Secret Identity Chapter 2297-2298


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2297

Seeing Ye Chen's sincere invitation, Qin Ao Xue nodded and happily followed Ye Chen into the villa.


      After entering the house, Ye Chen invited Qin Aoxue to take a seat on the living room sofa, then he took out the tea set and made a pot of tea for her.


      Qin Aoxue carefully carried the tea made by Ye Chen and spoke, "Right Master Ye, I went to see Sister Wanting two days ago!"


      "Oh?" Ye Chen asked curiously, "Did you go to her company or to her house?"


      "Went to her house." Qin Ao Xue said, "I was worried that sister Wan Ting was in a bad mood after going through so many things, so I went to her home to see her."


      Ye Chen nodded, remembering that he hadn't had time to visit her again since he had solved the Song family crisis and allowed Song Wanting to regain the Song family heir position, so he asked Qin Aoxue, "How is Wanting's current state?"


      Qin Ao Xue tilted her head and said, "Sister Wan Ting is in pretty good shape."


      Saying that, she remembered something, busy saying, "Right Master Ye, Sister Wanting's family has an Akita dog, especially purebred and cute, I don't think the whole Jinling can find an Akita with such a good pedigree, she said that your friend gave it to her?"


      "Right." Ye Chen smiled, "When I was in Japan the other day, I brought her to stay at a Japanese friend's house, that Japanese friend had many Akita dogs at home, and when she saw that Wan Ting liked it, she gave her one."


      Qin Ao Xue's eyes were filled with envy, and said, "Wan Ting's sister's Akita is called Little You, it's a girl, I've made a deal with her, when Little You grows up, I'll let Little You have a litter of puppies, and then I'll get one for her!"


      Ye Chen smiled, "Then you have to wait at least a year."


      Qin Ao Xue said, "It's fine, a year will pass quickly."


      Saying that, she then asked Ye Chen, "Right Master Ye, do you have time in the last few days?"


      Ye Chen curiously asked, "What's the matter?"


      Qin Ao Xue said somewhat shyly, "It's like this since the last time I beat Itoh Cabbage in the competition and won the championship, I have been practicing hard at home, but I always feel that my progress is slow, I think the main thing is that I don't have a senior coach to teach me by hand, so if you have time, I would like to invite you to sit at my home again and give me some guidance by the way, I don't know if it's convenient for you, Master Ye"


      Ye Chen thought about it and said with a smile, "That's a small matter, let's say, when I finish refining the medicine, I will naturally invite you all to sit down and have a meal together, and give you the medicine by the way, then I will bother your father to prepare a banquet at home and invite everyone to your home for a small gathering, I will go over a few hours earlier and give you guidance then. "


      When Qin Ao Xue heard this, she said excitedly, "That's really great Master Ye! In that case, I'll go back and tell my father to prepare the best banquet at home!"


      Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile, "By the way, do you know who gave your sister Wanting that Akita to her?"


      Qin Ao Xue shook her head, "Sister Wan Ting said it was your friend, but she didn't say who exactly."


      Ye Chen laughed, "It's the Itoh Cabbage that you won in the competition."


      "Ah?!" Qin Ao Xue exclaimed in shock and spoke out, "It's her?"


      Ye Chen smiled, "Yes, it's her."


      Qin Ao Xue hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, how is Itoh Cabbage's injury? Last time in the competition, I didn't control the potency of the pills you gave me very well, so I injured her by mistake, and I don't know how well she's recovering."


      Saying that, Qin Ao Xue sighed somewhat guiltily, "In fact, the strength of Cai Cai Zi has always been much stronger than me, the champion of that competition should have been her, I was completely dependent on the divine medicine you gave Master Ye, only in a short period of time to improve my strength, although I won the competition, but winning is not glorious"


      In addition to the fact that you have passed the doping test, it proves that you have not taken any drugs that are banned by the competition. It's contraband, so it's all in line with the competition regulations."


      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "It's like the black-tech shark skin bionic swimsuit that swimmers used to use exclusively for competitions."


      "This bionic high-tech swimsuit can make swimmers greatly reduce the resistance in the water, and American swimmers, including Phelps, have broken 14 world records in just one month with the shark swimsuit, and Phelps alone has won more than twenty Olympic gold medals."


      "Among them, naturally, there is no help from this kind of swimsuit, but at that time, none of the rules of the competition explicitly forbade this kind of swimsuit, so people's gold medals won peace of mind, nothing dishonorable."


      Qin Ao Xue nodded gently and said, "I understand what you mean."


      Ye Chen smiled slightly: "Competition, playing with the rules, so in this regard you do not need to have any psychological burden, not only can you not have a psychological burden, in the future, you have to continue to participate in such international competitions, strive to win more glory for the country!"


      Qin Aoxue hurriedly said, "Okay Master Ye, Aoxue will definitely do her best and win a few more championships in the future!"


      Saying that, Qin Aoxue looked at the time and said somewhat shyly, "Master Ye, you must have something else to do in the afternoon, Aoxue will not bother you much, you must not forget what you have just agreed to do."


      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Don't worry, I will contact your father after I have refined the medicine."


      Qin Aoxue nodded, stood up and said respectfully, "Master Ye, then you stay, Aoxue will take her leave first!"


      Ye Chen also stood up and said, "I'll send you."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2298

After sending Qin Ao Xue out of the house and seeing her off, Ye Chen took the medicinal herbs she had sent and went back to his bedroom on the second floor with Xiao Churan.


      These medicinal herbs sent by Qin Ao Xue were enough for him to refine a batch of wound healing pills and a batch of rejuvenation pills.


      The pills to cure injuries were no longer of any use to him, but this kind of medicine did still have a great effect on ordinary people, Song Wanting had met with misfortune in Japan at that time, and relied on that one pill to save her life.


      So, refining a batch of these pills and giving them to Qin Gang, Wang Zhengang, as well as Li Tailai and Shi Tianqi could be regarded as his own reward for their gifts years ago.


      As for the Rejuvenation Pill, Ye Chen also planned to make another batch, one of which would be given to Qin Gang, while the rest could be kept for emergencies.


      In one afternoon, Ye Chen had refined thirty each of the ordinary wound healing pills and the rejuvenation pills.


      Looking at this batch of newly concocted pills, Ye Chen suddenly thought of his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, at a certain moment.


      In fact, for an injury as small as a broken leg, at most a quarter of the healing pills would keep her alive.


      And in her own hand, there were as many as thirty of them.


      Calculated, it was enough to break her leg a hundred and twenty times.


      At this moment, Ye Chen also hesitated whether or not to reward her with a bit of medicinal residue so that she could recover sooner.


      But on second thought, he immediately dismissed the idea and muttered, "Forget it, she doesn't deserve it!"


      While Ye Chen was refining the pills, Du Zhenhua, who was far away in Yanjing, made a call to Lai Qinghua, who was on the other side of the ocean.


      Lai Qinghua was nearly a hundred years old, but was still in a very robust physical state because of the rejuvenation pills he took.


      He usually wakes up at five o'clock in the morning and plays a set of Taijiquan and then a set of Five Animal Fist in order to strengthen his body.


      After the boxing, he would go to his study and use the three ancient coins to simply give himself a divination.


      Three ancient coins divination, is the most commonly used hexagrams eight trigrams.


      Unlike most feng shui masters, Lai Qinghua's three ancient coins were almost all treasures among the ancient coins.


      The largest one was the invaluable Warring States Three Hole Cloth.


      The remaining two, both extremely rare in the world, are Taixia Zhenxing.


      Many people who had played with ancient coins all their lives might not have the opportunity to see one of them.


      Just as he was finishing his trigram and comprehending the trigrams presented by the few coins in front of him, Du Zhenhua's phone call came in.


      Lai Qinghua answered the phone and smiled slightly, "I was curious why today's gossip seemed like a visit from an old friend, while the inner image seemed to be separated by a thousand mountains and rivers, but I didn't expect your call to come."


      Du Zhenhua exclaimed, "Master Lai is truly brilliant, I admire, admire, ah!"


      Lai Qinghua laughed, "Zhenhua, there's no need to be so skittish between you and me, what do you want to see me about so early in the morning?"


      Du Zhenhua was busy saying, "Master Lai, it's like this, I have a granddaughter who has been trying to find her savior, but after looking for a long time I still found nothing, so I would like to ask you to help me start a fortune and give her a little hint, I don't know if it's convenient for you."


      Lai Qinghua smiled, "This granddaughter of yours does know how to know how to repay her kindness, in that case, you give me her birthdate, and then tell me the approximate clues about her rescue, I'll take a gossip to see."


      Du Zhenhua hurriedly informed Lai Qinghua of Su Zhiyu's birthdate and the approximate time and course of her and Su Zhifei's kidnapping encounter in Japan.


      Lai Qinghua muttered to himself, "The incident happened in Japan, Japan is east of China, and the east is in feng shui terms, it is the position of the Green Dragon"


      Saying that, Lai Qinghua pinched his fingers to calculate, then grabbed the ancient money on the table, closed his eyes and shook it in his hand for a moment, then threw it out immediately afterwards.


      This look didn't matter, his eyebrows immediately furrowed and he spoke, "Strange! Zhenhua, there is a dragon finding omen in your granddaughter's fortune telling!"


      "Seeking the dragon?!" Du Zhenhua was surprised and asked, "Master Lai, what do you mean by seeking the dragon?"


      Lai Ching-Hua squarely said, "The search is the search of the search, the dragon is the dragon of the true dragon, and this gossip shows that the person your granddaughter is looking for has an extremely strong and uncomplicated destiny!"


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