His True Colors Chapter 641-643


Chapter 641

"How much is owed to you?" Han Qianli asked.

        Boss Zhou heard this and felt that there was a play, a smile on his face, it was naturally good to get the money back, these little trash were meaningless even if they were beaten up.

        "Thirty thousand dollars, do you have the money to pay it back?" Boss Chow said.

        "I don't have that much cash on me." Saying that, Han Qianqian pulled out her bank card and said, "The password is 123456, so send someone to get it."

        Boss Zhou frowned, feeling like he was being played.

        This guy didn't look like a rich man, and Boss Zhou was certain that he was definitely not the little girl's brother, thirty thousand dollars and he just said he would return it, was he rich and generous or just bragging?

        More importantly, if he actually had money on the card, would he dare to just give it to him? Aren't you afraid he'll withdraw all the money from the card?

        "You're not going to play me, are you, when the money in the card dares to give it to me with such confidence that you're not afraid I'll withdraw it all?" Boss Chow said.

        "Do you dare?" Han Qianli faintly smiled and looked directly at Boss Zhou.

        Boss Zhou's heart thudded.

        This guy was full of energy, clearly not an ordinary mission, but more importantly this aura was so strong that even Boss Zhou would feel guilty when he looked into his eyes.

        "You better not lie to me, or I won't let you off no matter who you are." After receiving the bank card, Boss Zhou tossed it to his men.

        Han Qianli shrugged unnecessarily and said, "Take the money and leave quickly, don't delay my meal."

        Boss Zhou smiled coldly and said, "Don't worry, I'm a very ethical person, as long as the money is in hand, I'll never embarrass you or them again."

        Originally, Boss Zhou planned to send his men to withdraw the money, but he was a bit relieved and went along with it himself.

        There was a bank nearby, and the henchman following beside Boss Zhou was suspicious, "Boss, that guy doesn't look like he's rich, could he be deliberately playing us?"

        "If he dares to make fun of me, I'll cripple his hand." Boss Zhou said fiercely.

        Walking to the ATM, Boss Zhou put in his bank card and entered his password.

        The password was correct, the first step reassured Boss Zhou, next, he had to see how much balance was inside.

        As he waited, Boss Zhou was inexplicably nervous, and when the amount was displayed, he suddenly stared at it.

        The little brother beside him drew a breath of cold air and said in a stunned voice, "Boss, this ...... can't be a problem with the machine."

        Boss Zhou gulped dryly and counted the numbers displayed on the machine.

        "One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, one hundred thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, one hundred million, one billion ......"

        The more it went on, the more incredulous Boss Zhou's tone was filled with incredulity.

        That little brother's body hairs stood on end, having grown so big, he had never seen so much money before.

        "Ten ...... billion!" Boss Zhou rubbed his eyes, afraid that he was hallucinating, but after rubbing his eyes and looking again, the numbers still hadn't changed.

        The little brother breathed rapidly and said in a trembling voice, "Boss, so much money, so much money, I've never seen it before in my life."

        Boss Zhou slapped the little brother's head and said, "Don't say you haven't seen it, I haven't seen it either."

        At this moment, thinking back to Han Qianqian's eyes just now, Boss Zhou couldn't help but shiver, he had just locked eyes with some top-notch big man ah, such a person, give him a hundred guts to not dare to provoke, don't say to withdraw all the money from the card, even one more point of courage Zhou Boss did not have.

        This kind of rich man, can't just be rich, he definitely has status and power in the Chinese district, to play him to death is just a matter of words.

        "Who exactly is this person, I've never heard of him before." Boss Zhou said with a sigh on his face.

        Han 3000 was very famous in the Chinese district, but people at Boss Zhou's level naturally couldn't know him, and right now Boss Zhou was racking his brain and couldn't figure out who Han 3000 really was.

        "This money, can we take it?" The little brother asked carefully.

        Boss Zhou took a deep breath and said, "Take it, of course I'll take it, it's not like I forced him to pay back the money for those brats, why can't he take the money he should take."

        Boss Zhou trembled his hands, this was the closest he had ever been to ten billion in his life, but he didn't dare to take a single cent more.

        After withdrawing 30,000, Boss Zhou switched the display page back to the balance and just stood there.

        "Boss, what are you doing?" The younger brother was puzzled.

        "A few more eyes, but there's no chance I'll ever see this much money in my life." Boss Zhou exclaimed.

        The little brother empathized and nodded his head repeatedly, staring at the machine reluctant to blink, just like what Boss Zhou said, there are not many chances to see so much money, and missing it can be a lifetime thing.

        It took a full ten minutes before Boss Zhou reluctantly pulled out his bank card.

        "Hey, this is a truly rich man, it's so damn low key." Boss Zhou said with a sigh, from the surface, Han Qianli couldn't be seen as a rich man at all, who would have thought that this guy was worth ten billion?

        "Boss, do you think we'll have that much money in the future?" The little brother said with a longing face.

        "Of course you can." Boss Zhou said.

        The little brother said with a surprised face, "Really?"

        "Try to go to bed early in the day and sleep with a higher pillow," Boss Zhou said.

        The little brother hung his head in weakness, wasn't that just daydreaming?

        Back at the restaurant, Boss Zhou was respectful and returned the bank card with both hands, not daring to show any contempt in his eyes.

        After returning the bank card, Boss Zhou took out the cash and asked Han Qianqian, "Here's thirty thousand in cash, do you need to count it?"

        Boss Zhou unconsciously used the honorific, but Han Giangli shook his head and said, "Do you still need a little of this?"

        "Yes yes yes." Boss Zhou nodded his head repeatedly, having seen the ten billion figure of the bank card, wasn't thirty thousand a small amount to him?

        "If there's nothing else, I'll leave first." Boss Zhou didn't directly leave after saying that, but was waiting for Han Three Thousand's order in general.

        It wasn't until Han Giangli nodded that Boss Zhou left with a group of his men.

        It was only as the sound of the locomotive's engine faded away that the young man who had just been beaten up regained his domineering expression, apparently looking like he had forgotten his wounds.

        Han 3,000 yuan didn't intend to bother about money with these youngsters, and after eating and drinking enough, paid the money and left the restaurant.

        The young man who had been beaten took a look at Han Three Thousand's back and said to his companion, "This guy looks like he's rich."

        "What do you want?" That little girl asked with a nervous face, the reason why she suddenly said that Han Qianqian was her brother, in fact, she just wanted to divert the hatred of Boss Zhou, she didn't expect Han Qianqian to really help pay back the money, although she was a little too young, but she also knew how to be grateful, and right now, listening to the little young man's words, he seemed to have other thoughts about Han Qianqian.

        The youngster smiled coldly and said, "How much money can a cripple spend, so why don't we go help him."

        The youngster's words were unanimously approved by the other companions, and it was clear that this little group of money-hungry guys were going to prepare to rob Han 3000.

        But the little girl disagreed with this approach, saying, "He's already paid back the money for you, how can you go so far?"

        "Excessive?" The young man looked at the little girl with cold eyes and said, "If you don't dare, just get out, let alone a cripple, there's nothing to be afraid of."

        After saying that, the group of people stood up and headed out of the restaurant.

        Although the little girl didn't want to become one of their accomplices, she still followed out of concern for Han Qianli.

        On a street with no one else, the back of Han Three Thousand's sliding wheelchair looked very lonely, like a lonely old man with no one to care for him.

        In fact, in the dark, there had been a person following him, just unwilling to show his face.

        "Cripple." At this moment, a force yell suddenly came from behind.

        Han 3,000 turned his head, wasn't it the gang of non-mainstreams from the restaurant? These little guys definitely weren't here to thank him, and the purpose of their appearance, Han Qianli knew without thinking.

        "I paid back the money for you guys, and you still don't know enough?" Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "You're just a cripple and can't spend any money, so why don't you ask us for help?" The young man said with a sneer on his face to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian raised his eyebrows and said, "That makes sense, but let's see if you're capable of taking money from me."

Chapter 642

Han Marchan's words made the young man laugh, in the young man's opinion, a cripple was just a cripple, what was there to be scrupulous about, how much more could he be able to do in a wheelchair?

        The previous change in Boss Zhou's attitude towards Han 3,000 was due to the fact that Boss Zhou saw Han 3,000's financial strength and the fact that he had been involved in society for so many years that he could sense that Han 3,000 was no ordinary person just from his strength.

        But for this kind of young man who was not deeply involved in the world, how could he see Han 3000's unusual background, he only saw money in his eyes, and was so intent on getting money to spend from Han 3000 that he naturally wouldn't think too much about anything else.

        "Cripple, you really have a big mouth, I advise you to take the initiative to take out the money, and you can still suffer less from the skin." The young man said disdainfully.

        "Since you don't know how to be grateful, I'll educate you for your parents." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        The youngster's eyes glazed over, what kind of bullshit gratitude, he would never have thought of it that way.

        "Since you're asking for trouble, then don't blame me." After the youngster finished speaking, he walked towards Han Qianqian without fear.

        Although Han Three Thousand was now immobile, it was still a piece of cake to deal with such bluffers.

        The youngster approached with a big grin, thinking that Han Three Thousand in his wheelchair had no resistance, but didn't this kind of flawed move give Han Three Thousand the opportunity to do it?

        Han Giangli blasted out a punch.

        The youngster laughed contemptuously, "Cripple, you're the only one who still wants to ......"

        Before his words could be heard, Han Qianli's fist had struck the youngster's stomach.

        The youngster's face twisted in an instant, the force of the punch directly forcing him back several steps, eventually rolling on the ground for two punches before stopping.

        "Ah! It hurts." The young man rolled on the ground in pain, feeling as if his internal organs had been shattered in his body.

        The others looked at the scene with startled faces, no one had expected a cripple to be this powerful.

        That little girl was originally filled with worry, but at this time, she couldn't help but smile.

        Although this guy was a cripple, he still looked quite handsome, rich and able to fight, but he was much more powerful compared to some of her companions.

        "Anyone else want money, come and get it." Han Giangli asked with a faint look at the others.

        The remaining few people took a subconscious step back when they heard this, the youngster had been beaten so badly, they didn't dare to underestimate Han Qianli anymore.

        At this time, the youngster slowed down a bit and gritted his teeth as he said to the others, "What are you waiting for, hurry up and get it, are you still afraid of a cripple?"

        "Yeah, he's just a cripple."

        "Together, he'll never beat us."

        "Round him up, he's just a pair of hands, how can he beat us."

        Just as a group of people were about to round up Han Kuanyan, that little girl suddenly blocked in front of everyone.

        "What are you doing."

        "Hurry up and go away, it's hard to believe you're still helping this cripple."

        "Yan Yu, do you know what you're doing?"

        The little girl named Yan Yu said, "He helped us just now, you guys just let him go."

        Han Qianli looked surprised, if it wasn't for her just now, he wouldn't have lost thirty thousand, Han Qianli had thought that this little girl's bad behavior was hopeless, but she was actually the only one among the group who knew how to be grateful, which made Han Qianli never expected.

        "He hit someone, it's only natural to ask him to pay some medical expenses, right?" One of them said.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, these little guys really had a hundred reasons for wanting money, they were obviously asking for their own death, but now they wanted to rely on him.

        "You dodge first, these little kids can't hurt me." Han Qianli said to Yan Yu faintly.

        Yan Yu turned his head to look at Han Qianqian, he was still in his wheelchair, what right did he have to say such things.

        One person couldn't beat him, how could so many people beat him.

        "You should run, I'll help you stop them." Yan Yu said to Han Three Thousand.

        "Run?" Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh bitterly, pointing at his leg and saying, "Look at me, can I run away?"

        Only then did Yan Yu realize how stupid her words were, she had let a cripple run away, wasn't that like asking a blind man to show her the way?

        "You dodge first, and if I say they're not my opponents, they're definitely not my opponents." Han Qianqiang continued.

        Yan Yu herself definitely couldn't stop these people, at most she would just take a little beating for Han Qianli, seeing that Han Qianli was so confident, she could only dodge away.

        "It's not that I won't help you, you're asking for it, but you can't blame me." Yan Yu's conscience was a bit overwhelmed and deliberately said these words to comfort herself.

        Han Giangli nodded and said to the gang, "Today, I'll show you that cripples can be very powerful."

        A group of young people, both male and female, all rushed towards Han 3,000.

        The momentum was quite strong, but in Han Giang's eyes, it was like a pile of ants, posing no threat to him at all.

        After all, he was the one who had killed through the entire Earth's core, and even Gong Tian had lost to him, so if he couldn't even handle these minor characters, wouldn't Han 3000 be ashamed of the name of the Earth's core killing god?

        Yan Yu watched nervously from the side, in her opinion, Han 3,000 yuan would definitely be beaten up and all the money on her body would be looted, she thought of calling the police, but then she would be completely ostracized by this circle, and would not even dare to appear in the Chinese district in the future, or else she would definitely be retaliated by these people.

        But what happened next made Yan Yu stupid.

        Although the numbers on her friend's side were superior, but when it came to a real fight, it was no advantage at all, and once the people who were hit by Han Qianqian would definitely fall to the ground, there were many of them, but it couldn't withstand the fact that there were people falling down all the time ah.

        "This cripple, he's so powerful!" Yan Yu's jaw-dropping expression became even more startled as she watched everyone fall down.

        "I've already said that you kids can't beat me, so why do you have to ask for trouble." Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        A group of people fell to the ground groaning in pain, no one had expected this to be the end.

        No one thought that a mere cripple in a wheelchair could fight so well!

        "More money?" Han 3,000 slid the wheelchair and went to that young man and asked.

        The little young man had been scared silly, and Han 3000's words made him stir all over and quickly said, "No, don't."

        "You don't want the money, but I have to settle this debt, but I helped you pay back thirty thousand." Han 3,000 said.

        The young man was remorseful, now that he thought about the fact that Boss Zhou's 30,000 debt had been a great thing for him to pay off, but he had been blinded by money and had gone so far as to try to rob Han Third Thousand, he was really asking for it when the debt was settled.

        "Brother, I don't have any money, I really don't have any money." The young man said.

        "It doesn't matter if you don't have money, don't you still have legs?" Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        The young man looked up abruptly and looked at Han Qianli in shock, then began to shake his head, "Brother, I was wrong, I shouldn't have been so heartless, please let me go."

        "Let you go?" Han Three Thousand Thousand's face was as frosty as ice as he grabbed the little young man by the collar and lifted him up.

        Since Han Three Thousand was in a wheelchair, he lifted up the youngster and only allowed him to stand up, but this height was enough for Han Three Thousand.

        A punch to each of his left and right knees, and with Han Three Thousand's strength, the youngster's legs were considered completely ruined.

        The miserable scream cut through the night sky, and the other bystanders were horrified.

        When Yan Yu saw this scene, she also shuddered unconsciously.

        Not only was this person rich and able to fight, he was also so ruthless! Of course, he was justified in being ruthless, but how could he have ended up in this situation if he didn't have bad intentions?

        "There's a price to pay for being a white wolf, this world is dangerous, you should know what you should do since you're a loser." Han Qianli said in a cold voice, the reason why he was so cruel to him was because Han Qianli had learned a lesson from Jiang Lan, if he didn't teach this guy a hard lesson, he might jump out and cause trouble for Han Qianli again at some point.

        Han three thousand slid his wheelchair and headed towards home, this matter was only a small twist for him, but after walking for a short time, Han three thousand realized that Yan Yu had been following him the whole time.

Chapter 643

When Han Giangli stopped, Yan Yu, who was following from afar, also stopped, a look that seemed to rely on him, leaving Han Giangli helpless.

        "Why are you following me?" Han Giangli couldn't help but ask Yan Yu.

        "I just spoke for you, and I can't follow them anymore." Yan Yu said.

        "Why don't you go home to your parents?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "They died in a car accident two years ago, and I don't have a home," Yan Yu said.

        Han Qianli frowned, he didn't expect Yan Yu to have such an encounter, but it seemed that she had a hard time hanging out with that gang.

        "Is that why you're following them?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "En." After nodding her head, Yan Yu refused to lift it up, Han Giang couldn't see her expression, but he could tell that her body was trembling slightly and seemed to be in great pain.

        "Why?" Han Giang's instincts told him that Yan Yu might not be bad, and there was a reason for following these people, and that reason could be because she was homeless to make a living, or it could have something to do with her parents.

        "The other guy got a DUI, but his family has money, so my parents are dead and he's not doing anything at all, and I want to avenge my parents." Yan Yu's voice trembled and said.

        From the tone of her voice, Han Giangli could feel restrained anger, she was hanging out with that gang so she could avenge her parents, probably in her opinion, only those people could help her.

        "Those people even blackmailed me at my parents' funeral, telling me not to do anything, or else they would kill me, I was scared, so I had to make myself act like a bad person, only if I become bad can I not be afraid of those bad people." Yan Yu said through gritted teeth.

        "Did it work?" Han Qianli faded.

        Yan Yu was suddenly stunned.

        Did it work?

        Enyu thought she had become a bad person, but she still felt scared whenever she thought of that person, and in that respect, her turning bad didn't provide her with enough courage.

        "Can you push a wheelchair?" Han Giang continued to ask.

        After a moment's hesitation, Yan Yu walked over to Han Qianli, carefully pushing the wheelchair, and said, "Will you help me take revenge?"

        "Why should I help you, I've only just met you." Han 3,000 said.

        "If you're so great, why don't you help me." Yan Yu said puzzled.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly and said, "Is it justified for me to help you just because I'm awesome?"

        "Isn't it true that in ancient times, warriors would pull out swords to help each other in the face of injustice, wouldn't you want to be a warrior?" Yan Yu said.

        Obviously, this was someone who was obsessed with martial arts novels and it was also her spiritual backbone, if she didn't have such a belief, she would have collapsed long ago.

        It was a pity that today's world was not ancient times, and the great warrior who held a sword and leveled the world had long since ceased to exist.

        "I'm not a great warrior, nor do I want to be one." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Yan Yu pursed her lips, obviously a little dissatisfied with Han Qianli's words, because in her opinion, Han Qianli was fully qualified to be a great warrior, and even though he was only a lame warrior, he was still powerful enough.

        Back home, the living badlands here were much better than where Yan Yu lived, so when Yan Yu arrived home, she stood in the same place, not daring to move for fear that she would break something here.

        "You should be very rich." Yan Yu couldn't help but ask.

        "If it wasn't for you just now, I wouldn't have lost thirty thousand, it's my living expenses for a year." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Yan Yu trailed off, not believing Han Qianli's words at all, being able to live in a place like this, even if he wasn't a rich man, he definitely wasn't bad financially.

        "You can sleep here tonight, and tell me who your enemy is tomorrow." Han Giangli pushed open the guest room, before that it was Chi Yiyun who slept here.

        "Are you willing to help me now?" More than having a place to sleep, Yan Yu was concerned about whether or not Han Giang was willing to help her take revenge, because that was what she had always wanted to do.

        "Let's talk about it tomorrow, I need to rest." Han Three Thousand said and went back to her room.

        Yan Yu cautiously walked to the guest room, a nose-catching scent that she enjoyed very much, it was obvious that it was a girl's smell, which meant that there had once been women living here.

        Yan Yu had lived in a shelter for a while after her parents died two years ago, and after meeting the gang of thugs, although she had a place to stay, the environment was also very dirty and often times required several people to squeeze into the same bed, suddenly there was a comfortable environment, but Yan Yu didn't dare to sleep, feeling that she didn't deserve this place.

        Squatting on the floor, Yan Yu leaned her back against the bed, intending to just rest for the night, this kind of careful attitude is completely inconsistent with the image of her little sister, but this also shows that Yan Yu is not bad inside, and the reason why she took this path is also helpless.

        Han Qianqian lay in bed, just sent away Qi Yiyun, the family inexplicably has another woman, this is something he never expected, it seems that in this life he is destined to be entangled with all kinds of women, also do not know if the gods are joking.

        The next morning, after Han Qianli woke up, he found that Yan Yu was already in the living room, but instead of sitting on the couch, she was sitting on the floor.

        "What are you doing sitting on the floor?" Han Giangli asked in confusion.

        Yan Yu quickly stood up, patted her butt and said, "The floor is comfortable, I'm not used to sitting too soft."

        Han 3000 didn't think much about it, maybe it was really just a matter of Yan Yu's habits.

        "Do you know how to make breakfast?" Han Giangli asked.

        Yan Yu looked embarrassed, she had no experience in cooking on her own when she had parents to take care of her, and after her parents died, she didn't even have a home, so naturally she had even less opportunity to enter the kitchen.

        "It's okay, just wait for me to wash my face and go out for breakfast," Han Marchiang said.

        Yan Yu cautiously walked to the bathroom door as Han Marchiang was washing up and asked, "What's your name?"

        "Han 3,000."

        "Can I call you Brother Thousand?" Yan Yu said.

        With Yan Yu's age, it was normal for him to call Han Giang's brother, but the name Brother Thousand had never been called that before, which inevitably made Han Giang a little uncomfortable.

        "Or ......."

        Before Han Qianli could finish his sentence, Yan Yu interrupted, "It's decided, brother Qianli, my name is Yan Yu, you can call me Yu'er."

        "Even if you get close to me, I may not help you get your revenge." How could Han Qianqian not know this little girl's little mind, her mouth was like honey early in the morning, how could she not have a purpose?

        Even though she was recognized by Han Giangli, Yan Yu wasn't half embarrassed and said, "I'll work hard until the day Brother Thousand is willing to take revenge for me."

        This stunned Han Giang, her bluntness carried a sense of innocence, and even after hanging out with that gang of thugs for a long time, it didn't seem to change her nature.

        After washing up, they went out for breakfast.

        For Yan Yu, being able to eat two full meals a day was already a rare thing, and breakfast had almost become something she didn't dare to imagine, so sitting in the breakfast shop, Yan Yu appeared a bit inexplicably apprehensive, looking at the people coming and going and unconsciously bowing her head.

        Han Giang could feel the low self-esteem that Yan Yu showed at such times, but he didn't deliberately mention Yan Yu, to come out of this low self-esteem heart, it still required Yan Yu herself to face the world, not Han Giang's few words could change it.

        "Tell me, what's going on with your parents." Han Three Thousand asked to Yan Yu.

        When it came to her parents, Yan Yu's expression changed greatly and her eyes were very pained.

        "He's a real estate tycoon and his family is very rich, we were walking down the street as a family and he drove drunk onto the sidewalk, if my father hadn't pushed me out of the way, I would have died." Yan Yu said with her head buried deep.

        Han Giangli was shocked inside, Yan Yu had actually witnessed this process, it was an absolutely cruel thing for her.

        "I watched my parents keep vomiting blood, but he drove away in his car, I kept screaming, hoping that someone would help me, but those people ignored me, it was like they didn't see, I was desperate because I didn't know what to do, all I could do was watch them bleed, watch them slowly die." Rain clenched her fists, as if she saw the day of the accident again.


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