Secret Identity Chapter 2295-2296


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2295

Hearing that Ye Chen was refining medicine again, Qin Aoxue was happy beyond words.


      She was happy, not because she was so eager for Ye Chen's divine medicine, but because her father had asked her to deliver medicine to Ye Chen, and this gave her the opportunity to meet with Ye Chen.


      Qin Ao Xue had been home for the winter holidays, other than her daily routine training, she basically had nothing to do, and her days could be said to be boring.


      She really wanted to find a chance to meet with Ye Chen and even ask him to give her guidance again, but she heard that Ye Chen had been quite busy lately, so it was not a good idea to come over and bother her.


      It was just as well that, taking the opportunity of delivering medicine, she could meet with Ye Chen and find an opportunity to invite him to come and sit at his home.


      After preparing all the herbs neatly according to Ye Chen's needs, Qin Gang handed them all over to Qin Aoxue in a medicine box and instructed, "Aoxue, you send these herbs to Master Ye at Tangchen."


      Qin Aoxue immediately said happily, "Okay dad, I'll drive to Master Ye's house!"


      Qin Gang nodded and said, "You wait a moment."


      After saying that, he stood up, took out an exquisite rosewood wooden box from the safe, put it in Qin Aoxue's hand and explained, "This is a four hundred years old superb purple ginseng, it is even better than the three hundred years old superb purple ginseng that Master Ye got at the auction before, help me take it to Master Ye and say that it is my filial respect to him."


      Qin Ao Xue carefully took the wooden box and said seriously, "I know dad, these herbs along with this excellent purple ginseng, I will definitely deliver it to Master Ye's house by myself."


      "Mm!" Qin Gang nodded his head and lamented, "Last time at the Chinese Medicine Expo, Master Ye threw a lot of money to buy that three hundred year old superb purple ginseng, not long after that, Master Ye came up with the Rejuvenation Pill, so I presume that this superb purple ginseng is the medicinal material needed to make the Rejuvenation Pill, with this superb purple ginseng, Master Ye might be able to make another batch of Rejuvenation Pill out. "


      Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said, "Dad! I'm not going to ask Master Ye for medicine for you this time! The last time Master Ye refined a miracle pill, you made me shamelessly beg Master Ye for a gift, and I've been feeling particularly embarrassed"


      Qin Gang busily said, "Don't worry, this time you just give this superb purple ginseng to Master Ye, and don't worry about anything else, I believe that if Master Ye really uses it to refine the rejuvenation pills, he should not forget our Qin family."


      Qin Ao Xue was relieved and said, "Dad, then I'll go over first!"


      "Okay, you go."


      Qin Ao Xue drove her own car out of the door, and then rushed to Thompson's in a hurry.


      Half an hour later, Qin Ao Xue arrived at the door of Ye Chen's villa.


      When she pressed the doorbell, Ma Lan was taking a nap in her room on the third floor.


      Ye Chen came down from the second floor, opened the courtyard door, and when he saw it was Qin Ao Xue, he smiled and said, "Ao Xue, it's hard for you to make a special trip."


      Qin Aoxue was always uncontrollably shy in front of Ye Chen, and with some nervousness and fidgeting, she said, "Master Ye Ye, how have you been lately?"


      Ye Chen smiled, "It's pretty good, why do you ask?"


      Qin Ao Xue was busy explaining, "I heard that you have been particularly busy this time, and also went to Japan for sister Wan Ting's matter, in case you are overworked"


      Ye Chen waved his hand, "No, this little thing is nothing to me.

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2296

"That's good!" Qin Ao Xue smiled sweetly, busy handing over the medicine box and the rosewood box to Ye Chen, introducing: "Master Ye, inside the medicine box are the herbs you need this time, my father has helped you to prepare them all. Just let me bring it to you."


      Ye Chen was a bit surprised and said, "Four hundred years of excellent purple ginseng? Where does your dad get such good stuff?"


      Qin Ao Xue threw up her tongue: "I don't know about this, my father usually receives medicine in a special channel, many medicine merchants and farmers in the South China Sea and North China are specialized in supplying him, whoever has some excellent medicinal herbs, they are also the first to take them to him for a look, I guess the medicine merchants received them and then sent them over."


      Ye Chen nodded his head and thought, "The last time I refined thirty rejuvenation pills, I myself ate most of them, the rest of the points, selling and sending, basically also consumed almost, originally thought to have a chance to refine a little more, but also know that it's not easy to find the best quality purple ginseng over three hundred years, so I haven't found a chance to refine it, didn't expect Qin Gang this let Qin Ao Xue send it over"


      In fact, although Ye Chen didn't have a 300 year old Premium Purple Ginseng in his hand, he did have a Thousand Year Snow Ginseng that Wei Liang had sent to him and that had been inherited from his mother's family.


      The value of the Thousand Year Snow Ginseng was much higher than the three hundred year old Premium Purple Ginseng, and that kind of herb, if used to refine the Rejuvenation Pill, would be really a great waste.


      According to the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, the uses of Thousand Year Snow Ginseng were far more than the three hundred year old Premium Purple Ginseng!


      Thinking of this, he took a closer look at this strain of Premium Purple Ginseng sent by Qin Ao Xue and couldn't help but exclaim, "The quality of this strain of Premium Purple Ginseng looks even better than the one I won at the auction before! Your father must have spent a lot of money too, right? Such an expensive gift is indeed somewhat deserved."


      Qin Aoxue was busy saying, "Master Ye, you mustn't say that, with your kindness to our Qin family, not to mention a purple ginseng, even if you were to give all the assets of the Qin family to you, it would be the right thing to do!"


      Ye Chen laughed and ridiculed, "You're really a pup selling your son's field without a heartache, your Qin family has worked hard for generations to build such a family business, and you gave it all away to me as soon as you asked?"


      Saying that, he put away his joking tone and said seriously, "Alright, I'll take this purple ginseng, you help me thank your father, and also tell him that when I use this excellent purple ginseng to refine a pill, I will definitely give him one."


      When Qin Ao Xue heard this, her heart was also excited, she even bowed and said, "That's really a big thank you to Master Ye!"


      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said indifferently, "It should be, no need to be so polite."


      After saying that, he said to her, "Ao Xue, come in and sit for a while, I will make you a cup of tea."


      Qin Ao Xue subconsciously wanted to say yes, but on second thought, she was a little worried and asked, "Master Ye, is your wife at home? Would she be unhappy if she saw me come to the door?"


      Ye Chen smiled: "How could it be, Choran is very nice and treats guests very warmly, if he was at home now, he would have invited you in himself, it's not my turn at all."


      Qin Ao Xue was surprised and asked, "Is your wife not at home?"


      "No." Ye Chen casually said, "Her company is quite busy, she has already resumed work long ago, only my mother-in-law is at home."


      Qin Ao Xue was busy: "Then I can't go in even more, in case your mother-in-law misunderstands, it will cause trouble for you."


      Ye Chen smiled, "No no, my mother-in-law has suffered a little injury on her leg, and now she basically takes a nap in her room every afternoon, and when she wakes up, she basically doesn't go downstairs."


      Only then did Qin Ao Xue put her mind at ease, and with a smile, she said, "Then I'll shamelessly beg for a cup of tea made by Master Ye!"


      Ye Chen flashed his body, made an inviting gesture, and said, "Come in!"


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