His True Colors Chapter 1047-1048


His True Colors Chapter 1047

"During the one year I spent in the clan, I learned to speak and knew how to communicate with people, and it was only then that I realized that I was a human and not born of a foreign beast, and I realized that I was left in the Dark Forest." At this point, Fei Lingsheng's eyes clearly jumped with burning anger, and it was clear that this matter was very unacceptable to her.

        Han Qianqian, who was also a father, was also able to understand this feeling, as the saying goes, a tiger's poison never eats its own child, what kind of parent would actually throw their child in such a dangerous place like the Dark Dark Forest, wasn't this like asking her to die?

        "And then what happened?" Han Qianli asked curiously, he couldn't wait to learn more about this strange life experience.

        Moreover, Fei Lingsheng but ate sacred chestnuts as a fruit, once he was exposed to cultivation, his strength was bound to advance by leaps and bounds, thinking that when Han Giang was in the apocalypse, he had shocked those so-called strong people, and I'm sure Fei Lingsheng was the same.

        "One year later, I came into contact with cultivation, and that's when my life truly began to change, in one night, in just one night's time, I went from being a cultivator who had just entered the country to becoming a strong person in the Five Lanterns Realm," Fei Lingsheng said.

        Breaking through the Five Lamps in one night!

        Han Giangli was horrified, I'm afraid that such a breakthrough had frightened those in the clan! Because this kind of thing was simply not something that ordinary people dared to imagine.

        "To shock the clan and take the pinnacle of life from then on?" Han Giangli was curious.

        Fei Lingsheng shook his head and said, "They were really very shocked, I didn't know what was happening at the time, but I could tell that a lot of people's eyes were afraid of me, I've seen that look, whenever Ao Tian helped me hunt for food, the food would show a look of fear and panic, then they would fight back as hard as they could, and Ao Tian would get hurt in that situation. "

        Ao Tian should be the exotic beast that raised Fei Lingsheng, and I'm afraid that this name was also the name that Fei Lingsheng later gave it.

        But when Han Qianqian listened to the entire passage, his eyelids began to jump straight.

        Fearful eyes, fighting back desperately!

        Fei Lingsheng is living in a desperate situation, the bloody scene of Ao Tian hunting is probably the most she has ever seen, and Ao Tian's injuries due to hunting will subconsciously make Fei Lingsheng have a sense of self-protection.

        So when this look appeared, the only thing she could do was to kill the other party like Ao Tian had done.

        "What did you do?" Han Giangli took a [English www.avracity.com] deep breath and asked.

        "Slaughtering everyone in the clan, that's the only way I'll feel safe." Fei Lingsheng said expressionlessly.

        Han Qianli heaved out a sigh of bad luck, and although he had guessed that this would be the end, the meaning became different after it came out of Fei Lingsheng's mouth.

        Because there was a big difference between guessing and the truth.

        "You're no more than a five-light realm, how could you kill an entire clan, does this clan not even have a single true expert?" Han Giangli was puzzled.

        "My realm gradually increased during the slaughter, and by the time I finished killing everyone, I had reached the Eight Lantern Realm." Fei Lingsheng explained.

        "F*ck." Han Giangli couldn't help but burst out in foul language.

        Fei Lingsheng breaking through the five-light realm overnight was already an unbelievable thing, but I didn't expect her to be able to break through the realm in the process of killing people, and to do so three times in a row, no one would dare to believe such a thing if it was said.

        "Looking at the corpses and blood all over the ground, I suddenly felt safe, the feeling was like Ao Tian was back and protecting me again, from then on, I knew what it meant to be strong." Fei Lingsheng continued.

        "So you stayed at the sect until you reached the Extreme Mastery?" Han Qianli guessed that Fei Lingsheng was an extremely insecure person, so in Han Qianli's opinion, she wouldn't easily leave the sect because Ao Tian's death had become a shadow on her heart, and the only reason that could make her leave was to reach the Extreme Mastery realm and have invincibility.

        "Good, it took me a few years to reach the Extreme Master realm, I just knew that I was truly safe." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "You must have killed many more people in the meantime." Han 3,000 was helpless, the land of the clan was bound to have visitors, and Fei Lingsheng had to come and kill one by one to hide the truth about the clan being massacred by her.

        "Six hundred and thirteen people." Fei Lingsheng said.

        Han Qianli smiled bitterly and said, "You remember it clearly, but what happened later, since you became so strong, did you return to the Dark Forest?"

        Ao Tian had raised Fei Ling Sheng, and to her, Ao Tian was bound to be the closest thing to her, and although it was likely that Ao Tian was dead, retrieving Ao Tian's body was something that Fei Ling Sheng should do.

        "Been there, but not to find it, as it has fallen to be food for other exotic beasts." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "Since you weren't looking for Ao Tian, then you were looking for the Sacred Chestnut?" Han Giangli guessed that Fei Lingsheng had reached the Extreme Mastery realm, but that wasn't the limit for cultivators, there was also a legendary divine realm, and if Fei Lingsheng wanted to reach the divine realm, he would definitely think of the Sacred Chestnut.

        "You're very smart, but unfortunately Sacred Chestnut isn't that easy to find, and near Sacred Chestnut, it's usually guarded by powerful exotic beasts, which made me go there several times to no avail, and I was injured quite a bit." Fei Lingsheng said.

        Hearing this, Han Giang couldn't help but take another deep breath, even Fei Lingsheng would be injured, it seemed that the Dark Forest was worthy of scruples, not only the Lunar Dragon, but other exotic beasts as well, this was almost devastating news for Han Giang.

        It was hard enough to deal with the Lunar Dragon, and there were other powerful exotic beasts as well, wasn't this adding insult to injury?

        "It looks like we're dead, besides the Lin Long, there are also exotic beasts that even you can't deal with, when the formation of the Dark Forest is broken, it will be the true end of the world ah." Han Giangli said.

        "No, after the Lunar Dragon awakens, it will definitely need food to fill its hunger, and the stronger the exotic beast, the more delicious it will be to it, so by the time it is able to leave the Dark Forest, the strongest of the Dark Forest should have become a meal for its belly." Fei Lingsheng explained.

        "This ...... is barely good news." Han Giangli smiled bitterly, and this was all he could do to comfort himself in this situation.

        "If I can reach the God Realm, there might still be a glimmer of hope." Fei Lingsheng suddenly turned his head to look at Han Qianli.

        Han Qianli was stunned, the corners of his mouth lifting to reveal a faint smile, he wasn't an idiot, until this moment, Han Qianli finally understood the reason why Fei Lingsheng was pushing his heart towards him.

        "You're not trying to get the Sacred Chestnut from me, are you?" Han 3,000 asked.

His True Colors Chapter 1048

Fei Lingsheng had said so much, being so honest with Han 3000, telling almost all of her secrets, she did have a purpose and it was to obtain the Sacred Chestnut.

        For Fei Lingsheng, only by obtaining the Sacred Chestnut would she be able to touch the Divine Realm, and when she reached it, she might even be able to have a fight with the Lunar Dragon.

        Ultimately, it was that Fei Lingsheng didn't want to die.

        "This is a way to deal with the Lunar Dragon, don't you want it?" Fei Lingsheng asked rhetorically.

        Han Giangli directly shook his head, he didn't have much Holy Chestnut, he couldn't squander it like before, and it was hard to come by and could help him tremendously, so how could he still give it to people freely?

        On top of the palace, if he hadn't eaten the Sacred Chestnut beforehand, it would have been impossible for Han Third Thousand to remain pale under that kind of suppression.

        Now that Han Three Thousand Thousand already knew how important and precious the Sacred Chestnut was, even if Fei Lingsheng's goal was to deal with the Linlong, Han Three Thousand wouldn't give it easily.

        "Not willingly." Han Qianqian said directly.

        Fei Lingsheng thought that he would be able to gain his trust by telling Han Qianqian all of his secrets, but the sentence he ended up getting in return was one of reluctance.

        "Are you going to stand by and watch Lin Long kill people with impunity in Xuanyuan World? Are you going to watch millions of people die under the claws of the Forest Dragon?" Firingsheng said with some anger.

        "I'll think of other ways, and perhaps, when push comes to shove, I'll give you Holy Chestnut, but never now." Han Giangli faintly said.

        Fei Lingsheng wasn't eased by these words, as the abilities that the Sacred Chestnut possessed needed to be absorbed a little bit, allowing her to break through the existing realm a little bit, and it wasn't like eating the Sacred Chestnut would allow her to reach the divine Realm.

        If it really came to a crisis point, it would be too late to eat the Sacred Chestnut at that time, I'm afraid.

        "I'm just afraid that when the time comes, it will be useless for you to give me any more." Fei Lingsheng said coldly.

        "Fei Lingsheng, what's the use of saying so much, it will only be yours if I give it to you, and if I don't give it to you, no matter what you say, it's useless, you'd better go rest." Han Giangli said.

        Fei Lingsheng thought about taking it by force, but this way would definitely make a war break out between her and Han Giangli, which was undesirable for Fei Lingsheng, after all, the current form didn't allow for such things to happen.

        Fei Lingsheng took a deep breath and heaved it out again, saying, "I'll tell you one more thing, if you find this matter valuable, I want you to seriously think about the matter regarding the Sacred Chestnut."

        Seeing how Fei Lingsheng still didn't give up, Han Qianli smiled helplessly.

        But to be able to know more of Fei Lingsheng's secrets, Han Three Thousand was naturally willing, after all, it was his call whether it was valuable or not.

        "Go ahead and see if you can get me interested," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Your apprentice came to the Imperial Dragon Palace and was in a hurry, it's very likely that there's a problem with the Three Thousand Year Sect, but he broke the rules of the Imperial Dragon Palace and is now in jail." Fei Lingsheng said.


        Isn't that Snapdragon Huang?

        How could he come to the Royal Dragon Palace for no reason!

        "How do you know, why haven't I heard anything at all." Han Giangli questioned.

        "I'm in the Royal Dragon Hall, naturally I'll have eyes, this matter is a thousand times true, if you don't believe me, you can investigate it yourself, he rode a winged tiger into the city, compared to what many people saw." Fei Lingsheng said.

        After hearing this, Han Qianli immediately left his home.

        If Huang Snapdragon really did ride a winged tiger into the city, then there should be many people who saw it, and a random person on the street would be able to confirm whether what Fei Lingsheng said was true or not.

        After searching for several people in succession, Han Three Thousand finally got a definite answer that someone had indeed ridden a winged tiger into the city, and although he was unknown, the emperor's men, had already captured him.

        The foreboding feeling of foreboding in Han Three Thousand's heart grew stronger.

        When he was leaving, he had warned Huang Snap Yong to stay in the Three Thousand Year Sect and take care of all things returning to the Three Thousand Year Sect, and his sudden arrival at the Imperial Dragon Hall must mean that something was happening in the Three Thousand Year Sect.

        Han Qianli couldn't guess what was going on, so he could only find Huang Snapdragon and ask for clarification.

        Since he had been imprisoned by the Emperor, he could only find the Emperor in this matter.

        Han Third Thousand came to the main hall once more, faced the emperor who had his eyes closed, and said directly, "Emperor, you imprisoned my apprentice?"

        "Your apprentice, who is it?" The emperor looked puzzled as he asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian's face was as frosty as ice, but he knew Huang Snap Yong's character very well, this guy would definitely report himself as Han Qianqian's disciple, how could the emperor not know?

        Is this the time to deliberately act crazy, is he trying to use Huang Snapdragon to blackmail him?

        "Emperor, I'm currently loyal to the Imperial Court, I hope you don't make me change my mind." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Currently loyal to the imperial court, but that didn't mean it would be in the future!

        Such rebellious words, only Han Qianqian would have the guts to say it, and anyone saying so in this Imperial Dragon Hall would be sentenced to the crime of conspiracy! He might even be directly executed by the emperor.

        Although the emperor had thought that when Han Qianxiang knew about this matter, he would come to question himself, he had never expected Han Qianxiang to say such words.

        The emperor, who was hidden as anger, controlled his temper that was about to explode and said, "Sect Master Han, do you know what you're talking about?"

        "Of course I do, but do you know what you're doing, Emperor? My disciple broke the rules of the Royal Dragon Hall, he deserves to be punished, but he came in a hurry, he must have urgent business, can't the emperor let it go?" Han Marchant said.

        "I'll naturally release him when the day of his sentence is up," The emperor said.

        Han Three Thousand's eyes grew cold, how long would it take until the day his sentence was up, when Han Three Thousand had already missed the important matter of Huang Snapdragon's thousands of miles of communication.

        "I want to see him, and I hope the emperor will give me the chance." Han Three Thousand Year bent slightly, which was considered a very respectful gesture, as the current Han Three Thousand Year would never grovel to anyone.

        This gesture eased the emperor's heart a bit, at least it would make him feel like he wasn't being held down by Han Three Thousand, and the dignity of his emperor status was still preserved.

        And from the very beginning, the emperor had no intention of locking up Huang Snapdragon for any length of time, after all, he was Han Three Thousand's disciple, and as the saying goes, even beating a dog has to look at its master, so the emperor had to give Han Three Thousand a face anyway.

        "Since it's your disciple's first time in the Imperial Dragon Hall, and he doesn't know the rules here, I can let him go, but after taking him away, remember to educate him properly, the Imperial Dragon Hall is never a place where he can be reckless." The emperor said.


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