His True Colors Chapter 1041-1043


His True Colors Chapter 1041

Fei Lingsheng's words were equivalent to giving the emperor a step down, although the noble emperor didn't need it, but considering the strength of Han 3000's realm, if he really wanted to fight hard against Han 3000, even if he could kill Han 3000, he might have to pay a big price, and exposing the secrets of the Imperial Dragon Hall in front of Fei Lingsheng wasn't a good thing for him.

        "Now is indeed the time to use people, Sovereign Han, I can forgive you for your disrespect to me." After saying these words, the emperor withdrew his suppression of Han Qianli.

        On the surface, Han Qianqian did not look different, but his heart was relieved, his back was already wet with sweat, and if he hadn't been prepared and eaten a Sacred Chestnut before, he would never have been able to act so relaxed when facing the pressure exerted by the emperor.

        It seemed that it wasn't unreasonable for the Extreme Master Realm to fear the Emperor, the strength he had shown in the Imperial Dragon Hall was indeed powerful, and this was without showing his true strength.

        But these little thoughts of Han Qianli's were unknown to the others, including the Emperor, all of whom were shocked at Han Qianli's true realm, and were also wondering how powerful Han Qianli was that he was able to stay in front of the Emperor in the slightest.

        "I want to read the secret book, I don't mean to offend the emperor, but I want to despite understand the Lin Long and figure out a way to deal with it." Han Giangli explained.

        "But you should know that no one else is qualified to enter the Hidden Book Pavilion except me," The emperor said.

        "During special times, you should naturally be treated in a special way, and the entire Imperial Court is yours, so aren't you in charge of the rules of the Hidden Book Pavilion?" Han Giangli said, but at this time, he was showing some respect, like slapping the emperor and then giving him candy.

        The emperor was somewhat moved by Han Qianli's words, the entire imperial court was his, and the rules of the Hidden Book Pavilion should naturally be set by him.

        And now was indeed a special time, once the Linlong was allowed to leave the Dark Forest, it would definitely be much harder to deal with it, although he had gone through all the books and hadn't found a way, but one person's power and ideas were limited after all, so perhaps if they were allowed to take a look, they could really think of a way?

        But having had an unpleasant encounter with Han Qianxiang before, the emperor would feel like he had no face if he agreed too readily.

        "I'll give this matter some thought," The emperor said.

        "I hope that the emperor will hurry up, the sooner the better, after all, the Lunar Dragon won't wait for us to think of a way to deal with it before it leaves the Dark Forest." Han Giangli said.

        Fei Lingsheng looked helplessly at Han Qianqian, the emperor had obviously given in, and this guy was still ungrateful for his gain.

        "Don't worry, the formation of the Dark Forest is still able to trap the Linlong for some time, in the short term, it won't be able to break out of the Dark Forest, and it will need time to recover its strength after a long slumber." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "Restore strength?" Han Qianli was stunned and said to the emperor again, "Since the Linlong is in a weakened stage right now, it's all the more reason for us to hurry up."

        Fei Lingsheng's words were meant to make Han Third Thousand not push too hard, but he didn't expect that Han Third Thousand would seize the opportunity to tell the emperor to hurry up, but what he said seemed to make sense, so Fei Lingsheng didn't refute it.

        "I'll be quick, there's nothing else, so you guys leave first," The emperor said.

        Since he had already given the eviction order, Han 3,000 could only leave first, but he was already very confident about this matter, and if the emperor hadn't agreed, he wouldn't have said anything to consider such words.

        Leaving the main hall, Fei Lingsheng said to Han Qianli with an admiring face, "You're the first to dare to anger the Emperor in the Imperial Dragon Hall, and what I didn't expect is that you survived."

        "This shows that the Emperor is generous and he knows how much of a crisis the situation is, so naturally he won't make things difficult for me." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "It's too late to start kissing the emperor's ass, even if you deal with the Lin Long, the emperor won't let you off the hook." Fei Lingsheng reminded.

        Han Giangli knew that the beam had already been closed, that an unresolvable conflict had formed between him and the emperor, and that the emperor would definitely find a way to deal with him once the Linlong's crisis was resolved.

        After all, the emperor was above all others and would not allow anyone to offend, let alone allow a threat to exist.

        The precedent was the White Spirit Family back then.

        But since Han Qianqian would do this, it meant that he didn't care about it at all.

        Ruling over the three kingdoms, there would be a battle between him and the emperor sooner or later, and the existence of such a conflict would instead make it seem more natural.

        Han Giangli had come this time not only to deal with the Linlong, but also to pave the way for the future.

        Of course, all of these conditions had to be based on solving the trouble that was the Lin Long, otherwise everything was empty talk.

        "You were able to keep your face under the oppression of the emperor, it looks like I've underestimated your strength." Fei Lingsheng began probing Han Qianli again, wanting to know Han Qianli's true realm.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand said, "Fei Lingsheng, you used to live in my house for a long time, but now that you're a landlord, shouldn't you do what you're supposed to do?"

        "Just want to go to my house, do we need to beat around the bush like this?" Fei Lingsheng said disdainfully.

        Han Qianlian cheerfully said to Zhantai Liuyue, "Let's go, go see what the Extreme Master's home is like, you haven't lived in the Extreme Master's home in your entire life, right?"

        Zhantai Liuyue didn't dare to speak, although she was the Patriarch of the Piao Miao Sect, she didn't dare to be as bold as Han Qianqian in front of a strong man like Fei Lingsheng.

        But to be able to live in Fei Lingsheng's home, this was indeed a wonderful thing for Zhantai Liuyue, something that she wouldn't have dared to think about if it had been put in the past.

        And if this matter was known to the other sects, the Misty Sect's status among the sects would definitely be even higher.

        "Thank you, Senior Fei, for taking me in." Zhantai Liuyue said to Fei Lingsheng with a grateful face.

        "Thank you for what, it's all due, but when Senior Fei used to pretend to be a beggar, he didn't miss out on hanging around my house." Han Qianli said in a gloomy manner, deliberately turning a corner to mock Fei Lingsheng.

        Fei Lingsheng could only pretend not to hear it, and if it were anyone else, Fei Lingsheng could be angry and furious, but in the face of Han Qianqian, she couldn't be angry and had no desire to be angry at all, not knowing if it was because Han Qianqian's realm was powerful or because she had lied to Han Qianqian before, so she didn't have the right to be angry.

        Only when she arrived at Fei Lingsheng's house did Han 3000 realize one thing, what about that guy called Yi Qingshan, was he unable to help and was ruthlessly kicked out by Fei Lingsheng?

His True Colors Chapter 1042

Imperial Dragon Hall.

        After Han Qianli and the others left, the emperor said to his henchman, "What do you think of this Han Qianli."

        "Arrogant and uncaring." Very briefly in two words, the heartbeat critiqued Han Three Thousand, and very clearly, because that was how Han Three Thousand had behaved in the palace, and even the heartbeat would have hated to kill Han Three Thousand if it wasn't for the fact that there was indeed a crisis of the Linlong awakening right now.

        "Even Fei Lingsheng wouldn't dare to ignore me, this guy still has some guts, and ...... his realm, even I can't even test it out." The emperor said with a sigh.

        In the Imperial Dragon Hall, he possessed more strength than the Extreme Master realm, but when he deliberately used his momentum to oppress Han Qianli, Han Qianli was able to do so without changing his face, which made the emperor's heart fiercely shocked, although he didn't use all of his strength, but Han Qianli's cloudy appearance was enough to show how powerful Han Qianli was.

        "Empyrean, you're not really going to let him go to the Hidden Book Pavilion, are you?" The henchman couldn't help but ask, although it was an urgent moment, in his opinion, the rules of the Hidden Book Pavilion could not be changed, it was after all a place where only emperors could go, what was Han Giangli, just a mere sect master of the first sect, how could he offend the emperor's heavenly authority?

        The emperor looked a little hesitant, but he didn't directly reject Han Qianxiang, because the current situation was indeed very serious, the awakening of the Lin Long meant that Xuanyuan World would once again face a great crisis.

        The last time the Lunar Dragon awakened, the entire Xuanyuan World's cultivation world almost fell, after thousands of years of recuperation, it was hard to breathe, the Xuanyuan World at this time, absolutely could not let the Lunar Dragon leave the Dark Forest, otherwise, the entire Xuanyuan World would be destroyed.

        Between the destruction of the world and letting Han Qianli enter the Hidden Book Pavilion, it was clearly the latter that was more acceptable.

        "Do you know that even if the three countries worked together, it would be impossible to deal with the Linlong," Empyrean said.

        "Empyrean, aren't you afraid that he has other agendas? The Hidden Book Pavilion, however, has many precious books and even cultivation secrets, so perhaps he's just going to take this opportunity to read those cultivation secrets." The henchman said.

        "It doesn't matter what to look at, the important thing is to be able to find a way to deal with the Lunar Dragon, with just me alone, there might really be something missing, the great drama is currently going on, I can't be paranoid about it, otherwise, you and I will all die under the claws of the Lunar Dragon someday in the future." The emperor said with a sigh.

        He had actually made up his mind after he said the words of consideration to Han Qianli, otherwise he would have just rejected Han Qianli.

        The beloved nodded helplessly, death was something no one was willing to face, and in the face of death, many rules could be put down and could be cared for, after all, what use were the rules if their lives were gone?

        "This matter should be done in secret, otherwise I'm afraid it will cause discontent among others." The heartthrob cautiously reminded the emperor.

        The emperor nodded, there were so many strong people in the Royal Dragon Hall, many of them, besides caring about their status, there were others who cared about the secret cultivation methods of the Hidden Book Pavilion, if Han Qianli's entry into the Hidden Book Pavilion was known to others, it would definitely cause those people to be discontented, and then more rumors would arise, and the Royal Dragon Hall might have to lose their hearts.

        "Tonight, you go and inform Han Qianxiang to come to the Imperial Dragon Hall." The emperor commanded.

        "Yes [New Pens Gallery www.avracity.com]."

        The night was late.

        The night of the Royal Dragon Palace was exceptionally quiet, because in this city, there wouldn't be any nocturnal activities, most of the cultivators would choose to cultivate at this time, so the Royal Dragon Palace had established a curfew, no one was allowed to make noises after nightfall, so much so that the Royal Dragon Palace, the center of the imperial court, didn't even have a place for nighttime entertainment.

        Such a quiet place should have been more conducive to resting, but Han Giangli was lying on his bed tossing and turning, an inexplicable feeling of uncertainty born in his heart, as if something was about to happen.

        "Could it be that something has happened to Cloud City?" Han Qianqiang who couldn't sleep simply sat up, being able to make him have such a restless feeling, he couldn't think of any other situation other than Cloud City.

        But the current Cloud City should be stable, almost all the powers were under his command, Mo Yang was in control of the situation in Cloud City, and there was also Nangong Boling, a large wealthy man who could influence the world economy, so there shouldn't be any problems.

        Moreover, before Han Qianqian left, he even asked Zhuang Tang's disciples to protect Su Yingxia and Han Nian, after eating the Sacred Chestnut, their two realms would definitely advance by leaps and bounds, even if someone in the apocalypse wanted to do something to Su Yingxia's mother and daughter, it would never be that easy.

        "How could this be." Han Giangli took a deep breath, but inside, he could never settle down.

        At this moment, a very special scent appeared at the Fei Ling Sheng gate, very faint, but it was coming straight at Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianli frowned slightly and left his room.

        When he arrived outside the door and saw that the visitor was the emperor's henchman, Han Three Thousand roughly guessed his intention.

        "Patriarch Han, I hope for understanding for the late-night interruption." The heartthrob said to Han Qianli, and although it was meant as an apology, his tone and gesture in no way seemed like an apology; after all, he was the emperor's sidekick, and he wouldn't grovel to the sidekick.

        "Has the emperor already considered this?" Han Marchand asked.

        "This matter can't be known to anyone else, so I hope that Patriarch Han will understand." The henchman said.

        Han Giang nodded, it was, after all, a place where only the emperor could go, and if others knew that the emperor had compromised and allowed bystanders to enter the Hidden Book Pavilion, there would definitely be a lot of commotion.

        "Let's go, I will never mention this matter to anyone." Han Giangli said.

        At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the wall, "Can you still hide this from me?"

        Seeing Fei Lingsheng on the wall, Han Qianli faintly smiled, it was naturally impossible to hide this matter from her, and I'm afraid Fei Lingsheng found out about this heartthrob's appearance before he did.

        "Senior Fei, the emperor has said that if it disturbs senior Fei, he will ask senior Fei to come along." The heart belly said to Fei Lingsheng.

        Only then did Fei Lingsheng nodded in satisfaction, leaping off the wall and walking over to Han Giang, "I have to thank Patriarch Han for such treatment."

        "Yeah, how are you going to thank me? After all, you wouldn't be able to enjoy such an honor without me." Han Qianli smiled.

        Fei Lingsheng stared at Han Qianqian fiercely and said, "I'm just being polite with you, and you're taking it seriously?"

        "Is it not the truth, what I say? Senior Fei, you can't be unreasonable." Han Giangli said.

His True Colors Chapter 1043

In terms of playing with his mouth, Fei Lingsheng was absolutely no match for Han Qianqian, and Fei Lingsheng didn't dare to just use his strength to fight Han Qianqian, so in this situation, Fei Lingsheng chose to shut up, which was the best way to deal with Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian didn't think it was a big deal, Fei Lingsheng had done something wrong, and it was normal for him to not argue with him when he was justifiably disadvantaged.

        But in the eyes of that heartthrob, it was a bit frightening to watch.

        Fei Lingsheng was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse no matter what, even the emperor usually had to give a few slivers of face, but Han Qianqian acted as if he didn't care about Fei Lingsheng at all and was repeatedly defeated by Fei Lingsheng, which was a bit unbelievable.

        Could it be that Fei Lingsheng had already fought Han 3,000 and wasn't a match for Han 3,000, and that was why she had allowed Han 3,000 to ridicule her?

        This was a very important message that the heartbeat would definitely report to the emperor.

        Arriving at the palace once more, the emperor didn't say much, and Fei Lingsheng's appearance was expected by him.

        "Two, please follow me." After saying that, the emperor directly led the two to the Book Collection Pavilion.

        The so-called Hidden Book Pavilion was actually a seemingly very ordinary pavilion that was even a bit shabby in Han Qianli's eyes.

        Such an important and forbidden place, but a house that looked unremarkable, it didn't look like an important place at all, except that it was a bit more heavily guarded.

        "Senior Fei, you haven't been to a place like this before," Han Qianqian said to Fei Lingsheng with a smile.

        Fei Lingsheng knew what Han Qianqian wanted to say and said directly, "Yeah, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to come in this life, don't worry, I'll thank you properly when I have the chance."

        "Hehe." Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "There's no need for thanks, Senior Fei owes me so much, so why don't you promise me a request."

        Fei Lingsheng looked at Han Qianqian with a wary face, this guy was not some kind of a saves lamp, his request was definitely not simple and must not be easily agreed to.

        "What request?" Ferris asked.

        "I haven't thought about it yet, how about I tell you later when I think of it." Han Giangli said.

        Fei Lingsheng snorted coldly and said, "Don't even think about it."

        "Don't worry, I'll never let you do anything to hurt the world, after all, I'm a good citizen and can't do those things," Han Giangli said.

        At this time, the party of three had arrived in front of the attic.

        The emperor turned to the two and said, "This is the Hidden Book Pavilion, and I hope that the two of you can keep today's matter a secret."

        "Emperor, please rest assured that I will absolutely keep my mouth shut, and if this matter does get out, it has absolutely nothing to do with me." Han Qianli said.

        That made Fei Ling angry to the point of lividity, he had left out the relationship, so wasn't he saying that if it leaked out, it would have something to do with her?

        "What do you mean, Han 3,000?" Ferris said with a cold face.

        "Literally." Han Giang said without hiding the fact that he was purposely angry at Fei Lingsheng, because up until now, Han Giang hadn't forgiven Fei Lingsheng for appearing next to him as a beggar.

        Walking into the library, although the outside looked ordinary, entering the inside was a completely different world, it was like coming to a library, the only difference was that the value of these secret books was not something that could be compared to ordinary books, and only emperors were qualified to look through them, virtually raising the compelling nature of these books again.

        "Empyrean, where are the books related to the Lin Long?" Han Qianli asked the emperor.

        The emperor led the two of them to a row of bookshelves and said, "This row is the Ancient Secret Book, all the records about the Linlong are in there."

        Han Qianli nodded, no longer wasting any more time, and picked up a copy to flip through.

        Fei Ling'er wasn't willing to show her weakness, after all, she was still very curious about the books in this library, only the emperor had been able to come in before, so Fei Ling'er could only hold back even if she was curious, but since she had the chance to come here today, she naturally had to read it all, after all, this kind of opportunity might not be available in the future.

        The emperor had already read through these secret dictionaries, so he waited at the side.

        While Han Qianqian was immersed in the secret dictionary, Phoenix Mountain quietly welcomed an unexpected visitor.

        Yi Qingshan left the Royal Dragon Hall in order to hold Jiang Ying Ying hostage while Han Qianqian was away, to trade her life for the Sacred Chestnut in Han Qianqian's hands.

        To Yi Qingshan, the temptation of the Sacred Chestnut was incomparably great, even though he knew that the Xuanyuan World was in crisis at the moment due to the awakening of the Linlong, but this did not affect Yi Qingshan's selfishness in the slightest.

        To him, he didn't care what reason Han Qianqian had for going to the Imperial Dragon Palace, even if he was to deal with the Lin Long, so what?

        As long as he could make his realm stronger and have a chance to break through the God Realm, even if the Lunar Dragon awoke, Yi Qingshan felt that he had the means to save his own life, and the worst that could happen was that he could find the spatial tunnel and leave the Xuanyuan World while they were dueling with the Lunar Dragon.

        If he could become stronger, Yi Qingshan wouldn't care about anything else.

        "Who are you." When Yi Qingshan swaggered to the foot of the mountain, he was immediately stopped by the gatekeeper.

        "Get lost if you don't want to die, little brat, you even dare to stop me." Yi Qingshan said disdainfully.

        "This is the Three Thousand Year Sect, it's not something you can just barge into, I advise you ......"

        Before the child's voice could be heard, Yi Qingshan was impatient and struck out, only to see a beam of light strike, and the child's flesh exploded, not even a whole corpse.

        The remaining one saw this kind of scene and was paralyzed with fear, but even so, Yi Qingshan didn't let him go.

        "A mere civilian, attempting to change his fate against the heavens? Do you really think that if he takes you in, you can become cultivators?" After saying that, Yi Qingshan killed another person without hesitation.

        In a few moments, slaughtering two lives, and they were children, but Yi Qingshan acted as if nothing had happened.

        "People of the Three Thousand Year Sect, listen up, your death god has arrived, come out quickly to be killed." Yi Qingshan directly let out a shout, since Han Three Thousand Clansmen wasn't here, there was no one here that he was worth worrying about, and he didn't bother to go from room to room to find out which room Jiang Ying Ying was staying in, letting Jiang Ying Ying show herself was the best way to save time.

        Yi Qingshan's voice resounded throughout Phoenix Mountain, and Huang Snapdragon and the others were instantly alerted.

        Snapdragon Huang, who had bounced out of bed, was furious and was the first to arrive at the foot of the mountain.

        When he saw what happened to the two gatekeeper children, he was so angry that Snapdragon Huang was furious.

        "It's you!" When Snapdragon Huang saw the appearance of the visitor, he gritted his teeth for a moment, wasn't this guy, Fei Ling'er's brother? How did he suddenly appear here and kill the Three Thousand Clansmen.


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