Secret Identity| Chapter 2318-2319 of Amazing Son-in-law


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2318

This time, Ye Chen was giving away medicine again, so they were naturally filled with joy.

Li Tailai, who was in Haizhou, as soon as he heard that Ye Chen was going to invite guests, he even immediately let Zhao Hao, his little friend from Ye Chen's orphanage, drive him to Jinling first overnight.

Li Tailai also has a lot of real estate in Jinling, so he planned to come to Jinling to stay overnight first, so that he wouldn't have to delay his trip in case of any unexpected events tomorrow.

The reason why it was so important was mainly because, this opportunity was too rare in his eyes.

The only one who hadn't received Qin Gang's notice was Wang Dongxue of the Imperial Hero Group.

It's not that Qin Gang forgot about her, it's mainly because Qin Gang didn't have Wang Dongxue's contact information.

Before Ye Chen had not taken over the Imperial Hero Group, Wang Dongxue had been the vice chairman of the Imperial Hero Group.

She wasn't the eldest daughter of any big family, nor was she a rich and powerful second generation, she was completely just a very capable career woman who had climbed up step by step by herself.

Therefore, she basically doesn't hang out with these so-called high society in Jinling either.

Those like Richard Chen, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang, and Song Wanting, although she knew them all, she hadn't been too familiar with them.

And these people like Richard Chen and Wang Zhenggang had already formed a small circle around Ye Chen and around Ye Chen.

All the people in this small circle, because they were very close to Ye Chen and were well aware of Ye Chen's skills, they worshipped Ye Chen as a guide and treated him with respect. Hen.

So, Qin Gang called Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Master Ye, people I'm almost notified, everyone's time is ok, but only Wang Dongxue, this person has been very low-key, I haven't had her contact information, do you think you can give me her phone number?"

Ye Chen then said, "Forget it, I'll just give her a call. Net."

After hanging up Qin Gang's phone, Ye Chen called Wang Dongxue.

As soon as the call came through, Wang Dongxue asked respectfully on the other end, "Chairman, what do you want?"

Ye Chen can't help but frown slightly, normally, Wang Dongxue privately called herself young master, now it's already off duty time, why does she still call herself chairman? Is she having trouble talking right now?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen also said very politely, "Vice Chairman Wang, I would like to ask if you are free tomorrow night? I have a dinner party and would like to invite you over to attend."

Wang Dongxue hesitated for a moment and said somewhat apologetically, "Chairman, I'm really sorry, I'm not sure of the time yet, can I reply you tomorrow?"

Ye Chen was puzzled and asked, "Vice Dong Wang, you didn't encounter anything, did you?"

Wang Dongxue said somewhat unnaturally, "Nothing chairman, it's just that there are guests to entertain at home, so ......"

Ye Chen smiled slightly, so he said, "Okay, then let's get in touch tomorrow, it doesn't matter if you're inconvenienced, we can make a single appointment some other time."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2319

At this moment, the inpatient department of Jinling People's Hospital.

As the best general hospital in Jinling and even in the province, this place is overcrowded at all times.

No matter which department it is, there is no time when the beds are empty.

Not only is it full, but many patients also line up at home for hospital beds. Say

In the intensive care unit of the Department of Nephrology, on the bed lay an unconscious, covered with tubes of a man, about fifty years old or so.

On the side of the bed, there is also a middle-aged woman of similar age sitting, this woman's appearance, and Wang Dongxue have five points similar.

The outside of the intensive care ward is a small living room and family rest area, after all, is the best condition of the intensive care ward, the internal layout and hotel suites are very similar. Say

At this time, there were two young men and a woman standing in the parlor.

The woman was Wang Dongxue, the vice chairman of the Imperial Hero Group, and opposite her was a white blond man with an eagle nose.

Wang Dongxue just hung up the phone of Ye Chen, the hawk-nosed man spoke a mouth not quite standard Mandarin, a smile to Wang Dongxue said: "Dongxue, I see uncle's condition has not been delayed for too long, Huaxia law on the sale of organs is expressly prohibited, and now except for me, no one can find a suitable match for uncle. "

Wang Dongxue looked at him and begged, "Walter, I beg you, for the sake of a classmate, help me to take a line, how much money you need to contact that kidney source in the United States, I'll double, and the extra will be your referral fee, okay?"

The man known as Walter sneered, "You don't think, Winter Snow, that I went to all this trouble just to make a buck off you, do you?"

Saying that, he said incomparably seriously, "Winter Snow, I actually liked you when I was in school, but at that time, I hadn't become financially independent, nor had I taken over the family business, my family didn't allow me to find a foreign woman, and I didn't dare to pursue you under their noses ......"

At that, he laughed and said proudly, "Hahaha, but now that I'm married and have just been sent here to take charge of the business in Warsaw, they can't control me anymore!"

"Moreover, the family is extremely determined to enter the Warsaw market this time, I'll probably stay in Warsaw for at least ten years ......"

Wang Dongxue frowned and asked him, "Walter, what exactly are you trying to say?"

Walter covered his chest, said with a look of heartache: "Winter Snow, in the next ten years, if I can't get you, how lonely and isolated I should be ......"

Wang Dongxue coldly said: "Walter! For the sake of our classmates, I beg you, show a little respect!"

Walter smiled flippantly and said, "I'm sorry, but I'm a man who likes to go it alone!"


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