His True Colors Chapter 647-648


Chapter 647

Although Han 3,000 had done some incredible feats in the Chinese district, in Ma Feihao's opinion, he was able to do all this because of his courage as well as luck, because if it wasn't for his uncle Ma Yu's timely arrival, Han 3,000 would have died in Han's hands.

        To Ma Feihao, Han 3,000 was actually just a reckless man, but at this moment, he finally experienced Han 3,000's ruthless side and understood how high-risk it was to go against Han 3,000.

        "Yes." Ma Feihao nodded his head, then went to do what Han Qianli had explained.

        Han Qianqiang led Yan Yu to sit in the audience.

        Right now, Yan Yu was very afraid, even though she would be able to get her big revenge right away.

        Wanting revenge didn't mean that she would really be able to take it in stride when the day came in this way, after all, she was just a little girl, and to face such a tragic accident again, even if it was her enemy, she would still be terrified.

        "Scared?" Han Giangli asked to Yan Yu.

        Yan Yu lowered her head and didn't dare to speak.

        Han Qianli's face was as frosty as ice and said, "If you don't even dare to see how your enemy died, what qualifications do you have to mention revenge?"

        Yan Yu still didn't speak as she didn't know how she should respond to Han Giang.

        "It's still not too late to regret, I can keep them from dying, while your parents will have to die unjustly for the rest of their lives, you've probably forgotten how your parents struggled before they died, right?" Han Giangli continued.

        Yan Yu's anger was instantly picked up by Han Qianqian, who had stayed with her parents on the day of the car accident two years ago and watched how their lives were eroded by pain and how they slowly passed away in pain.

        "I didn't forget, I didn't forget." Yan Yu said, looking up abruptly.

        "If you haven't forgotten their pain, why do you not even have the guts to watch your enemies die." Han Giangli said contemptuously.

        Yan Yu clenched his fists, not admitting his cowardice, and said, "I don't have the guts, I'll stare at them being run over."

        "Yeah? I guess you'll close your eyes because you're just a loser, how dare you face such a thing." Han Qianli disdained.

        "I'm not a trash, and I definitely won't close my eyes." Yan Yu's anger climbed to an extreme, and she deliberately glared at the track.

        Han Qianli heaved out a heavy breath of bad luck, he deliberately forced Yan Yu, not to force her, but he wanted this little girl to be tough-minded, now that she was an orphan, if she was too timid and weak, how could she survive independently in this society in the future?

        This was Han Giang's way of making Yan Yu strong, he had to get her over this hurdle.

        Generally speaking, Han Giang wouldn't deliberately change the course of a person's life, especially a little girl like Yan Yu he would never dictate, but Yan Yu's situation was special, if he didn't take this opportunity to force Yan Yu to grow up, Yan Yu's life in the future was bound to have more ups and downs.

        "You're an orphan now, you need to learn how to stand up for yourself, or else this cruel society will bring you more ups and downs in the future." Han Giangli faintly said.

        By now, the racers on the track were all ready, roaring engines like fierce beasts.

        After Li Shanfeng's parents were brought onto the track, the two of them finally understood what they would be subjected to and were so frightened that they were almost peeing their pants.

        "Two, do you know how fast these cars accelerate at zero hundred? You guys have about three seconds to run for your lives, good luck." Ma Feihao said to the two with a smiling face.

        "Ma Feihao, please, please save us, and speak to Han Giang again, we don't want to die." The noble woman said to Ma Feihao with a prayerful face.

        "You can make any conditions, as long as I don't die, everything in the Li family is yours." Li Shanfeng's father was willing to abandon everything in the Li family at this moment, as long as he could live, what was money outside of his body?

        "The conditions are quite tempting, but unfortunately, this money is a hot potato, if you give it to me, I don't dare to take it ah, now in the Chinese district, even Han Tiansheng has run away, who the hell still dare to offend Han 3,000? You two should save your energy, you might even be able to run and live a few seconds longer." Ma Feihao cheerfully said, the attraction of money was irresistible to anyone, but money also had to be spent with life, Ma Feihao didn't have the guts to talk about it, because Han Qianqiang's attitude was clear, and it was clear that he wanted these two old guys to die.

        In the stands, Li Shanfeng looked desperate, even though he knew that his parents would die in a car accident soon, there was nothing he could do about it, nothing but watch it happen.

        The hidden danger that was planted two years ago had now caused such a huge backlash effect, which Li Shanfeng had never expected no matter what, and what he regretted most inside was that he hadn't killed Yan Yu, if Yan Yu had died, this matter would have been settled a long time ago, so how could something like this happen today?

        As the countdown began, Han Qianqian instructed Yan Yu, "Keep your eyes open and watch, this is where the people who harmed your parents are about to pay for what they did, and if you close your eyes and miss your chance, you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

        Yan Yu shivered, she could imagine how cruel the scene was, after all she had already experienced it once, but she knew that if she missed it, she would never see it again.

        "I'll be watching."

        The signal lights jumped and the start countdown entered.

        The engines of all the vehicles erupted with the sound of a roaring beast.

        Li Shanfeng's parents screamed for heaven and could only run as fast as they could, but they only had about three seconds left, the last and most desperate struggle of their lives.

        How could a human's speed be compared to the speed of a race car?

        The signal light turned green, and the race car that Shuyang was driving, however, instantly knocked the two men off their feet, flesh and blood as thin as white paper at such high speeds.

        "You didn't let me down," Han Giangli said to Yan Yu, who didn't even blink during the entire crash, which satisfied Han Giangli.

        Standing up, Han 3000 once again told Ma Feihao, "Take Li Shanfeng to the track, his parents won't allow him to leave without breaking his spirit."

        Ma Feihao immediately ordered people to do this, he didn't want to go near the flesh and blood of Li Shanfeng's parents.

        The scene from two years ago reappeared, but this time the main character wasn't Yan Yu, but Li Shanfeng.

        Looking at his dying parents, Li Shanfeng was in great pain inside, and he had finally tasted what Yan Yu was going through two years ago.

        Everyone chose to avoid when faced with such a tragic event, no one wanted to see the bloody images, but what surprised Han Giangiang was that Yan Yu chose to walk towards the track at this time.

        It seemed that under duress, this little girl had not only grown up, but had also learned to evolve.

        Walking up to Li Shanfeng, Yan Yu said, "Now can you understand the pain I was in at the beginning?"

        Li Shanfeng buried his head, not daring to look at his parents at all.

        "You should be just as eager to take revenge now as I was in the beginning, but isn't that feeling of being powerless very hard to bear." Yan Yu continued.

        This spoke to Li Shanfeng's heart, he did have a feeling of powerlessness right now, because the mountain of Han 3000 was a mountain that he couldn't find a chance to climb over no matter what.

        In the Chinese district, Han Tiancheng represented the pinnacle of status, but after Han 3000 appeared, he had obviously replaced this pinnacle position, with his ability, how could he fight against Han 3000 and avenge his parents?

        "You know, you and I are kindred spirits," Yan Yu said.

        Li Shanfeng didn't refute the rest of Yan Yu's words, but he couldn't accept this sentence.

        He was born into a noble family, but Yan Yu was just an ordinary person, so how could he be compared to him.

        "You really think highly of yourself, what makes a person like you compare to me?" Li Shanfeng said disdainfully.

        "Your patron is your parents, while my patron is Han Qianqian, without a patron, what else do you have, what's the difference between the current you and the me of two years ago? Do you still feel superior when you have vengeance to avenge and anger to anger?" Yan Yu faintly said.

        The words stunned Li Shanfeng, what else did he have now? There was nothing left, no longer a rich young man of the Li family, no longer a noble son.

Chapter 648

Although there were many people witnessing the race track, but this matter did not continue to ferment, after all, the matter involved Han 3,000, no one wanted to bring this fire to themselves, so the spread of strength is also very small, only among the top families circulated, no one dared to say a word more to the outside world.

        The matter of the Li family's parents' death became a very normal car accident report, and no one dared to dig deeper into the hidden secret behind this matter.

        The great revenge Yan Yu, this day suddenly appeared in front of Han 3,000 wearing a very sexy dress, no heavy makeup, non-mainstream dress also faded, no eyebrow studs appear very ladylike.

        "What are you doing?" Han Giangli was confused and asked Yan Yu.

        "I want to repay you." Yan Yu said with her head down and her cheeks slightly red.

        Although the words didn't penetrate, Han Qianli already understood what Yan Yu wanted to do, and I guess in this little girl's mind, she couldn't think of any other way than to repay Han Qianli in this way.

        "I've arranged a job for you, so if you can work diligently and conscientiously, it'll be the biggest reward for me," Han Giangli said.

        Suddenly, Yan Yu pulled down her shoulders, revealing her fair and smooth shoulders, and the collarbone that a beautiful woman should have to raise goldfish was definitely not a problem.

        "Come on." Yan Yu said with her eyes closed.

        Han Qianli cried and laughed, what strange things did this little ninny have in her head.

        "Don't worry, I'm definitely clean, I didn't let anyone touch me despite hanging out with those people." Rain said.

        "To put it hurtfully, I'm not the least bit interested in you." Han Qianli faded.

        Yan Yu opened her eyes and looked at Han Qianqian incredulously, how was it possible that she was considered a beautiful woman, taking the initiative to throw herself at him, and he didn't even react at all?

        "You can't?" Yan Yu wrongly asked, in her opinion, only this possibility was the only way to keep Han 3000's beauty intact at the moment.

        Han 3,000 smiled helplessly, this kind of thing, Chi Yi Yun had once also said, of course, he is not no good, just not interested in women other than Su Yingxia.

        This kind of thing, go ask Su Yingxia and you'll know if he's no good.

        During the honeymoon, but Su Yingxia couldn't get out of bed for several days.

        "You're not my type, let's go, I'll take you to the office." Han Giangli said.

        "I know a partial recipe, do you want to try it?" Yan Yu said, clearly confirming her suspicion that Han 3000 didn't function in that way.

        Han Qianqiang didn't bother to explain, Yan Yu could think whatever she wanted, he didn't need to prove anything to Yan Yu.

        Walking out of the house, Yan Yu followed closely and said with an apologetic face, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to expose your scar, but this disease isn't untreatable, so how will you know if you don't try?"

        Han Giangli couldn't even laugh bitterly and said, "It can't be cured, because I'm a eunuch."


        These two words left Yan Yu dumbfounded on the spot.

        Han 3,000 yuan surprisingly ...... is even gone!

        In this world, apart from the soap opera, there actually existed eunuchs.

        This refreshed Yan Yu's knowledge of this world.

        Stopping a car, the two headed to the company.

        Tang Zong who received the order was already waiting at the entrance of the company.

        When he saw Han 3,000, he ran all the way to Han 3,000 and helped push the wheelchair.

        "Brother Three Thousand, if you have any explanation, I can just go to your house by myself, so why do you need to go there yourself." Tang Zong said.

        "Looking down on a cripple like me?" Han Qianqiang joked.

        Tang Zong straightened his face, and although he knew that Han Three Thousand was speaking in jest, he didn't have the guts to play such a joke with Han Three Thousand.

        "Brother Three Thousand, that's not what I meant." Tang Zong quickly said.

        "You kid, you're good at everything, but you just can't take a joke, am I that serious in your eyes?" Han Giangli was helpless.

        In Tang Zong's eyes, what kind of person was Han Third Thousand?

        To Tang Zong, this was a higher status than a savior, because without Han 3000, he wouldn't be here today, his respect for Han 3000 was unmatched by anyone else in the world, and to Tang Zong, he only had to do one thing well in his life, and that was all of Han 3000's orders.

        This level of loyalty naturally made him not dare to play any jokes with Han 3000, nor did he dare to let himself act like a friend in front of Han 3000.

        A subordinate was a subordinate, and this was a line that Tang Zong would never cross.

        "Her name is Yan Yu, get to know her." Han Three Thousand said.

        Tang Zong didn't care who Yan Yu was, since she was brought here by Han Three Thousand, she deserved to be treated with caution.

        Stretching out his hands, he said politely, "Hello, my name is Tang Zong, and I'm the head of this company."

        Yan Yu's social status was very low, having never been treated like this before and being the head of a large company, so she was stunned in place for a moment, not knowing how to respond to Tang Zong.

        Tang Zong retracted his hand and said, "I'm sorry, I was too rash."

        These words defused Yan Yu's embarrassment very well, but they also made Yan Yu feel a little guilty.

        The head of a company in the hall would be so polite to her, and she knew that it was all because of Han Three Thousand.

        Han 3,000 had helped her take revenge and found her a job, and she knew that she would also be treated well after she entered this company because of Han 3,000.

        Yan Yu made up her mind that she must find a chance to repay Han Three Thousand properly, but it was a pity that he didn't have any roots in that area, it was really hard to cure.

        "Let's go to the company first and get familiar with the environment." Han Qianqiang didn't know what Yan Yu was thinking inside at this time, or else he would definitely suffocate to death.

        Walking into the company, Yan Yu appeared to be a little nervous because she had never entered the workplace, this scene was too unfamiliar to her, it seemed to come and go with a hurried looking staff, it was difficult for Yan Yu to fit into this atmosphere.

        While Han Qianqiang is familiarizing herself with the company with Yan Yu, an unexpected visitor appears in the Li household.

        Li Shanfeng was helpless in the face of the building that was about to fall, and now the entire Chinese circle of families knew the reason why the Li family had fallen so far, no one dared to lend him a helping hand, instead the various collaborations were called off, the company was in a huge crisis, and if he couldn't find a way to crack it, Li Shanfeng would have to watch the Li family go bankrupt.

        "Want revenge?" An unfamiliar voice came into Li Shanfeng's ears.

        When Li Shanfeng turned his head, the unfamiliar face could be sure that it wasn't a family from the Chinese district.

        "Who are you?" Li Shanfeng asked.

        The person who came was Nangong Falcon, a man who hated Han 3,000 with a passion and wanted to cut Han into pieces.

        "It doesn't matter who I am, you just need to know that only I can help you." Nangong Falcon said indifferently.

        Han 3000 did not die in front of the Han villa that day, Nangong Falcon did not dare to act recklessly since then for fear that his actions would fail, once Han 3000 was aware, there was a high possibility that he would lose his small life, after all, Nangong Boling had made it clear that as long as he dared to come to Mi, Nangong Boling would not care if he lived or died, so in this case, Nangong Falcon needed a marionette to do this for him.

        "Hmph." Li Shanfeng snorted coldly, now in this situation, he didn't think anyone had the capital to help him.

        "Don't believe me?" Nangong Falcon laughed and said.

        "Why should I believe you, do you know who Han Qianli is? Who would dare to go against him in the Chinese district now." Li Shanfeng disdained, although it was something he didn't want to admit, but it was true, what was the point of him not admitting it?

        "Of course I know who he is, and I know better than anyone else that if I can catch him at his weakness, I can deal with him, and I can provide you with a killer," Nangong Falcon said.

        Li Shanfeng was no fool, if it was really as easy as he said, then why didn't this man find him instead of dealing with Han Qianqian himself?

        "What do you want with me if you're so sure?" Li Shanfeng coldly said.

        Nangong Falcon helplessly shook his head and sighed, saying: "If it wasn't for the fact that I have some blood relationship with him, the elders in my family wouldn't allow me to deal with him, do you think he would still be alive, it's just a nod if I want to kill him."

        Li Shanfeng frowned, this guy and Han 3000 actually had a blood relationship, it seemed like the background was quite deep, and it also looked like he did have the strength to deal with Han 3000, this was a very good opportunity for him to get revenge.


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