His True Colors Chapter 1097-1098


His True Colors Chapter 1097

Just as a few people were about to watch Han Qianli's joke, their expressions froze at almost the same time.

        Even Zhao Lei himself was frozen in place.

        This was because the fist he was swinging down was unable to move at all after being held by Han Qianqian's wrist.

        Zhao Lei himself was well aware of how strong he was, and among his peers, he had never met an opponent before, but now, with his wrist held in a death grip, he couldn't even move at all, even if he secretly tried to retract his hand, he actually couldn't do it.

        "How is it possible." Zhao Lei's face changed, and he said unbelievably.

        "What, can't move?" Han Three Thousand Years old looked mockingly provocative to Zhao Lei.

        Zhao Lei would never accept such a humiliating thing in front of his own partner, so he aimed another kick at Han Three Thousand's abdomen and prepared to kick it.

        But how could Han Qianqian give him such an opportunity and counterattacked with even more speed, coming after him, and the moment Zhao Lei was kicked, Han Qianqian also let go at the same time, so much so that Zhao Lei fell back several steps in a row and fell to the ground in a mess.

        This was still the end of Han Three Thousand's deliberate effort to control the force, but if he hadn't, Zhao Lei would have ended up even worse than that bodyguard.

        "Zhao Lei, how are you."


        "How did he get so powerful."

        The eyes of a few of the little fellows who looked at Han Qianqian clearly changed with a bit of fear.

        Because Zhao Lei was the best fighter among the few of them, and usually if he got into a conflict with someone else, it was always Zhao Lei who would step in to resolve it and never fail, and this was the first time they had seen Zhao Lei get knocked down.

        More importantly, it was actually the Han family's trash young master who had done this, so they were even more shocked.

        When did this trash become so powerful?

        Zhao Lei's face was extremely ugly and filled with rage as he stared at Han Qianqian, no one could disgrace him, but this trash had done it!

        Han Qianli coldly walked towards Zhao Lei.

        A few of the little fellows hurriedly took two steps back when they saw this, it wasn't that they didn't dare to care about Zhao Lei, but they really didn't have the guts, after all, how could they dare to fight someone who couldn't even beat Zhao Lei?

        "What do you ...... you want?" Zhao Lei was also a little afraid that Han Qianqiang would come down hard on him again.

        "I know that you'll definitely take revenge on me, but today, I'll let you go, and next time you come, you'd better bring some real experts." Han Qianli said indifferently, people like Zhao Lei would definitely not accept it silently if they ate the hold, so it was only a matter of time before they got their revenge.

        Zhao Lei didn't dare to speak, afraid that once his revenge was exposed, Han Qianli would go back on his word.

        It wasn't until after Han Qianli left that Zhao Lei grimly stood up, slapped the dust on his ass, and said through gritted teeth, "Han Qianli, you wait."

        At that moment, one of the girls among the few people was still relentlessly looking at Han Three Thousand's departing back, and from that look, it revealed a sense of admiration, as if she had been overwhelmed by Han Three Thousand's prowess.

        "Zhao Lei, what to do."

        "This matter cannot be let go of so easily."

        "Good, we must take revenge."

        Zhao Lei laughed coldly in his heart at these guys' verbal bravado, if it wasn't for the family behind them, Zhao Lei wouldn't have played with them at all, and wouldn't have helped when he should have, but now, one by one, they were all coming on strong.

        "Of course I'll take revenge, several of the senior brothers in the boxing gym are on good terms with me, so if I ask them for help, they definitely won't refuse." Zhao Lei said.

        "Are you guys ...... sure?" The little girl who had been staring at Han Qianqian's back suddenly said, "What if your senior brother isn't a match for him either?"

        "How is that possible, those senior brothers of mine are all true experts, how could they not beat him." Zhao Lei denied, although it was true that he hadn't beaten Han Qianli, he didn't believe that Han Qianli could be more powerful than his older brothers from the boxing gym.

        The little girl didn't say anything else, but she had a hidden feeling inside that even if Zhao Lei did find those senior brothers, there was a good chance that he wouldn't be able to beat Han 3,000.

        Han 3000 had just made it clear that he knew that Zhao Lei would take revenge and had asked Zhao Lei to bring in some real experts, but if he didn't have enough strength, how could he dare to say such a thing?

        But to make sure just in case, Zhao Lei secretly made a call to Han Jun after he returned home to ask Han Jun what was going on, and why his wasteful brother had suddenly become powerful.

        When Han Jun learned of the conflict between Han 3000 and Zhao Lei, his first thought was to use Zhao Lei's hand to teach Han 3000 a good lesson, so he hid the fact that Han 3000 had knocked out Yan Jun.

        "He secretly learned just a few tricks from following Yan Jun, no need to take it too seriously, you find some people and teach him a hard lesson, no need to give me face this time, I can beat him towards death." Han Jun said.

        Zhao Lei didn't think that Han Jun would lie to him, so he didn't think much of it and said, "Don't worry, I won't let him off easily without you saying anything, if he dares to disgrace me Zhao Lei, I want him to be unable to stand up for the rest of his life."

        A young fart with a vicious heart that even some adults couldn't compare to, this was the domineering child.

        "If there's anything you need help with, just look for me, you know that he's not even my brother, so I'm sure I'm helping you." Han Jun said, beating two brothers who came out of the same mother's womb, yet Han Jun didn't even want to acknowledge Han 3000's identity, and it had to be said that Han 3000 was indeed like an outsider in the Han family.

        And all of this was actually caused by Nangong Qianqiu, who had been so prejudiced against Han 3,000 since she was a child that she had greatly influenced Han Jun, which was why she rejected Han 3,000.

        "Alright, with your words, I'm relieved, I'll never be soft."

        Night fell.

        Han 3000 didn't return to the Han family compound, that place was a true home to him but it didn't give him any sense of belonging, he would rather live on the streets and never go back.

        He had thought that he would be able to find a random hotel for the night and arrange a permanent residence tomorrow, but what Han Marchand hadn't expected was that this simple thing would be difficult for the current him.

        Without his ID card, the hotel wouldn't let him stay at all, an accident that Han Three Thousand hadn't foreseen.

        "Is it hard to believe that we'll really be sleeping rough tonight?" Han Qianli smiled bitterly, at any rate, he was now the strongest man on Earth, but it was a bit too miserable that he would end up like this.

        While passing by a nightclub, Han Qianli happened to run into a drunk woman being assisted out by a man.

        The woman was dressed in a very sexy, tight, baggy skirt, while the man, who smelled of alcohol but was not drunk in the slightest, was clearly another operation to hunt for sex with alcohol.

His True Colors Chapter 1098

Such things were common, there were only two kinds of people in mixed nightclubs, those who hunted and those who preyed, and those who were willing to join the fray usually acquiesced to such rules, sort of you-and-me.

        But Han Giangli heard the man on the phone as he passed by the two.

        "It's done, the medicine is really good, I don't think she'll even know what happened until tomorrow morning." The man's smug tone was particularly jarring as he said this.

        Han Qianqiang wasn't one to meddle in affairs, but she despised this kind of dirty tricks.

        Nightclub life was about mutual consent, and this kind of despicable method was clearly not based on mutual consent.

        "Fine, I'll be on the first half of the night, you come over the second half of the night." After saying this, the man hung up the phone.

        Han Giangli suddenly stopped, who had no intention of caring about this matter, he really couldn't bear to hear such dirty words.

        "What do you want, this is my sister." Han Qianli blocked in front of the man and said.

        "Little kid, it's none of your business, get the hell out of my way." The man said impatiently to Han Qianqian, such a little kid, of course he wouldn't take any notice of her.

        "Let her go and hurry up, you can be safe." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "Yoho, little kid, you've got a big mouth, it seems that if I don't teach you a lesson today, you don't know what kind of person grandpa I am." The man was infuriated by Han Qianqian, how could his good deeds be ruined by a little fart.

        Immediately, he kicked out, wanting to teach Han Three Thousand a lesson and then tell him to get lost.

        Han Three Thousand shone a light on the man's knee and kicked out as well.


        The man cried out in pain for a moment, his knees shattering.

        When he let go of the woman, Han Giangli held her up at the first opportunity.

        "People like you, why can't you hear the warning?" Han Qianli said faintly.

        The man sat on the ground, tearing his heart out in pain, so that he didn't care what Han Three Thousand Years had said, nor did he have the heart to listen.

        At that moment, a taxi happened to come by, and Han Three Thousand waved it to a stop.

        Bringing the woman on board, Han Three thousand looked through the woman's satchel and found the address of the woman's house.

        If it had been an ordinary child of the same age as Han Three Thousand, the weight of an adult woman would have been considerable, but to Han Three Thousand, it wasn't worth mentioning.

        Even the security guard showed a startled look as he carried the woman through the community gate.

        "Who is this kid, so strong."

        "This child's face is raw, but this woman, who is the owner of this place, can't be her brother."

        The two security guards sighed and watched Han Qianli walk away.

        Pressing the elevator up the stairs and returning to the woman's home, Han Marchian was surprised to find that the home wasn't even dirty at all.

        After sending the woman back to her room and throwing herself on the bed, Han Three Thousand returned to the living room.

        Despite having the mentality and thinking of an adult, though, Han 3000 was not interested in such a woman.

        "Saving you and sleeping in your living room for a night can be considered payment." With no place to sleep, Han Three thousand rightfully borrowed a night in the living room.

        As for the woman in the room, Han Three Thousand didn't worry, she was drugged, and after the effects of the drug had worn off, she should be fine.

        The next morning, the woman woke up still in a daze, but was relieved to see the familiar scene in the room.

        "Fine, he seems to be a decent guy too, but why did I suddenly drink a broken tablet." The woman spoke to herself, smelling the pungent smell of alcohol on her clothes and taking them off with a disgusted look.

        Getting ready to take a shower, she walked naked into the living room.


        A shriek woke up Han Third Thousand who was still asleep.

        As soon as he opened his eyes, Han Three Thousand saw a scene of a woman panicking and covering her body with her hands.

        Hastily turning his head, Han Three Thousand asked, "What are you doing!"

        The woman ran into the room without looking back, living alone, she was used to being in such a state at home, but she never expected that there was a strange man in the house.

        Just now, it must have been seen by him!

        But look at him, he's still just a kid, how did he end up in his own house?

        The woman dressed quickly and steadied herself before coming back into the living room.

        "Who are you and why are you in my house." The woman questioned Han Qianli.

        "You were drugged last night, and I just happened to bump into you, I saved you, and I just didn't have a place to stay, so I borrowed your house for the night." Han Three Thousand said bluntly.

        "Drugged?" The woman was stunned, she had just marveled at how decent the friend was, but she hadn't realized he was such a shameless villain, no wonder he'd broken off yesterday before a few glasses of wine.

        "I heard him on the phone and he had another person show up in the middle of the night, so I don't have to tell you what they're going to do," Han 3000 said.

        The woman's face turned pale, if this really happened, her life would be over.

        But how could this one child save her from an adult?

        "How did you save me?" The woman asked curiously.

        "No surprise, he's probably in the hospital now," Han Marchian said.

        The woman looked at Han 3,000 with confusion, although the person in front of her was a young boy, talking to her had the feeling of talking to a grown man, he had a maturity that didn't match his age.

        The woman went back to her room, presumably to make a phone call to confirm the authenticity of Han Marchand's words.

        Soon, after she returned to the living room, she said a thank you to Han Giang.

        "If there's nothing else, I'll leave first," Han Three Thousand said.

        As she was standing up, the woman suddenly asked, "Just now, what did you see?"

        "You look at me like I'm blind, but I can't be blamed for that." Han Giangli said speechlessly, he was also forced to, who would have thought that when he opened his eyes, he would actually see an image like that?

        The woman should not have asked this question with her head down in shame, she had looked into Han Marchand's eyes, so how could she not have seen it.

        But it wasn't a loss, if it wasn't for him, what happened last night would have been really serious.

        "You saved me, I'll buy you dinner as a thank you, and then you can't tell anyone about what just happened." The woman said.

        Han Giang shook his head, he didn't lack for this meal and the incident last night was just a moment of interest, he didn't want to get paid anything.

        "No need." Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        The woman was a bit anxious as to why she wanted to leave Han Marchioness behind as she saw Han Marchioness leaving.

        "I'm Wu Xin, what's your name, let's make friends."


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