Secret Identity| Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2309-2310


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2309

Surrounded by thunderous applause and shouts of approval, Xiao Weiwei was also a little uncomfortable, she settled her mind and continued, "The third thing, is that next we will continue to operate our Shangmei Etiquette Company with a new model, and the specific idea of operation is this"


      The nearly three hundred girls in the audience were now eagerly awaiting what she was going to say next.


      Xiao Weiwei said seriously, "First of all, Shangmei Etiquette Company will still be the same as before, dedicated to providing etiquette services for major enterprises and institutions as well as individual households in Jinling, we are all girls and have almost the same experiences, so we are all considered sisters, if the sisters want to continue in this industry, I hope to have the option of continuing to work with Shangmei;"


      "Secondly, I hereby solemnly promise to the sisters that if they choose to continue to work with Jean-Marie, Jean-Marie will never squeeze the sisters' labor and the fruits of their labor accordingly, as she did before!"


      "We will then take an open and transparent pure share model to work with our sisters!"


      "The specific terms of the partnership are that the company is responsible for co-ordinating the work for the sisters, as well as openly and transparently splitting commissions with the sisters, with the company taking only 20 of each event attended as operating capital, and the remaining 80 being split between the individuals!"


      One by one the girls in the audience cheered with excitement when they heard that the individual would get an 80 commission share!


      There is no other company in the industry that gives such a large percentage of the commission share!


      Normal cooperation mode, generally five to five, like Liu Zonghui this kind of person, usually only give Miss Manners a share of 20 to 30, not only less, will also coerce Miss Manners to sign the sale deed, once the sale deed signed, Miss Manners can only get about 10 at most.


      In comparison, this split percentage given by Xiao Weiwei was simply the industry's conscience!


      In fact, Xiao Weiwei's own heart also felt that the split ratio was simply too high, so high that after the company deducted the operating costs, financial costs, and human costs of the support line, the remaining profit margin was so thin that even 5 might not be guaranteed.


      However, she also felt that she couldn't disappoint Ye Chen's expectations of herself.


      If she also became someone like Liu Zonghui and bent on squeezing her employees, then Ye Chen would definitely be disappointed in herself.


      That was why she had made such a bold decision.


      At the same time, she also had a belief in her heart that supported her.


      "As long as I do a good job and make a reputation, then there will be more and more Miss Etiquette under the Shangmei Company, and more and more activities that I will undertake, and although the profit margin is reduced quite a bit, once I make the whole cake bigger, then the company's profits will still be very, very substantial."


      "To make the most direct analogy, if we do ten million a year, the profit margin is 20. then the profit is two million, but if we can do one hundred million a year, even if the profit margin is only five, the net profit is still as much as five million!"


      "So, I must not be blind and must look beyond the horizon! It's going to take a bigger pay cut to attract these girls to work with me wholeheartedly, and to attract more other girls to join Somerset!"


      "My first goal is to make Somerset the largest etiquette company in all of Jinling!"


      "I'm going to do my best and work hard to achieve this goal and impress my brother-in-law!"


      At this point, those girls offstage had been completely absorbed by Xiao Weiwei's words!


      The company was transparent, the split was high, and Xiao Weiwei was willing to take the money Liu Zonghui ate and compensate everyone for it, which made everyone trust her very much.


      Therefore, almost every girl had made a decision deep inside.


      At this time, Xiao Weiwei continued, "The company currently has half a million operating funds on its books, and I have ordered three thirteen-seat commercial vehicles, which are specifically used to make free shuttles for the company's employees."


      Saying that, she was somewhat ashamed, "However, because of the limited funds at the moment, most of them have been taken out to compensate the sisters, so we can only buy three cars at the moment"


      "If we have a larger number of employees next, three cars may not be enough to meet the needs of many people even if we keep going back and forth."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2310

"In that case, when we start working, some of our employees may not have access to shuttle service for a while."


      "Our shuttle will initially give priority to employees who are farther away, earlier in the day, or later in the day who just need the service."


      "But I'll make a promise to my sisters that we'll be adding more shuttles in the future, when the company makes money!"


      "Ultimately, we're going to start a fleet of our own, and we're going to make sure that in the future, come rain or shine, we're going to make sure that every event and every sister we have is picked up and transported!"


      At that point, thunderous applause once again rang out from the stage!


      Many of the girls were already red-eyed with excitement!


      They choose to be Miss Manners because they don't really have too good a means of survival.


      Moreover, their family conditions are not too good.


      Every day, they have to get up early in the morning, come and go in the rain to earn so little hard-earned money, not to mention that they will be bullied wherever they go.


      They are bullied by their bosses in the company; when they go out to receive activities, they are also bullied by the Party A. In short, almost no one ever respects them.


      In short, almost no one had ever respected them, let alone thought about them.


      However, Xiao Weiwei's words touched their hearts deeply and made them feel warm, loved and cared for for the first time!


      So, immediately someone stood up and said excitedly, "Sister Vivian, I'll be working with you from now on!"


      "Yes Vivienne, I'll follow you in the future!"


      "I graduated from high school and started working as a Miss Manners to help my family pay off their debts, I've been doing it for six years, I've had everything bitter and sour, but I've never tasted a bit of sweetness, what Vivian just said made me feel sweet from the bottom of my heart, so count me in too!"


      "Right! No company has ever treated us as human beings, and now that Vivienne treats us as sisters, what hesitation do we have? I'm in!"


      With these heartfelt statements, everyone on the scene was set ablaze!


      One by one, they are all scrambling to make a statement and a firm choice to join!


      Vivian Siu could not hide her excitement either. So let's get some interest from the sisters now, and raise your hand if you're interested in, say, continuing to work at Somerset Etiquette!"


      In an instant, the stage swished and swished, and three or four hundred hands were raised!


      The reason there were so many hands was because there were quite a few girls holding their hands up high in excitement because they were so excited!


      Xiao Weiwei took a glance and noticed that there was hardly a single person who did not raise their hands, and every one of them raised their hands high in the air with full excitement and anticipation on their faces.


      On their faces, there was no hesitation, no struggle, no half-heartedness, but excitement and devotion.


      I could see that each of them, from the bottom of their hearts, wished to join this brand-new still beauty etiquette company!


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