His True Colors Chapter 1101-1103


His True Colors Chapter 1101

Yao Hanxing had never seen such a fierce look in Yao Yuhai's eyes, so he didn't dare to say a single word and could only nod his head.

        Yao Yu Hai turned his head to look at Han Qian and continued, "I'll leave this matter to you, if you do it, from now on, I will use all the resources around me to help Feng Qian develop."

        "Thank you, Yao Dong." Han Giangli smiled, with Yao Yuhai's help, the pace of Feng Qian's development could be even faster.

        In the last fourteen years, it had taken Han Three Thousand almost a full decade to really build Feng Qian up, but this time, I'm afraid that in less than two or three years, or even a year, Feng Qian would be able to become a star company in Yanjing, and even have a chance to overpower the Han family.

        Once Feng Qian was allowed to ride on the Han family's head, one wondered how Nangong Qianqiu, the old woman, would feel about it.

        She had always regarded Han Jun as the top of the Han family, and even felt that only Han Jun could put the Han family on an even more glorious pedestal, and Han Qianqian was going to show this old woman the consequences of belittling herself.

        In the face of many things, Han three thousand could be light-hearted and even indifferent because his current quest was already extraordinary, but on this matter of the Han family, it had always been a sticking point in Han three thousand's heart, and no matter how much Han three thousand showed that he didn't care, he couldn't do anything to calm his heart.

        "I'll go with you tonight, I hope you have a good time." Han Qianqian said to Yao Hanxing.

        Yao Hanxing was stirring inside, he was already getting moldy from staying at home, he already wanted to go out and have some fun, and he didn't care about the trouble he had caused, so he wasn't worried at all.

        "Fine, I'll let you see young master Yao's usual life style and show you his eyes, after all, this young master of yours is not even qualified to enter his own dining room, so he must have never seen anything." Yao Hanxing mocked.

        Hearing this, the bodyguard trembled, daring to speak to an apocryphal heavenly character with such an attitude, he was really living impatiently.

        Although the Yao family was very powerful and rich in the Yanjing business world, but these were of no use at all to Apocalypse Tian, if he provoked Han Qianxiang to incur death, the Yao family's money and status could not save him.

        "Yao Hanxing, from now on, you show him some respect, otherwise, you don't want to get a single penny from me." Yao Yuhai said.

        Money was the biggest threat to Yao Hanxing, after all, he was now doing nothing but living his life by reaching out to Yao Yuhai, so as soon as this was said, Yao Hanxing was instantly honest.

        "I'll come back to you tonight, you can meet up with a few friends, it's best to put out the news that you're going out." Han Giangli said.

        "Do you still need to say that?" Yao Hanxing's whispered rebuttal, going out to play, if one person that's how boring, definitely have to call a few brothers, and then fill the box with beautiful women to do ah.

        After Han Qiangli left, Yao Yuhai called the bodyguard to his study, some things can't be asked in front of Yao Hanxing, or else this kid's big mouth character, will soon spread out.

        After arriving at the study, Yao Yuhai asked directly, "Why did you kneel down to him?"

        "He's worthy of my kneeling." The bodyguard said directly, that kneeling just now was absolutely sincere and without any falsehood, and now he also respected Han Qianqian from the bottom of his heart.

        At a young age, he had already become an Apocalypse Heavenly Character, which wasn't something that just anyone could do.

        And the bodyguard didn't doubt the truthfulness of those words of Han 3000 in the slightest, because the apocalypse was too mysterious for ordinary people to know, and the fact that he was able to say the words Heavenly Character level meant that Han 3000 was a true apocalypse person.

        "The Apocalypse is an organization? This organization, very powerful?" Yao Yuhai continued to ask.

        "Boss, there are some things that it is better for you not to know too much, the more you know, the worse it is for you, especially about this matter, it is very likely that it will k*ll you, I can only tell you that Han 3000 is worthy of your trust, and you can take this opportunity to get close to Han 3000, it will definitely be good for your future development, to be able to become friends with him . It's probably something a million people dream of." The bodyguard said.

        These words almost infinitely elevated Han 3000's status, it was hard for Yao Yu Hai to imagine what kind of person Han 3000 was, although he still had a lot of curiosity within him and wanted to find out, but the bodyguard's words also had to make him scrupulous.

        As an old fox in the business world, Yao Yuhai also understood this very well, things that shouldn't be known to him, if he forced himself to get to the bottom of it, there was a good chance that he would get into trouble.

        "It seems that this young master is really not simple." Yao Yuhai said with a sigh on his face.

        "More than uncomplicated, the Han family will eventually regret it." The bodyguard said.

        Yao Yuhai couldn't help but laugh, since Nangong Qianqiu had taken over the Han family, the Han family was not as good as it used to be, and yet she had put her hopes on Han Jun and completely ignored Han Qianqiang, the pearl of dust, she really didn't know how she would feel when she learned of Han Qianqiang's power.

        "This old lady in the Han family is a very stubborn person, maybe even if she knew how powerful Han 3000 was, she wouldn't admit it, but it's good, Han 3000 wants to develop Feng Qian, now she can only rely on me, using this matter and Han 3000 to pull a good relationship, it's also very beneficial to my Yao family." Yao Yuhai said.

        "But ...... Young Master's attitude towards Han Qianqian." The bodyguard looked like he was about to stop talking, in his eyes, all of Yao Hanxing's actions were a death wish, and if Han 3000 was going to fight with him, ten of his lives wouldn't be enough to k*ll him.

        "I know what to do, go out and call him in." Yao Yuhai said.


        After the bodyguard exited the office, Yao Hanxing came in shortly after.

        "Dad, what else do you have to explain?" Yao Hanxing asked, his depression overflowing.

        "I'm warning you, in the future, treat Han Qianxiang and put away your domineering temper, he's never easy to mess with and I want you to become friends with him, it will only be more beneficial to my Yao family in the future." Yao Yuhai said.

        "Dad, you want me to please this Han family trash?" Yao Hanxing asked in dismay.

        Yao Yuhai slapped his hand on the desk and got up angrily.

        Yao Hanxing was so shocked that he cringed.

        "Don't talk about the word waste all day long, he's not a waste, and you don't have the qualifications to underestimate him, you'll do whatever I say, otherwise, you won't get a single cent of the Yao family's property in the future." Yao Hanxing angrily scolded.

        "Dad, Dad, don't get excited, let's talk if we have something to say ah, I'll just listen to you."

His True Colors Chapter 1102

Yao Hanxing could only pretend to be superficially submissive in order not to anger Yao Yuhai, but with his domineering personality, it was obviously impossible to get him to actually take Han Qianqian seriously.

        After leaving the study, Yao Hanxing met up with a few brothers and prepared to get drunk tonight.

        At the same time, Yao Hanxing also made a deal with his brothers that he would bring a friend in tonight, and metaphorically has a bad relationship with this friend, so those brothers should think of a way to spoof Han Qianqian.

        To Yao Hanxing's request, those people naturally readily agreed.

        For this group of rich second generation raccoons, the way to fix people is at hand, there is nothing they can't play.

        Finally, when night fell, Yao Hanxing drove his McLaren and set off towards Mulin Si.

        Mulin Si is a very famous nightclub in Yanjing, in the entire Yanjing is in the top three, whether it is the music or lighting, in Yanjing nightclub among the ultra-high level, more importantly, the owner of Mulin Si is a very knowledgeable nightclub culture, he found beautiful women from various channels, became the most beautiful scenery of Mulin Si, is also the reason why many rich second generation flock to.

        Once he got into the car, Yao Hanxing took an afterglow glance at Han Qianqian and said with a slightly mocking intent, "Have you ever been in such a nice car before?"

        "Besides getting laid, does this car have a good ride?" Han Qianli faintly responded.

        Yao Hanxing sneered, this guy should have never been in a sports car before, but he actually pretended to be in front of him.

        Although it was true that the ride of a sports car was not good, but it was a divine tool for picking up girls, which woman didn't feel hot sitting on the passenger side of a sports car?

        But Han 3000 was still a little kid in Yao Hanxing's eyes, so it was only natural that he didn't know any of this.

        "What does a little kid like you know, when you grow up, you'll know the meaning of a sports car." Yao Hanxing said indifferently.

        The corners of Han Giang's mouth rose slightly, he understood the reasoning of what Yao Hanxing said, after all, his physical state was fourteen years old, but his thinking was that of an adult, just that his adult thinking was also very different from the next person.

        Even if he was the second fourteen years old, in Han Qianqian's heart, there was still only one woman, Su Yingxia.

        "Using something outside of your body to prove your charm is nothing more than a wasteful desire to express yourself," Han Marchian responded.

        Yao Hanxing gritted his teeth for a moment, wouldn't Han Qianxiang's words be calling him a waste?

        "Kid, don't be so arrogant, the world of grown-ups is not something you, a little kid, can understand." Yao Hanxing bit his back groove teeth and said.

        "Since I don't understand, don't say so much nonsense and hurry up." Han Giangli said.

        Yao Hanxing kicked the floor oil and the engine erupted with a violent roar, like a roaring beast.

        The body immediately sprang out, and the strong pushback made Han Three Thousand unconsciously straighten his back.

        This kind of sudden acceleration would normally give people a sense of fear, and Yao Hanxing was doing this to deliberately scare Han Qianli.

        But when he saw Han Qianqian's calm look with his afterglow, he was inevitably disappointed, this guy wasn't even scared at all, he shouldn't be, with his status in the Han family, how could he be qualified to ride in a sports car?

        Yao Hanxing who couldn't figure it out, simply didn't want to.

        Soon, the two arrived at Mulin Si, directly parked the car at the door, there was a person to help Yao Hanxing move the car to the parking space, this is a special VIP treatment, can see, Yao Hanxing annual consumption in Mulin Si, must be not low.

        After walking into the nightclub, a low subwoofer blasted in his ears, Yao Hanxing was so accustomed to such a scene that his body unconsciously twisted up.

        Although Han Giangli was not particularly repulsive, he did not have much of a good feeling either, although he had one more experience in life than others, but he was still not used to not going to the nightclub.

        Yao Hanxing had a lot of friends in Mullins, and on the way to the box, many of them would greet him, which made Yao Hanxing's face feel especially presentable.

        "You wait for me." After Yao Hanxing bellowed in Han Qianqian's ear, he walked directly towards the dance floor.

        Crowd dancing was probably the word that best described the nightclub scene, Han Qianli found a corner and waited quietly, as long as Yao Hanxing didn't leave his sight, Han Qianli was able to guarantee his safety one hundred percent, after all, the current Han Qianli, in a way, was no longer as simple as a mortal body.

        "Little brother, are you an adult, how dare you come to a nightclub." In a short while, a woman in a strappy red dress walked up to Han 3,000 with a fawning face, clearly somewhat intentionally teasing.

        Han Qianli took one look at the heavily made-up woman and said faintly, "Get lost."

        "Cut." Hearing these two words, the woman immediately changed her face and twisted her hips to leave after making a disdainful expression at Han Three Thousand.

        Before long, Yao Hanxing, who had come out of the dance floor, was already left and right, and was able to handle two women in such a short time, so it had to be said that Yao Hanxing's influence was still not small.

        "Let's go to the private room." Yao Hanxing said to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli silently followed behind Yao Hanxing, the guy's two hands had been moving around very dishonestly.

        After arriving at the box, Han Three Thousand met Yao Hanxing's so-called brothers, who were actually just drinking friends.

        The gang, however, had already figured out how they were going to screw Han Three Thousand, and after a glance at each other, one of them stood up and walked over to Han Three Thousand.

        Climbing very closely to Han Three Thousand, the first thing he said was to call himself a brother, "Little brother, I heard that you're a good friend of Old Yao's, you've never been to a nightclub before, how about letting brother introduce you to how to play in a nightclub?"

        Han 3000 moved across the room without leaving a trace, he didn't want to be hugged by a strange man on his shoulder.

        "You guys play your games, I have my own mission." Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        "Yo, no face? Kid, are you looking down on me?" The man said to Han Qianli with a dissatisfied face.

        Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed slightly, if he really considered himself as Yao Hanxing's friend, how could he be acting like he was making things difficult as soon as he arrived, it seemed that it should be Yao Hanxing who had told him something, or even plotted something.

        When Han Qianqian thought of this, he stopped giving him a bit of face and directly said, "So what if I look down on you, do what you need to do honestly and don't cause trouble."

        The man's eyes looked fiercely at Han Qianqian, never expecting that such a little kid would be so arrogant, this was a complete lack of regard for him ah.

His True Colors Chapter 1103

"Kid, you're begging for a fight." The man said with a ferocious expression.

        Yao Hanxing, who had been by the side as if he hadn't seen anything, finally got up at this time, he forgot to tell his friend how powerful Han Qianxiang was, this matter absolutely couldn't be settled by fists, or else he would suffer a big loss, after all, the bodyguard his father had hired was also kicked unconscious by Han Qianxiang.

        "Calm down calm down, give me some face, don't be so angry ah." The man's anger only subsided a bit when Yao Hanxing stepped forward to be the peacemaker.

        "Don't fight, this kid is very powerful, find another way." Yao Hanxing deliberately leaned in to the man's ear and said.

        Such a little kid, fighting is great?

        The man was a little unconvinced, but Yao Hanxing said so, perhaps because he didn't want to make things too obvious and had to change his tactics.

        Han Giangli found a corner to sit down in so as not to disturb their mood.

        But sitting in a corner didn't mean that one could leave things alone.

        Soon, another person walked up to Han 3,000 with a glass of wine.

        "Since we're friends, let's have a drink together, coming to a nightclub and not drinking doesn't echo the rules." The man said.

        Han Three Thousand directly waved his hand, drinking was never his interest in such things, and the other person was obviously trying to cause trouble on purpose, Han Three Thousand didn't bother to take care of it.

        "Little brother, you can't, you can't even give face to a glass of wine, at least we're out together, you don't have the stamina for this?" The man continued.

        "Have a drink, little handsome boy, you shouldn't be afraid of getting drunk."

        "Don't worry, the sisters won't eat you, your little body isn't enough for us to play with."

        "That's right, we don't like a little fresh meat like you."

        Everyone in the compartment seemed to be on the same side, scoffing at Han Qianli.

        Han Qianqiang wasn't angered by these trifles and said as usual, "I'm not interested in wine."

        "Then are you interested in women?" A girl with a slim figure sat directly beside Han Qianli, her body's strong perfume puffing out her nose.

        When she deliberately placed her hand on Han Three Thousand's thigh, Han Three Thousand inexplicably had a disgusting feeling, worse than eating shit.

        "Take your hands off, don't make yourself unhappy." Han Qianli said mercilessly.

        "Little brother, you talk so arrogantly, you're a man, just have a drink with your sister, don't try to be strong." The woman said disdainfully.

        "Yeah, drink up if you can."

        "If you can drink past her, we'll never embarrass you again."

        "If you can't drink it, go stand outside the door and don't disturb our fun."

        A group of people yelled, their expressions disdainful.

        Han Qianli stood up directly and walked towards the outside of the box.

        "F*ck, this kid is too gutless."

        "Old Yao, who the hell is this guy, he's too cowardly too, it's so boring."

        "Hey, he's just a kid, he shouldn't be in a place like this, what's the point of bothering with a loser like him, let's play our game."

        Yao Hanxing didn't say anything, he just felt a bit strange, Han Qianxiang just left? No way, didn't he act quite arrogant when he was in the Yao family?

        Although he was indeed the Han family's wasteful young master, it was completely like a new person compared to his previous attitude.

        In a short while, Han Giang returned to the compartment.

        The gang didn't even look at him.

        Following Han Three Thousand into the compartment were two other waiters, one carrying a compartment of wine, thirty cups each, on the table.

        "What does this mean?"

        "What are you playing at, I've never seen it before."

        "These wines, they don't look ordinary."

        The crowd looked at the wine on the table in confusion, not quite understanding what Han Qianli wanted to do.

        Yao Hanxing took great interest in this and couldn't help but ask Han Qianli, "What does this mean?"

        "It's called the Road to Hell, it's thirty drinks, each with a higher alcohol concentration, from low to high, and you win if you drink it all in two minutes, so you're playing, aren't you, anyone?" Han Marchiang asked.

        That made a few women impressed with Han Three Thousand, thinking that this guy had left the box with his tail between his legs to be a man, but he had never thought he would play such a game.

        Hell's Path, this fresh way of playing had never been heard of before.

        "This little guy has a bit of a temper."

        "But it's only thirty cups, it's not a big deal ah."

        "I wonder how concentrated the last cup is."

        A woman, attempting to serve the last cup of wine, stuck out her tongue for a shallow taste, and felt her tongue begin to tingle for a moment.

        "Yuck, what is this stuff, it's so spicy, it's so stinging."

        "This is Polish distilled vodka, the alcohol concentration is ninety-six percent, just a shallow taste will make your lips and tongue go numb." Han Marchan explained.

        "Ninety-six percent!"

        "F*ck, that's higher than regular disinfectant alcohol!"

        "Is this the kind of stuff a human can drink!"

        The crowd showed their shock, drinking was about finding the pleasure of alcohol paralysis, not playing with your life.

        Ninety-six alcohol levels, that's a mess that could k*ll someone!

        "Are you kidding me, what's the difference between that and drinking alcohol?" The first one who embarrassed Han 3,000 said.

        "Don't you guys want to play? And now you're afraid to?" Han Qianli said with a faint smile.

        Young people, what they were most afraid of was getting on top, and the easiest way for them to get on top was to lose face in front of women.

        With so many women in the box, if they were to admit defeat, they wouldn't be able to lose face.

        The man gritted his teeth and said, "Kid, who says I don't dare, just play, but first, let's be clear, if you play with your life, it can have nothing to do with me."

        Han Qianqian didn't say much nonsense and directly lifted a cup of wine, tilting his head up and drinking it all.

        The man saw the situation and followed suit.

        The atmosphere in the box suddenly changed, and everyone looked at the two of them nervously.

        Han Qianqian's movements were flowing smoothly, and every time he drank a cup of wine, he would quickly pick up a second cup without any buffering time at all.

        The other man, on the other hand, was particularly hard to stomach, but by the fifth cup, it was as if a fire had already ignited in his stomach, making him particularly uncomfortable.

        "F*ck, this kid is fierce."

        "His can't be boiled water, how could it be."

        When someone raised such a speculation, naturally someone went to find out what was going on, picked up the wine glass that Han Marchioness had been drinking, rubbed his finger against it and put it in his mouth, and when he felt the intense excitement, he dismissed the idea that Han Marchioness was drinking plain water.

        "I really can't tell, but this guy is too strong."

        One cup after another, Han 3,000 directly made people look foolish, and even Yao Hanxing, who had always looked down on Han 3,000, couldn't help but be impressed.


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