His True Colors Chapter 1044-1046


His True Colors Chapter 1044

"If you don't want more people to die, then quickly let Jiang Yingying out." Yi Qingshan said indifferently.

        "What are you looking for my aunt for?" Snapdragon Huang was puzzled, and at the same time he was a little worried, this guy k*lled two people as soon as he arrived, he was obviously a bad visitor, and his master wasn't in the sect, so he didn't know what his realm was, and whether he would be able to stop him.

        "Don't waste my time, or else I'll have to bloodbath the Three Thousand Sect." Yi Qingshan said coldly, since he was going to capture Jiang Yingying, he was destined to be hostile to Han Third Thousand, so Yi Qingshan didn't care how many people he killed, as long as he could get the Sacred Chestnut, he was willing to do anything.

        At this time, people arrived at the foot of the mountain one after another, even the crowd of the Piao Miao Sect had arrived.

        "Who are you, how dare you mess around in the Three Thousand Year Sect, do you know who the Sovereign of the Three Thousand Year Sect is." Yan Qing Hua looked at the two children's flesh and blood corpses and became furious.

        Han Three Thousand Year's reputation in the Imperial Court was now well known, so how could anyone still dare to find trouble with the Three Thousand Year Sect?

        Could it be that this guy didn't know about Han Qianqian's battle against the twenty-eight guests of the Ximen Family?

        "I know you're from the Misty Sect, and I advise you not to get involved in this matter, or else there will no longer be a Misty Sect in the Imperial Court in the future." Yi Qingshan said.

        "What a big mouth, I'd like to see what you're capable of." After Yan Qing Hua finished speaking, she immediately prepared to make her move.

        However, when she was just about to move, she discovered that she was imprisoned in place by a force that prevented her from moving at all, which caused Yan Qing Hua to reveal an incredulous expression.

        It was only under absolute realm suppression that such a situation was possible.

        In other words, the realm of this fellow in front of her was much higher than hers!

        This made Yan Qing Hua start to worry, after all, Han Qianxiang wasn't in the clan, if this guy was a Nine Lantern realm powerhouse, who in the clan could rival him?

        "I told you to mind your own business." Yi Qingshan scoffed.

        "Who the hell are you." Yan Qing Hua asked through gritted teeth.

        "Yi Qingshan, the Extreme Master of the Xia Kingdom, you haven't heard of him, right?" Yi Qingshan had a smug look on his face, he enjoyed being worshipped so much that when he was in the Xia Kingdom, he would often go in and out of occasions and never kept a low profile, self-reporting was something Yi Qingshan would do almost every day, he wanted to see the expressions of admiration from those people, and even more so, he wanted to see the posture of those dignitaries when they bowed before him.

        "You ...... are Yi Qingshan!" Yan Qing Hua's face instantly turned pale.

        This was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse!

        Even if Han 3000 was there, he wouldn't necessarily be a match for him, not to mention that Han 3000 wasn't even within the clan.

        But he was a strong man of the Xia Kingdom, so why would he appear in the imperial court, and the Three Thousand Year Sect had just been established, so even if he had an enemy, he should be within the imperial court.

        "The Three Thousand Year Sect has no grudge against you, what do you want?" Yan Qing Hua was puzzled.

        "I'm going to take Jiang Yingying away, and I'll kill anyone who stops me." Yi Qingshan said directly.

        "If you take me away, we'll have to see if you have the ability to do so." At this moment, Jiang Yingying walked out from the crowd.

        Huang Snap Yong subconsciously blocked Jiang Ying Ying at the first opportunity and said in a low voice, "Senior Aunt, this guy is not a good person, what are you doing out here."

        Jiang Yingying gently pushed away Snapdragon Huang, looked straight at Yi Qingshan and said, "She's from the Misty Sect, no matter what you're here for, it has nothing to do with them, let them go first."

        "As long as you're willing to come with me, I won't kill anyone else," Yi Qingshan said.

        "In your eyes, is my brother the only strong one? So you could only show up after he left?" Jiang Ying Ying said faintly.

        Yi Qingshan was indeed afraid of Han 3000, which he didn't have to hide, and said directly, "Yes, I do not want to fight him, so I can only come while he's not here, so what, now that he's not here, whether everyone in this clan lives or dies is just a matter for me to decide with a thought."

        "Underestimate me, you will pay the price." Jiang Ying Ying said coldly.

        Yi Qingshan was stunned for a moment, then he laughed.

        Although it was true that when the battle against the 28 guests of the Ximen Family was fought that day, Jiang Ying Ying had indeed made a move, but in Yi Qingshan's opinion, Jiang Ying Ying had only helped in some insignificant way, and she did not play an absolute factor in the occupation, not to mention, how could he put a woman in his eyes when he was a powerful Extreme Master?

        An accident like Fei Lingsheng was not something that everyone could have, and there was only one Fei Lingsheng in this Xuanyuan World.

        "Little girl, you have a big mouth, and it looks like you'll have to suffer a bit before you'll know how powerful I am." Yi Qingshan said.

        Knowing that the other party was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, Jiang Ying Ying didn't dare to slow down, it was still a bit hard for her to deal with this kind of powerhouse with her current strength, but it didn't mean that Jiang Ying Ying would restrain herself.

        This battlefield, however, must not be near Phoenix Mountain, or else it would definitely be a calamity, she didn't want to destroy the newly established Three Thousand Sect.

        "If you want to capture me, come with me." After saying that, Jiang Ying Ying made a lifelong leap, and her entire body was like a meteor.

        Yi Qingshan was slightly shocked and hurried to catch up with Jiang Yingying.

        "Senior Aunt." Huang Snap Yong shouted at this situation, but it was too late and he could only stomp his feet in place in a hurry.

        "How can Shishu fight him, he's an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, what to do, what to do now." Huang Snapdragon was like ants on a hot pan, agitated, in his eyes, the Extreme Master Realm powerhouse was like a god, although he didn't deny that Jiang Ying Ying was powerful, he also didn't think that Jiang Ying Ying would be a match for Yi Qingshan.

        "Now we must find a way to inform your master." Yan Qing Hua walked up to Snapdragon Huang and said.

        Snapdragon Huang said, "It's too late for such a long journey, even if we notify our master."

        Yan Qing Hua also knew that time was a big problem, Han Qianqian was far away from the Imperial Dragon Hall, it was almost impossible to rush back to save Jiang Yingying, but other than that, there was no other way, even if they all joined together, they would not be able to be a match for Yi Qingshan.

        "This is the only way, hurry up, your exotic beasts can help you hurry faster." Yan Qing Hua said.

        Thinking of the Winged Tiger, Huang Snapdragon descended from the sky with a single thought.

        Having exotic beasts that could fly could indeed save a lot of time in hurrying, and it was the only effective and feasible way to do so.

        "Old Chang Chang, the clan will trouble you." After saying that, Huang Snapdragon flew away on a winged tiger.

        Yan Qing Hua took a deep breath and said to his clan disciples, "Bury the bodies of these two first, and warn the other clan disciples that they are not allowed to leave the mountain."

His True Colors Chapter 1045

Huang Snap Yong took the winged tiger and drove desperately towards the Royal Dragon Palace, not daring to stop for a moment out of concern for Jiang Yingying.

        After a whole day and night of sleeplessness, Huang Snap Yong finally arrived at the Palace of the Royal Dragon.

        But for Huang Snap Yong, who was new to the Royal Dragon Palace, he knew nothing of the rules here, no matter who he was, no matter how powerful the exotic beast he possessed, no matter how powerful the realm, he couldn't fly in the Palace of the Royal Dragon.

        Therefore, Huang Snap Yong was pressed directly into the prison before he even saw Han Qianqian.

        For Huang Snap Yong, who was only at the Five Lantern Realm, the Royal Dragon Palace was full of experts, so naturally it wasn't something he could go on a rampage.

        "Let me out, I'm Han Qianxiang's disciple and I want to see him." In the big prison, Huang Snap Yong shouted hoarsely, but no one would pay any attention to him at all.

        At this time, Han Three Thousand Thousand was still immersed in the Hidden Book Pavilion.

        The Imperial Dragon Messenger had been mentioned by a certain textbook, but it was only some mere words without much other hints, but there was another matter that aroused Han Three Thousand's curiosity.

        Ever since going to the apocalypse and learning about the forbidden space tunnel, Han Three Thousand had been curious about how the space tunnel came to be.

        In a secret book called the Enlightenment, the Space Tunnel was mentioned, and the legend said that the Space Tunnel was cleaved by a certain strong man with a sword, opening a bridge between two different spaces, and although it was unintentional, the strong man offended the wrath of the heavens and eventually died under the wrath of the heavens.

        It was also recorded in the secret book that the spatial tunnel could reverse time, that is to say, when operated in a certain way, the tunnel could bring time back to the past, just like a time shuttle, which surprised Han Qianli to no end, if this was true, wouldn't it be possible to use the spatial tunnel to go back to the past?

        "What's wrong?" Seeing Han Qianli's surprised expression, Fei Lingsheng mistakenly thought that Han Qianli had found some useful information and couldn't help but ask curiously.

        "So the legendary spatial tunnel was actually split open by a strong man with a sword, what kind of strength does it take to do that?" Han Giangli was puzzled.

        Fei Lingsheng had heard such rumors about this matter, but it was just rumors, and in Fei Lingsheng's opinion, it was almost impossible for even a strong man with a divine realm to split the void.

        "You'd better hurry up and find a way to deal with the Lunar Dragon, how did the spatial tunnel come about, can it help you deal with the Lunar Dragon?" Fei Lingsheng said.

        Han Giangli nodded, memorizing a sentence about reversing time from the secret book, and then he continued to start looking for information about the Linlong.

        The emperor had already gone through these secret dictionaries, so at this time, he was just watching quietly, when suddenly, the sound of a knock sounded from the Hidden Book Pavilion.

        Generally speaking, it would never be possible for a henchman to disturb him at such a time, could it be that something had happened?

        The emperor's heart floated with a hint of foreboding, it couldn't be that something had happened again in the Dark Forest.

        "What's going on?" Walking out of the library, the emperor asked.

        "Empyrean, do you know that winged tiger handler?" Heartbeat said to the Emperor.

        A winged tiger?

        "You're talking about the one who followed Han Qianli?" The emperor was confused.

        "Yes, he came to the Imperial Dragon Palace, but because he broke the taboo by flying over the Palace, he has been imprisoned." The beloved said.

        The emperor's face was cold, even those Nine Lantern Realm powerhouses, even Fei Lingsheng didn't dare to break this rule, a mere Five Lantern Realm guy dared to be so arrogant, truly worthy of being Han Qianli's disciple.

        The master was mad, and the disciple was not restrained in the slightest.

        "Since you've been taken into the prison, you don't need to report to me, this kind of uncaring guy needs to be taught a lesson." The emperor said.

        "That's what I thought, but I heard from the prison that this man was shouting to see Han Qianli, like there was some urgent matter, does the emperor think that Han Qianli needs to be informed?" Heartbeat said.

        The emperor frowned slightly, he never forgave such arrogant actions easily, but this man had an urgent matter and was Han Marchant's disciple, this forced the emperor to think deeply, after all, he was now in a partnership with Han Marchant, and he had failed to suppress Han Marchant in the Imperial Dragon Hall, this made the emperor have to treat Han Marchant with some special treatment.

        But Huang Snapdragon had committed such a taboo, if he were to be released so easily, wouldn't he be saying that he was afraid of Han Three Thousand, which was never a statement that the emperor could accept.

        "Lock him up for a few days first," The emperor said.

        "Yes." Since the emperor had said so, the heartbeat could only follow orders, after all, his duty was only to inform the emperor of this matter, and it wasn't for him to interfere as to how the emperor was going to handle it.

        Exactly three days later, Han Qianli finally read through all the books word by word, only to find no useful information, it seemed that too many people had died in the last battle with the Lin Long, so no one could have left the information they had in the first place.

        This caused Han Marchan a bit of a headache, facing a completely new and very powerful opponent, it would be difficult to deal with it if he couldn't find a way to restrain it.

        "Patriarch Han, it seems like we've wasted another three days." The emperor said to Han 3,000.

        Han Qianli sighed and said, "Emperor, it looks like we'll have to think of another way."

        "You haven't rested for three days and nights, so you should go home and rest first, and after you recuperate, we'll discuss it again." The emperor said.

        Although Han Qianxiang was still in good spirits and didn't need to rest, he did need some time to relax his mind.

        After returning home with Fei Lingsheng, Han Three Thousand locked himself in his room.

        He wasn't afraid of dying, but he was afraid that if he died, Su Yingxia would lose her husband and Han Nian would lose her father, so Han 3000 would never be able to let himself die in Xuanyuan World.

        But in the current situation, facing the powerful Lin Long, Han 3000 could barely see any chance of survival.

        However, there was good news for him, knowing about the space tunnel, and also knowing that the space tunnel was probably in the Dark Forest at Xuanyuan Mountain, as a last resort, Han 3,000 could try to forcefully leave Xuanyuan World, and let the Lin Long slaughter the people of Xuanyuan World, so that Earth would not have to worry about the second invasion of Xuanyuan World.

        Of course, this method was a bit cruel, but to Han 3,000, it was also a choice of last resort.

        At the same time, the foreboding feeling in Han 3,000's heart grew stronger and stronger, as if a voice in his heart was telling him that something big was happening, but what was going on, Han 3,000 couldn't figure out.

His True Colors Chapter 1046

There was a knock on the door, but before Han Giangli could get up and open the door, Fei Lingsheng pushed his way in himself.

        "You're really rude," Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        Fei Lingsheng looked at Han Three Thousand as if it was a matter of course and said, "This is my home, do I still need to be polite?"

        "Aren't you afraid I'll see me naked with nothing on?" Han Marchant was helpless.

        "It's not like we haven't seen it before, there's nothing to be afraid of." Fei Lingsheng looked unconcerned.

        It wouldn't have been strange at all if it had been said by some Earth girl, but from Fei Lingsheng's mouth, Han Qianli was incredulous; after all, the style of the Xuanyuan World was mostly still quite conservative, except for women born in green houses, let alone a strong man like Fei Lingsheng.

        "What do you want to see me about?" Han 3000 asked.

        "Can't you be found if there's nothing wrong, I used to like to be quiet and not talk to people, but now, if I don't talk, I'm afraid I won't have the chance later," Fei Lingsheng said.

        Looking at her words, it seemed like she was already resigned to her fate, and she was a hallowed Extreme Master Realm powerhouse, so how could she easily resign herself to her fate?

        "Fei Lingsheng, you're the number one expert in the entire imperial court, how can you say such things." Han Giangli said.

        Fei Lingsheng had a hint of helplessness on her face and said, "The Lin Long, a divine exotic beast, even a divine powerhouse can't deal with it, death is just a matter of time, no one can avoid it."

        Of course she didn't want to die, but this current situation, how could she avoid it if she didn't want to, once the Lin Long was allowed to break out of the Dark Forest, the world of Xuanyuan would definitely be a pitch-black hell, and the air would be filled with blood all the time.

        Fei Lingsheng could almost already imagine the scenes of Xuanyuan World riddled with corpses, and there was nothing she could do about it.

        "A person like you should be more afraid of death, right, it's hard to reach the Extreme Mastery realm and still be able to return to old age, as the saying goes, the longer you live, the more you fear death, are you really willing?" Han Qianli wondered, although he had never had such a personal experience, he could imagine that when a person had endless life, they should be more afraid of death than the next person.

        And who would be willing to die when the face was eternal?

        "Who says I'm well off and I don't need to be rejuvenated." Fei Lingsheng said disdainfully.

        Han Giangli raised an eyebrow, not needing to return to her old age, what did she mean, could it be that she already looked like this.

        Han Giang shook his head subconsciously, how could this be possible, he was able to have the strength he had now because of eating a large amount of Sacred Chestnut and having the addition of strong corpses, factors that were not available to others, Fei Lingsheng naturally wouldn't be able to become an Extreme Master at such a young age.

        "What's there to hide about such things, isn't everyone in the world aware of it?" Han Qianli was speechless, did she still care about her age and true looks?

        But it's possible, after all, isn't a woman's obsession age and looks?

        Those Earth women, who spent a lot of money on skin care products, didn't just want to be able to retain their youth, and didn't want to admit that they were old.

        "It's true that I lied to the whole world, they all think I'm very old, but in reality, I'm this year, I'm not even over thirty, and even the emperor doesn't know about this." Fei Lingsheng said, this secret was originally known only to her in the whole world, but now she was revealing it to Han 3000, which meant that Fei Lingsheng seemed to have really resigned herself to her fate, and if not, how could she tell Han 3000 such an important secret?

        "You weren't kidding?" Seeing Fei Lingsheng's serious face, Han Giang had to change his attitude and re-examine the issue, as there was no need for Fei Lingsheng to lie to him.

        But if that was the case, then it would be too surprising, because none of the truly strong people that Han Qianli had seen so far were very old, and they had all been able to reach the powerful realm through a long period of cultivation, but Fei Lingsheng, at an age of less than thirty, had become an Extreme Master realm powerhouse!

        "Do you think I'm joking, I already reached the Extreme Mastery realm when I was twenty-five years old." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "How did you do well?" Han Qianli was curious, without the Sacred Chestnut and the strong skeleton, the current Han Qianli was probably still just an ordinary person, so he couldn't imagine how Fei Lingsheng actually managed to do it.

        "If I told you that I was born in the Dark Forest and raised by a foreign beast, would you believe me?" Ferrington said.

        Raised by a different beast!

        That seemed ridiculous, but it wasn't impossible.

        Earth also had wolf children, i.e. children raised by wolves, and it wasn't that Han Giang hadn't heard of such deeds.

        But the exotic beasts in Xuanyuan World were usually of the ferocious variety, and there was no shortage of beasts that ate people for pleasure, and it was miraculous that Fei Ling Sheng could survive in such an environment.

        "The Dark Forest is the origin of Sacred Chestnut, and although I know that in your eyes, Sacred Chestnut is not that precious, but in the past, I used to eat it as a fruit." Fei Lingsheng continued.

        Eating it as a fruit?

        To put it that way, Han Giangli had the same experience, but he had originally used it for fruiting purposes.

        "The exotic beasts raised you with sacred chestnuts?" Han Three Thousand asked.

        Faced with Han Qianli's curiosity but not shock, Fei Ling Sheng's heart was a little strange, because no matter what he told anyone about this experience, they were bound to be shocked, but Han Qianli was only curious.

        As expected, he wasn't an ordinary person either.

        "Not entirely, I eat sacred chestnuts as well as game, ever since I have memories, I wake up every day and there are many wild rabbits and pheasants in front of me, I eat raw meat as my diet, and when I get tired of it, I also look for some flowers and grasses to relieve my fatigue." Fei Lingsheng explained.

        "You've had a very colorful upbringing, eating meat and grass, but since you grew up in the Dark Forest, how did you leave it? And how did you learn to speak when you grew up with a different beast?" Han 3,000 smiled.

        "That day, it went to help me search for the Sacred Chestnut as usual, but when it never returned, I knew that it must be in danger, and I was afraid without its care, so I left the place where I had been living, and after walking for an unknown amount of time, I came out of the Dark Forest and saw a completely different world, and perhaps as fate would have it, I fainted in a clan realm and was taken by those People saved." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "So you learned to speak and practice within the clan?" Han Giangli had already guessed the next episode, this clan should be the starting point for Fei Lingsheng to start his new life.


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