Super Son-in-law Chapter 659-660


Chapter 659

Lin Hao was silent, he really didn't know what he could say at this moment. All this time, he had never mentioned to Shen Xiyan that he and Shen Yutong were involved, but what he never expected was that Shen Xiyan actually knew all about it. This matter was not that easy, it was very complicated ......

        "Xi Yan, let's talk about Shen Yutong, I have a very important thing to do in Europe this time, if I succeed, I'll go to Shen Yutong. That matter is very important, I'm not in the mood to think about anything else right now ......" Lin Hao's eyes were a little red and he said to Shen Xi Yan.

        "Can ...... you tell me what it is?" Shen Siyan finally felt something was wrong at this moment. She hadn't looked closely at Lin Hao's eyes just now, but when she looked closely now, she noticed that Lin Hao's eyes were red, and it was clearly the look of having cried. Moreover, Lin Hao's entire body was filled with a deep sadness at the moment. She panicked for a moment, something must have happened to Lin Hao, she anxiously and tightly pulled Lin Hao's hand, incomparably worried about Lin Hao.

        Lin Hao took a deep breath and thought about it or said to Shen Xi Yan, "It's Lin Yan, that father of mine, the one I've always been hostile to, he's going to be in trouble in Europe, I have to go over and save him....."

        Shen Xiyan frowned deeply, Lin Hao's father, had appeared at their wedding the day before yesterday. Lin Yan had also spoken to Shen Xiyan, but the way Shen Xiyan was looking at Lin Hao at that time, he seemed to be hostile towards Lin Yan. And until now, Shen Xiyan didn't have the time to ask Lin Hao about Lin Yan.

        Ten minutes later, Lin Hao told Shen Xiyan about some of Lin Yan's things. Shen Siyan's tears popped as she listened to it, she held Lin Hao's hand a little harder, "Lin Hao you go, make sure you don't let anything happen to Dad, make sure you don't let anything happen to him ......"

        "Well, don't worry, I'll be on my way to Europe later, he's lied to me for years, he can't just die like that. He still owes me an explanation!" Lin Hao said in a firm tone.

        Bang ...... Just at this moment, Lin Hao s door was suddenly pushed open, and in the next moment, Lin Qingcheng, who had tears on her face, appeared in the doorway of Zhaowu Yi Zero Woods. She had just heard what Lin Hao had said to Shen Xiyan. She never expected the truth to be like this.

        "Sister ......" Lin Hao asked Lin Qingcheng with red eyes and a somewhat hoarse voice.

        Lin Qingcheng walked in like a walking corpse and walked over to Lin Hao, her voice equally hoarse as she asked to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, is what you just said true? All these years, Lin Yan has been holding back?"

        Lin Hao nodded heavily and said, "Well, it's true, all of this was told to me by Mo Lao himself. Now Lin Yan and Dao Yi have gone to Western Europe and are ready to start a war against Lin Xiaoyun at any time. That's why Mo Lao is sending you back to the Heavenly Sea, because Western Europe is too dangerous now ......"

        A few hot tears rolled down the corners of Lin Qingcheng's eyes once again, her tolerance was much weaker than Lin Hao. And she used to go back to Yanjing from time to time to see Lin Yan. She had never believed that her childhood Gestalt father, who heroically protected him, would actually turn into such a cold-blooded world head! She had suspected it a thousand times. And until today, she finally knew the truth and understood everything ......

        Lin Qingcheng opened her mouth, tears flowing down crazily, the sadness in her heart had reached an extreme. Suddenly Lin Qingcheng's body wobbled, planted against the ground, her side Shen Shiyan saw the situation, rushed forward to help Lin Qingcheng. Supporting Lin Qingcheng's body ......

        "Sister, don't worry, it's fine, everything will be fine, Lin Hao will go over there later, Lin Hao will be able to bring Dad back safely. It will definitely be ......" Shen Xiyan comforted Lin Qingcheng. But Lin Qingcheng's tears still couldn't stop flowing down, Lin Hao looked at Lin Qingcheng sad like this, he also had no heart.

        Just as Lin Hao was about to speak, an eager-looking Mo Lao with Night One also rushed over, Mo Lao said eagerly as soon as he entered the door, "Hao'er, all the information and planes of the European Lin branch are ready, when will you leave?"

Chapter 660

If it wasn't for the fact that she was supported by Shen Shiyan, she would not have been able to stand firm.

        At this moment when Lin Qingcheng saw Mo Lao come in, she looked at Mo Lao with tears all over her face, her pretty face, which was so beautiful that it had been covered with tears, at this moment Lin Qingcheng's entire body was filled with a deep sadness. At this moment, she finally understood, understood the night before yesterday when Mo Lao let her back to Tian Hai City, why did she suddenly ask her such a question, asking her what she thought of Lin Yan? And at the time she was still filled with hatred for Lin Yan, but now Lin Yan is in deep crisis in Europe, and she is back in Warsaw, away from the danger ......

        "Grandpa Mo ...... my father, my father he ......" Lin Qingcheng cried and asked to Mo Lao, her voice breaking, at the moment Lin Qingcheng could not even speak completely.

        Mo Lao incomparably complex look at Lin Qingcheng, then nodded heavily: "Well, it seems you know all about it, hmm. Your father is about to have a duel with the Lin Clan branch in Western Europe, at the Lin Clan's Sacred Mountain. Hey ...... child, don't resent your father, okay? Your father's greatest pride in his life is having you and Lin Hao as a pair, incomparably excellent children, don't resent your father in your heart, okay?" Mo Lao's tone was incomparably complex, and there were hot tears in his eyes.

        Lin Qingcheng nodded her head heavily and said, "Well, I don't hate him anymore. Grandpa Mo, I'm also going over there, I'll go with you guys ......"

        Mo Lao solemnly shook his head: "It's useless for you to go, not only will you not be able to help, but you'll probably also become a bargaining chip for Lin Xiaoyun and the others to threaten your father, and now the situation over in Western Europe is already incredibly tense. After my people reported to me once an hour ago, the communication broke off again, it's certain that now on their side, the situation is already very tense, and I won't go this time, I'll stay in Tianhai, just Hao'er go by himself ......"

        Lin Qingcheng looked at Lin Hao, and then at Mo Lao, "But will it be okay if just my brother goes alone? What's he going to do with it? Grandpa Mo, let's hurry up and gather our people and rush over there, the more the better ...... Quickly, quickly ......"

        But Mo Lao shook his head and spoke firmly, "No, it's enough for Hao'er to go alone. It can turn the situation around at the most crucial time ......"

        Lin Qingcheng frowned deeply, it was obvious that she was restless, just as she was about to speak again, Mo Lao was the first to interrupt her, "Qingcheng, Hao'er has already broken through to that level, and now he is not weaker than Jun Wu Jing in the slightest! You have been in the underground power of Western Europe for many years, you should understand what that level represents ......" Mo Lao looked deeply at Lin Qingcheng.

        "What? Brother him? He ...... has broken through to that level and achieved the position of a master?" Lin Qingcheng's body gathered and trembled, her eyes widened and she looked incredulously at Mo Lao, then at Lin Hao.

        Lin Hao didn't speak, but unleashed the overwhelming momentum on his body in an instant, and as Lin Hao's momentum was released, Lin Qingcheng, Shen Xiyan, and Mo Lao, all of them couldn't help but retreat backwards in a crazy manner, and each of them at this moment, felt a mountain of weight on their bodies. The three of them were horrified and shocked, but Lin Hao, who was standing to the side, had a great deal of momentum ......

        Mo Lao felt the vast body of Lin Hao and said to Lin Qingcheng with some excitement, "Well, not only has Hao'er broken through that barrier, but he's also a Gestalt! He's not much worse than your father now, and even because he's young, he's even stronger than your father in his brief outbursts, even stronger ah ......"

        Lin Qingcheng's heart was incomparably shocked, right now she was looking at the imposing Lin Hao. It was as if she had seen Lin Yan, she also felt that the Lin Hao at this moment was really not much worse than Lin Yan ......

        Lin Hao looked deeply at Lin Qingcheng and said, "Sister, don't worry, I'll bring that old man back, he still owes us both an explanation, don't think of dying so easily, with me at ease, and those trash in the branch vein, this time they'll be cleared up together ......"

        Lin Hao's momentum was exploding, his words had a monstrous confidence, and his overwhelming invincibility was constantly pervading his body ......


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