His True Colors Chapter 947-948


His True Colors Chapter 947

"What are you doing, do you know what this place is, this is the City Hall, you can't just enter!"

        City Lord's Palace.

        Han Qianli was stopped by the guards.

        A few guards in armor were imposing, acting like they couldn't even stop the king of heaven from coming.

        Han Third Thousand felt that this feeling was very familiar and suddenly couldn't help but smile.

        Wasn't this the equivalent of the security guards at the entrance of those high-end clubs or hotels on Earth, acting as if they looked down on people and blocking him out.

        To think that in the past, Han Qianqian had encountered many such things on Earth, but he never expected that this would also happen in Xuanyuan World.

        It seemed that human nature was like that, no matter what world one was in, there would always be those who looked down on others with dog eyes.

        "I'm looking for Huang Snapdragon, you inform him, he'll see me on his own." Han Giangli said.

        The guards looked dissatisfied, but now Huang Snapdragon was the capital of the City Lord's Palace's bragging rights, and with the strength of the Five Lantern Realm, even if these guards mentioned it, they would feel like they were following the glory.

        And this guy in front of him, who was so brazen as to want to meet Huang Snapdragon, and was so lawless as to say that he would meet him on his own, wasn't this bullshit?

        With Snapdragon Huang's status, was there anyone else he needed to meet in person?

        "Kid, I suggest you better get out of here, this is not the place you should be." The guard said rudely.

        "I advise you, you better inform, or else he'll chastise you." Han Giangli smiled.

        At that moment, another guard whispered to his companion, "He wants to see Young Master Huang, he can't be a friend of Young Master Huang's, right?"

        "Friend?" The man sneered and said, "I have been on duty in the City Lord's Palace for so many years, I know how many friends the young master has, this guy is fresh faced, how could he be the young master's friend."

        The other man nodded, he was indeed very senior in the City Lord's Mansion, it was logical that anyone who had come to visit Huang Snapdragon should know him.

        Since even he didn't know him, there shouldn't be any mistake.

        "You'd better leave, or we'll be rude."

        "I just want to see my apprentice, is it that hard?" Han Giangli said with a bitter smile.

        "Apprentice? What are you bragging about, Young Master Huang is your disciple?"

        "You're not going to say you're Han Three Thousand Years, are you."

        "Our young master's master is a powerful Hou San realm expert, just like you?"

        Several people laughed loudly, they didn't know much about the Chen family, after all, they didn't have that much time to mind their own business when they were on duty in the City Hall, and their knowledge of Han Marchant was only in relation to those recent rumors that had started all over the place.

        In the Xuanyuan world, there was a general perception that a truly strong person must be an old man of advanced age, because the realm needed time to settle out, and it wasn't like a random young man could reach the latter three realms.

        That's why these guards felt that Han Qianli was lying, they hadn't even heard of such a young Hou San realm.

        "I am indeed Han Three Thousand, if you don't believe me, let Huang Snapdragon come out and meet me, he will naturally know that if you repeatedly make things difficult for me, I'm afraid he won't let you off easily." Han Qianqian said.

        "If you keep messing around, we'll be really rude."

        "Hurry up and leave, this is the City Lord's Palace, not a place for you to brag."

        "Kid, coming out at such a young age to pretend to be a Hou San realm, do you know how ridiculous that is."

        A few people still didn't want to believe Han Qianli's words, perhaps because their perception of the strong was too ingrained, which was why they thought Han Qianli was making a fool of himself.

        "Whether I am or not, wouldn't it be obvious if you let Huang Snapdragon come out? If I was bragging, you could have taught me a lesson then, but have you thought about what would have happened if I hadn't bragged and if Snapdragon Huang had known I was being driven away by you?" Han Three Thousand Patience said patiently, if it were someone with a slightly more domineering personality, he would have already fought his way in, but Han Three Thousand wasn't this kind of personality and couldn't do such a thing.

        Only once in his life had Han Third Thousand displayed his tyranny, and that was the Earth's Core Prison, when he was truly cornered, Han Third Thousand would go on a killing spree.

        Perhaps it was because he was born on Earth, but Han 3000 placed great value on life, and even if these people were lowly and didn't get any attention in the Xuanyuan World, they were still a life in his eyes.

        A few of the guards became a little hesitant as they agreed with Han Three Thousand's words and felt that he was very reasonable.

        Yes or no, wouldn't it be enough to inform Snapdragon Huang?

        In case it was true, and he was driven away, how easily would Snapdragon Huang spare them?

        "Go, you go and inform the young master so he can come and see."

        A guard turned and ran towards the city's main residence.

        Huang Snap Yong was in a good mood today, although he had avenged Han Three Thousand Years yesterday, he had also taken this opportunity to take out a bad breath, because in the past, Chen Tiesin had relied on his status as one of the three great families to not take him seriously and had often used him as an underling.

        In the past, Huang Snap Yong didn't dare to show any rebellion against this, because his father was able to become the city lord thanks to the three great families, and even Huang Hou Yi was a puppet, so he, being the son, was naturally a small puppet.

        Moreover, Chen Tiesin used to feel very good about himself, always believing that he would be able to go to the Imperial Court in the future, often using this matter to brag and show off in front of Huang Snapdragon, even using it to belittle Huang Snapdragon.

        Now, he couldn't go to the imperial court, but he was one step ahead to enter reincarnation, but on the other hand, Huang Snap Yong, who possessed the strength of the Five Lantern Realm, not to mention that the imperial court had already sent someone to recruit him, was the one who could truly enter the imperial court.

        "Chen Tiesin, I hope that in my next life, you will be able to reach my achievement, but you should be unlikely, after all, a strong person like my master is unattainable." Huang Snapdragon smiled to himself.

        His greatest good fortune was to have met Han Qianqian and become Han Qianqian's disciple, otherwise, he would still be a two-light realm trash right now.

        What five-lantern realm, what seven-star beast master, this was something that Huang Snapdragon definitely didn't dare to think about.

        "Young Master Huang, I, I've finally found you." The guard pantingly ran to Huang Snapdragon's side.

        "What's the matter so panicky about, could it be that the Chen family still dares to come and trouble me?" Huang Snapdragon closed his eyes, not even bothering to lift his eyelids, as he didn't even care about the Chen family right now, even if the three big families were to join forces to deal with him, it wasn't worth Huang Snapdragon's attention.

        "No, it's not the Chen family, it's a young man, claiming to be your master, who wants to see you." The guard said.

        Hearing this, Huang Snap Yong reflexively stood up from his recliner and quickly asked, "Where is the man, where is he."

        "Still outside the door." The guard said.

His True Colors Chapter 948

Upon hearing this, Snapdragon Huang was anxious, Master's first visit to the City Hall, and he was stopped by these fools!

        "You fools, how dare you stop my master!" Snapdragon Huang broke into a rant.

        The guard looked aggrieved and said, "Young Master Huang, aren't we afraid that he's pretending?"

        Huang Snap Yong slapped the guard on the head and said, "You're such a f*cking idiot, who dares to come to the City Hall and pretend to be my master, unless he wants to die."

        The guard suddenly felt justified.

        Who was Snapdragon Huang, he was the City Lord's son!

        How could anyone dare to casually pretend to be his master?

        That meant that the young man outside the door was indeed a Hou San realm expert.

        The guard's back was cold and sweaty as he thought of what he had just said to Han Giangli, wouldn't he have already walked through the ghost gate!

        If Han Qianxiang had been a bit more temperamental, he would have already given his life away.

        Huang Snap Yong ran all the way to the main gate of the city, not daring to take a break.

        When he saw Han Qianxiang being stopped by a few unsightly things, he burst into flames.

        "What are you doing, how dare you stop my master from entering the gate, don't you want to hang around?" Huang Snapdragon reprimanded in a stern voice.

        Several guards were scared to death when they saw that Huang Snapdragon had come and had also identified Han Three Thousand's identity.

        "Young Master."

        "Young Master."

        "Young Master."

        "Eyeless dogs, how dare you stop my master." Huang Snapdragon lost his temper and kicked each of them one by one.

        Those guards buried their heads in fear and trepidation.

        At that moment, Han Qianli spoke up, "It has nothing to do with them, they're just doing their duty."

        "Master, I'm sorry, I'll replace these eyeless guys right away." Huang Snapdragon said with an apologetic face to Han Three Thousand, although he knew that his master was not a man with much of a rack, but what had to be done still had to be done.

        Han Qianqian waved his hand, with his current state of mind, how could he be bothered with these guards.

        Even though these guys were really not polite at all when they spoke just now, it was only to the extent of scratching an itch for Han Three Thousand.

        And Han 3,000 experienced a sense of familiarity with the Earth in them, a long-lost feeling that still made him very happy.

        "Don't bother, am I so petty in your eyes?" Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        Snapdragon Huang shook his head repeatedly, he wouldn't dare to say that Han Three Thousand was a villain, and indeed in reality, Han Three Thousand was not.

        "No thanks to my master yet, you fools are lucky, or else I would have had you all in trouble." Snapdragon Huang said to those guards.

        "Thank you, Master Han."

        "Thank you, Master Han."

        "Thank you, Master Han."

        A few guards looked at Han Giang with gratitude from the bottom of their hearts, they hadn't thought that such a strong man was so approachable, if they were bystanders, they wouldn't say they lost their lives, they would definitely lose their armor.

        "Master, let's go in and talk."

        Huang Snap Yong led the way.

        Han Giangli followed behind him.

        But this City Hall was still far inferior to what Han Qianli had imagined, not even as good as the Chen Family Residence, whether it was in terms of layout or repairs.

        "Huang Snapdragon, why is this City Lord's Mansion kinkier than the Chen family?" Han Qianli was puzzled and asked.

        "Master, the City Hall used to be the puppet of the three great families, so naturally it has to be worse, after all, the money flowing into the City Hall ended up being divided among the three great families." Huang Snapdragon explained.

        Han 3,000 nodded, he knew about this, he just didn't expect it to be this bad.

        "Right, Master, you suddenly came to find me, what do you want to command?" Huang Snap Yong asked, knowing that Han Qianqian would not appear without a reason, and must have something to ask for his help or command him.

        Naturally, Snapdragon Huang wouldn't wait for Han Qianqian to open his mouth about such things and take the initiative to mention it in order to show that he was a competent apprentice.

        "My sister's matter, you help me think of a way to investigate it as soon as possible." Han Three Thousand said, now that he had been targeted by the Imperial Court Emperor, things were gradually going to go out of Han Three Thousand's control, so he had to find Jiang Ying Ying as soon as possible, only then would he be able to do anything without any worries.

        As long as Jiang Ying Ying was around, Han 3000 wasn't afraid of offending anyone, even if it meant turning against the emperor, as he could just pat himself on the back and leave the imperial court to go to Xia or Chong Ye.

        "Master, I don't dare to slow down on this for a moment, but so far, there's no news at all, and there's really nothing I can do about it." Huang Snapdragon said helplessly, it wasn't that he hadn't done his best in this matter, but the scope of his power was very small, leaving aside Long Yun City, he had sent people to investigate several nearby cities, but any further away would not be something Huang Snapdragon could do.

        "Among the few cities you investigated, are you sure there's no her?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Confirmed." Snapdragon Huang nodded with great certainty and said, "It's just a matter of digging into the ground, if she's really there, she definitely can't escape my eyes."

        Han Three Thousand frowned, with Jiang Ying Ying's strength, it was unlikely that she was detained in some unexplored area, which meant that perhaps she wasn't even among the several nearby cities.

        This made Han Qianlian wonder how he and Jiang Yingying could have entered the time tunnel at the same time, yet not be in the same location after arriving at Xuanyuan World.

        "Looks like it's time to leave Long Yun City." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "Master, you have to leave!" Snapdragon Huang tensed at the thought.

        "I have to find my sister, and since she's not here, there's nothing worth staying in Long Yun City." Han Giangli said.

        "Master, take me with you, I can throw my weight around for you." Huang Snap Yong knew that he had to follow Han Qianqian if he wanted to seek a realm breakthrough, so he made sure to seize this opportunity, and once he was left behind, he was afraid that he would only be in the Five Lantern Realm for the rest of his life.

        Snapdragon Huang was a somewhat useful helper to Han Three Thousand, there were some things that were not quite suitable for Han Three Thousand's presence, so it was safest to let Snapdragon Huang do it, and he was the first henchman Han Three Thousand had cultivated in the Xuanyuan World, and he was currently his most trustworthy person, so bringing him along was indeed a good choice.

        "Aren't you afraid that after you leave, the three big families will be unfavorable to your father?" Han Qianli asked.

        Huang Snap Yong smiled faintly and said, "Master, they don't have the guts to do that, just because I'm gone now, doesn't mean I won't come back later, aren't they afraid of my retaliation?"

        Han Marchand nodded, it was so true, the three big families used to be able to oppress the City Hall, but the situation was different now, even if they were given the courage and opportunity, they had to scruple Huang Snapdragon's strength.

        "Fine, just follow me." Han Qianli said.


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