His True Colors Chapter 1091-1093


His True Colors Chapter 1091

The spatial tunnel, which had originally failed, gradually fluctuated spatial power again in the middle of Xuanyuan Mountain's cavern.

        When Han Giangli suddenly opened his eyes, the spatial tunnels had already reappeared.

        This scene surprised the Lin Long beyond measure, as it knew very well that no one could do this after the spatial tunnel had failed, but it was Han Qianxiang who had done it.

        "What's going on, how is it possible, how is it possible." The panicked Lin Long wanted to stop Han Three Thousand, but it was already too late, the narrow cavern wasn't enough to give him enough room to exert himself, and the power that Han Three Thousand had exploded out of almost the entire cavern, as well as the power fluctuations of the spatial tunnel, made Lin Long not dare to act rashly, once it triggered a change in the power of the spatial tunnel, what kind of consequences it would cause, even it couldn't predict.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, you have to stop." The Linlong gritted its teeth and roared at Han Third Thousand.

        It was a pity that the current Han Qianqian couldn't hear anything.

        In a short while, a strange scene began to appear in the sky above Xuanyuan World, huge gaps appeared in the sky as if they had been torn apart, and the spiritual energy of the entire Xuanyuan World began to become manic.

        "What do you want, are you going to destroy the Xuanyuan World?" The Lunar Dragon was panicked, since it had left the Higher World, it had had a hard time finding the Xuanyuan World as a place of shelter, and it wasn't easy to be discovered by the Higher World, if Han Marchand destroyed this place, it would become homeless, and it might even be discovered by the Higher World.

        "You stop, stop now, I have a way to resurrect your wife and daughter." The Linlong roared, now it couldn't stop Han 3000, so it could only use lies to make Han 3000 stop.

        But its words, Han 3000 couldn't even hear it, and even if it did hear it, how could Han 3000 believe the words from the mouth of an animal?

        Su Yingxia and Han Nian died in his arms, and it might be able to do that when the dead come back to life, but that doesn't really solve the problem.

        What Han Qianli wanted to do was to take Su Yingxia and Han Nian out of this dangerous place, so reversing time was his only option.

        The gap in the air of Xuanyuan World was growing wider and wider, and the entire world was in a state of intense fluctuation.

        Lin Long finally understood what Han Qianqian wanted to do, watching things that disappeared for no reason but began to be reborn again was an evolutionary process of reversing time.

        Countless exotic beasts that had become extinct in Xuanyuan World began to come back to life, the gnarled trees were getting smaller, and the dead trees were springing up again, it was a time reversal.

        "Han Three Thousand Year, stop, or else I will never let you go, no matter where you are, I will find you and kill you." As the Linlong felt its body begin to change, it realized that the time reversal had begun and that there was no one who could stop it, so the last thing it could do was to intimidate Han Three Thousand, which was sort of an outburst of rage and a roar of impotence.

        Han Giang, who was in the eyes of the wind, had no idea what was happening, but the entire world had changed dramatically because of him.

        At the end of the darkness, there would eventually be light.

        When Han Three Thousand was awakened by a basin of cold water, he was horrified to find himself in the middle of a familiar yet unfamiliar environment, and standing in front of him with the appearance of a domineering son, he was even more unbelievable in his familiarity.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, are you comfortable?" A little boy looked proudly at Han Qianqian, holding a basin in his hand, and it was obvious that he was the one who had just splashed the cold water.

        Han three thousand excitedly stood up and walked over to the mirror, when he saw his fourteen year old face, his entire body froze as if he had been struck by lightning!

        Han Qianqiang, who had all the memories, knew what had happened, but was a bit incredulous.

        He had reversed time in the world of Xuanyuan, and it had gone back to when he was fourteen years old!

        Touching his face, Han Giangli felt an extremely surreal feeling.

        "Han Three Thousand, you haven't called me today." The little boy holding the basin was discontented and said to Han Three Thousand, this was Han Jun's brother!

        Han Qianli turned to look at Han Jun with a cold face, a frosty look that scared Han Jun back two steps.

        "What are you doing? If you keep looking at me like that, I believe I'll hit you." Han Jun threatened.

        Han Giangli sneered as he took two steps forward and hammered a punch into Han Jun's chest.

        Han Jun's facial expression twisted in pain and crouched on the ground in agony.

        "Does it hurt?" Han Giangli asked faintly.


        "It's good that it hurts, pain is reality." Han Three Thousand Thousand said something that Han Jun simply couldn't understand.

        In today's world, only Han 3000 knew what was happening.

        It wasn't the best outcome for Han 3000, yet it was within the realm of acceptance, but unfortunately it would be a long time before he wanted to see Han Nian again.

        Han Jun, who was out of breath and crying, ran out of Han San [New PEN www.avracity.com] Thousand's room.

        Han Three Thousand knew that he would definitely go to Nangong Qianqiu for help, but Han Three Thousand wasn't afraid, even though he was now fourteen, but not the fourteen he used to be.

        Once upon a time, when he was fourteen, Han Three Thousand could only endure countless injustices in seclusion in the Han family compound, but now, he didn't need to do that, with his current abilities, he could play with the entire world.

        This was a new rebirth, and it was also a time for Han Giang to prove himself again.

        Opening the door, he walked out of the room.

        It was still the same backyard that no one cared about, even the Han family's servants didn't want to come here to take a second look.

        Han Three Thousand faintly smiled, he had never thought that he would be able to start his life over again, and still when everyone treated him like a lost star.

        At this moment, a servant hurriedly ran to Han Three Thousand, Han Three Thousand still remembered him, his name was Chen Yi, the only servant in the entire Han family compound who could speak to him.

        "Young Master, you should quickly go out and hide." Chen Yi, who was full of panic, ran to Han Qianli's side and said.

        "What's wrong?" Han Qianli asked without panicking.

        "I just saw the eldest young master cry and go to your grandmother, so I'm sure he's going to give you trouble again." Chen Yi said, he was the only one of the Han family's many servants who felt unfair for Han Three Thousand, all two brothers from the same belly, Han Jun was favored by millions in one, while Han Three Thousand was treated like a found wild boy.

        Han 3,000 shook his head, in the last fourteen years, Han 3,000 might have run, would have left the Han family for a while to get away from the limelight, but now, Han 3,000 didn't need to do that, because even if he didn't want the Han family as a backstage, Han 3,000 could still do anything.

His True Colors Chapter 1092

"No, let her come." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Hearing Han Three Thousand's words, Chen Yi became anxious, as he knew exactly how biased Nangong Qianqiu was in her treatment of Han Three Thousand, and once Han Jun added fuel to the fire and said something, Han Three Thousand would definitely end up in a very miserable situation.

        "Young Master, don't be so stubborn, you'd better hurry up and leave." Chen Yi said anxiously.

        "No need, it's better for you to hurry up and leave, if Nangong Qianqiu sees you, you might be implicated as well." Han Qianqiu said.

        Chen Yi's eyes glazed over, although Han Qianqian had no respect for Nangong Qianqiu, he had never heard Han Qianqian call Nangong Qianqiu by his name before.

        There seemed to be something different about the young master, but where exactly, Chen Yi couldn't say.

        But Chen Yi knew that if he remained by Han Qianqian's side, he would definitely be damned.

        "Young Master, I'm sorry, I'll leave first." After saying that with a face full of guilt, Chen Yi directly scattered his legs and ran away, after all, he was just a servant, and at most, he could only help Han Three Thousand to pass on a message, but couldn't help in any other matter.

        Han Marchant took a deep breath, the air now seemed much better than before, no longer so depressing.

        In the past, Han Three Thousand had to rely on the Han family to draw tiger skins in order to build up his power in the dark, but now there was no need, even if it was just one person, Han Three Thousand could do it.

        So whether or not they would be torn apart from the Han family, whether or not they would be kicked out of the Han family, it didn't matter to Han 3,000.

        In a short while, Nangong Qianqiu appeared in a rage with the ruler of the ring.

        The so-called ruler of precepts was the Han family's family law, but this thing was usually only aimed at Han Three Thousand, because no matter what was right or wrong, the person Nangong Qianqiu punished would always be Han Three Thousand, and the ruler would never fall on Han Jun, even if it was really Han Jun's fault, Nangong Qianqiu would find reasons for Han Jun to defend him.

        "Han Qianqiu, you're getting bolder and bolder, you even dare to beat your brother." When Nangong Qianqiu heard Han Jun's complaint to herself that she had been beaten by Han Qianqiang, she was on fire, Han Jun was the future of the entire Han family in her eyes, how could she be bullied by a loser?

        "Nangong Qianqiu, didn't you ask me why I hit him?" Han Giangli said with a smile, though it was a nonsense phrase, he still wanted to justify his position.

        "What did you call me?" Nangong Qianqiu almost exploded in place, Han Qianqiang dared to call her by her name.

        "Han Qianqiu, what are you doing, is grandmother's name something you can just call her?" Shi Jing, who had heard the news, just happened to hear Han Qianqian's words, she had planned to save Han Qianqian, but Han Qianqian was so bold, making her a little angry as well.

        "She didn't treat me like a grandson, so why should I treat her like a grandmother?" Han Qianqiang questioned Shi Jing.

        Shi Jing was stunned, how come overnight, Han Qianqian seemed like a completely different person.

        At that moment, an angry Nangong Qianqiu, who was holding up a ruler, walked up to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Jun, who knew that Han 3000 would be beaten, smiled proudly and even made a face at Han 3000, showing off his power.

        Han 3000 smiled faintly and looked at the ring ruler that struck down in the air, directly extending his right hand and intercepting it in mid-air.

        "Nangong Qianqiu, what makes you think you can hit me?" Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        Nangong Qianqiu was furious, she didn't expect this little brat's guts to become so big!

        "Do I need any more proof if I hit you?" After Nangong Qianqiu finished speaking, she tried to retrieve the ruler, but she found that no matter how hard she pushed, the ruler wouldn't move.

        "Harder, you want to hit someone, don't you even have that much strength?" Han Qianqian said faintly.

        Nangong Qianqiu's face was livid, this was the first time Han Qianqiang had disobeyed her, and in this manner.

        Shi Jing was also furious at the sight of the situation and walked over to Han Qianqian, holding Han Qianqian's hand and coldly scolded, "Let go."

        It was still a familiar formula, a familiar smell.

        It had been a long time since this kind of injustice had been felt for Han Third Thousand, but the feeling was still familiar.

        Perhaps in the eyes of these people, he should justifiably bear the injustice.

        "Good." Han Qianqiu took advantage of Nangong Qianqiu's force and instantly loosened the ruler.

        Nangong Qianqiu retreated two steps and fell straight to the ground after being suddenly released by Han Qianqiang due to his excessive force.

        Shi Jing was shocked at the situation and rushed forward to help Nangong Qianqiu up.

        The old lady was now the head of the Han family, and after Han Tian Yang died, the entire Han family was supported by her, if anything happened to her, the Han family would face huge trouble.

        Of course, Han Tianyang wasn't dead, they just didn't know it yet.

        "Adversary, you adversary, how dare you do this to me." Nangong Qianqiu was trembling with rage.

        Seeing her grandmother fall to the ground because of Han Qianqian, Han Jun now tried to sneak up on Han Qianqian when she wasn't paying attention.

        But who was Han 3000, although he was now back to fourteen years old, he still retained his strength, and Han Jun's every move was in his eyes.

        When Han Jun's sneak attack was about to succeed, Han Sanxiang mercilessly kicked Han Jun away.

        The poor Han Jun flew straight backwards and fell to the ground crying loudly.

        "Go, get me Yan Jun, this adversary is going to turn the tables." Nangong Qianqiu said to Shi Jing.

        Shi Jing took a cold look at Han Qianqian, although she didn't know why Han Qianqian did this, Han Qianqian would definitely regret his actions, even if Yan Jun usually treated Han Qianqian well, but what reason did Yan Jun have to stand by his side after all the treacherous things Han Qianqian had done?

        In a short while, Shi Jing had brought Yan Jun here.

        Finally seeing the entire Han family compound, the only one who regarded himself as a member of the Han family, Han Giang's expression softened a bit.

        The current him was powerful, but the feeling of treating Yan Jun was still as if he was his own grandfather.

        "Grandpa Yan." Han Qianqian politely shouted.

        Nangong Qianqiu mistakenly thought that Han Qianqiang was afraid and sneered disdainfully, saying, "Even if you admit your mistake now, it's useless."

        "Wrong? What fault is there, and why should I admit it?" Han Qianqian asked rhetorically.

        Regarding Han Qianqiu's attitude of not shedding tears without seeing a coffin, Nangong Qianqiu couldn't stand it any longer and said directly to Yan Jun, "Look at this brat's arrogant attitude, he's not putting me in his eyes at all now, I know you're usually nice to him, but now, he's already posing a threat to the Han family, you should know what you're going to do, right?"


        Even if this was a threat to the Han Clan, Nangong Qianqiu had actually killed him!

        Han Qianqian had never dreamed that Nangong Qianqiu would view him this way.

        If it had been before, and Han Qianqian hadn't endured, wouldn't he have been killed by Nangong Qianqiu long ago?

His True Colors Chapter 1093

Yan Jun was very confused, with his knowledge of Han Qianqiu, Han Qianqiu wouldn't do something out of the ordinary like this, although he was young, he was extremely deep and knew very well what he should do at this stage.

        If he tore his face with Nangong Qianqiu, he would lose the Han family, the backstage banner, and it would have a great impact on his secret development, and common sense would dictate that Han 3000 would never do that.

        Therefore, the current Yan Jun was not quite able to understand what Han Qianqiu wanted, and why he would choose to break out into such a big conflict at this time.

        The reason why Yan Jun doesn't understand is because everything has changed for Han Three Thousand Year now.

        With Han Three Thousand's current strength, did he still need the Han family as a backstage?

        Although he was still fourteen years old in the eyes of onlookers, in itself, he was already invincible.

        The current Han 3000 was like the Lin Long of Xuanyuan World, unrivaled.

        "What are you waiting for, hurry up and do it." Nangong Qianqiu urged to Yan Jun, in the old lady's heart, she had always only treated Han Jun as her own grandson, as for Han Qianqiang, apart from not attracting her attention, she had long wanted to drive Han Qianqiang out of the Han family, after all, out of sight out of mind, just didn't find an excuse before.

        And today, Han 3,000 was so reckless and arrogant, which just gave Nangong Qianqiu a reason to drive Han 3,000 out of the Han family.

        "Grandpa Yan, do what you need to do." Han Qianqian said indifferently, he didn't want to make things difficult for Yan Jun, after all, Yan Jun's existence was indeed for the safety and stability of the Han family, anyone who threatened the Han family, Yan Jun should take action, even if he was also a member of the Han family.

        Yan Jun frowned, what was going on with Han Qianqian, did he have some new plan, that's why he didn't care about Nangong Qianqiu's attitude towards him, that's why he didn't care that he could still stay in the Han family?

        "Three thousand, hurry up and apologize to your grandmother." Yanjun said.

        "Grandmother?" Han Jun said in a disgruntled voice, "He doesn't even think of grandmother as worthy of being a Han family member."

        "Jun'er is right, this evil beast doesn't treat me as a grandmother at all, Yan Jun, you're not going to disobey my orders," Nangong Qianqiu said.

        "I think you've misunderstood, I don't take orders from you, what right do you have to order me?" Yan Jun said indifferently, except for Han Tian Yang, Yan Jun was not under anyone's control, his status in the Han Family was of an exceptionally extraordinary nature, even Nangong Qian Qiu was not qualified to order him.

        Of course, when the Han Family was threatened, Yan Jun was obligated to take action, and this was a directive left to him by Han Tian Yang.

        Nangong Qianqiu looked cross-eyed, she knew that Yan Jun was not under her control, the so-called order was a joke to Yan Jun, and she was careless enough to say that, but she didn't expect Yan Jun to be so disrespectful in her rebuttal.

        "I'm not qualified to order you, but you should fulfill your obligations, right." Nangong Qianqiu said in a cold voice.

        Seeing Yan Jun becoming more and more difficult, Han Qianqiu sighed, he knew that Yan Jun was good to him, but he didn't want Yan Jun to be in a dilemma all the time.

        "Grandfather Yan, I'm sorry." After Han Qianli finished speaking, he actually took the lead.

        One had to know that Yan Jun had once held the title of War God, and when he had followed Han Tian Yang to fight the world in Yanjing, his strength and means were well known.

        And a fourteen-year-old brat dared to challenge him?


        A loud bang.

        The crowd in the backyard, all stunned!

        The first time Han Jun hid behind Nangong Qianqiu, he looked like he was trembling.

        Shi Jing stared at him, almost dropping her jaw in shock, unable to say a word.

        Even Nangong Qianqiu was shaken and startled as she looked at Yan Jun who had been knocked away by Han Qianqiang's punch.

        How was that possible!

        What's going on here!

        Yan can't even catch Han Qianqian's punch!

        Nangong Qianqiu couldn't help but rub her eyes, suspecting that what was happening in front of her was an illusion, but unfortunately the situation hadn't changed after the eye rub.

        "If you want revenge, you can always come find me." Han Qianli left with a faint word and walked away.

        The expression on Yan Jun's face was bland, but inside, he was shocked beyond words, as the one who trained Han Qianli, he was well aware of Han Qianli's strength, but the power that Han Qianli was exploding at this time was beyond Yan Jun's imagination.

        What's more, Yan Jun wasn't too severely injured, which meant that Han 3,000 had deliberately controlled his strength, a tactic that even Yan Jun himself couldn't do.

        "Yanjun, are you acting in tandem with him?" Nangong Qianqiu said viciously to Yan Jun, she didn't believe that Han Qianqiang was that powerful, so she subconsciously thought that this was Yan Jun deliberately letting Han Qianqiang get away with it, or even cooperating with Han Qianqiang in performing such a poor play.

        Yan Jun shook his head and said, "If you think this is an act, you can let others try, I dare say that not a single person in the entire Han family compound will be able to stop him."

        Nangong Qianqiu gritted her teeth, this was not a fact that she wanted to believe, but the truth was right in front of her.

        How could it be?

        How did Han 3,000 become so powerful all of a sudden?

        Such thoughts were not only in Nangong Qianqiu's mind, but Yan Jun and Shi Jing also had the same problem in their hearts.

        As for Han Jun, there was only fear, he didn't understand why his waste brother was so strong, but he knew that this brother, it seemed, was already a figure he couldn't afford to mess with.

        "Grandmother, will you let him go?" Han Jun said to Nangong Qianqiu, although Han Jun was still young, he understood one thing, as the young master's limelight, he could never be stolen by Han Qianqiu, so he had to find a way to deal with Han Qianqiu, and since he didn't dare to take action, he could only use Nangong Qianqiu's hand.

        "Don't worry, grandmother will definitely help you take revenge." Nangong Qianqiu stroked Han Jun's head and said with a doting face, it had to be said that the way she treated these two grandsons was really worlds apart.

        Han Jun treated them as if they were his own, while Han Qianqiu was like a foundling.

        Walking out of the Han family courtyard, Han Three Thousand was in an incomparably happy mood.

        Being fourteen years old again was not an unacceptable thing now, and he was able to make up for the many regrets he once had and live out a completely different teenage years.

        Once upon a time, at the age of fourteen, Han Three Thousand had lived a very depressing life, endlessly withholding information and several times leaving Han Three Thousand at a breaking point.

        Now, Han 3,000 doesn't need to have any more reticence, and he can do whatever he wants to do.

        Han 3000 was going to establish a dynasty that truly belonged to him, and this time, he was going to make Nangong Qianqiu regret watching him become powerful.

        As for Su Yingxia, Han Qianli smiled, he had to go sometime and see what his daughter-in-law was like when she was a child.


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