Super Son-in-law Chapter 657-658


Chapter 657

At eight o'clock in the morning, Lin Hao returned home, and as soon as he entered the house, he saw that Shen Siyan was already up and rice was ready, and it was being served on the table at this time.

When Shen Siyan saw Lin Hao return, she had a smile on her face and said to Lin Hao with a smile, "Where have you been in the morning? When I got up, I saw that you weren't there, and I couldn't reach you on the phone ...... haven't eaten breakfast yet, so hurry up and wash your hands and eat breakfast together."

Lin Hao leaned against the door frame and looked at Shen Xi Yan somewhat complicatedly. He really had no way out. It was like this last time after proposing with Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang City, and just when he was about to spend a few days of happiness with Shen Xiyan, he had to go to Yanjing. And it was like that again this time, and even this time was much more anxious than the last time. Although Lin Yan's side had postponed the duel with Lin Xiaoyun, no one knew exactly when Lin Yan would be on the move. So he had to rush over as fast as he could.

It was just that this time he had just finished holding a wedding with Shen Xiyan, and really Lin Hao didn't want to leave in his heart. It was just that he had to go. When Lin Hao saw Shen Siyan looking over at him in confusion, he just smiled and nodded and said, "Well, good, eat, my wife's cooking is the best ......"

Lin Hao smiled and went to wash his hands, then he sat quietly at the table with Shen Xiyan and ate. Lin Hao was smiling and eating, but Shen Siyan still felt that Lin Hao had something on his mind, yes, the feeling of a woman.

After Shen Siyan lowered her head and took a small sip of porridge, she asked Lin Hao, "Hubby, are you up to something? Don't keep it to yourself, tell me. What's wrong? Actually, I knew that last night when you left."

Lin Hao was stunned, then smiled and said, "It's nothing, let's eat, eat ......"

When Lin Hao's words fell, Shen Shiyan put down her chopsticks, looked up incomparably seriously and said, "Lin Hao, I'm your wife, I'm not stupid, I know how much power people have, how much responsibility they have to take on. If you have anything to say, just talk to me directly, okay? I don't want it to be like last time when I didn't know anything ......"

Lin Hao heard Shen Xi Yan say that, for a moment he was stunned, after looking at Shen Xi Yan quietly for a while, she said: "Xi Yan, I ...... might have to go to Europe, there is something very important that has to be done ......"

"Hmm ......" Shen nodded at the words and after thinking about it asked, "So how long do we need to go this time?"

Lin Hao frowned and said, "I'm not sure, short is three or two days, slow is seven or eight days right ......"

Shen asked again, "Well, when do you want to leave?"

Lin Hao took a deep breath and looked at Shen Xiyan. He had only just returned to Shen Xiyan's side after a full day of happiness with Shen Xiyan. But now he had to leave again. And this time was far more dangerous than the last trip to Yanjing, the holy mountain of the Lin Clan's branch! The lair of the Lam branch! A person as strong as Lin Yan Dao Yi didn't have the conviction to win, and Lin Hao had to do his best to go this time as well.

"I understand, then I will go and prepare clothes for you ......" Shen Siyan took a deep breath and stretched out her white, soft hand and held Lin Hao's large hand, her eyes staring into Lin Hao's and said, "Hubby, you go and take care of yourself! I'll wait for you at home. Don't worry this time, I'll be waiting for you to come back, and this time I won't do anything stupid. I promise!"

Lin Hao opened his mouth, took a deep breath, and finally nodded his head heavily. Just as Lin Hao was bowing his head to eat er zero ground service west zero love cover, Shen Xi Yan suddenly asked to him, "Lin Hao, I don't mind, Night One has told me all. You bring Yu Tong sister back, I also don t want her to marry someone else, we will live together, don t let her stay there alone, you bring her back ...... "Shen Xi Yan bit her lip, incomparably sure.

Yes, she had already asked Night One yesterday, questioning Night One about her cousin Shen Yutong's affair with Lin Hao. And Night One's one-track mind all came out before Shen Xi Yan's face. Including the fact that Shen Yutong had fled with the seriously injured Lin Hao on that rainy night in Tianhai City a month ago, and also, the night before the Gong family had forced her to go and wake up the unconscious Lin Hao ......

And Shen Siyan, who knew all this, was incomparably shocked. Especially since she had learned again yesterday that Shen Yutong was going to hold a wedding in Western Europe next week to marry Gong Ming, to a man she didn't even love. It was just that Shen Siyan, who had gotten the news, had called Shen Yutong the first time to inquire, but Shen Yutong had said no, that she wouldn't marry Gong Ming! Shen Xiyan actually understood in her heart after hearing Shen Yutong's words, all of them, Shen Yutong that was just for her to hear. Let her not have a grudge in her heart, let her rest assured that she won't bother her and Lin Hao's life again ......

Chapter 658

And the more Shen Yutong was like this, the more difficult it was for Shen Xiyan to feel. Actually, Shen Xiyan had thought about it for a long, long time. A covered hero like Lin Hao, there would definitely be a lot of women who liked him, so instead of worrying about Lin Hao being tempted by the demonic sluts outside later, it would be better to pull her cousin over. Also, Shen Yutong truly loved Lin Hao. Two months ago, on that night in the Purple Bamboo Boundaries in Nanjiang City, Shen Xiyan could tell from the expression on Shen Yutong's face, but at that time, Shen Xiyan didn't know that the man Shen Yutong loved deeply in her heart was Lin Hao!

        Now after going through so much in the Heavenly Sea, Shen Xiyan figured it out. There was nothing more sad now than losing Lin Hao and hearing the news of his death. As long as Lin Hao was still alive in this world, it was good. Yes, after experiencing the grief of Lin Hao's one fake death. Shen Xi Yan's greatest wish now was to be able to see Lin Hao still alive and able to laugh and talk by her side ...... So when she just heard Lin Hao's words that he was going to Western Europe, she instantly thought that Lin Hao was going to find Shen Yutong ......

        It's just that at this moment Lin Hao was silly, he looked up at Shen Xiyan in confusion and asked, "Er, Xiyan, what are you talking about? I'm going to Western Europe for something, I didn't say I was going to see Shen Yutong ah?"

        Shen Siyan was dumbfounded for a moment when she saw Lin Hao's reaction like this, and looked at Lin Hao in confusion and asked, "Er, Sister Yu Tong is getting married to Gong Ming next week, aren't you going to look for her?"

        Lin Hao was even more confused, frowning and saying, "Are you saying that Shen Yutong and Gong Ming are getting married next week? Is she really going to marry Gong Ming?" Lin Hao felt some unhappiness in his heart, and he didn't know why. It was just that it was uncomfortable to hear the news.

        Shen Xi Yan understood at once, looking at Lin Hao's reaction like that, she knew that she guessed wrong. Lin Hao didn't go to Europe to find Shen Yutong, but had other things to do ......

        Shen Xiyan thought for a moment, took Lin Hao's hand and looked deeply at Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao, you bring Sister Yu Tong back. I don't want her to marry Gong Xi Lu er whisk love dyeing Ming, okay?"

        Lin Hao was silent, a question he had been forcing himself not to think about. Not to think about anything about Shen Yutong. He just knew that he owed Shen Yutong, but he already had Shen Xiyan in his life. It was impossible to marry Shen Yutong again. Not to mention the fact that Shen Yutong was still sisters with Shen Shiyan and the two of them were sisters, sisters by blood!

        After Lin Hao was silent for a while, he looked at Shen Xi Yan and said, "Xi Yan, I will never marry another woman in this lifetime, and we're already married. I ......"

        Before Lin Hao finished speaking, he was interrupted by Shen Suyan's words. Shen Siyan shook her head at Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao, listen to me, bring back Sister Yu Tong, or else I will feel bad in my heart in this life, she is too bitter, bring her back, okay?" There was already a hint of tears in Shen Xiyan's eyes.

        Shen Yutong is her sister, since she was a child, she has been particularly good to Shen Xiyan, truly good to Shen Xiyan. And Shen Yutong's character is also very similar to Shen Suyan, are voluntarily put all the pain and all the pressure, to fight themselves, but to make others happy ......

        Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan's resolute attitude, and for a moment the complexities in his heart intensified ......


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