Secret Identity| Chapter 2313-2315 of Amazing Son-in-law


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2313

Ye Chen said, "Remember to invite Wang Dongxue, the vice chairman of the Emperor's Group. Ao Xian"

Qin Gang immediately said, "Okay Master Ye, I'll give Deputy Director Wang a call later to say something."

Ye Chen said, "Then it's troublesome for you to arrange it for me."

Qin Gang immediately said with immense respect, "Master Ye you and I don't need to be so polite! Anything at all, you are at your disposal!"

Ye Chen mmmed and said with a smile, "I'll go over a few hours earlier then to give some guidance to Ao Xue, and by the way, I'll give you a small gift."

As soon as Qin Gang heard this, his excited voice trembled a bit  trembled, and he realized that it was possible that Ye Chen was going to send himself the rejuvenation pills, and his entire body, with uncontrollable excitement, took off, "Master Ye! Thank you so much!"

Ye Chen smiled slightly, "You're welcome, that's what we'll say first, we'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay Master Ye, see you tomorrow!"

Ye Chen hung up Qin Gang's voice call and suddenly saw the WeChat address book, prompting a new friend.

When he clicked on it, he found that the one who sent the friend request was Xiao Weiwei, so he conveniently clicked through to verify.

Immediately after that, Xiao Weiwei sent a message, "Brother-in-law, I've settled down on the company side, there are almost three hundred ceremonial ladies who are willing to cooperate with the company, so I'm reporting to you!"

Ye Chen was also somewhat surprised by the number of people, and secretly thought that Xiao Weiwei should be doing pretty well, so he replied, "Good, keep up the good work."

Xiao Weiwei was busy saying, "Okay brother-in-law, I will do my best!"

Immediately after that, another message was sent, "Brother-in-law, I have something I want to apply to you ......"

Ye Chen then asked, "Go ahead."

Xiao Weiwei said, "Brother-in-law, my family has more money to spend, I would like to advance half a month's salary with you, is that okay?"

Ye Chen knew that she must have some difficulties, so he directly and readily agreed, replying, "No problem, just say hello to the finance."

Xiao Weiwei sent a grateful expression and said, "Thank you brother-in-law!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2314

Ye Chen didn't have too many thoughts about Xiao Weiwei.


      Originally, he only wanted to help her a little, give her some money, and let her solve her immediate predicament on the basis of her truly repentant attitude.


      But after finding out that she was being bullied and that Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei were bullying people too much, Ye Chen more or less had some thoughts of removing harm from the people.


      So, he went along with it and handed over Liu Zonghui's Shangmei Etiquette Company to Xiao Weiwei to run.


      However, Ye Chen was still somewhat guarded and messianic towards Xiao Weiwei, that's why he gave Xiao Weiwei the stipulation that although she had to manage the entire company, she could only get a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan.


      The reason for doing this was to limit her earnings and rights, so that she could do her work in peace, instead of floating away again all of a sudden.


      Xiao Weiwei didn't think so much, Ye Chen could help her to this point, she was already very satisfied deep inside, right now all she wanted was to work well and do a good job for the Shangmei Etiquette Company.


      In keeping with the idea that more is better than less, Ye Chen didn't tell his wife Xiao Churan about this matter.


      Moreover, Xiao Churan was really too busy recently, so after dinner, she went straight to the study to continue working, not daring to delay at all.


      Xiao Churan has now started to prepare for the renovation bidding work of the six-star hotel of the Imperial Hero Group, who is in the rising stage of her career, and her work ethic is also surprisingly strong, in her words, she now especially wants to share some of the burden of raising a family for Ye Chen.


      Ye Chen saw that his wife had to work overtime after work and was busy working overtime, and his heart was more or less heartbroken.


      So, he washed some fruits and brought them upstairs to the study.


      In the study, Xiao Churan is burying her head in front of the desk's computer to draw a design.


      Ye Chen saw her concentrating and was afraid that her sudden appearance would scare her, so he coughed lightly to attract Xiao Churan's attention.


      "Ahem, Choran."


      Xiao Churan heard the voice and looked back at Ye Chen, smiling, "Honey, what are you doing here?"


      Ye Chen walked forward, put the fruit on the desk, and said, "I washed some fruit for you, you eat more, working in front of the computer heel for so long every day, more or less there will be some radiation, eat more fruit to supplement vitamins, can reduce the harm of radiation."


      Xiao Churan smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you, husband!"


      After saying that, he pinched the largest and reddest strawberry from the fruit plate, didn't eat it himself, but shoved it directly into Yechen's mouth and said with a smile, "Honey, you can eat this!"


      Ye Chen smiled, "I've already eaten it all, you can eat it yourself, don't mind me."


      Xiao Churan pretended to be angry and pouted, "If you don't eat it, then I won't eat it either."


      After saying that, he muttered in a huff, "You don't even eat when people send it to your mouth, it's too heartbreaking."


      Once Ye Chen heard this, he hurriedly opened his mouth and swallowed the strawberry along with two of Xiao Choran's fingers, not only that, he also deliberately used a little bit of force to bite her fingers.

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2314

"Oops!" Xiao Choran shrieked in shock, only then did she realize that Ye Chen had given herself a surprise attack, and she hurriedly said in an act of fear, "Yah! Feeding a puppy with good intentions and getting bitten by it!"


      Ye Chen spread his mouth and ate the strawberries while saying vaguely, "Well, what are you when you say your husband is a puppy?"


      Xiao Choran proudly snorted and said, "I'm the one who feeds the puppies, of course I'm the puppy's owner!"


      Ye Chen laughed, "If I were a puppy, then you'd be the bone I'm holding in my mouth."


      Xiao Choran laughed, "How can you compare someone to a bone like that?"


      Ye Chen said seriously, "Don't you know that puppies are the most protective of their food? With a bone in its mouth, it won't let go even when the sky is falling, and whoever dares to grab it, it will definitely fight to the death!"


      Xiao Churan was touched when she saw Ye Chen's serious appearance, and couldn't help but say shyly, "In that case, I'll barely be a bone for you to hold in your mouth."


      Ye Chen laughed and said, "Don't just talk, eat some fruit first."


      Xiao Churan nodded and picked up two more strawberries, putting one in Ye Chen's mouth first before putting the second one in her mouth herself and taking a bite.


      Ye Chen looked at her computer screen and found that on the design software, a very large prototype of the design drawings had been constructed, so he couldn't help but ask her, "Honey, the design drawings for such a big project, do you have to do it all by yourself?"


      Xiao Chu Ran said, "Not really, what I'm doing now is a sketch, because the bidding doesn't need to be a very detailed design plan, it's mainly to reflect a general idea."


      "When the bidding is done, this design plan needs to be given over, along with a more detailed renovation budget quotation, but my studio is relatively small right now, and for such a big project, we all have to turn in a row, so I'll be mainly responsible for drawing, and the others will focus on integrating various material suppliers, as well as actuarial projects [penchant Pavilion www.] cost, this project volume is really huge, at least to interface with hundreds of suppliers and solve thousands of individual items."


      Ye Chen nodded his head and said sadly, "You shouldn't be too tired, you should pay attention to the combination of work and leisure."


      Xiao Churan smiled, "Don't worry, just these few days, after busy these few days, pack up the entire tender document and hand it over, then we'll wait for the internal evaluation of the Emperor Group, if it passes, I'll quickly expand the team, if it doesn't pass, it'll be a practice session."


      Saying that, Xiao Chu Ran said seriously, "If this project of mine becomes a success, then you won't have to work so hard and earn money by yourself to support your family in the future."


      "Our family's overall expenses are all very large now, the villa property fees are over a hundred thousand a year, not to mention the rest."


      "Most of the profits earned by my studio before have been invested in expanding the scale, and I haven't been able to subsidize the family and can't share for you, so this time I have to try to get the project and make some contributions to the family!"


      Ye Chen knew Xiao Churan's character well, she never cared about money, and usually had no requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation, but now the reason why she wanted to work hard to start a business and make money was ultimately for this family.


      Thus, he said in a soft voice from the bottom of his heart, "Wife, thank you!"


      Xiao Choran said seriously, "It's me who has to thank you, for so long, the family has been supported by you, my parents and I have been holding you back."


      Ye Chen busy: "What is this saying, husband earning money to support the family is a matter of course, the first three years of marriage I do not earn a penny, on the home laundry sweeping and cooking, you have never discarded me, I now bear a little more and what is it."


      Xiao Choran smiled, heartfelt: "We two can always be so mutual understanding, mutual tolerance is the most important, much more meaningful than making money, just like before, although you do not earn a penny, but the housework is always done in an orderly manner, every aspect of the care of me, this is more important than making money."


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