His True Colors Chapter 1089-1090


His True Colors Chapter 1089

"No matter what you want, I'm going to k*ll you today." Han Qianli said in a cold voice.

        Since he already knew that the Heavenly Tribulation was of no use to the Lin Long, Han Third Thousand no longer intended to use the power of the Heavenly Tribulation to deal with the Lin Long.

        Although his own strength was only at the Divine Realm and could not reach the point of dealing with the Lunar Dragon, as the Lunar Dragon said, anger could explode one's greatest potential, and at the moment, Han Third Thousand's body was like a black hole, constantly devouring the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and this time was different from the time he had to deal with the Emperor, Han Third Thousand did not have any concerns, nor did he worry about whether or not the power would burst through his body.

        Su Yingxia and Han Nian were already dead, and he no longer had any remembrance of this world.

        As long as he could avenge these two, even if it cost him his life, Han Three Thousand would be willing to do anything.

        "Yes, that's right, the explosion of your greatest potential, you'll only be qualified to become my tool for sealing the heavens." Seeing Han Third Thousand's rapid enhancement, instead of being worried, the Lin Long was very excited and looking forward to it.

        For many years, Lin Long had been running away from the pursuit of the High World, and the only way to truly solve this trouble was to seal the entire Xuanyuan World so that no one inside could leave and no one outside could enter.

        To do this, it would take a powerful energy to do so.

        Back then, when all of them would establish the formation of the Dark Forest, it was Lin Long's move to seal the heavens, but unfortunately, the energy at that time was not enough to do this, so Lin Long had to sleep for a thousand years waiting for an opportunity.

        Now that the opportunity had finally presented itself, the Lin Long couldn't wait, it knew that as long as Han Qianxiang could explode with enough energy, he would be able to complete the Heaven Sealing feat today.

        "I hope you don't disappoint me, I've been waiting for a thousand years and I don't want to wait any longer." Lin Long was suddenly nervous and even prayed in his heart.

        Han Third Thousand's power rose rapidly, his clothes were torn once again, his entire body most naturally exposed between heaven and earth, if Huang Snapdragon saw this scene, he would probably still say that.

        At that moment, Han Third Thousand felt a few stirring forces somewhere in the world of Xuanyuan, and it was very familiar to him.

        It was the bones!

        It's the power of the bones!

        Han Giangli carefully sensed the location of the bone power.

        A 'come'.

        A shock to the heavens!

        All the skeletons were pouring towards Han Qianli from all directions.

        Seeing this scene, Lin Long became even more excited.

        "I didn't expect, I didn't expect that you were really him, I didn't guess wrong, I didn't guess wrong." Lin Long said excitedly.

        Han Qianli was completely unconcerned with what the Linlong was saying at this point, when the skeleton possessed his body, Han Qianli felt that his realm, once again, had risen a level, and the great power contained within his body was somewhat out of control.

        "To avenge my wife and daughter, take my life!" Han Giangli shouted, and his entire body formed a huge storm of power that attacked towards the Lunar Dragon.

        "What a powerful force, it's a pity that it's still a bit weak for me, but it's enough for sealing the heavens." The Lunar Dragon said.

        The moment the Lin Long's voice fell, its massive body transformed into a humanoid form with white clothes floating.

        Although the body changed, the goal remained the same for Han Qianli, whether he was now a human or a dragon, Han Qianli's only goal was to kill him and avenge Su Yingxia's mother and daughter.

        "Go to hell." Han Third Thousand shouted, punching out his fist.

        The dragon smiled slightly and didn't look condensed, as if the power displayed by Han Three Thousand wasn't even in his eyes.

        "Perhaps you have yet to recognize the gap between us." Lin Long said indifferently.

        When the fist would arrive, only Lin Long lightly stretched out his left hand and deflected it with his palm.

        Han Giangxi felt his fist blast into a copper wall, all but never progressing half an inch!

        "How could this be, how could this be." At this time, Han Qianqian could clearly feel his unprecedented strength, but he had never dreamed that under such power, the Linlong would be able to deal with it so effortlessly!

        "What's impossible, that's the difference in strength, have you forgotten what she said, we come from different worlds and our strength is fundamentally not on the same level." Lin Long said.

        After he finished speaking, he lightly waved his hand, and Han Qianli receded violently as if hit hard.


        Smashing on top of the mountain wall of Xuanyuan Mountain, Han Qianli appeared to be in a wretched state.

        All of his strength was crumbling away at this moment, and Han Qianli felt as if all of the bones in his body had fallen apart.

        "Without me, you would be the absolute ruler of Xuanyuan World, with your strength, no one can be your opponent, you can even go through the tribulation of the heavens to see how powerful the other world is, but unfortunately, you met me, this might be destiny, destined to become my tool to seal the heavens." Lin Long said with a smile on his face to Han Giangli.

        Not being able to take revenge and kill the Lin Long, Han Qianqian had a reluctant heart.

        But despite his reluctance, he couldn't do anything in the face of absolute power.

        At this time, Han Qianli suddenly thought of something.

        He had read about spatial tunnels in the Hidden Book Pavilion, and even knew of a way to be able to reverse time and space.

        If he could find a spatial tunnel, would this be an opportunity if he could reverse time?

        Back in the past, would Su Yingxia and Han Nim, come back to life?

        Such an idea might be absurd, but with Han Saniang at his wit's end, it was the only hope, and even if it was only a secret record and no one else had ever done it, Han Saniang was going to find a chance to give it a try.

        Give up?


        This wouldn't be Han Three Thousand's final choice.

        "I can't beat you, so can't I run?" Han Giangli pretended to run away and headed towards the summit of the mountain.

        Seeing this scene, Lin Long couldn't help but laugh, not expecting that someone who was so spirited just now would now live to become a coward.

        As expected, in the face of death, anyone was feared.

        "In my territory, you still want to run, you don't really think you can leave the Dark Forest, do you." Lin Long said with a smile.

        Han Qianqiang didn't care, according to what Su Yingxia said, the spatial tunnel was at Xuanyuan Mountain, and with enough time, he would find it, so he didn't need to bother with Lin Long now, even if he was treated as a coward who was afraid of death.

        "Hey, what a pitiful person, even if you were given the chance, where would you be able to run to, you might as well be a good tool for me and complete the sealing of the heavens for me." The Linlong said, it wasn't in a hurry to stop Han 3,000 because in its eyes, Han 3,000 was already a turtle in a jar and there was nowhere to run.

His True Colors Chapter 1090

No matter what Lin Long said, Han 3000's mindset wasn't affected because this was the only chance he could grab and he was going to try regardless of the outcome.

        The word give up had never appeared in Han Three Thousand's life, and the deaths of Su Yingxia and Han Nian were something that had to be reversed for Han Three Thousand, unless he died as well.

        "Spatial tunnel, where exactly is the spatial tunnel." The eager Han Qianqian silently chanted, he knew that he didn't have much time left, and if he delayed any longer, he would become a tool for the Lunar Dragon to seal the sky once it lost patience.

        At this time, the Linlong didn't know Han Qianli's calculations yet, and only felt that it was a desperate man in a downward spiral, which was why it was confused and fleeing, trying to find a chance for its own survival.

        But how could anyone survive in front of it?

        With the strength of the Lin Long, it was the absolute master in the Xuanyuan World, no one could disobey it.

        "Han Qianqian, your wife and daughter are dead, why won't you go and stay with them, even if you really were to escape, would you still be able to live with peace of mind?" The Lin Long chuckled, in its eyes, Han Qianliang was like a mole struggling for its life, this image gave it a strong sense of superiority, to think that when it was ravaged by strong people in the high level world, it was also in such a mess.

        At this time, Han Qianlian had reached the top of Xuanyuan Mountain, a huge cavern appeared in front of him, the cavern seemed to run through the entire body of Xuanyuan Mountain, with no bottom visible at a glance, this should be the best place for a spatial tunnel to hide, but Han Qianlian couldn't feel any spatial fluctuations.

        "Oh, so you're looking for a spatial tunnel and want to use it to get out of here." The Lunar Dragon suddenly realized, but it didn't show any worry on its face.

        "This is a spatial tunnel?" Han Giangli asked to Lin Long.

        "Yes, this is indeed a spatial tunnel, it's just a pity that it has long since failed, it would be impossible for you to leave from here and return to your original world." Lin Long said.

        The word despair had played out many times today, and Han Qianli never expected that his last chance would end up in this manner.

        The spatial tunnel was not working, which meant that his plan was out of the question.

        Was this really the end of it?

        Did fate have a path of death in store for him?

        Han Qianli suddenly made a lifelong leap.

        When Lin Long saw the situation, he scoffed more than a little, not expecting Han Qianxiang to not give up yet, but this place was already a wasteland, so even if he jumped, what was the point?

        "If it wasn't for the fact that I haven't recovered my strength, I wouldn't want to waste so much time with you." Lin Long said disdainfully, in order to complete the sealing of the heavens, in addition to the sacrifice of Han Three Thousand, Lin Long also needed his own strength as a support, in the event that it hadn't recovered its peak strength, he wasn't one hundred percent sure of sealing the heavens, so he could only wait, after all, he had waited a thousand years for this opportunity, he didn't want to fail because of any slip-ups.

        Han Qianli fell into the hole in the ground, as Lin Long said, the spatial tunnel seemed to have really failed, even as Han Qianli fell to the bottom of the hole, he didn't feel any energy fluctuations.

        Han Qianli's eyes were streaming with tears of blood, he knew that his last chance was truly gone, he could only accept the fact that Su Yingxia and Han Nian were dead and that he was about to have the last moment of his life.

        The countless reluctance caused the power within Han Qianli's body to become agitated, he had never been this powerless before.

        Gradually, the power within Han Third Thousand's body formed an energy storm, and based on the addition of the full skeleton, the storm became larger and larger, with the wind raging and the sand and stones ringing.

        With Han Third Thousand as the eye of the wind, the storm turned into a huge tornado in a very short period of time, covering almost the entire cavern that ran through Xuanyuan Mountain.

        At this time, Han Giangli, who had his eyes closed and bloodstains on his cheeks, had no idea what had happened.

        At this time, his mind was constantly recalling the words he had read in the secret book.

        "What's going on here!" Feeling the change in the power of the tunnel, the Lin Long revealed a horrified face.

        It had slept in Xuanyuan Mountain for thousands of years, it knew more about this spatial tunnel than anyone else, many years ago, the power of the spatial tunnel had been absorbed by the formation of the Dark Forest, this place had long since become an abandoned place, how could such a strong power fluctuation suddenly appear.

        "This isn't the power of the spatial tunnel, this is Han Qianli's?" Lin Long felt a little unbelievable, because Han Qianqian had already exploded his full power before, when he was at the peak of his powers, but how could he have become stronger again at this point!

        At this time, something incredible also happened to the Earth Apocalypse.

        Many Heavenly Character powerhouses all rushed to the forbidden area at the first time, and even the next oldest appeared at the first time.

        "What's going on, why is the spatial tunnel crumbling."

        "Does it mean that the spatial tunnel is closing down?"

        "If the space tunnel closes, wouldn't the threat to Earth be lifted forever?"

        "But Han 3,000 isn't back yet, is he going to stay in the Second World forever!"

        People were talking, some were glad that this was a good thing, because after the space tunnel closed, Earth would no longer be threatened by the Second World.

        Some, however, were feeling sorry for Han Qianli, after all, Han Qianli had risked his life to go to the Second World, perhaps the collapse of the spatial tunnel was what he had done, but he hadn't come back yet, once the spatial tunnel closed completely, he would never be able to return.

        The next old man was trembling slightly, as Han Qianqian's nominal master, he held Han Qianqian in high esteem and even felt that the future of the apocalypse would rest on Han Qianqian's shoulders, and only he could revive the apocalypse.

        But now this situation that was happening right now was likely to prevent Han Three Thousand Year from coming back.

        Such a fact hit the next oldest very hard, even if the space tunnel closed, the Earth would not be threatened, and the apocalypse had no meaningful existence, it made the next oldest feel that nothing was more important than Han 3000 being able to come back safely.

        "How much have you given for this matter, are you going to use your own life to help the Earth resolve its crisis?" The next old man said with a pained face, although such a sacrifice was great, he didn't want to see this, after all, Su Yingxia and Han Nian had also gone to the second world, it was very likely that all three members of this family would die.

        But the truth was already in front of him, even if the Second World was unwilling to accept it, he could only face it.

        "All kneel down." After a forceful yell from the next old man, he himself was the first to kneel down.

        The others followed suit, which was considered the greatest gratitude to Han Qianli.


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