His True Colors Chapter 1107-1108


His True Colors Chapter 1107

Han Qianqian's words caused Yao Hanxing's back to chill and break out in a cold sweat.

        He knew that Han Three Thousand Thousand was by no means joking, so when he saw Yao Yuhai, he must warn him, otherwise, this little devil would definitely k*ll him.

        After dropping Yao Hanxing off at the hospital, Han Qianli called to inform Yao Yuhai.

        Yao Yuhai wakes up late at night in a dream and learns that Yao Hanxing has been injured and admitted to the hospital, and rushes to the hospital by car.

        He has only one precious son, Yao family's property needs to be inherited by Yao Yuhai, he doesn't want anything to happen to Yao Yuhai.

        When he arrived at the hospital, Yao Yuhai was relieved to see that Yao Hanxing wasn't suffering from any serious injury.

        But he also expressed his dissatisfaction with Han Qianxiang, after all, Han Qianxiang had said that he would protect Yao Hanxing, and now, Yao Hanxing was injured.

        "Han Qianqian, have you forgotten what you promised me?" Yao Yuhai questioned Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqiang had expected Yao Yuhai to say that, and without much explanation, he said, "Ask him yourself."

        Yao Yuhai frowned and turned his head to look at Yao Hanxing.

        In the past, Yao Hanxing might have slandered Han Qianli and written off his responsibility, but now he wouldn't dare, having seen Han Qianli's tactics, where would Yao Hanxing dare to slander Han Qianli?

        "Dad, it's all my fault, if I hadn't secretly left without telling him, I wouldn't have been caught." Yao Hanxing said.

        This statement made Yao Yuhai a little surprised, what kind of character his son was, he knew better than anyone else, and now Yao Hanxing was actually helping Han Qianqian speak.

        There must be something going on in this.

        "I want to talk to my son, you should go back and rest first." Yao Yuhai said.

        Han Three Thousand didn't say anything and directly left the hospital room.

        Only after making sure that Han Qianli had gone far away did Yao Yuhai ask, "What's going on, you're actually going to help him talk."

        "Dad, is he really far away, you have to stop going to take a look." Yao Hanxing said.

        "It's already far away, if you have anything to say, feel free to say it." Yao Yuhai had an unsettling feeling in his heart as Yao Hanxing revealed a strong fear of Han Qianqian.

        Yao Hanxing told Yao Yuhai the story of what had happened at the abandoned factory, telling Yao Yuhai every detail to the best of his ability.

        Yao Yuhai's expression was extremely serious after hearing this.

        He knew very well who all the people Yang had brought with him, because he had specifically gone to investigate, and those people could be ruthless k*llers, and they, in fact, all fell into the hands of Han Qianqian alone!

        No wonder Yao Hanxing was so afraid of Han Qianxiang, not to mention Yao Hanxing, even Yao Yuhai himself might not be able to calm down when he saw this kind of picture.

        But after hearing that Han Qianqian had released Brother Yang, Yao Yuhai was very puzzled, wasn't this releasing the tiger to return to the mountain?

        Does Han Qianqiang still want to use this Yang to threaten the Yao family?

        "Dad, but he made it clear that if you forget what you promised him, he'll k*ll me for Yang, you mustn't go back on your word." Yao Hanxing reminded.

        "What I said, I will naturally do, but this matter of him releasing Brother Yang, he must give me an explanation." It was Yao Yuhai's usual method to eradicate the root of the problem, so he couldn't understand why Han Giang was doing this.

        Yao Hanxing also had the same question inside, but he just didn't have the guts to question Han Qianqian, for wanting to know the answer, he didn't stop Yao Yuhai.

        "You rest well in the hospital, and when I'm sure that Yang has left Yanjing, you can rest easy." Yao Yuhai said.

        Yao Hanxing nodded his head.

        At this time, Han Qianqiang, who left the hospital, encountered another big problem.

        Where to go, where is home?

        Without the Han family compound, Han Third Thousand didn't even have a place to stay in Yanjing, so it seemed that he would have to ask Qin Lin to find him a place to stay as soon as possible.

        At this time, Han Three thousand profoundly understood the helplessness of a minor, and it became extremely difficult to get a hotel room.

        Unknowingly, Han 3,000 walked to a familiar neighborhood, and even Han 3,000 himself was surprised when he reacted to whose house it was.

        "How did I end up walking to Wu Xin's house!" Han Qianli was surprised and talking to herself.

        Looking at the time, it was already early in the morning, and it didn't seem very polite to bother Wu Xin at this time, and it was also very rude of Han Qianli to leave Wu Xin's house early in the morning.

        But this late at night, one had to need a place to stay for the night.

        There was no way Han Three thousand spared the eyes of the neighborhood security guard.

        When he rang the doorbell of Wu Xin's house, a strange embarrassment rose up inside Han Three Thousand's heart.

        "Who is it." Wu Xin's impatient voice sounded inside the door.

        Han Three Thousand hardened his scalp and said, "Me."

        Wu Xin, a girl living alone, definitely wouldn't open the door easily, but when she saw from her cat's eyes that it was Han Qianqian, all her guard was down and she was still a little confused.

        This little guy, why did he come to her house again?

        Wu Xin, who opened the door, said with a ridiculously funny face, "Little brother, there's no place to stay tonight again, so I thought of my sister."

        Wu Xin, who was dressed in a silk nightgown, outlined the curves of her body to perfection, but Han Giangli didn't take a second glance and said, "I saved you, so it's okay for me to stay one more night, right?"

        "Of course there's no problem." Wu Xin opened the door defenselessly, and she wasn't too wary of facing such a small child.

        After Han Three Thousand entered the house, Wu Xin closed the door and then said, "Little brother, you're not leaving home, are you."

        In a sense, Han Three Thousand's departure from the Han family did mean a bit of leaving to run away, but unlike the others, his family wasn't looking for him.

        "If I need to investigate the household account for borrowing, I'd better go," Han Qianqian said.

        Wu Xin glared at Han Qianli, after all, Han Qianli had saved her, so how could she let Han Qianli go out on the streets.

        "You little brat, you're not big, but you do have a temper, aren't you allowed to ask questions?" Wu Xin said helplessly.

        "You go rest, I won't bother you anymore." After saying that, Han Giang lay back in his usual place.

        After being disturbed by Han Qianli, where was Wu Xin's sleepiness, she simply sat on the couch and squeezed together with Han Qianli.

        "Little brother, you haven't told your sister what your name is yet." Wu Xin asked.

        "Han Three Thousand Years."

        "Han Qianqian, this name is rare, but it's quite nice, this couch is small, it's uncomfortable to fall asleep, why don't you go back to your room with your sister?" Wu Xin said.

        Han Three Thousand's body visibly stiffened and said, "Big sister, it's against the law to seduce a minor."

        When Wu Xin heard this, she covered her mouth and laughed, she was just deliberately teasing Han Qianli, but she didn't expect Han Qianli to take it seriously.

His True Colors Chapter 1108

As she watched Han Qianqian deliberately close her eyes to sleep, Wu Xin couldn't help but have bad intentions again, as if Han Qianqian was a child as well as a particularly funny thing in her eyes.

        When Wu Xin deliberately placed her hand on Han Three Thousand's leg, Han Three Thousand's body visibly became a little more rigid.

        "What's wrong, so nervous, are you really afraid that I'll eat you?" Wu Xin's voice was soft, with some fawning.

        Han 3000 wasn't someone who hadn't weathered the storm, he was a child in the eyes of others, but other than his physical condition, Han 3000 was an absolutely mature man in other ways.

        He knew that the more he retreated, the more Wu Xin would gain an inch, and when she played the situation as a game, wouldn't Han 3000 become a plaything.

        So Han Three Thousand simply sat up, took Wu Xin's hand, and said, "Let's go."

        Wu Xin was confused for a moment at Han Three Thousand's sudden reaction and the fact that she was being told to go.

        "Where to?"

        "Of course I'm going back to my room, as for what I'm going to do, you should know very well in your heart." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Wu Xin shook off Han Qianli's hand and cursed, "What's going on in your head, you little brat, I didn't think you'd be so dirty in your heart as a minor."

        Han Qianqian smiled helplessly, was he dirty?

        But he hadn't looked at Wu Xin the whole time, instead Wu Xin had taken her teasing as fun, and Han Marchan had merely responded in kind, which was dirty.

        It was no wonder that women were unreasonable creatures.

        "I'm going back to my room to sleep, if you dare to do anything, I'll call the police to arrest you." Wu Xin said with a threatening face to Han Qianli, then quickly walked back to her room, and she didn't forget to lock the door, as if she was afraid that Han Qianli would break into her room.

        Han Three Thousand was clear this time, it seemed that different methods had to be used to deal with different women.

        Sleeping until the next morning, Han Three Thousand received a call from Yao Yuhai, which was something Han Three Thousand expected, because at this time, Yao Yuhai should already know what happened last night, and he would definitely have some questions as to why he let that person called Yang go.

        "When can we meet?" Yao Yuhai asked to Han 3,000, if it were a normal person, Yao Yuhai would have said this in a commanding tone and would have expressed it more directly, I want to see you.

        But Yao Yuhai didn't do that to Han Qianli, no matter how trashy Han Qianli's image was to outsiders, in his eyes, Han Qianli was by no means that kind of person.

        A trash, able to take out so many experts brought by Yang, this was obviously a joke.

        "I can come to your house now." Han Marchan said.

        "Okay, I'll wait for you."

        After hanging up the phone, Han 3,000 washed his face and prepared to go out.

        But as soon as he opened the door, he heard Wu Xin's voice.

        "Kid, you're too ruthless, staying at my house for two nights without even saying thank you, and all without saying hello, are you such a scum at a young age?" Wu Xin said to Han Giangli with a dissatisfied face.

        "Don't worry, I won't bother you again tonight, so sleep at ease." Han Qianqian left after saying this, his two encounters with Wu Xin were purely accidental, so they could almost stop at this stage.

        Wu Xin suddenly felt an inexplicable emptiness in her heart, for her who had lived alone for a long time, she should have felt uncomfortable with the addition of a strange man in her home, but she surprisingly didn't feel this way, instead she felt a sense of loss when she heard Han Qianqian say that he wouldn't come back.

        "Wu Xin, what's wrong with you, he's just a little kid ah." Wu Xin said to herself.

        Han Giangli took a taxi to Yao's house.

        Yao Yuhai had prepared breakfast, it was very sumptuous, probably the most sumptuous breakfast Han 3000 had ever eaten in his life, even when he was at the Han family compound.

        "You haven't had breakfast yet." Yao Yuhai said to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand didn't say much, although he was very powerful now, he still felt hungry and hadn't reached the realm of splitting the five valleys.

        After breakfast, the next step was much simpler, Yao Yuhai asked that question to Han Three Thousand, he really couldn't understand why Han Three Thousand would miss such a good opportunity.

        After all, he had already k*lled so many people, one more brother Yang wasn't too many, didn't he understand the principle of cutting down the grass and eliminating the roots?

        "You have to know that that guy named Yang has a background behind him," Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Yao Yuhai nodded, there was nothing wrong with that, if Brother Yang didn't have a background, he would definitely not dare to travel all the way to Yanjing to look for trouble, but the more background he had, wouldn't it be better to k*ll him and solve this trouble once and for all?

        "What does that have to do with whether you k*ll him or not?" Yao Yuhai asked in confusion.

        "If you k*ll him, the forces behind him will definitely not be able to tolerate it, and then it will be a desperate counterattack, the other side will probably use every possible method to deal with the Yao family, can the Yao family afford it?" Han Marchant said.

        Yao Yuhai didn't say anything, he knew that Han Qianqian had more to explain, so he just needed to listen quietly.

        As expected, Han Qianqian continued, "Without k*lling him, he will have some scruples about me and will definitely not dare to act rashly after seeing my strength, and more importantly, his hatred for Yao Hanxing is now negligible, and I believe he hates me even more, so in a sense, I've already helped the Yao family solve this matter, as he won't look for the Yao family again Trouble, even if I come to Yanjing again, it's still about me."

        Yao Yuhai frowned, Han Qianqian was giving himself a hard time, why would he do that?

        With his strength, wouldn't it be simpler and more painful for the other party to retaliate and kill as many as they came.

        "You transferred the hatred, in my opinion, this is a redundant move." Yao Yuhai said.

        Han Giangli shook his head with a smile and said, "How would it be redundant, I can still use him to deal with the Yao family, but of course, this is based on the premise that you break your word."

        This sentence made Yao Yuhai freeze, Han Qianqian did not hide his plans in front of him at all, this was a bit too straightforward, did he not care about the Yao family at all?

        "Han 3,000, you are the youngest, most calculating and strongest person I've ever met, why would the Han family treat you as trash when they have someone like you?" Yao Yuhai took a deep breath of cool air and said, although Han Qianli's bluntness made him a little uncomfortable, he couldn't deny that Han Qianli was a very good person, and the fact that he dared to say that showed that he had absolute control over the situation.

        Wasn't such a person excellent?


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