who worked together, and had worked together, and asked them to return to the company for a meeting, and also asked people to help her find all the etiquette ladies who had left the company and had been forced by her former boss Liu Zonghui to go to the KTV to accompany the drinks.


      By dinner time, the entire still beautiful etiquette company, has been surrounded by the etiquette lady.


      The company is currently working with more than a hundred people.


      The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.


      The majority of these people are between 18 and 25 years old, and few are over 25 years old. I can't say that everyone is beautiful, but most of them are still relatively good-looking.


      Moreover, the height of these etiquette ladies was at least one meter six five or more, and each had a well-proportioned body, and their overall external conditions were relatively high compared to most professions.


      Nearly three hundred young and beautiful girls, together were simply like three hundred oversized sparrows, chattering non-stop.


      They had all been informed that the Shangmei Etiquette Company had changed hands, allowing them to come over and settle all their accounts, but none of them understood why Liu Zonghui, who made this company so profitable, would suddenly transfer the company.


      In addition, they were also curious to know how the company let themselves come back to settle the accounts, in the end.


      Especially those who have left the company for a period of time, their hearts are even more surprised, they also do not dare to expect, the company can still make up for the money owed to them before.


      Seeing so many people here, Xiao Weiwei was also a little nervous.


      Although she had never run a company, she had more or less seen some of the world at first in the Xiao Group, and was still stronger than these girls present overall.


      Thus, she calmed her mind and said to the microphone, "Everyone, please be quiet, we are about to have a meeting now."


      Only then did everyone gradually quiet down, and one by one, they stared at Xiao Weiwei, waiting for what she had to say.


      Xiao Weiwei cleared her throat and said seriously, "First of all, I would like to announce to all of you that all the shares of Shangmei Etiquette Company have now been transferred to my name, what I have in my hand are copies of the various confirmation documents from the industrial and commercial department to complete the changes, you can circulate them, and you can also go to the industrial and commercial website to check the Etiquette Company's current industrial and commercial registration information and take a look! Has the shareholder above changed from Liu Zonghui to Xiao Weiwei."


      A few girls sitting in the front row of the conference room immediately took those photocopied documents and circulated them, and many of them also directly took out their mobile phones and checked the business registration information first.


      From this look, everyone immediately understood that Xiao Weiwei had become the owner of Shangmei Etiquette Company!


      Those who didn't know Xiao Weiwei began to wonder what the girl's origin was that she could be the new owner of Shang Mei Etiquette Company.


      Those girls who had worked with Xiao Weiwei were even more confused.


      They didn't understand why Liu Zonghui, who was a cannibal, would transfer the company to Xiao Weiwei.

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2308

Xiao Weiwei saw that everyone had already received the message, so she continued, "I called everyone here today, there are a few things I want to announce to you."


      "The first thing is that Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei, have returned some of the money they have screwed everyone over for so long!"


      There was an uproar over that!


      One girl blurted out, "What?! Liu Zong Hui and Chen Xiaofei returned the money! Seriously? These two Chowpies will even return the money! How is that possible?!"


      Xiao Weiwei said seriously, "This is indeed true, the two of them have been sent by my brother-in-law to the KTV to make money to atone for their sins because of their evil deeds and evil deeds, Chen Xiaofei is going to work as an escort and Liu Zonghui is going to work as a tortoise, the two of them are working at Ma Zhongliang's field, and they are expected to start working tonight, if you have someone you know working there, you can Call and ask."


      Immediately there were several Miss Manners, panicking and pulling out their phones, some choosing to send text messages while others simply chose to call.


      Soon, a girl exclaimed, "Mom! The two bastards, Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei, actually went to work at the KTV! That's too much hate relief!"


      "Yeah, yeah, one of my sisters told me that too, sure it was them!"


      A girl who knew Xiao Weiwei hurriedly asked, "Weiwei, what is your brother-in-law's story? How is it that you have so much power that you can even fix Liu Zonghui?"


      "My brother-in-law," Xiao Weiwei intoned, with an involuntary, somewhat adoring tone of voice, "My brother-in-law is a Gestapo!"


      All the girls present had more or less been bullied and squeezed by Liu Zonghui.


      It could be said that they had already hated him to the bone.


      Therefore, after hearing this news, they all cheered and applauded for a while.


      Xiao Weiwei waited until everyone's applause finally stopped before speaking, "The second matter is the distribution of this money."


      "Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei returned a total of around 4 million, except for 500,000 that will be kept as the company's subsequent operating capital, the remaining 3.5 million will be returned to everyone here."


      The crowd was stunned with surprise upon hearing this!


      They really didn't expect that the first thing Xiao Weiwei would do when she took over the company was to return the huge sum of 3.5 million to them.


      Xiao Weiwei continued at this time: "The specific refund ratio, I have calculated, this money is of course not enough to make up for all the losses of each and every one of you, but more or less can still bring some compensation to you, I will make the list of compensation and the corresponding amount of money public later, if everyone has no problem, after signing to confirm, our finance will immediately give the Everyone pay."


      After saying that, Xiao Weiwei added, "Truth be told, we have already raised 3.5 million cash from our bank account this afternoon."


      Xiao Weiwei then gave a wink to the finance who was not far away, and right after that, the finance went to the next office to call over a few strong and athletic men.


      Each of these strong men held a large suitcase in their hands, and then they spread the suitcase out on the conference table at the podium, revealing bundles and bundles of red banknotes inside.


      Nearly 300 girls immediately let out excited shouts, and some even tugged at their voices and shouted, "Long live Xiao Weiwei!"


      Immediately afterwards, thunderous applause resounded on the scene once again.


      At this moment, Xiao Weiwei had already won the favor and support of these girls on the scene, and had successfully taken her first step in taking over the Shangmei Etiquette Company!


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