His True Colors Chapter 639-640


Chapter 639

"I'll thank him properly." After saying that, Han Qianqian looked at Chi Yi Yun.

        Chi Yiyun, who had realized the meaning, directly pushed Han 3,000 away.

        Ma Yu sighed and sighed again and again, he never thought that this matter would have such a twist, if the next old man let out word to accept a disciple in the apocalypse, the door bars of the four gates would all be trampled through, but this kid Han Qianli didn't even care, he really didn't understand what was in Han Qianli's head.

        "Uncle, what should I do, do I have to continue to please him?" Ma Feihao asked Ma Yu, although he was more than capable of pretending to be a grandson in front of Han 3,000 these days, in his heart, Ma Feihao naturally couldn't really be convinced by Han 3,000, if Han 3,000 wasn't able to become the next oldest disciple, there was no need for him to waste his time on Han 3,000.

        "Of course, this matter hasn't settled down yet, and no one knows what the end result will be, in case he changes his mind again later." Ma Yu said.

        Ma Feihao felt justified and nodded, saying, "Uncle, I'll go first then."

        "Go." After Ma Yu said that, Ma Feihao flew off towards Han Qianlian and Chi Yi Yun.

        Looking at Han Qianli's distant back, Ma Yu smiled helplessly, he didn't know what would happen if he really disgraced the next oldest, with the next oldest's character, he probably wouldn't even have ashes left.

        "Han Qianli, Han Qianli, you don't even know what kind of ruthless character the next old man is, I'm afraid that the consequences of daring to reject him in return would require the entire Han family to bear the consequences for you, none of the people around you have a chance to live, are you sure you dare to do that?" Ma Yu faintly talked to himself, for the entire apocalypse, the image of the next oldest was very dignified, and his authority could not be provoked by anyone.

        Shortly after Han Giangli returned home, his phone rang.

        Now that this phone was exclusive to the Nangong family, not many people knew the number, so this strange incoming call made Han Qianli feel a little strange.

        Could it be that Nangong Boling was about to give him some new assignment? After all, Nangong Boling hadn't made a move since he arrived in the rice country.

        But after picking up the phone and hearing the voice coming from the phone, Han Qianli was directly stunned.

        "Grandpa ......?" Han Qianli was not sure that the voice was Han Tian Yang's, but Han Qianli couldn't believe it, how did Han Tian Yang know his number?

        "It's me." Han Tian Yang stood in the Han family compound and turned on the PA.

        Hearing Han Qianli's voice, Yan Jun, who was standing at the side, smiled faintly, to him, it had been a long time since he had heard Han Qianli's voice, even though he knew that Han Qianli was not in danger, he was still a bit unsettled without seeing it with his own eyes.

        "Grandpa, how did you know my number." Han Third Thousand couldn't believe his question.

        "Do you really think that grandpa doesn't have any means in the rice country, this little matter is still hard for me." Han Tianyang smiled.

        In Han Qianli's heart, Han Tian Yang was omnipotent, and if there was to find a hero in this world that Han Qianli recognized, it was none other than Han Tian Yang.

        "Grandpa, how is Han Tiansheng doing back in China?" Han Giangli asked, this was his main concern, but he was blackmailed by Nangong Boling, so he couldn't take the initiative to contact Hua Guo, but this time it was Han Tian Yang who contacted him, and I'm sure Nangong Boling had nothing to say.

        "Don't worry, he didn't do anything to us, and I even had him kneel down to sort out the reliquary," Han Tian Yang said.

        Han Tiansheng had even knelt down?

        Han Giangli, who had learned this news, couldn't help but look startled, it was unbelievable that with Han Born's posture, he was willing to kneel down.

        "He's even willing to kneel." Han Three Thousand said.

        "It's all thanks to you, if it wasn't for you, how could he have bowed before me." Han Tian Yang smiled proudly, none of those descendants of the Mi Guo Han family could be compared to Han 3000, it was something for Han Tian Yang to be proud of.

        "Grandpa, I'm about to be crippled, it's not my merit, it's just luck that I was saved by someone named Next Old." Han Qianqiang didn't dare to take credit for this, as he really didn't have any credit for this matter, and if Ma Yu hadn't appeared by the order of the next oldest, he wouldn't even have been able to save his own life.

        "Why did this Next Old Man help you?" Han Tian Yang was curious about the fact that the great character of the apocalypse, a character that even Han Tiansheng was afraid of yet would show favor to Han 3000, in Han Tian Yang's opinion, there must be some story to it.

        "He wants to take me as his disciple," Han Three Thousand said.

        Han Tian Yang was stunned for a long time, his inner excitement simply uncontrollable.

        Han Three Thousand hadn't really stepped into that level yet, yet he already had a master of lofty status, didn't that mean that Han Three Thousand would be even smoother when he truly entered that level?

        "You kid, you've really gotten lucky, this next old man must be in a very high position, otherwise Han Tiansheng wouldn't be so fearful." Han Tian Yang said with an open smile.

        "But ...... Grandpa, I refused because Grandpa Yan is my master, how can I have two masters at the same time." Han 3,000 said.

        As soon as this statement was made, the phone on the other end instantly fell silent.

        The eyes of Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun looked at each other with incredulity.

        Only after a full three minutes did Han Tian Yang ask Yan Jun, "Did I hear him ...... correctly, what did he just say?"

        Yanjun's throat had obvious signs of writhing, and it was obvious that he was gulping down saliva, saying, "He seems to be saying that he refused."

        This matter was like a bolt from the blue to Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun, and it was no wonder that they were so shocked.

        "Grandpa, did I do something wrong?" Han Qianli asked carefully.

        Han Tian Yang had a wailing expression on his old face and said, "Not only is it wrong, it's simply outrageously wrong, do you know what kind of status this next old man must have to be able to frighten Han Tiansheng, and you've turned down such a good thing!"

        "Yeah, when did I become your master, I didn't recognize you as a disciple, you should quickly go and pay your respects to the next oldest disciple, or else you won't see me again in the future." Yan Jun said emotionally on the side.

        Hearing these words, Han Qianli couldn't laugh or cry, he knew that these two were doing it for his own good, but he didn't even know who the next oldest was, so how could he casually worship his master?

        While being strong was important, it also depended on whether or not one's temper was in tune with it, and Han Qianqian didn't want to be bowed down to casually, even if he was an old man of the Fourth Gate, so what?

        "It's fine if you really take me as your master, I'll expel you from the sect right now, from now on, you and I will no longer have a master-disciple relationship." Yan Jun continued, and I could tell that he was already anxious, afraid that Han Qianxiang would miss this heavenly opportunity.

        "Three Thousand, do you know how important it is to have someone to rely on when entering that level, you should seize this opportunity." Han Tian Yang persuaded bitterly.

        Han 3,000 sighed helplessly, not expecting them to get so excited over this matter, but Han 3,000's decision wouldn't change, even if he really wanted to pay homage to his master, he would need to meet the next oldest before he could say anything.

        "Grandpa, I'll think about it some more," Han Third Thousand said.

        "Consider it, you still have to take the test ......."

        "Grandpa, how's Welcome Summer?" Han 3,000 interrupted Han Tian Yang's words.

        Han Tian Yang sighed heavily and said, "She's fine, the reason your daughter was kidnapped was because of Jiang Lan, I'll save this woman's life for you to dispose of when you return."

        Jiang Lan!

        Han Qianqiang was almost squeezing his phone out of shape, this woman, she wouldn't even let go of his daughter!

        "It was me, I was the one who was soft in the past, that's why I gave her the chance." Han Qianli gritted his teeth and said.

        "Don't worry, I definitely won't let her mess up again, Cloud City is under control, you don't need to worry." Han Tianyang said.

        "Grandpa, I'll be back as soon as I can, help me take care of Yingxia." Han Qianli's tone softened as he spoke of Su Yingxia.

        "You have to be careful too, no matter what happens, your own life is the most important thing, you have to remember that Su Yingxia and Han Nian are waiting for you." Han Tian Yang said.

        "I know."

        "Also, you make up your own mind about Han Tiansheng, if he's a threat, eradicate that threat."

        "You don't need to think about the matter of worshipping your master, otherwise your grandfather Yan wouldn't have released ......."

        Han Qianli hurriedly hung up the phone, a question he would have to think about deeply before he could do so.

Chapter 640

Han Giangli put down her phone and Chi Yi Yun walked up to her, looking at the deformed phone and couldn't help but ask, "What's worth getting so angry about?"

        Han Qianli took a deep breath, he was a man who was very strict about controlling his emotions, but at this moment, as long as he thought of the word Jiang Lan, the anger in his heart burned more and more, he simply couldn't control it.

        At first, Han Qianli had countless reasons to kill Jiang Lan, but on account of the fact that she was Su Yingxia's mother, Han Qianli let her go, thinking that she would change her ways, but she had never thought that she would do something detrimental to Han Nian again.

        At this moment, only he himself knew how much regret Han Qianqian had in his heart, if he was given another chance, he would definitely kill Jiang Lan without hesitation!

        "It's nothing." Han Giang said indifferently.

        Qi Yiyun could clearly feel Han Qianli's change in mood, he was deliberately suppressing his anger, and to be able to make him so angry, this matter must have something to do with Su Yingxia or Han Nian, because only these two people had the qualifications to make Han Qianli think so highly of him.

        "Is it Yingxia or your daughter?" Qi Yiyun continued to ask.

        Han Qianqian turned his head and looked at Chi Yi Yun with cold eyes, as if to say it has nothing to do with you.

        Qi Yiyun was persistent, if she wanted to be the person next to Han Qianli, she had to know more about him, and this was one way for Qi Yiyun to get close to Han Qianli, so no matter what happened to Han Qianli, she wanted to know.

        "Do you have to push me a thousand miles away before you're satisfied?" Chieyun said.

        "You go." Han Giangli faintly said.

        Those three words instantly filled Chi Yi Yun's eyes with tears.

        "Why should I go, I still have to take care of you." Qi Yiyun bit her lower lip and said.

        "I don't need you to take care of me, and since you're not pregnant, there's no longer any connection between the two of us." Han Giangli said.

        Qi Yi Yun's heart was empty, the pregnancy thing was originally made up by her, of course there couldn't be, but Qi Yi Yun had worked very hard and diligently to take care of Han Giang during this time, but she hadn't thought that she would only get the words that there wasn't any connection between us in return.

        Qi Yi Yun was unwilling.

        Suddenly rushing to Han Qianli's arms, she hugged Han Qianli fiercely, as if she was afraid that Han Qianli would leave.

        "I'm not leaving, can't you just let me stay with you for this time, you'll eventually leave Miya, won't you even give me this chance?" Chi Yi Yun cried out.

        Han Marchant didn't have a soft heart this time, there shouldn't be any ambiguity between the two of them, and when the break went on and on, Han Marchant couldn't let the situation continue.

        Pushing Chi Yiyun away, Han Three Thousand said with a frosty face, "Let's go."

        Feeling the irresistible firmness in Han Qianqian's tone, Qi Yiyun's entire body trembled, although she had been rejected by Han Qianqian many times before, but this was the first time she felt such a tone and attitude on Han Qianqian, as if he had already made the decision to never entangle, which made Qi Yiyun feel a hint of despair.

        "Why?" Chi Yi Yun raised her head, pearing at Han Giang and said.

        "Because I already have a wife and children, and I'm sorry for them if I have even just a little bit of an ambiguous relationship with you." Han Giangli said.

        Qi Yiyun bit her teeth, her face clearly filled with reluctance, but Han Qianli's tough attitude made her not even have a choice.

        "You're having trouble moving right now, so I'll leave when you're better." Chi Yi Yun said, releasing Han 3,000 yuan and heading towards the kitchen, seemingly intending to cook.

        Since Han Giangli had already decided to break the relationship between him and Qi Yiyun, and had also put his words to this point, he naturally wouldn't let Qi Yiyun stay.

        "I'm letting you go, what's the point of staying here in a deadbeat manner?" Han Qianqian snapped coldly.


        Chi Yi Yun smiled bitterly, she had just realized that she had fallen to such a state.

        Countless suitors were about to step through the door bars of her home, but she had plunged headlong into an endless abyss that wouldn't let her see any opportunities and brought nothing but pain.

        "Take care of yourself." Leaving this sentence behind, Chi Yi Yun's back slumped as she left the house.

        Han Giangli slid her wheelchair and returned to her room, this time it was finally ruthless, although it was a hurt for Chi Yi Yun, but for her, the long pain was better than the short pain, this should be the best outcome.

        In the evening, Han Giang went out alone to fix dinner.

        The convenience of the wheelchair doesn't cause any discomfort to Han Three Thousand, but certain people's eyes will reveal some curiosity, after all, Han Three Thousand is becoming an invalid in a wheelchair at the height of her youth and vigor.

        When he arrived at a Chinese restaurant, the waiter offered him warm hospitality and also moved the original chair at the table so as not to cause Han Three Thousand a problem.

        "What would you like to eat, sir?" The waiter took the menu and asked Han Marchand.

        "One shredded pork with green peppers and one fried egg soup." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Okay, if you need anything, feel free to call me." The waiter said and went to the back kitchen to report the menu.

        While Han Three Thousand was waiting, a group of non-mainstream youths with dyed red and green hair walked into the shop, each with a domineering expression on their faces, one of the girls was obviously very young, probably not even an adult yet, wearing a nose ring and an eyebrow stud, which inevitably made her think of Han Nian, if Han Nian grew up to look like this later, Han Three Thousand couldn't imagine what kind of mood she would be in.

        "What are you looking at, haven't you seen a pretty girl before?" After two more glances, Han 3000 caused that little girl to be strongly dissatisfied.

        And her dissatisfaction caused that fellow gang member to show intense hostility towards Han Three Thousand.

        "Cripple, you'd better restrain your eyes, and if you keep looking at me recklessly, I'll believe I'll gouge your eyes out." A young man with dyed yellow hair threatened Han Three Thousand across his eyes.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly and didn't talk back, these youngsters had a particularly strong desire to show off in front of girls, and Han Qianli knew that if he talked back he would definitely cause more trouble, and in his current situation, it was natural that more was better than less.

        The next, several young people south of the sky to talk freely, many of which bragging words make Han three thousand unable to help but steal joy, there is a proverb called children's words without fear, is probably used to describe these small children.

        Han 3,000 dishes a soup soon on, self-conscious eating, not a short time, outside the restaurant came the sound of a motorcycle, as if a group of biker party to come to eat.

        But when the group of people entered the restaurant, the youngsters from before all lowered their heads, and the high talk in their mouths stopped, as if they were very afraid of being discovered by this group of biker party.

        "Grass, you guys hid quite fast, luckily I have eyes to see you." One of them walked up next to the group of youngsters and said with a curse.

        "You don't pay back the money you owe me, but you still dare to come here to eat, you've got some nerve." The man directly grabbed a certain youngster's neck and said with a threatening face.

        "Boss Zhou, if you give me some more time, I'll definitely find a way to pay you back." The little young man said with a pale face.

        The man named Boss Zhou was unceremonious and directly punched the little young man in the chest, then pulled his hair and threatened, "If you don't get the money today, leave your hands or your legs behind, you choose."

        The little young man was even more frightened, and directly knelt down on the ground, "Boss Zhou, give me three more days, after three days I will definitely pay you back, please, let me go."

        "Let you go, how long have you been f**king hiding from me, it was hard to find you, and you still want to run, do you really think I'm easy to cheat?" Boss Zhou was obviously a ruthless man, and kicked the youngster again, a tactic that was nothing more than child's play to someone who dared to come out to lend money.

        The youngster was beaten so hard that he fell to the ground and rolled around, and the others were trembling in fear.

        At this time, the little girl that Han 3,000 was watching before suddenly pointed at Han 3,000 and said, "Boss Zhou, he's my brother, ask him for money."

        Han Qianqian had intended to leave things as they were and just watch the fun, but never thought that little girl would suddenly say this.

        Boss Zhou took a look at Han Three Thousand, his purpose was to ask for money, and the means he used to make it happen was to scare these guys, so if someone could pay back the money for them, this was naturally a good thing.

        "Cripple, you're her brother?" Boss Zhou walked up to Han Qianli and said with a disdainful look.


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