His True Colors Chapter 644-646


Chapter 644

Han Giangli reached out his hand and held Yan Yu's fist as a way to ease her emotions.

        Yan Yu's hand shook with fear, but she didn't shrink back and continued, "They died before they reached the hospital, it wasn't until the next day that the perpetrator showed up, he told me that he would give me a sum of money if I would settle privately, I didn't agree, then his son showed up and blackmailed me, saying that if I dared to cause trouble, he would find someone to kill me. "

        Yan Yu was trembling all over, like she was back under that day again.

        "I was scared and didn't know what to do, he kept scaring me so I had to compromise, then his son found me with the money, but he even demanded that I sleep with him before he would give it to me, I didn't agree, after he beat me up, he left with the money and said that when I needed the money, I would go to him."

        Han Giangli's eyes were cold with a soaring killing intent.

        "Let's eat." Han Three Thousand spoke up.

        Yan Yu had lost her appetite, how could she eat now that she was in the mood for food.

        "Brother Qian, I don't want to hang out with those people either, but I have no choice." Yan Yu said.

        Han Chien nodded in understanding, for Yan Yu who suddenly had no one to rely on and was experiencing this kind of thing, she could only disguise herself in this way and with no independent living conditions, if she didn't do this, she might have starved to death on the streets already.

        "Only when you're full can you have the strength to take revenge," Han Giangli said.

        Yan Yu raised her head abruptly and asked, "Brother Qian, will you help me?"

        "Let me be a warrior for a while." Han Qianqian faintly said.

        Yan Yu couldn't believe it, she was following Han Marchant, just seeking a glimmer of hope, not really thinking that Han Marchant would help her, after all, the other party was a very rich man, Yan Yu knew that Han Marchant didn't have to take such risks for her, so this sudden surprise was unbelievable to Yan Yu for a moment.

        "Hurry up and eat, or I'll regret it." Han Three Thousand said.

        Yan Yu instantly buried her head to eat.

        "You slow down, it's hot." Han Three Thousand couldn't help but remind.

        Yan Yu windswept, and a bowl of porridge went down quickly, it was indeed hot, but this shop scalding was clearly not worth mentioning compared to revenge.

        After paying and leaving the breakfast shop, Han Qianli asked Yan Yu, "Do you know where their house is?"

        Yan Yu, who was pushing the wheelchair, was stunned and said, "Brother Qian, are you going to find them now?"

        "You're not afraid, are you?" Han Qianqiang looked over her shoulder at Yan Yu and asked.

        Yan Yu hadn't thought about Han 3000 helping her take revenge now, she wasn't prepared at all and she wasn't sure if Han 3000 could really help, the other party was a very rich big boss, even if he was rich too, but just coming to her door like that, Yan Yu would still be afraid.

        "I ...... I'm not afraid." Yan Yu stammered.

        "If you're not afraid, then let's go." Han Giangli said.

        Yan Yu very hesitantly pushed Han Qian, where her enemy's home was, she remembered it very clearly and had even engraved it in her mind, even to the day of her death, she would never forget it, but with such a sudden visit for revenge and no preparation at all, how could Yan Yu have the strength.

        "Brother Thousand, I've heard that their family has many bodyguards, unlike my companions." Yan Yu reminded Han Qianqian.

        "The warrior doesn't take these bodyguards seriously, don't you trust me?" Han Qianli smiled.

        Yan Yu shook her head like a rattle, how could she not trust Han Qianqian, it was just that acting so rashly made Yan Yu worry, and in her heart, she was also very afraid of meeting her enemies, after all, the son of the perpetrator had beaten her up and left a big psychological shadow on her.

        "Shall we get some help?" Yen Yu said.


        It just so happened that there was a newly recruited dogleg, and he might be able to help with this matter.

        Pulling out the phone and dialing Ma Feihao's number, Han Qianli directly said, "Ma Feihao, are you free right now?"

        The Ma Feihao on the other end of the phone was still sleeping lazily, usually at this time someone who dared to disturb his beautiful dream would definitely be in for some dogged abuse, but facing Han Qianqian, Ma Feihao was instantly energized.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I'm free, I'm free anytime, what do you want." Ma Feihao asked.

        Han 3,000 looked at Yan Yu and asked, "What's his name?"

        "Li Shanfeng." Yan Yu said in astonishment, if she hadn't heard correctly, the person Han Qianli had called was Ma Feihao, the domineering rich second generation who was famous in the Chinese district, and Han Qianli even knew him?

        "I'm going to go to Li Shanfeng's house, so come over here." Han Marchiang said.

        "Yes, yes, no problem, I'll be right over." Ma Feihao said without even thinking about it.

        It was only after hanging up the phone that Ma Feihao felt a little strange, why did Han Qianli suddenly want to go to Li Shanfeng's house?

        Ma Feihao and Li Shanfeng were also quite familiar with each other, after all, they were both rich second generation in the same circle, more or less they would meet, but Li Shanfeng's hobby was different, not in the racing circle, so the relationship was not very good.

        "Li Shanfeng, this brat of yours wouldn't have offended Brother Three Thousand, it seems that the Li family is in big trouble this time." Ma Feihao smiled as if he was down on his luck and said.

        "Did you just call Ma Feihao, is that the Ma Feihao I know of?" Yan Yu couldn't believe her question to Han Qianqiang, to her, Ma Feihao was completely out of this world, and that kind of top-notch rich kid was on a level that she would never be able to touch in her life.

        "If there's only one person named Ma Feihao in the Chinese district, that should be it," Han 3,000 said.

        "Brother Thousand, who are you?" Yan Yu finally couldn't help but get curious and start poking around about Han Qianqian's identity, because before that, she only thought that Han Qianqian was just someone with a bit of money, but he even knew Ma Feihao now.

        "Disabled person, can't you see it's so obvious?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Yan Yu shook her head and said, "That's not what I meant, you actually even know Ma Feihao, you must be really good, right?"

        "Mafeiho is just my dog, can you believe it?" Han Marchant said.

        Yan Yu subconsciously shook her head, who was Ma Feihao, that was the future heir of the Ma family, and he was also a person of high status in the Chinese district's rich circle, how could he be a dog's errand boy for someone?

        "Thousand brother, I didn't expect you to brag." Yan Yu said with a slightly wrinkled nose.

        "Whether it's bragging or not, won't we find out later, let's go, let's go to Li Shanfeng's house first." Han Marchiang said.

        Even though Han Three Thousand Force acted like he was extremely confident, Yan Yu still didn't believe his words, because Ma Feihao's status was already the top existence in the Chinese district, if he was working as a dog's leg for Han Three Thousand Force, then what kind of person would Han Three Thousand Force have to be, the Chinese district had never heard of such a powerful person, and she had never heard of this thing about Ma Feihao working as a dog's leg for someone.

        After stopping a car, the two of them headed towards the villa of Li Shanfeng's family.

        When they arrived at the entrance of the villa, Yan Yu's face was pale and looked very ugly, it was obvious that she was very scared right now.

        "There's no need to be afraid of these people, they're just a pile of trash in my eyes." Han Giangli comforted Yan Yu.

        Yan Yu boosted her courage and nodded her head.

        Reaching the villa door, Yan Yu trembled and pressed the doorbell, at this moment, she had an urge to run away because she was afraid of seeing Li Shanfeng.

        In a short time, the villa door opened.

        A well-maintained noblewoman stood in the doorway, looking only in her thirties, but actually in her forties.

        Eyeing Han Qianqian and Yan Yu with disdain, the noblewoman said, "Who are you guys and what are you doing in my home?"

        "Where's Li Shanfeng?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "What are you looking for my son for, you cripple, you can't be his friend." Even though it seemed to the noblewoman that the person in front of her was most likely a friend of Li Shanfeng, she still didn't give any face at all.

        "He doesn't qualify to be my friend, let him get out." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        A hint of ruthlessness flashed in the noblewoman's eyes, this cripple had gone so far as to speak out, with the Li family's status in the Chinese district, who would dare to say that Li Shanfeng wasn't qualified to be his friend?

        "Cripple, if you don't want to lie in bed as a vegetable, I suggest you get the hell out of here." The dame threatened in a cold voice.

Chapter 645

These words made Han Qianqian sneer more than a little, it really was what kind of domineering son there was, what kind of domineering parents there were, this noblewoman's arrogant posture had been completely inherited to Li Shanfeng.

        At this time, the noblewoman noticed that Yan Yu had some familiar faces, frowning and asking, "Little girl, I seem to have seen you somewhere before."

        Yan Yu lowered her head, not daring to look directly into the noblewoman's eyes.

        Han Qianqian opened her mouth and said, "Two years ago, your husband was involved in a drunken accident, and the one who ran over her parents was killed."

        Hearing this, the noblewoman didn't have any worries, instead, she revealed a disdainful smile and said, "So it's you, this damned girl, what, you've come to help avenge your parents today? If you're looking for a helper, find a decent one as well, but you've found a cripple, you're not looking down on my Li family too much."

        After saying that, the noblewoman even raised her hand, as if she wanted to teach Yan Yu a lesson.

        Han Qianli was quick-eyed and directly curbed the noblewoman's actions in midair.

        Squeezing the noblewoman's wrist, Han Qianli said with coldness, "Arrogance has a price to pay, can you afford it?"

        The noblewoman became angry, how could her hand be something that this kind of person could just touch.

        "Cripple, let go of me now or I'll cut off your hand." The noblewoman snapped.

        Han Giang's hand was slightly hard, and the noblewoman's expression immediately changed in pain.

        "Are you really capable of doing that? I doubt it." After saying that, Han Qianli pulled and pushed, directly withdrawing the noblewoman several steps and then falling to the ground.

        The noblewoman's expression was grim and furious, and she screamed.

        Several bodyguards rushed out at the same time.

        "Kill him for me." The noblewoman pointed at Han Qianli and said.

        "With these few trash?" Han 3,000 stood up with his hands on his wheelchair, although he was only standing on one leg, it was enough to deal with these few minor characters.

        When Han 3,000 knocked down all the bodyguards, the noblewoman, who had no one to rely on, finally felt fear and looked at Han 3,000 with a pale face.

        Han 3,000 was supported by Yan Yu as he walked up to the noblewoman and said condescendingly, "Call Li Shanfeng and his sons immediately and tell them to roll back."

        The noblewoman trembled in fear and pulled out her phone.

        "No matter who you are, if you dare to mess with my Li family, you won't end well, just wait, I'll let you die without a body." After the noblewoman called the father and son, she also threatened Han Qianli without knowing what she was doing.

        Han Qianli smiled coldly and said, "I'll let you know the price you pay for being arrogant, and I hope you'll still be so arrogant when the time comes."

        In the eyes of the noblewoman, although a cripple like Han Third Thousand could fight, he would never be a match for the Li family.

        With the Li family's position in the Chinese district, who else would they fear besides the Ma and Han families?

        But she didn't know that Ma Feihao had already been a dog's leg for Han Qianqiang, and the coffin at the Han family villa had even dared not to touch it.

        Before the Li family's father and son arrived back, Ma Feihao finally arrived.

        When the noblewoman saw Ma Feihao walk up to Han 3,000 and nod and bend over, she instantly stared at her pupils, not daring to believe it, and at the same time, a hint of foreboding rose within her.

        Ma Feihao, this was Ma Feihao.

        How could it be possible that even he had to be so deferential to this cripple?

        At this time, Yan Yu also finally believed Han Qianqian's words, but it turned out that Ma Feihao was really just his dog's leg.

        Now thinking about his companion's actions last night, what idiots, they dared to rob someone who even needed to please Ma Feihao!

        "What can I do for you, Brother 3000?" Ma Fei Hao asked Han Qianqiang.

        "The track will have a race scheduled today, so you can send those people to the track to prepare." Han Marchiang said.

        A race?

        Is it that awkward?

        Ma Feihao could guess that this definitely wasn't just a simple match, and that Han 3,000 must have other arrangements, but he didn't ask casually, all he had to do was to convey Han 3,000's instructions instead of interfering excessively, not to mention that he didn't have the guts to do so.

        After making a few calls in a row, Ma Feihao said to Han 3,000, "Brother 3,000, those people have been notified and they will be heading over immediately to prepare."

        Han 3,000 nodded and quietly waited for Li Shanfeng and his son to return home.

        After hearing Ma Feihao's title to Han Three Thousand, the noblewoman felt that Brother Three Thousand's name was particularly familiar, but for a moment she couldn't remember where she had heard it before.

        Suddenly, the noblewoman's face swished white, and her eyes looked at Han Qianqian with even more intense fear.

        Brother Three-thousand!

        Is it that Han Gong-gon who's been in the limelight lately?

        He was the one who held up the coffin at the entrance of Han's villa, and he was the one who had made the entire Chinese district agitated.

        To date, the coffin remained untouched at the Han family villa, and I heard that even Han Tiansheng had left the Chinese district to avoid it.


        Endless despair spread in the noblewoman's heart.

        The Li family had even offended someone who couldn't even mess with the Han family, and she had even presumed to have him killed without a body!

        "You're Han Qianli, you're actually Han Qianli." The noblewoman said to Han Three Thousand in shock.

        Ma Feihao laughed contemptuously and said, "Woman with long hair and short vision, don't you know Brother 3000?"

        The noblewoman trembled with fear, she had only heard of Han Qianli's name and deeds, she hadn't had the chance to see Han Qianli's true face, naturally she couldn't know him, if she had known he was Han Qianli, how could she have treated Han Qianli the way she had just treated him?

        At this time, the Li family's two fathers and son rushed to the villa.

        When Li Shanfeng saw the noblewoman sitting on the ground, looking like she was losing her mind, the first thing he did was to run to the noblewoman's side and say, "Mom, how are you doing, what happened."

        The noblewoman shook her head in despair, what happened?

        That bomb from two years ago was finally about to detonate, and it was Han Qianqian who had set it off, and this was something the Li family had no business stopping!

        "What are you doing in my house, Mafiho?" Li Shanfeng looked fierce and questioned Ma Feihao, he saw Ma Feihao at first glance, so he didn't notice Han Qianqian at all and subconsciously thought that it was Ma Feihao who had come to the house to look for trouble.

        Although there was a certain difference between the Li family and the Ma family, but now that he was being bullied over the head, Li Shanfeng would never accept his fate and compromise.

        "Li Shanfeng, don't you know who you've messed with yourself?" Ma Feihao said with a cold smile.

        It was only then that Li Shanfeng saw Han Third Thousand, his pupils instantly dilated several times.

        He had seen with his own eyes the feat of lifting the coffin on that day, and was naturally familiar with Han Marchant's appearance, but why did he appear here?

        "Han Qianqian, my Li family has no quarrel with you, why did you come to our house to cause trouble?" Li Shanfeng's tone softened a lot, he still had the courage to speak out loud in the face of Ma Feihao, but he didn't dare at all in the face of Han Giang, after all, this was the person who could force Han Tiansheng to leave the Chinese district.

        "Look at her, do you still know her?" Han Qianli pointed at Yan Yu and said.

        After all, it was already two years ago, and there were countless women coming and going around Li Shanfeng, so how could he keep Yan Yu in his heart?

        "I don't know." Li Shanfeng said.

        "Since you forgot, I'll remind you that her parents, two years ago, died from your father's drunk driving, remember now?" Han Giangli said.

        Li Shanfeng felt as if his heart had stopped beating.

        Although two years had passed since this matter, and he had even forgotten Yan Yu's appearance, but the matter itself was something he would not forget.

        Li Shanfeng's father's face also turned extremely ugly in an instant, two years ago he wasn't afraid of this little girl, but two years later, this little girl clearly had Han Qianli's backing, this wasn't something he was qualified to ignore.

        "Two years ago, she and I had reached a private settlement." Li Shanfeng's father couldn't help but say.

        "Your son went to her with money and asked her to sleep with her before she would pay, but she didn't agree, so instead of getting the money, she was beaten up by your son." Han Marchiang said.

        Li Shanfeng's father didn't even know about this, he had always thought that after Yan Yu took the money, the matter would be over, but he didn't expect Li Shanfeng to do such a thing!

        "Li Shanfeng, you bastard!" Li Shanfeng's father walked up to him and kicked him directly, if he had given the money, he wouldn't have been approached by Han Marchant today, and now this consequence was all due to Li Shanfeng, now it was clearly impossible to pay the money for a private settlement.

Chapter 646

Li Shanfeng also regretted very much, he never thought that two years later, Yan Yu would be able to find such a patron.

        If Li Shanfeng was given a chance to turn back the clock, he would have given the money to Yan Yu honestly and never dared to have any bad intentions towards her, but unfortunately, it was too late to regret now.

        After being brutally beaten by his father, Li Shanfeng knelt in front of Han Sangsan, the ruthless character who could force Han Tiansheng to leave the Chinese district, he couldn't afford to have the slightest idea of confrontation.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I was momentarily confused, Yan Yu wants any compensation, I will try my best to satisfy her." Li Shanfeng lowered his head and said respectfully.

        Seeing this scene, Yan Yu took a deep breath, the arrogant and domineering Li family actually had today, she had dreamed of taking revenge, she never thought that this day would come in this way, she didn't thank the heavens for giving her the chance to meet Han Sangshen, because she never believed in the heavens, at this time in her heart, Han Sangshen was the heavens, the gods.

        "Killing for revenge, ever heard of this saying?" Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        The Li family's three faces changed dramatically, can't compensate with money, have to use your life?

        Li Shanfeng's parents don't want to die, how can they die when they haven't enjoyed enough of their rich life?

        Li Shanfeng's mother knew that in this situation, only Yan Yu could save them.

        The previously arrogant noblewoman, who no longer had any airs, walked to Yan Yu's side, pulled Yan Yu's hand and said: "Yan Yu, I know you hate us very much, but people can't come back to life, even if we die, your parents won't be able to come back to life, I can give you anything you want, money, how much money you want, I can make sure that you can live a very rich life for the rest of your life. "

        Yan Yu shrugged off the noblewoman's hand with a disgusted face, whether it was two years ago or today, when the noblewoman saw her, she had that disdainful expression on her face, as if she was going to be inferior, now that she turned back and begged herself, how could Yan Yu forgive.

        It was nice that Yan Yu lacked money, but she would never live a leisurely life with her parents' blood dumplings.

        "I'm sorry, I don't want a single penny from your Li family." Yan Yu gritted her teeth and said.

        The noblewoman didn't think that money couldn't even sway Yan Yu, so she could only act pitiful and kneel in front of Yan Yu with tears trickling down her face.

        "Yan Yu, please, you can tell me anything you want, but you can't take my life, I don't want to die yet." The noblewoman cried out in pain.

        Yan Yu didn't have the slightest softness and she knew that the noblewoman's current pity was all an act, she was just trying to save her life, and if she didn't have Han Marchant to rely on in the future, she would definitely still retaliate against herself.

        Mercy was used on the pitiful, and she definitely wasn't.

        "You don't have to pretend to be pitiful in front of me, you don't want to die, do my parents deserve to die?" In an emotional state, Yan Yu slapped the noblewoman across the face and continued, "Do you know how much pain they are in? Do you know how helpless I was in the beginning, I could only watch them slowly die but couldn't do anything."

        The noblewoman's eyes flashed with momentary anger after being slapped, but she didn't dare to attack because Yan Yu's patron was Han Qianqian and Han Qianqian was by no means qualified to deal with the Li family.

        "It's my fault, I'm willing to take responsibility, I'm willing to share half of the Li family's fortune with you, please forgive us." Li Shanfeng's father had also started to act pitiful at this time and was making an expression of self-recrimination, a world away from his arrogant appearance two years ago.

        Yan Yu still remembered that condescending attitude after Li Shanfeng's father appeared the day after the car accident two years ago, even though he knew that he had run over someone, he still looked as if he didn't care, as if the two fresh lives were worthless in his eyes.

        "If it was two years ago now, perhaps I would forgive you, but not now." Yan Yu said indifferently.

        At this time, Li Shanfeng finally couldn't hold back and turned his anger at Yan Yu and said, "Yan Yu, don't go too far, do you really think that my Li family has no way out, I advise you better ......"

        Before the words were finished, Ma Feihao hit a count knee, straight towards Li Shanfeng's face.

        As Han Marchant's dog leg, how could Ma Feihao let him beat around the bush and say Han Marchant wasn't?

        Even the bridge of Li Shanfeng's nose collapsed as his nosebleed spurted.

        "Li Shanfeng, it seems that you haven't gotten enough lessons, what, you don't even care about Brother 3000 now do you?" Ma Feihao said viciously.

        Li Shanfeng sneaked a glance at Han Three Thousand in his afterglow, and although he was very unhappy, he didn't dare to refute Ma Feihao's words in the slightest.

        Han Three Thousand, this was Han Three Thousand, and the Li family was at most a mere mole in front of him.

        "Not convinced?" Ma Feihao raised his fist to threaten Li Shanfeng.

        Li Shanfeng knew that Ma Feihao was taking the opportunity to beat up a downed dog, relying on Han Marchant's intimidating power to deliberately flaunt his power in front of him, but if he didn't compromise, he would only suffer more.

        "Suit." Li Shanfeng lowered his head and said.

        Ma Feihao looked regretful, but this punch couldn't even find a chance to go down, this Li Shanfeng was usually arrogant, but he didn't expect that he would have to be obedient in front of Han Qianqian.

        "Take it to the track." Han Three thousand said to Ma Feihao.

        Ma Feihao still hadn't guessed exactly what Han Three Thousand's true intentions were, found a few bodyguards, and that Li's family brought them to the race track.

        Han 3,000 and Yan Yu were the first to arrive.

        Shuyang had gotten back to his original form this time, he was very confident that he would get a good result for Han 3,000 in the next match, he was working so hard because Shuyang knew very well that if he wanted revenge and to revive the Shuyang family, he could only rely on Han 3,000.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I won't let you down in today's match." Shuyang said after he saw Han Marchant, running all the way to Han Marchant's side.

        "Today's race ranking doesn't matter, I want to see a car accident on the track." Han Marchiang said indifferently.

        Yan Yu, who was following beside her, her eyelids jumped straight, before she didn't understand why Han 3,000 would suddenly arrange a race under such circumstances, but after hearing this, she somewhat guessed what Han 3,000 wanted to do.

        "A car accident?" Shuyang looked at Han Giangiang in puzzlement, once a car accident happened on the track, it must be very tragic, because the speed on the track had almost shown the limit of a car's performance, and at this speed, if a car accident happened, it was life threatening to the driver.

        "Scared?" Han Giang looked at Shuyang indifferently.

        Shuyang wanted revenge, and his opponent was Ma Feihao, a matter Han 3000 had promised to give him a chance, but in the current situation, it was almost impossible for Shuyang to do this, because behind Ma Feihao, there was another Ma Yu, and Ma Yu was something Han 3000 wouldn't touch, firstly, Han 3000 didn't have the strength to do so, and secondly, Ma Yu had saved him, and Han 3000 wouldn't be able to return the favor.

        Of course, Han 3000 wouldn't break his word, he would give Ma Yu a chance, but whether Ma Yu could do it or not was his own business.

        "Not afraid." Shuyang hesitated for a moment and said with a firm look, since he wanted to rely on Han 3000 to make a comeback, he had to meet whatever Han 3000 had told him.

        "Very well."

        Not long after, Ma Feihao appeared with Li Shanfeng's family of three, and Han 3,000 said, "See them?"

        Li Shanfeng?

        Shuyang used to have quite a lot of interactions with Li Shanfeng, and although he couldn't be considered a brother, he was still a friend who had known each other for many years, but this friendship was not at the point where he dared to help plead for leniency.

        Shuyang knew that to be able to have Han Qianqian treated like this, Li Shanfeng must have done certain things that angered Han Qianqian, with his position, how could he be qualified to help Li Shanfeng plead for leniency.

        "See, I will never give them a chance to live." Shuyang said through clenched teeth.

        At this time, Ma Feihao ran up to Han 3,000 and looked at Shuyang with cold eyes before saying to Han 3,000, "Brother 3,000, the people have been brought here, what's the next arrangement?"

        "Have each rider prepare, then place Li Shanfeng's parents a hundred meters before the start, I need a news story, spectators mistakenly entered the track and were killed." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Ma Feihao looked at Han Marchant in shock, until this moment, he understood what Han Marchant was going to do.

        Killing people to pay for their lives, so this was the method of paying for their lives!


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