His True Colors Chapter 1104-1106


His True Colors Chapter 1104

With Han 3000's current physique, alcohol wouldn't cause any erosion to his body at all, and as long as Han 3000 was willing, the alcohol would be directly evaporated the moment it entered his body, so comparing with Han 3000's drinking power was a complete death wish, and he could drink the spirits as ordinary water.

        There were a total of thirty cups of Hell's Path, and by the time Han Three Thousand had reached the fifteenth cup, that person had only drunk five cups and was already having a very hard time swallowing it.

        But Han Three Thousand's movements still didn't have any hesitation, and after drinking one cup, he would immediately pick up a second cup.

        When Yao Hanxing saw this situation, he unconsciously swallowed his throat, and had to say that he had underestimated Han 3,000, and thought that he could get rid of Han 3,000 tonight by getting drunk in the box and doing whatever he wanted.

        Now looking at it like this, who could drink him? This is already at the level of the wine gods.

        "I ...... I can't do it anymore." The man finally couldn't hold it any longer as he drank his eighth cup, and it was like a fire was burning in his stomach.

        "I admit defeat."

        Han Giangli smiled faintly, and since the other party had already conceded, he could actually end it.

        However, he didn't stop, but drank all thirty cups of wine without a drop left.

        This left the onlookers dumbfounded.

        Most importantly, Han 3000, who drank the entire set of Hell's Path, was not a bit drunk, as if nothing had happened.


        "Little brother, you're such a terrifying drinker, I'm afraid that the entire Yanjing can't find anyone who can drink more than you ah."

        "Little brother, I didn't expect you to be so powerful, but just now sister really underestimated you."

        Han Qianli said, "Since you know you can't drink me, don't look for trouble from me."

        After saying that, Han Three Thousand sat back down at his seat in the corner.

        Although it was a very inconspicuous place, at the moment, it was the brightest in the entire box, and everyone, almost all of them, were checking out Han Three Thousand with their afterglow.

        Especially a few of the women, they were extremely curious about Han Qianli, and it was really curious that such a little kid possessed such an amazing amount of alcohol.

        Yao Hanxing shook his head helplessly, how could he get rid of Han Three Thousand if he couldn't get Han Three Thousand drunk?

        After holding back at home for several days, today finally returned to the left and right, and he didn't want tonight's good time to be ruined by Han Qianqian.

        By the second half of the night, many people had already drank themselves into a stupor, and as for the man who had just sparred with Han Giangli, he had already fallen asleep and died.

        When it was almost one in the morning, people began to leave one after another, and the men were leaving with their women, a seamless transition between the nightclub culture and the hotel culture.

        "I'm going to use the bathroom." Yao Hanxing suddenly stood up and said.

        As soon as Han Qianli got up, ready to join Yao Hanxing, a woman stood in front of Han Qianli.

        Wrapping her arms around Han three thousand's neck, she said with a tired look, "Little brother, how do you like to see your sister, why don't you let her take you to feel the world of adult men tonight?"

        Han Qianli impatiently tried to push her away, but she clasped her hands around Han Qianli and wouldn't let go.

        "Don't you like your sister's type, am I not pretty enough, or not big enough?" The woman deliberately tidied up her collar.

        Without looking away, Han Qianli said in a cold voice, "Get out of my way, I'm not interested in you."

        Hearing this, the woman's eyes flashed with a hint of loss, but she didn't give up directly and lay on Han Qianli's shoulder, exhaling in her ear, "Little brother, my sister is very good at serving people, won't you try?"

        The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your own personalized website.

        The first thing you need to do is to get out of the box.

        Yao Hanxing excuse to go to the bathroom, I'm afraid that a person has slipped away, this guy really does not know how to write the word death, this situation, without his protection, but his life is hanging by a thread.

        All the way to the door of the nightclub at a trot.

        Han Giangli asked to the parking boy, "Where's Yao Hanxing?"

        Yao Hanxing was a frequent visitor here, the parking boy naturally knew him and said, "It's gone."

        Han Giangli took a deep breath, this kind of idiot, really not seeing the coffin, no wonder he died last time, because he didn't pay any attention to the threat this matter brought to him.

        It was already late at night in Yanjing, and trying to find Yao Hanxing was not an easy task.

        And Han Qianqian had a hunch that after Yao Hanxing left the nightclub, those people who were secretly watching him would have already followed him, and it wouldn't be long before something would definitely happen.

        The other party came with the intention of k*lling him, so there wasn't much time left for Han Qianxiang.

        If he couldn't find Yao Hanxing as soon as possible, I'm afraid he would become a corpse.

        Han Qianqian walked to an alley and when his eyes turned white, Han Qianqian's consciousness, which had enveloped all the nearby areas, couldn't escape anything that happened.

        At this time, Yao Hanxing had already rear-ended a golden cup car.

        Just as the young master full of dissatisfaction to get off the car, ready to find the former car owner theory, the golden cup car suddenly rushed down a few strapping big man, which made Yao Han's a few points of wine situation for a while.

        The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the car.

        "You guys ...... what do you want!" Yao Hanxing asked in horror.

        "Come with us honestly, or you will be k*lled." Some big man threatened to Yao Hanxing.

        Yao Hanxing was all smart, it was too late to regret at this point, and the only fluke left in his heart instantly evaporated.

        Yao Hanxing shivered unconsciously as he honestly got into the golden cup car.

        Because he was on the passenger side, he saw a familiar face, this is the person he offended.

        The Golden Cup drove directly towards the outskirts and drove into an abandoned glass factory.

        When Yao Hanxing was dragged out of the car and saw his opponent walking towards him with a baseball bat in his hand and a face full of viciousness, that's when he began to regret not listening to Han Qianqian.

        If there was a regret pill, Yao Hanxing would never choose to ditch Han Qianxiang again.

        "Brother Yang, no ...... didn't expect you to actually come to Yanjing." Yao Hanxing said in a trembling voice.

        The man named Brother Yang smiled coldly, and after walking to Yao Hanxing's side, he swung his stick and directly hit Yao Hanxing's thigh.

        The intense pain caused Yao Hanxing to scream out in pain.

        "Yao Hanxing, you're really f*cking fast, but did you think that running away would be enough?" Yang said.

His True Colors Chapter 1105

Yao Hanxing kept shaking his head, denying the fact that he was running away, and when he saw Yang lift and roll again to walk in front of him, the temperless Yao Hanxing just kneeled down.

        Good, he kneeled down!

        For a domineering second generation like Yao Hanxing, this was a very unbelievable thing, but it wouldn't come as a surprise.

        Living under Yao Yuhai's protection since childhood, Yao Hanxing had caused a lot of trouble but all of them had been resolved and almost all of them had no after effects, which made Yao Hanxing form the mentality that as long as Yao Yuhai was there, he would not be in danger.

        This apparent strength was actually an illusion, and it was easy to bounce apart.

        Now, for example, when Yao Hanxing met someone like Yang who was determined to k*ll him, his strength crumbled and he also genuinely felt afraid.

        Having lost the protection of having his father by his side, Yao Hanxing felt real danger, so in this situation, the dignity of the domineering second generation became worthless.

        "Brother Yang, I'm sorry, I was wrong, I can make it up to you, anything you want, please, please let me go." Yao Hanxing, who was kneeling down, began to kowtow to Brother Yang to make amends.

        But what kind of person is Brother Yang?

        He was a murderous do-gooder abroad, and this time he came to Yanjing, his purpose was to k*ll Yao Hanxing and show others what would happen if they dared to mess with him, so no matter what Yao Hanxing did, there was no way he would let Yang forgive him.

        "Now that you know how to beg for forgiveness, weren't you quite arrogant before, but I remember you said that if I came to Yanjing, you would play me to death, and now that my people have arrived, I want to see how you play me to death." After saying this, Yang swung his bat again, leaving no stone unturned to hit Yao Hanxing's shoulder.

        Yao Hanxing was tearing his heart out and screaming, for someone like him who had barely suffered skin to skin, this kind of pain was not something he could endure.

        "Brother Yang, Brother Yang, I really know that I was wrong, I won't dare to do it again, as long as you can let me go, I can promise you anything." A snotty and tearful Yao Hanxing, no longer that arrogant and domineering as before, completely a coward's image.

        Brother Yang squatted down, grabbed Yao Hanxing's hair and grimaced, "I know your father is a bit powerful in Yanjing, but you forget who I am, if I say I will k*ll you, I will k*ll you, my words are not farting."

        Yao Hanxing trembled, the look in Brother Yang's eyes made him feel a strong chill, he knew that Brother Yang was in no way joking with himself!

        But the good times had only just begun for Yao Hanxing, the Yao family still had countless amounts of money waiting to be squandered, dying like this, Yao Hanxing would definitely be unhappy.

        At this time, Yao Hanxing remembered Han Qianqian, didn't this guy want to protect himself? Where are the people at this critical moment? He's gone!

        Damn Han Qianxiang, if he hadn't listened to him, how could he have met this danger.

        Yao Hanxing had completely forgotten how he had snuck away in front of Han Qianqian and blamed Han Qianqian in his heart for being incompetent and for not entering into his obligations, which was why he was in danger.

        And Yao Hanxing would never have done it if Han 3,000 yuan hadn't said he could leave the house.

        This was probably the mentality that many hypocritical and powerful people would have, when nothing happened, a stirring of the nose and sky high appearance, when something happened, they would only shirk their responsibility.

        If he hadn't quietly left, how could he have allowed himself to face such a critical situation?

        Brother Yang stretched out his right hand at this time and one of his men handed him a butterfly knife.

        Seeing this scene, Yao Hanxing was directly scared to death.

        Shaking his head to Brother Yang, he said, "Brother Yang, don't, don't."

        Brother Yang smiled coldly and stuck the knife to Yao Hanxing's face and said, "People like you, born without knowing how to write the word death, always think that with the protection of your family, you can be lawless, don't you know the saying that the sky is beyond the sky? Not everyone in this world is someone you're in a position to mess with, like me, for example."

        "I know it's wrong, I know it's wrong."

        "You know it's wrong, but unfortunately it's too late." Brother Yang grabbed Yao Hanxing's hair with one hand and held the butterfly knife on Yao Hanxing's neck with the other hand.

        Yao Hanxing, whose crotch was already half wet, his face was already pale and he closed his eyes in despair.

        At this time, a very abrupt voice sounded.

        "Looks like I'm not too late."

        This familiar voice made Yao Hanxing finally see hope, it was Han Qianxiang, it was Han Qianxiang coming!

        Brother Yang frowned, but he was quick to move Yao Hanxing to this waste of a factory, and he had studied the route along the way, avoiding all road surveillance, so how could someone come up so quickly?

        And ...... and it's a little kid!

        "Little kid, hurry home to mommy, there's nothing for you here." Yang said disdainfully to Han Giangli.

        "Let him go." Han Three Thousand Years said.

        Brother Yang giggled and looked at Han 3000 as if looking at a joke and said, "Little kid, even you want to save him, you're not kidding me."

        "What do you think, what would it take to make it not seem like a joke?" Han Qianli asked faintly.

        "If you want to keep him company on the Yellow Spring Road, I can accommodate you," Brother Yang said.

        Han Qianli looked at those men around Brother Yang and said, "On what grounds? Is it just these losers?"

        Brother Yang's face was cold, this little kid could be really big-mouthed, looking down on these people of his.

        One must know that these people that Brother Yang brought back to Yanjing this time were all top-notch experts, a few were former kings of the Octagon Cage, and a few were strong men with very high mission completion rates in the organization, this group of people were all top-notch no matter where they were placed.

        Now, they were looked down upon by a little kid!

        To a normal person, these men of Brother Yang's were indeed quite powerful, it was impossible for an ordinary person to be a match for them.

        But Han 3,000, was he an ordinary person?

        The current Han 3000, even the entire Apocalypse, could not be his opponent.

        "Little fart, you're asking for it, when you see the King of Hell, don't say that I'm not merciful." After saying this, Yang said to one of his men beside him, "Go, let this little fart see what it means to be powerful."

        The man followed the order and moved towards Han 3,000 with his fists rubbing, but looking at his relaxed demeanor, it was clear that he didn't take Han 3,000 seriously.

        But that was common sense, Han 3000 was just a child in the eyes of the crowd.

        And how much of a threat could a child be, how could it be worth their attention.

        But whether it was a threat or not, we would soon see.

His True Colors Chapter 1106

When the man walked up to Han Marchant with a scornful look on his face, Han Marchant quickly kicked out, only to see the man's entire body soar into the air like a stray bullet, smashing right into the wall.

        A loud thud, like a thunderclap from the flat earth, echoed throughout the abandoned factory.

        Brother Yang and his gang of underlings were directly dumbfounded!

        Because they hadn't even seen how Han 3,000 had struck out, it was as if they had encountered a ghost, and somehow they had been hit by something.

        When Yang looked at the man, Han 3,000 said, "No need to look, he's dead."


        Yang was in shock.

        How could he die so easily!

        Yang gave a disbelieving wink to another of his men.

        The man walked up to the wall, touched his nose, paled for a moment, and then turned and nodded to Brother Yang.

        Receiving this definitive answer, Brother Yang drew a breath of cold air and looked at Han Giang's expression, finally not daring to show the slightest bit of contempt.

        Who the hell was this little guy to be able to k*ll an adult with a single blow!

        And he knew very well what kind of physical qualities his men possessed, the degree of resistance to hitting ability was far beyond the norm.

        "Who are you?" Yang's voice was low as he asked.

        "Finally starting to care about who I am? But you're not qualified to know." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        Brother Yang gritted his teeth, no one dared to be so arrogant in front of him, let alone a little kid!

        "Give me a go, together." Yang gritted his teeth and said, he didn't believe that the little kid in front of him was really that fierce, he was careless just now, but now, all of them together, I don't believe he couldn't cure a little kid.

        A dozen or so people, gathered in a group, vigilantly approached Han Qianli.

        Since one of their companions had already died, and inexplicably, none of the remaining people dared to take it lightly.

        But with Han Qianli's strength, what use would it be even if they didn't take it lightly?

        Not on the same level at all, in Han Qianli's eyes, these guys were not even as good as ants, and squeezing them to death at will was like playing.

        Brother Yang was a smart man, even though he held an absolute advantage in the current situation, he still walked to Yao Hanxing's side to make sure just in case, as only Yao Hanxing could keep him safe.

        "Don't waste any more time, hurry up." Yang urged to his own men.

        Upon hearing this, the hesitant group of people finally made their move.

        The picture that followed was a bit ridiculous.

        A group of adult men, beating up a small child, but yet the adult men kept falling down, but the child, on the other hand, was not harmed at all.

        And the entire battle lasted for a very short period of time, less than a minute, and the experts that Yang had brought with him had all fallen to the ground, and without exception, without a single scream of pain.

        Based on that person's experience from before, this other person, I'm afraid, also suffered the same end.

        Brother Yang had a numbing feeling, and in his eyes, Han Giangli was like a devil.

        "How could it be, how could it be!" Brother Yang said incredulously, his eyes on the ground.

        And at this moment, Yao Hanxing also finally understood how powerful Han Qianxiang was.

        Yao Hanxing hadn't been very impressed when he had beaten his bodyguard to death before, but this scene in front of him was enough to prove how terrifying Han 3,000 was.

        Is it possible that the people Yang brought with him were trash?

        So many experts can't beat Han Qianqian, how strong must he be?

        As Han Qianqiang walked towards Brother Yang.

        Brother Yang suddenly put the butterfly knife on Yao Hanxing's neck and threatened Han Three Thousand, "Don't come over, or else I'll die with him."

        Han Qianqiang smiled but didn't stop in his tracks.

        Brother Yang's forehead soared with cold sweat that his speech became a bit stuttered.

        He didn't dare to k*ll Yao Hanxing because he knew very well that once Yao Hanxing was dead, he wouldn't be able to escape.

        But this guy, how come he was not a threat at all?

        "You have to stop, I told you to stop." Brother Yang's voice trembled and said.

        "You don't even dare to k*ll him, why do you need to threaten me with him, I'll give you a chance, within a day, get out of Yanjing, if not, I'll find you." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Brother Yang was stunned, a little unsure if what he heard was true.

        "Are you serious, you're really going to let me go?" Yang asked.

        "Of course, I'm not one to joke around," Han Three Thousand Years said.

        Brother Yang got a definite answer, but he still didn't quite trust Han Three Thousand, after all, he was now considered to be in Han Three Thousand's hands, and he couldn't figure out why Han Three Thousand would let him go.

        K*lling once and for all was Yang's style of doing things, so he thought Han 3000 would do the same.

        "My patience is limited, if you don't leave, I'm going to go back on my word." Han Qianli warned.

        Yang gritted his teeth and let go of Yao Hanxing, then scattered his legs and ran.

        He knew that in the process, Han Three Thousand would most likely go back on his word.

        But it wasn't until Brother Yang ran out of the abandoned factory and didn't see Han 3,000 coming after him that he believed Han 3,000 was telling the truth.

        Getting into the car, the engine roars and Brother Yang disappears without a trace.

        Han Qianxiang walks to Yao Hanxing, who has fallen to the ground.

        Originally, Yao Hanxing had a lot of complaints and discontent with Han Qianxiang, he thought he shouldn't have listened to Han Qianxiang's words and left the house, he originally planned to yell at Han Qianxiang, but now, after what had happened, Yao Hanxing didn't have the courage to question Han Qianxiang at all, he didn't even dare to look at Han Qianxiang.

        This domineering young master had been shocked by Han Qianxiang's methods.

        Right now, in his eyes, Han Qianxiang was no longer a child, but a murderous devil!

        "Is it dead?" Han Giangli opened his mouth to ask.

        Yao Hanxing's body unconsciously trembled, clearly a subconscious reaction caused by fear.

        "According to the temper of a domineering son like you, is it any wonder I'm late?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        He was sort of very familiar with the temper of this domineering second generation, and Yao Hanxing did blame him, it was just that in this situation, Yao Hanxing didn't dare to say anything at all.

        "I warned you not to stay out of my sight, and this is the price you pay for ignorance." Han Giangli continued.

        If it had been a normal situation where an outsider dared to lecture Yao Hanxing like this, Yao Hanxing would have already jumped to his feet and cursed his mother, but now, he could only listen honestly.

        "I need to go to the hospital." After holding it for a long time, Yao Hanxing finally spoke, but there was a hint of humility in his tone.

        Han Giangli directly fought Yao Hanxing over his shoulder and said, "If Yao Yuhai dares to go back on his word, I'll k*ll you for that man just now."


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