Secret Identity| Chapter 2316-2317 of Amazing Son-in-law


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2316

The thing that Ye Chen appreciates most about Xiao Churan is that she has never disliked her obvious origins after all these years of marriage.

After all, a hangman whose parents died at the age of eight, who grew up in an orphanage, whose state-recognized education is only a high school diploma, and who has nothing and is almost penniless, is definitely not considered a quality marriage partner anywhere.

However, she, the number one beauty in Jinling, still married herself without complaint, and a marriage is four years.

In these four years, countless people had encouraged and forced her to divorce herself, and she hadn't wavered even once.

From this alone, Ye Chen's heart was overwhelmed with gratitude for her.

Recently, Ye Chen also wanted to find a chance to confess his background to Xiao Churan, but he was hesitant when he thought that his parents' great revenge had not been avenged, and even the cause of their death had not been found out.

Now, the only thing he could ascertain was the Anti-Leaf Alliance.

When his parents were still in Yanjing, the Anti-Leaf Alliance did do a lot of things against them, but in his childhood memories, his parents decided to leave the Ye family, not because of the Anti-Leaf Alliance, but because his father, Ye Changshu, and his grandfather, Ye Zhongquan, had once had a big fight over something. Hen.

After that quarrel, the parents decided to leave the Ye family and the three of them came to Jinling to live an ordinary life.

However, not long after they came to Jinling, their parents met with an accident and died.

However, Ye Chen always believed that the death of his parents was not an accident, and there must be some criminals behind it. proud

Only, he was now clueless as to who had killed his parents.

Firstly, he did not know whether the Ye family was friend or foe .

Secondly, that he did not know what role the Soviet family had played in the matter.

Again, he remembered Tang Sihai saying that his father had offended the Rothschild family that was dominating Europe and America at the time, so whether it could have been the Rothschild family that killed his parents, he couldn't be sure now. Jr.

With a wolf in front, a tiger in the back, and a ferocious beast on the other side of the ocean, Ye Chen now had some strength, but still felt like he was walking on thin ice.

The Ye family, openly, secretly, hidden and tucked away, with all kinds of assets adding up to a few trillions.

The Su family, not only had more assets than the Ye family, their overall strength were all a bit stronger than the Ye family, and although they had suffered serious setbacks recently, they were still not to be underestimated.

Trillions of RMB may sound like a fantasy, but actually looking around the world, trillions of RMB in family assets is nothing at all.

The world's richest person in the world is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, whose personal assets are more than a trillion RMB.

And that's just the obvious, no tycoon would publish all his assets, and what is published is often just the tip of the iceberg.

As for that giant-like Rothschild family, it could already be called rich as hell.

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2317

For a hundred years, there have been many rumors about the Rothschild family in Europe and North America.

Some say they rule half of Europe, some say more than half of Europe, even half of America is under their control.

They are almost everywhere in Europe and America, the most profitable banks are theirs, the most profitable oil refineries are theirs, the biggest shipping conglomerates are still theirs, and even the biggest military industrial companies are theirs. Net.

Promote Europe and the United States when the industrial revolution of railway transportation, are also under the control of this family, as for gold, diamonds and other precious minerals, but also their traditional strengths.

Roughly estimated, the amount of assets of the entire family is at least several trillion dollars.

In other words, the scale of a Rothschild's assets was more than ten times that of the Ye family.

What's worse, Rothschild, as an old Jewish family, has tremendous influence in European and American politics, and those bigwigs on Wall Street, almost without exception, are all Jews, and the entire lifeblood of the United States is almost entirely in their hands, so such a family is even able to push for a war between nations behind their backs!

In front of these families, Ye Chen's current assets and strength were not worth mentioning at all. Jr.

If his identity were to be leaked externally at this time, there was no telling what kind of storm it would create.

In this situation, Ye Chen really didn't dare to reveal his heart to Xiao Choran.

He felt that he should at least wait until he found out the cause of his parents' death, whether the Ye family was friend or foe, and whether he and the Rothschild family, had a deep hatred or not.

Xiao Churan didn't know that her husband, who was beside her at this time, was thinking about something, and as she ate the fruit, she opened her mouth with a longing face and said, "Honey, if I can win this project, you won't have to be under so much pressure in the future. Say"

Ye Chen seriously said, "I don't have any pressure per se ah, I'm still making money easily, so you don't have to have any pressure, if this project is too tiring, then don't go to the bidding, preparing for the bidding is so tiring, in case you really win the project, I'm afraid it will be even more tiring. Says "

Xiao Choran smiled, "Tired just a little bit, can't refuse to develop because of the fear of being tired, if the company can be bigger and stronger, afterwards I can split a lot of work out and concentrate on management myself, that way it's actually not too tiring, the most tiring thing is the studio model, I'm the boss and the employee, I have to do everything myself."

Ye Chen nodded his head in agreement, "That's true, the most frightening thing is that the two identities are mixed together."

Xiao Churan smiled slightly and said, "Alright, you don't need to feel sorry for me, I still have to continue making diagrams on my side, you should go back to your bedroom and rest first."

Ye Chen then said, "That's fine, wife you are busy first, I won't bother you, remember to call me if you need anything."


Meanwhile, Qin Gang, who was excited, was calling the people Ye Chen wanted to invite one by one.

Most of these people were his old acquaintances and friends, so it was very easy to contact them, and when they called one by one and told everyone about the matter, they were all thrilled beyond words.

Ye Chen's massive drug giveaway had only happened once.

On that occasion, everyone had been blessed by his grace and received a miracle medicine in their eyes.


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