Super Son-in-law Chapter 654-656


Chapter 654

When the few people of Jun Wu Jing left, Mo Tian Ji and the Night's eye was surging with blood. That man just now was Jun Wu Jing ah, Yanjing's generation of greatness, originally the Jun family abandoned son, abandoned in the end of the world, but he rose against the trend, soaring all the way to the top, and finally with his men and horses to kill Yanjing, in just one month made the Jun family change the world! He's been hailed by all circles in Yanjing as the greatest of all time! But it was such a strong character that had just been suppressed in front of Lin Hao.

        Of course it wasn't that Lin Hao had just suppressed Jun Wu Jing, it was that Jun Wu Jing wasn't in peak physical condition, and neither was Lin Hao. It wasn't time for them to go to war yet! And the reality was that the current Lin Hao was now able to rank alongside Jun Wu Jing! One is from the sky and the other is from the capital! It just didn't matter what the actual situation was, but in the eyes of Night One and Mo Tianji, Lin Hao was just better than Jun Wu Jing! Because Lin Hao is younger than Jun Wu Jing!!!!

        Lin Hao stared at Jun Wu Jing as he walked away, just now Jun Wu Jing's words had caused a great impact in his heart, he would never have thought that Lin Yan had gone to find Jun Wu Jing to clear the obstacles to the north for him. After Jun Wu Jing left, Lin Hao looked at the surrounding battlefield and frowned deeply.

        With his current battle perception, he could clearly sense that a battle had occurred here just a short while ago. And it was still a top-notch battle between two clerics, Lin Hao could imagine how brutal the battle was just by looking at the traces around him that were deeply embedded in the marble floor.

        When Mo Tianji saw Lin Hao staring at the traces around him with a deadly stare, his face kept changing and he opened his mouth, but he stiffly gave it up because he didn't know what to say at the moment.

        "Say! What the hell is going on here!" Although Lin Hao had his back to Mo Tianji, he still felt as if he knew something.

        Mo Tianji's eyes became even more complicated, because the truth was something that he was not willing to believe. And he didn't know how to tell it to Lin Hao. Just as he was silent, suddenly he felt an extremely strong momentum pressing down on him, and he knew that Lin Hao had moved to anger.

        Mo Tianji fiercely clenched his teeth and simply said what he knew, "Brother, just now Jun Wu Jing told me that he came south to the Heavenly Sea this time to come here. This place is where Lin Yan fought with Burial and where ...... also Burial died, besides Burial, the leader of the Sakura Tears, there was also the most elite killer battle team under Burial, Burial Night. All of them were killed here by Lin Yan, and the war happened at the exact time that you and your sister-in-law held your wedding, the battle was almost simultaneous with the wedding ......"

        Boom ...... Lin Hao's heart was ruthlessly shaken as he listened to Mo Tianji's words, and there was a deep shock in his eyes! He never would have imagined that Lin Yan would go and injure Jun Wu Jing for him, and at his wedding, Lin Yan had shielded him from the burial of the Tears of Cherry Blossom! Lin Hao closed his eyes and an image appeared in his mind of the time when Lin Yan went to his wedding scene with Dao Yi. At that time, Lin Yan, he seemed to be a little pale and his breath was a little weak ...... On the other hand, Dao Yi was not!!!!

        And right now, when you thought about what Mo Tianji had said, the truth was right in front of you. Even if Lin Hao didn't want to believe it in his heart, it was still true! The truth is that Lin Yan helped him! Helped him in his most important moment!

        "But how can that be? How could that man help me? Hasn't he been trying to kick me out of the family? Wasn't he bent on putting that bastard Yanjing in power? But what's up with this to bottom!!!" Lin Hao's heart was roaring madly, he really didn't want to believe that it was Lin Yan who had helped him. But the truth was this ......

        "Lin Hao ......" just as Lin Hao was deeply confused, a voice suddenly came over from behind. When Lin Hao turned around, he saw an incomparably anxious but complicated-looking Mo Lao, who was walking over with a group of people. He had seen Lin Hao on the plane, and after he got off the plane, he kept calling Lin Hao, but no one answered. Then Mo Lao was ready to go to the Tianhai Group to look for Lin Hao, only when he was halfway there, he got a report that Lin Hao had confronted Jun Wu Jing here ......

        That's why Mo Lao hurriedly accelerated over here, he was afraid that Lin Hao would start a war with Jun Wu Jing. After all, Jun Wu Jing had been famous for a long time and Lin Hao had just been promoted, but when he first arrived here, he saw the scene that shocked him immensely, after Lin Hao and Jun Wu Jing had confronted each other. Jun unrepentant actually retreated, so what did that mean? That means that the current Lin Hao is no weaker than Jun Wu Jing! Thinking of this, Mo Lao heart incomparably excited, but right now when he heard Lin Hao and Mo Tianji's Yixisan Serving Whiskey dialogue, his heart incomparably complex again ......

        Lin Hao looked at Mo Lao's incomparably complicated look, and the dried tears on his face. For a moment, he seemed to understand something. That this old man in front of him should know something that he didn't know. Soon Mo Lao walked up to Lin Hao, Lin Hao looked at him, he also looked at Lin Hao incomparably complex, after Mo Lao looked at Lin Hao for a while, he sighed deeply, endless sadness appeared in his eyes ......

        "Grandpa Mo, what's going on with that man? Is there something you're not telling me?" Although Lin Hao had guessed something in his heart, he still didn't show it on the surface, but now he was already a Gestalt Innate, the pinnacle of existence in today's world. His demeanor was incomparably calm, because the Lin Hao of this moment already possessed the power to suppress everything!

        Mo Lao felt the strength of Lin Hao's body as if he was seeing Lin Yan, and even now Lin Hao was not much worse than Lin Yan. Mo Lao's heart was both excited and saddened. Mo Lao sighed complexly and said, "Lin Hao, there are some things that it's time for me to tell you, Lin Yan...your father, he...he's in great danger, you must go save him ......"

Chapter 655

An hour later, inside the lower room of a secret base in Tianhai City, Mo Lao told Lin Hao about the plans he had made with Lin Yan over the years, telling Lin Hao all the truth at this moment. Including that rainy night consignment of Lin Yan for more than ten years, as well as the matters of the Western Lin Clan's branch of the Holy Mountain, and all the matters of the Huaxia Lin Clan's branch ......

        Mo Lao was tearful and looked at Lin Hao with a hoarse voice, "Hao'er, I swear that what I said is true, and if I say a false word, I will be told to die a horrible death. Hao'er, it was really too dangerous within the Lin Clan back then. That's why your father had to send you and your sister out. What you've seen all these years is what Lin Yan made you see. And the darkness, the pressure that you couldn't see, he was carrying it for you behind your back. Including the time you were attacked in the Heavenly Sea a month ago, in fact, your father and I have been sending people to follow you, and if Night One doesn't make it at the last minute, then our people will take action ......"

        Lin Hao's eyes reddened immensely as he took a deep breath, and he didn't shed any tears. Just after hearing all the truths told by Mo Lao, his heart set off waves of shock, and he couldn't calm www.jsshcxx.com不下来 down.

        "Lin Yan, what gives you the right to give me what you think is the best life? What gives you the right to set me up like this? What do you dare ...... "Lin Hao's eyes were red, and his tone was incomparably sad.

        "Hey ...... child, in this world, many things are out of one's control. We didn't want that back then, but Lin's was just too dangerous, and those Lin Xiaoyun guys kept messing around outside the country. It's been that way since your grandfather's death, when the Lin's were already in danger. Son, don't blame your father in your heart, okay?" Mo Lao sighed deeply. The eyes were incomparably complex.

        Lin Hao sat across from Mo Lao and asked in a daze, "What about Lin Jiuyin, Lin Zai Tian those people?"

        "Dead, all dead, not just the two of them, everyone in the Lin Clan's branch in Huaxia, all dead. It was all purged by your father before he left, don't worry when you return to Yanjing, there will absolutely be no more of those flies in the Lin Clan ......" said Mo Lao with incomparable emotion.

        Mo Lao paused and continued, "Dong Xue gave birth to that child, is not your brother, and has nothing to do with you, and that child, in the middle of this conflict, also died, that child was induced by Lin Zai Tian since he was a child, and eventually he hit the knife of Dao Yi ...... and up Dong Xue also died ......"

        Buzz ...... Lin Hao looked up sharply after hearing that that Lin Yu was dead, and his eyes burned as he looked at Mo Lao. It turns out that Lin Yan has never had feelings for Dong Xue, it turns out that that Lin Yu has never been Lin Yan's child ......

        Lin Hao was silent again for a while before he continued to speak.

        "Well ...... fits his style, he's leaving, so why would he still keep those people? Kill good, kill good, my mother's revenge, finally avenged ...... "Lin Hao murmured with red eyes.

        Then Lin Hao said and fell silent, he lowered his head, the moment he lowered his head, there was still a tear that didn't hold back and fell down. Lin Hao didn't speak anymore, the amount of information that Mo Lao had given him this time was just too big. He had to digest it well. He didn't speak, and Mo Lao didn't rush him. After all, anyone who had an experience like Lin Hao's and then now suddenly knew the truth. It turned out that his father had done out of all this for his own good. Anyone would not be able to handle it. It was as if that goal in his heart had suddenly disappeared ......

        A full ten minutes passed, Lin Hao's eyes had no more tears, he raised his head, his eyes equally complex looking at Mo Lao, his voice somewhat hoarse asked: "Then... then I go to Western Europe now, is it still... is it still urgent?" Lin Hao's heart was incomparably complicated, he used to hate Lin Yan to die, he had even shot Lin Yan more than half a month ago at the entrance to the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, a shot that he did not hesitate to take, that was to cause Lin Yan's death! And now that he knew these truths again, Lin Hao's heart was incomparably complicated and regretful.

        He knew that what Mo Lao had said was true, that Lin Yan had been holding back all these years, and that the things Lin Yan had apparently done were also done to those in the Lin Clan branch. And even that biggest mustache in Lin Hao's heart was a lie. That was when Lin Hao's mother's bones were still cold, Lin Yan sought out Dong Xue. And the truth is that Lin Yi Shan Yi Xi Dye love Yi Yan has no feelings for Dong Xue. It's been acting, acting to those in the Lin branch to see ......

        Inside the underground chamber, Mo Lao listened to Lin Hao's question, the pain in his eyes intensified as he shook his head, "I don't know, I really don't know. I was knocked unconscious and sent back by Lin Yan, and just now I kept calling Lin Yan Dao Yi and the others. But I couldn't get through, so I don't know when they'll act, maybe now, maybe tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, they've already cut off contact ah ......"

        Mo Lao's eyes were incomparably complex. Lin Hao was also incomparably complex after hearing that. He looked at Mo Lao and murmured, "Lin Yan can't die now, he doesn't want to just die, why should he want me to be grateful to him after arranging my life, and then feel guilty after he dies? I'm going to Western Europe now, hopefully it's still urgent ......"

Chapter 656

Lin Hao decided to go to Western Europe to find Lin Yan, he wanted to talk to Lin Yan in person, if he didn't know then so be it, but when he found out all about it, how could he not go?

        Lin Hao stood up with red eyes and was ready to walk out of the secret room. But at this moment, Mo Lao's phone suddenly rang, Mo Lao took a look at the caller's number on his phone and quickly called out to Lin Hao, "Hao'er you wait, it's a call from Western Europe ......"

        After Mo Lao called out to Lin Hao, he hurriedly picked up, Mo Lao listened to the report from the person on the other side of the phone, and soon his face was overjoyed. After hanging up the phone, Mo Lao said to Lin Hao excitedly, "Heaven's will, heaven's will, heaven's will ...... The secret wound on Lin Yan's body has seized, it is a secret wound left behind by the burial, so he and Dao Yi killed the Upper Sage www.zyxta.com山的时间 will be delayed for at least a day! , at least for a day, Hiro, you've come in a hurry ......"

        Lin Hao also shivered at the news, and he took a deep breath, feeling like this was heaven's plan. Lin Yan had fought to the death to escort him to his wedding, and now he had the time to go to Lin Yan's rescue. Lin Yan's side already had a fifty percent chance of winning with two top-notch innate clansmen fighting on his side with Dao Yi, so what about adding him now? Especially since he's still in the dark!

        Lin Hao took a deep breath and nodded heavily, "Grandpa Mo, then I'll make the arrangements and go over there ......"

        "Hmm ...... "After nodding deeply, Mo Lao thought about it and said to Lin Hao, "Then Hao'er, should I tell Dao Yi the news of your past? You're also at the top of the battlefield right now, and your presence will definitely play a big role in their final showdown ......"

        After thinking about it, Lin Hao shook his head and said, "Forget it, don't tell them. My secret past, my past Lin Yan and the others won't know, that natural Lin Xiaoyun and the others won't know either. It's better this way instead, it's better this way ......"

        Mo Lao thought about it and felt that what Lin Hao said was also reasonable, so he nodded: "Well, good, then listen to you, then Hao'er you go Yi Yi Dye West Closed Service West arrangements, I'll give you the fastest plane, and then the Western Europe side of all the information to prepare a copy of you. You'll see it again on the plane ......"

        Lin Hao nodded, "Okay, then Grandpa Mo, time is running out, so I'll go ahead and make arrangements ......"

        Mo Lao nodded his head, then Lin Hao left. Mo Lao looked at Lin Hao's distant back, his heart was incomparably excited, and at this moment he just felt his blood boiling, Mo Lao's eyes showed a bright glow, looking at a world map hanging on the wall, looking at the plate over in Western Europe while, he said to himself, "Lin Yan, Lin Yan, you will be surprised this time. Your son can be far better than you ever imagined ah ......"

        Lin Hao, who had exited the underground chamber, was standing on a high ground facing the cold wind, looking distantly in the direction of the west. Looking in the direction where Lin Yan was, he couldn't calm his heart for a long time, and the cold wind blew his hair and his thoughts. Once upon a time, he had always considered Lin Yan as his greatest enemy, and even those people from Lin Jie Tian Lin Jiuyin, he had never put them in his eyes. It was because Lin Yan was too strong and was the generation of Yanjing's generation of the world's greatest heavenly pride more than a decade ago.

        That's why Lin Hao had been working hard and desperately trying to become stronger for so many years, just to one day be able to defeat Lin Yan. And then bring Lin Yan to his mother's grave so that Lin Yan could repent. For so many years, Lin Hao had always felt this way in his heart, and he had always done so.

        All these years he hated Lin Yan to the bone and wanted to kill Lin Yan. And now he couldn't hate anymore because he had experienced so much pain and deeply understood that Lin Yan hadn't had an easy life all these years. The revenge of killing his wife was not common, but Lin Yan let his enemy live for more than ten years, right under his nose, and watched, how much pain would that be in his heart? Many bars ......

        "Lin Xiaoyun, Lin Xiaohu, Lin Fengyun ...... You guys deserve to die, you guys really deserve to die ah ......" Lin Hao faced the wind and muttered to himself, the killing intent in his heart getting thicker, heavier and stronger ......

        This time, Lin Hao would absolutely not let another one of those people from the Lin Clan's branch still be alive, this time it was a decisive battle, more than a decade ago he didn't have the strength to participate, but this time, he wouldn't let Lin Yan fight alone, he would join Lin Yan and completely purge this sky of the Lin Clan's Gate Clan!


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