His True Colors Chapter 1094-1096


His True Colors Chapter 1094

Feng Qian Company.

        At this stage, Feng Qian Company is in its infancy, and Han Three Thousand as the person behind the scenes, all with Qin Lin, the puppet who is lifting the strings, working for Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand secretly uses the Han family's resources to provide convenience for Feng Qian Company, but the beginning of everything is difficult, and the development of Feng Qian Company now is not smooth.

        Qin Lin, who was burning up the company, suddenly heard his secretary say that a young boy was looking for him.

        The first thing Qin Lin thought of was Han Qianqian, but thought it was unlikely because he knew very well that Han Qianqian had to hide what he was doing and couldn't be found by the Han family, so he shouldn't come to the company in broad daylight.

        But the little boy, who else could it be other than Han Three Thousand?

        "Send him in." Qin Lin said to the secretary.

        In a short time, the secretary brought Han 3,000 to the office.

        When Qin Lin found out that the visitor was really Han 3,000, a strange feeling rose in his heart, and after having the secretary leave the office and close the door, Qin Lin immediately stood up from his position and walked over to Han 3,000.

        "Young Master, what are you doing here." Qin Lin asked, puzzled.

        They were vastly different in grade, but Qin Lin's respect for Han Three Thousand was true, and it was Han Three Thousand who had saved him when he was living on the streets, so in Qin Lin's heart, he had never treated Han Three Thousand as a child.

        What kind of child could have such a calculating and sophisticated mind?

        Moreover, Qin Lin had seen Han Qianqian's murderous methods with his own eyes, and even an adult didn't have Han Qianqian's ruthless heart.

        "Come to see if there's anything I can do to help." Han Qianqian said indifferently.


        Qin Lin was even more puzzled, Han 3,000 mostly paved the way for him, most things needed to be solved by him, what was wrong with Han 3,000 today, wasn't he afraid of being discovered by the Han family?

        "Young Master, please rest assured that I can handle these matters." Qin Lin said.

        "I don't have to play tricks behind the Han family's back anymore, so from today onwards, I will officially take over Feng Qian Company." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Qin Lin's heart shook, taking over the company!

        Isn't he afraid that the Han family will try to meddle with Feng Qian's project?

        With Feng Qian Company's current strength, it's not qualified to go against the Han family.

        And without the Han family's chain of connections, Feng Qian Company's development would become even more difficult.

        Qin Lin really couldn't figure out why Han Qianqian had suddenly made such a decision.

        "Young Master, what's going on, you're not going to have a falling out with the Han family, are you?" Qin Lin asked with a worried look on his face, if there was a falling out, the future of Feng Qian Company would be hard to say, and it was likely that all the previous efforts would go down the drain.

        "Good, but it doesn't matter, I don't need to rely on the Han family's connections to make Feng Qian Company grow." Han 3,000 paused, looked at Qin Lin, and continued, "You won't not believe me, will you?"

        Qin Lin quickly shook his head and said, "Young Master, of course I trust you."

        "I'll take care of the cooperation regarding Yao's, so you go prepare for the rest." Han Qianqian said.

        Yao's recent cooperation was causing Qin Lin a huge headache, it was a huge opportunity for Feng Qian, but Yao didn't give Feng Qian any attention at all.

        In the last fourteen years, Feng Qian's cooperation with Yao had failed because at that time, Han Three Thousand's ability wasn't enough for Feng Qian to have enough capital to be taken seriously by Yao.

        But now the situation was completely different, and Han Three Thousand had absolute certainty that he could get Yao Yuhai to agree to work with Feng Qian's company.

        Yao Yuhai's son got into trouble in an offshore casino, so much so that the other side sent a large number of assassins into the country, and Yao Yuhai's son, Yao Hanxing, ended up dying, which caused a huge sensation in Yanjing.

        If Han Qian Qian could help Yao Yu Hai solve this trouble, Yao Yu Hai would naturally be willing to work with him.

        After leaving Feng Qian Company, Han Qian Qian went directly to Yao Yu Hai's home, he still had to hurry to Yun City, so this matter had to be done in the shortest possible time.

        The reason why he didn't go directly to Cloud City was because the timing was perfect for this opportunity with the Yao family, if he missed it, Yao Han Xing would die and the cooperation between Feng Qian and Yao would not be reached.

        Of course, the most important thing was that this was just a small matter to Han Three Thousand.

        With Han Three Thousand's current personal strength, he didn't really need to care about how Feng Qian's company developed, let alone what the others thought of him, but in front of Nangong Qianqiu, Han Three Thousand couldn't do it, he couldn't have the same mentality as the old lady.

        No matter if it was before or now, Han 3000 couldn't curb his desire to prove himself in front of her because he had to make Nangong Qianqiu regret that he was capable of it.

        A certain luxury villa area in Yanjing.

        Yao Yuhai was burning with a headache, his son had caused so much trouble and the other party was unforgiving, letting out words that they would definitely take Yao Hanxing's life.

        The other party's strength was very clear to him, if they were really determined to kill Yao Hanxing, no matter where Yao Hanxing was hiding, it would be hard to escape death.

        "Dad, have you thought of a way out yet." Yao Hanxing's face was pale and he was clearly terrified.

        He hadn't taken it seriously at all before, and it wasn't until Yao Yuhai had told him who the other party was that Yao Hanxing began to feel scared.

        And Yao Yuhai made it very clear that the other party wanted him dead unless he could stay hidden at home, otherwise, he would die sooner or later.

        This made Yao Hanxing even more afraid because he knew that he couldn't stay at home all the time, which was even worse than killing him.

        Yao Yuhai looked at Yao Hanxing as if he was angry and said, "I warned you long ago that you must keep a low profile outside of the country, not anyone can be messed with, have you heard my words?"

        "Dad, I know I was wrong, I will change, I won't leave the country anymore, I'll just stay in China honestly, you must save me ah, I'm your only son." Yao Hanxing said as if he was crying.

        Yao Yuhai sighed, this only son, how could he not want to save it, but after thinking of many ways, all of them were not feasible, and Yao Yuhai also found many people, those people did not dare to interfere in this matter at all, for fear of being inflicted on himself.

        "That group of people has deep ties with the International Killer Organization, I've looked for all the connections, but no one dares to help, I have no choice now." Yao Yuhai said with a sigh.

        At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        Yao Hanxing was like a frightened bird shaking.

His True Colors Chapter 1095

"Dad, aren't they here!" Yao Hanxing said in shock.

        Yao Yuhai was also shocked, but on second thought, it was unlikely.

        Even if that gang was bold, they wouldn't dare to come to the door in broad daylight, he, Yao Yuhai, had a bit of power in Yanjing, there was no way the other party would be so arrogant.

        "Go take a look." Yao Yuhai said to the bodyguard beside him, this was the expert he had brought in for this matter, special retired, definitely not bad in terms of his skills.

        The bodyguard nodded and headed towards the door, he who had remained vigilant was relieved when he only saw a child through his cat eyes.

        "It's a kid." The bouncer said to Yao Yuhai.

        "A child?" Yao Yuhai was confused for a moment and said, "Open the door."

        The bodyguard opened the door, and before he could ask a question, Han 3,000 said, "I want to see Yao Yuhai, I can help him with his matter."

        After the bodyguard heard this, he couldn't help but laugh, where was this little kid spouting nonsense, Yao Yuhai had racked his brains for a solution that couldn't be solved, a little kid, he even said that he could help, wasn't this bullshit?

        "Kids, your home isn't here, so if you're okay, get out of here." The bodyguard said.

        Han Giangli knew that at his current age, it definitely wasn't that easy to gain trust, and the only way to get them to ignore his age was to show his strength.

        "I'm sorry." Han Qianli said those words and kicked out.

        The bodyguard's face raised disdain, he was at least a special retired, and a little kid dared to take a shot at him.

        Just as he was about to teach the little kid in front of him a lesson, he suddenly felt a heavy blow to his chest, and the tremendous force made him unable to even stand, taking a few steps back and directly rolling over in a backward roll, falling to the ground in a mess.

        The father and son of Yao Yuhai in the living room saw the situation, their faces changed dramatically, thought the enemy came to the door.

        The first thing Yao Hanxing did was to hide behind Yao Yuhai, which was probably the behavior of every coward, as Han Jun had done the same thing.

        "Who are you?" Yao Yuhai was wary of Han Qianqian, the bodyguard he had spent a lot of money to find had fainted to death.

        How could this little brat be so powerful!

        "Don't be afraid, I'm here to help you." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        How could Yao Yuhai easily believe that a person who didn't know his background, beat up his own bodyguard and said that he was here to help him.

        "I'm warning you, this is my Yao family's territory, if you dare to act recklessly, I'll never let you leave alive today." Yao Yuhai threatened.

        Han Qianqian walked to the living room and sat directly on the sofa with a carefree attitude, saying, "If I came to kill you, do you think you would still have the chance to speak now? This person is protecting you guys, right, but unfortunately he's really unbearable."

        Yao Yuhai's face became more and more ugly, he didn't expect the expert he had found to be like a paper tiger, useless at all.

        "Who are you?" Yao Yuhai asked.

        "Han Three Thousand, if you haven't heard my name, you should know about the Han family's young master, but I don't have anything to do with the Han family anymore." Han Third Thousand said indifferently.

        There were many people in Yanjing who had heard of the three words Han Three Thousand, but most of them wouldn't take them to heart, because the only thing Nangong Qianqiu valued was Han Jun, and as for this so-called young master, it was just a joke.

        "You're that trash of the Han family." Yao Hanxing obviously knew Han Qianxiang, and his face couldn't help but reveal an expression of disdain, as if he had forgotten how the bodyguard had fainted and died at Han Qianxiang's hands.

        Han 3000 didn't care about such a comment, because at this stage, outsiders' perception of him was generally the same.

        "I'm the only one who can save you right now, so you better take that back." Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        "Cut." Yao Hanxing laughed disdainfully, after knowing Han Qianli's identity, he couldn't restrain himself from despising Han Qianli so much that he forgot everything that had happened before.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, I know you, you are not even as good as a servant in the Han family, what makes you able to save me." Yao Hanxing said.

        Han Three Thousand pointed at the bodyguard who was lying on the ground and said, "Do you want to sleep for a while too?"

        Yao Hanxing was shocked and quickly took two steps back, closing the distance between him and Han Giangli, only this could make him feel safe.

        Yao Yu Hai frowned tightly, the strength that Han 3000 had just shown was indeed very strong, and with that alone, one could ignore his age as well as his identity background.

        Regardless of what position he was in the Han family, strength was something that did not lie.

        Just why was it that when the bystanders were avoiding him because of this matter, he took the initiative to seek help?

        "Why are you helping us?" Yao Yuhai asked.

        "Of course, I'm interested in Yao's influence in Yanjing, and I have a company, Feng Qian, that I want to work with," Han Qianqian said.

        "Feng Qian Company?" Yao Yu Hai knew about this company because his secretary had mentioned many times that the CEO of this company, wasn't it Qin Lin, how could it be related to Han 3000?

        "This company is mine, Qin Lin is just my puppet, I originally planned to let Feng Qian Company develop secretly, but now I've changed my mind." Han 3,000 explained.

        When Yao Yuhai heard this, his first reaction was that this little guy in front of him wasn't simple, such a calculating city was never something a little kid could have, and to be able to have Qin Lin willingly serve as a puppet, he definitely had a superiority over him.

        Of course, Yao Yuhai had already seen the superiority, the bodyguard hired at a high price couldn't even handle a single move in front of him.

        But whether or not he was trustworthy, Yao Yuhai would have to think about it a bit more, after all, this matter was a matter of his son's life, and he wouldn't dare to act recklessly.

        "I won't hide it from you, no one can save him except me, and he will definitely die, so you better think it over, here is my number, tomorrow at the latest, I want to get your decision." After leaving his number, Han Qianli got up and left.

        The expression on Yao Hanxing's face changed the moment Han Qianli stepped out of the room.

        "Dad, this little brat is too arrogant, find someone to teach him a lesson." Yao Hanxing said.

        After glaring at Yao Han Xing, Yao Yu Hai walked up to the bodyguard's side, how much force was needed to make him pass out from the pain with one kick?

        Taking a deep breath, Yao Yuhai said, "Perhaps, the one who can save you is really only him."

        "No way, dad, you really believe him, he's just a little kid, how could he save me." Yao Hanxing said with dissatisfaction.

His True Colors Chapter 1096

This time how dangerous the incident is Yao Hanxing knows very well, otherwise his domineering personality, how would he hide at home, so he would never want to put his hopes on such a small child like Han Qiangnian.

        As the young master of the Han family, his status in the Han family is actually inferior to that of a servant, and only Han Jun shows up for any important occasions, while Han Qianxiang doesn't get any chance.

        If he was really that powerful, how could the Han family be so dismissive of him?

        Yao Yuhai did not say anything, but silently threw a pot of cold water on the bodyguard's head.

        The bodyguard, stimulated by the cold water, finally opened his eyes and woke up.

        When he saw Yao Yuhai staring at him, the first thing the bodyguard wanted to admit his fault because he had underestimated Han Qianqian and that was why he had caused this, once the father and son were harmed as a result, he would be derelict in his duty as a bodyguard.

        But when the bodyguard was about to speak, Yao Yuhai interrupted, "You have one more chance, can you beat him?"

        This made the bodyguard freeze for a moment, if the incident of being knocked unconscious hadn't happened, he would have been very disdainful of facing a little kid like Han Giang, but now this issue forced him to analyze it seriously.

        The force of that kick just now was still fresh in his mind, and the fact that a kick could restrain someone from fainting to death was definitely not a simple force.

        To say that he wouldn't take it lightly if there was another chance, but whether the result could be changed or not, it was still unclear.

        "Boss, perhaps ...... might still end up in the same place." Although it wasn't something the bodyguard was willing to admit, he didn't have the courage to lie, and he didn't dare to take Han Qianli lightly anymore.

        Yao Yuhai took a deep breath, in fact, this answer was already clear in his mind, it was just Han Qianqian's age that made him retain the last shred of doubt.

        If he were an adult, Yao Yuhai would have agreed to Han Three Thousand directly.

        "It seems that I only have the choice to believe him." Yao Yuhai said.

        "Dad." Upon hearing this, Yao Hanxing became anxious, he was a very face-loving and domineering second generation, how could he accept a little kid saving him, if this matter was spread out, wouldn't it become a joke to others.

        "Dad, do you really want to trust a kid? How can you trust him with your son's life when what he says is like a fart."

        "Is there any other way?" Yao Yuhai looked at Yao Hanxing with cold eyes, all that he could think of, all that he should think of, he had tried, but no one was willing to get involved in this matter at all, if it went on like this, Yao Hanxing would definitely only have one way to die, so Yao Yuhai had no choice but to treat a dead horse as if it were alive.

        "Our family is so rich, can't we still hire helpers? Yanjing doesn't have one, so other places will do." Yao Hanxing said.

        Yao Yuhai looked like he was gnashing his teeth, this attitude of Yao Hanxing was really infuriating him, if Yao Hanxing wasn't so ignorant, it wouldn't have caused so much trouble, his lawless attitude, it was time to change.

        Yao Yu Hai waved his hand and slapped Yao Han Xing's face, scolding him angrily, "The lesson brought by this matter, I hope you can give me a lesson to remember, if you cause trouble in the future, open your eyes and take a good look at who the other party is, otherwise, the king of heaven won't be able to save you."

        "As for this matter of Han Qianqian, I've already decided, cut the f*cking crap, if you don't want to, you can figure it out yourself."

        Yao Hanxing covered his face and didn't dare to speak, he knew that his father was really angry, if he talked back, once Yao Yuhai didn't help him, he would be finished.

        After leaving the Yao family, Han Giang walked aimlessly on the street, he never thought that he would be able to live the stage of his youth once more, and it was already an irreversible thing, so he was already open to it inwardly.

        Since the age of fourteen had already started all over again, Han Qianli naturally wanted to live out a different trajectory, too many people had treated him as a joke back then, a waste young master, and he wanted to remove the label of joke from his body.

        As he was walking, a group of bloodthirsty teenagers suddenly stopped Han Qianli in front of him.

        "You ...... are Han Qianqian?" The leader a person with long, uneven hair looked at Han 3,000 in surprise and asked, as if he was a little unsure if he had mistaken someone.

        Han 3000 fixed his eyes, this guy's name was Zhao Lei, he was very close to Han Jun, he often came to the Han family compound to play, and he also ganged up with Han Jun to fix himself, his own mess was the laughing stock of them, he didn't expect to run into him here.

        "Zhao Lei." Han Giangli said faintly.

        Zhao Lei laughed and said, "It really is you, why are you running down the street if you're not hiding in your backyard, aren't you afraid of being seen, if you disgrace the Han family, your brother won't let you go."

        Han Giangli laughed, this was the way outsiders looked at his young master, even leaving the house could be linked to losing face?

        Is he just going to stay home?

        You're going to smear the Han family when you go out?

        "I need something." After saying that, Han Qianxiang was about to leave, meeting this bunch of dude was not a good thing, and Han Qianxiang didn't want to get herself into trouble.

        But Zhao Lei wouldn't let Han Three Thousand leave easily and directly blocked it.

        "I heard your brother say that you can learn how to pee with a dog, learn one for me to see, if you do well, I'll let you go, how about it?" Zhao Lei said with an arrogant face to Han Qianqian.

        A few others began to coax as well, as if they were eager to see how exactly people performed dog peeing.

        "Learn one, learn one."

        "Hurry up and learn one for us to see, or else we'll beat you to death."

        Han 3000's face was frosty, in the past, he was just hiding too much, that's why he was bullied over the head by these guys, back then, Han 3000 didn't have a choice, but now, Han 3000 wouldn't do that.

        "Zhao Lei, I advise you to get out of the way, or else I won't be polite to you," Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        Zhao Lei's face instantly changed when he heard this, when did this insignificant, trashy young master of the Han family have the right to threaten him.

        "Han Three Gorges, you're f*cking asking for it." Zhao Lei also had a violent temper and swung his fist at Han Three Thousand without the right words.

        For Zhao Lei, who was in a boxing class, his strength was absolutely outstanding among his peers and he had yet to meet an opponent, and the other people also knew of Zhao Lei and sneered at Han 3000 at the first opportunity.

        Daring to anger Zhao Lei, wasn't this a death wish?


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