His True Colors Chapter 1099-1100

His True Colors Chapter 1099

"You don't think anything of me as a minor, do you, big sister?" Han Giang looked at Wu Xin with a smile on his face, he saved Wu Xin purely on a whim and didn't have any other thoughts, so for him, leaving now was the best option.

        It was just that what Han 3000 hadn't expected was that Wu Xin would say something like that.

        If he were a normal adult male at his current age, the scenario of a hero saving a beautiful woman in exchange for her body would be normal, but the current Han 3000 was only fourteen years old!

        Wu Xin mockingly looked at Han Qianqian and said, "Little kid, you know you're underage, how could your sister have thoughts about you, can you satisfy your sister's daily needs with your small body?"

        At this time, it just so happened that Han Three Thousand's phone rang, as soon as he saw that it was an unfamiliar number, Han Three Thousand guessed who it was and raised the phone to Wu Xin, "There's nothing else, I'll be busy, as for you to get your daily needs, I advise you better not go to the bar, or you won't be so lucky next time."

        After saying that, Han Qianli opened the door and left.

        Wu Xin wrinkled her nose in dissatisfaction and said, "Kids nowadays are really becoming less and less appreciative, isn't it a good thing to have such a beautiful sister?"

        After leaving Wu Xin's house, Han Three Thousand answered the phone, and Yao Yuhai's voice did indeed come from the other end of the line.

        "Han Three Thousand, if you can help me solve this trouble, I, Yao, will cooperate with Feng Qian." Yao Yuhai said.

        Such an answer was not unexpected by Han Three Thousand, as Yao Hanxing had died back then, which meant that Yao Yuhai had exhausted all his means to no avail, and was now in a state of helplessness.

        "Don't worry, this matter is just a small matter to me." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Faced with a fourteen year old child who spoke such words, Yao Yuhai really didn't believe it, but considering the strength Han Qianqian had displayed yesterday, it didn't seem like he was bragging.

        And if he really couldn't do it, he wouldn't have approached the door himself.

        It could only be said that this young master of the Han family, I'm afraid that he was misunderstood by miscommunication, perhaps he was the one who could really hold up the Han family.

        "What should I do next." Yao Yuhai asked.

        "I'll come to your house right away." After saying that, Han Qianqian directly hung up the phone.

        Yao Yuhai was also a respectable figure in Yanjing, and no one had ever dared to hang up on him in this manner, which inevitably made Yao Yuhai feel that Han Three Thousand was a bit of a nobody.

        But thinking that he still needed Han Qianqian's help now, Yao Yuhai didn't care that much.

        With a helpless expression on the side, Yao Hanxing was really unwilling to accept the fact that he was letting a little kid protect him, and he was also known as a loser in the Yanjing circle, if the others knew about this, they would not laugh at him as a coward.

        "Dad, this matter, can't we really discuss this matter a bit more?" Yao Hanxing asked in a soft voice.

        "Can you think of any other way?" Yao Yuhai asked.

        Yao Hanxing shook his head, he did wish he could think of a way out, but for a domineering young master like him, it was usually the elders who wiped his ass when he got into trouble, how could he have the stamina to solve the trouble himself.

        "I didn't expect that I, Yao Hanxing, would actually be reduced to this level, asking a young kid to protect me." Yao Hanxing said with extreme disdain.

        The bodyguard at the side took a look at Yao Hanxing, although Han Qianxiang was just a child, his strength was undeniable, he was a special retired, he didn't even have a chance to resist in front of Han Qianxiang, this was enough to show how powerful Han Qianxiang was.

        "Young Master Yao, you mustn't underestimate him." The bodyguard said.

        Yao Hanxing glared at the bodyguard, if it wasn't for this guy being so useless, would things have developed to this point?

        "Just stop talking okay, I'm irritated when I see you, you at least spent a lot of money to hire me, how could you be such a waste, you can't even beat a child." Yao Hanxing snapped in a cold voice.

        It sounded a bit harsh, but in the bodyguard's opinion, it would not be humiliating, anyone who wasn't convinced could go and try to find Han Qianqian, he didn't think there were a few people in Yanjing who could be a match for Han Qianqian.

        "Can you stop talking nonsense, you have the ability to try it yourself." Yao Yuhai said.

        When Yao Yuhai opened his mouth, Yao Hanxing could only stay honest, not daring to say a single word of rebuttal.

        Not much time later, the doorbell rang, indicating that Han Qianxiang had arrived.

        After the bodyguard opened the door, he bent down slightly, although it wasn't very obvious, but this deliberate action, already shows his change of opinion of Han 3,000, even if Han 3,000 is just a child, it doesn't hinder his recognition of Han 3,000's skill.

        After Han Three Thousand thought of the bodyguard's move, he just smiled faintly and then walked into the living room.

        Yao Yuhai got up to greet him, Yao Hanxing sat on the sofa and didn't even bother to move, after all, in Yao Hanxing's heart, Han Three Thousand was just a trash that no one valued in the Han family.

        "I can tell you who the other party is, and their specific background." Yao Yuhai said to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand waved his hand and said, "No need, I already investigated thoroughly last night."

        Of course, Han 3000 knew about the other party's background, not last night, but in the last fourteen years, but it was just that this kind of truth was definitely impossible to tell Yao Yuhai.

        Yao Yuhai was stunned, one night's work, Han Three Thousand has actually checked out the other party's background, it seems to be really not simple.

        "Han Qianqian, if you're so good at bragging, why don't you go to the bragging competition." Yao Hanxing said indifferently on the side.

        Han Three Thousand didn't care at all about Yao Hanxing's attitude, as he knew very well how domineering and arrogant the young master of such a rich family was, or else he wouldn't be able to get himself into so much trouble.

        "Which nightclub do you like to go to at night?" Han Qianqiang asked to Yao Hanxing.

        Hearing the word nightclub, Yao Hanxing immediately came to his feet, but in front of Yao Yuhai, he still acted quite restrained.

        "What nightclub, does it have anything to do with you?" Yao Hanxing said.

        "The other party must have investigated your past affairs, if they were to do it, they would definitely go to the place you usually frequent." Han Giangli said.

        Looking at Yao Hanxing's carefree attitude, he didn't even realize how serious this matter was, Yao Yuhai got angry and snapped, "Say what you're told, if the other party has arranged for manpower, you have to avoid these places, or else you won't even know how your little life will be lost."

        Yao Hanxing indeed didn't care because he believed that Yao Yuhai could find a way to help him with this matter.

His True Colors Chapter 1100

The reason why Yao Hanxing had such an idea was because Yao Yuhai had protected him so well that any trouble he had in the past, as long as he couldn't solve it himself, Yao Yuhai would step in and help him out, so Yao Hanxing had formed an established concept in his heart that what he couldn't solve, Yao Yuhai would definitely be able to solve.

        It could be said that from start to finish, Yao Hanxing was not too worried about this matter at all.

        "Dad, I often go to places, I will just not go there in the future, why do I have to tell him." Yao Hanxing said, his reluctance to cooperate with Han Qianli was actually a form of rejection in disguise, he didn't want to admit that he needed Han Qianli's protection as a little kid.

        "No, it's not that I'm not going, but I must go," Han Qianqian said.

        Yao Yuhai turned his head to look at Han Three Thousand in surprise, common sense would dictate that one should try to avoid places where one knew the other party might have arranged manpower, so why go, could it be that Han Three Thousand was confused in the head?

        After being stunned for a moment, the bodyguard understood Han Qianli's idea, it was to lure the snake out of its hole, but it was too dangerous to do so, if anything went wrong, Yao Hanxing might not be able to save his life.

        Could this be a case of the artist being bold, is Han Qianli, a little kid, really so confident?

        "Han 3000, you're not wrong." Yao Yuhai asked to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianli shook his head as if it was a matter of course and said, "Of course it's right, since the other party has already sent people to Yanjing, if we don't solve them as soon as possible, how can we solve this trouble, only if Yao Hanxing shows up can we make those people who are hiding in the shadows appear."

        Yao Yuhai took a deep breath, it did make sense to say so, but the risk taken was too great.

        Yao Yuhai was a businessman, he would be used to minimizing the risk of anything, but Han Qianxiang was doing the opposite, this was completely out of character for him.

        "What makes you able to guarantee my son's safety?" Yao Yuhai asked.

        Before Han Qianqian spoke, Yao Hanxing couldn't wait to say, "He's judging nothing, Dad, you mustn't believe his words, he just wants to get me killed."

        "What good is it to me to get you killed, and I want you dead, do you think there will still be people alive in this family?" Han Qianqian looked at Yao Hanxing with cold eyes.

        Yao Hanxing glared at Han Qianqian, he wanted to freeze in this way, but soon, he felt a regal power from Han Qianqian's eyes that made him feel afraid and unconsciously moved away from his own.

        "Dad, we can't trust him," Yao Hanxing said.

        "It's the only way, otherwise the threat in the shadows will never be lifted, and if we push the other side, they'll probably kill us." Han Giangli said.

        Yao Yuhai took a deep breath, such a choice was very difficult for him, after all, he was risking his son.

        But he also understood the reasoning behind what Han Qianqian said, Yao Hanxing could hide for a while, but not for an eternity.

        "How sure are you of this?" Yao Yuhai asked in a deep voice.

        "One hundred percent." Han Giangli said, the present day Earth, could find one to fight with Han Giangli? It was obvious that this was impossible, Han Giangli could now fight the entire apocalypse single-handedly, and still be able to do it with only one hand in a closed-eye state.

        "But how am I supposed to trust you?" Yao Yu Hai said that Han 3,000 just beat up the bodyguard he hired and didn't prove it in any other way, so Yao Yu Hai couldn't do a 100% trust in Han 3,000.

        When it comes to proving it, it's really a bit difficult for Han Three Thousand, after all, that bodyguard really can't take a beating, and it's impossible to show himself on him.

        Han Three Thousand turned his head to look at the bodyguard.

        The bouncer's scalp went numb, mistakenly thinking that Han 3000 still wanted to find himself a cut, and quickly said, "I can't beat you, you don't need to use me for experiments anymore."

        "Of course not, I have a question I want to ask you." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Please ask." The bouncer said.

        "Have you ever heard of the apocalypse?" Han Three Thousand said.

        Although Han Three Thousand was not a member of the apocalypse yet, he could use the apocalypse to boost the trust he brought to the others, after all, the apocalypse was the place where the truly strong people of Yan Xia gathered.

        But this also required one primary condition, that the bodyguard knew about the apocalypse for it to work, otherwise it would be playing to the bull.

        "You ......" the bodyguard looked at Han Qianli in horror, unable to say a word in half a day.

        Seeing him behave like this, Han Qianli faintly smiled, from this performance, he should know about the apocalypse.

        On the other hand, Yao Yuhai and his father and son looked confused, that is, they had never heard of the performance of the apocalypse at all.

        "Heavenly character level." Han Giangli continued.

        The bodyguard's face swished white when he heard these three words, and now he finally understood why he was defenseless in front of Han Qianli.

        He ...... was actually at the Heavenly Character level of the Apocalypse!

        The reason why the bodyguard knew of the existence of the apocalypse was because during his previous service, the apocalypse sent people to his unit to select new recruits, and he himself had been fortunate enough to be selected to enter the apocalypse, only to later fail during the second assessment, so he lost his eligibility to join the apocalypse, but he still had some knowledge of the apocalypse.

        And he also had a friend who was now a member of the Apocalypse, so he was more than capable of knowing what it meant to be a Heavenly Character.

        After the bodyguard was startled, he immediately knelt on the ground as a way of expressing his apology for being disrespectful to Han Giang.

        This scene directly confused the Yao family's father and son.

        How could he suddenly kneel down?

        And it still looked like an apology.

        Is it any wonder that this apocalypse, is a very powerful place?

        "What's wrong with you?" Yao Yuhai was puzzled and asked the bodyguard.

        "Boss Yao, he deserves your 100% trust, and only he can help Young Master Yao solve this trouble." The bodyguard said to Yao Yuhai in a deep voice, his expression very serious and earnest.

        He couldn't explain too much about the apocalypse to Yao Yuhai because the topic was taboo, but he could tell Yao Yuhai that Han 3000 was trustworthy.

        If the Heavenly Apocalypse Heavenly Character was not trustworthy, who else could be trusted?

        Faced with such a big change in the bodyguard, although Yao Yuhai didn't know what exactly was going on, he could feel Han Three Thousand's extraordinary status, as such, trusting Han Three Thousand was the only option.

        "Han Three Thousand, I trust you, I'll leave this matter to you, anything you want Yao Hanxing to do, he will cooperate with you, if he dares to say half a word, you tell me immediately." After Yao Yu Hai finished speaking, he gave Yao Han Xing a fierce stare, deterring Yao Han Xing to make sure to listen to Han Qianqian's arrangement.


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