His True Colors Chapter 724-726


Chapter 724

Qi Hu's expression was very serious after listening to Han Qianqian's words, but he didn't understand any of the reasoning.

        After Han Qianli and his group went to the hotpot restaurant, the entire store, except for the back kitchen, only the boss and the manager were there, and the other waiters were all sent home on leave by the boss, so he naturally had to serve Han Qianli personally when faced with such a big person.

        Although the boss had made all the mental preparations, he was still overwhelmed with nervousness after seeing Han Qianqian, for the owner of a small hotpot restaurant, the weight of such a big figure as Han Qianqian was still too heavy, so he had to face everything carefully.

        Han Marchan's presence could make the entire hotpot restaurant shine, and his business would also have a bright future because of Han Marchan's arrival, he didn't want to mess up his chances because of some unnecessary mistakes, that's why he would let the waiters go home on vacation.

        "No need to be so nervous, I'm just having a meal." Han Marchan said to the boss after seeing his nervousness.

        The boss even nodded, but the words made him even more nervous, and even his two hands couldn't help but tremble slightly.

        "Mr. Han, it's an honor for you to come to dinner, and don't worry, I've prepared the freshest dishes for you." The boss said.

        Han Qianli looked at the few people in Mo Yang and said with a smile, "Fresh food alone is not enough, have you prepared enough wine, I plan to drink all of these guys down today."

        "Enough is enough, Mr. Han rest assured, there's definitely enough wine, and it's all good wine." The boss said.

        Mo Yang looked at Han 3,000 with a disgruntled face and said, "Whoever gets down first today is the dog."

        "That's what you said, serve the wine."

        In the process of pushing cups and exchanging wine, several people chatted about the past, although Qi Hu didn't participate in the past, but it was interesting to listen to, he didn't expect such a powerful Han 3000 to be the joke of the entire Yun City in the past, look at now, wherever he went, those people had to serve with trepidation, it's really impossible to imagine how those people used to scold Han 3000, and those who had scolded Han 3000, what are they feeling now.

        "Brother 3000, those guys who scolded you, they don't dare to utter a word now," Qi Hu said with a smile.

        Mo Yang, who had already been drinking a bit too much, clapped his hands and said with a pointed look, "uttering, these guys don't even dare to breathe right now, how can they utter anything, I've long seen that this kid 3000 is not simple, for three years he has been transporting his younger siblings to and from work rain or shine, and this persistence alone is what many people can't do."

        Han Three Thousand waved at Mo Yang and said, "Just talk, stand up for what, show you a big?"

        After saying that, Han Qianli looked at Qi Hu.

        Qi Hu stood up with a silly smile on his face, and Mo Yang sat down after a silent glance.

        "Back then, I was just a down-and-out kid, after Brother 3000 came to Cloud City, he threw a few million in front of me, he said he wanted me to be the boss of the grey area of Cloud City, at that time I treated it as a joke, I didn't expect that in less than a month's time, I would become a street gangster and become a boss, but unfortunately, in the end, I was disappointed by Brother 3000." After Lin Yong said these words, he didn't have any complaints or regrets, he didn't blame Han 3000 for not valuing him, because of that incident at the casino, he really didn't show the magnanimity that a boss should have, this was his own chance to take measures.

        As for regrets, he didn't have any either, because Mo Yang's ability was above his, only Mo Yang could twist the mess in the grey area of Cloud City into a rope.

        Mo Yang patted Lin Yong's shoulder and said, "How does it feel to have a few million in cash in front of you?"

        Lin Yong laughed out loud and said, "For me who had never seen ten thousand dollars in cash, a few million was like a mountain, it was so overwhelming that I couldn't breathe, and for a whole half month, I still felt like I was dreaming."

        When Mo Yang heard this, he also let out a loud laugh and said, "Look at your outlook, when I swindled 200 million from him, I didn't sleep well for just a week."

        Han Qianqiang looked at Mo Yang with a gloomy face and said; "Mo Yang, feelings you're cheating, when do you plan to pay back the money?"

        Mo Yang paled and began to look around, asking Qi Hu, "Qi Hu, how have you lived without a woman for so many years in the mountains?"

        Qi Hu bellied down a glass of wine and said with a sigh, "I didn't even know what a woman tasted like before, I didn't understand at all."

        Not only did Mo Yang and Lin Yong laugh at this, but even Han Qianqiang couldn't help but laugh.

        This was perhaps the common problem with groups of men chatting together, the topic never spared the women.

        The boss stood on the side listening to their story with an envious look on his face, to be able to participate in Han Marchant's life and to form such a good friendship with Han Marchant was something that many people dreamed of, but it was a pity that no one could fit into this small group now.

        "Hey, it would be great if I could sit there and drink and talk about the mountains." The boss said with a sigh, envy evident in his words.

        The manager was even more exaggerated than the boss, he had even fantasized in his own mind what attitude the whole of Cloud City would treat him with if he was qualified to sit at that table and drink at the top of his life.

        "Boss, have you ever scolded Mr. Han before?" The manager asked.

        This statement made the boss's expression change, and he quickly stared at the manager hard, was this something that could be said casually?

        In the entire Cloud City, even children knew of Han Three Thousand's deeds and would make fun of Han Three Thousand by making fun of the Su family's wimpy son-in-law, it could be said that in the entire Cloud City, there was hardly anyone who hadn't discussed this matter, and he had certainly spoken about it.

        But with Han 3,000's current status, who would dare to rehash the past? Wouldn't that be suicide?

        The manager also knew that he had started the wrong topic and quickly said, "Boss, we're almost out of wine, I'll go serve it."

        "It's not your turn for such things, I'll come personally." After the boss said that, he walked towards the liquor cabinet.

        At this time, the topic of Han Qianli and the others had finally passed the lesser stage, Han Qianli said to Mo Yang in a serious manner, "Sister-in-law has been gone for such a long time, do you really not want to plan for your future?"

        Mo Yang put away the smile on his face, shook the wine cup, the wine in the cup formed a swirling nest, and said, "Until now, every morning, I seem to be able to hear her voice waking me up, and only her voice can make me wake up in my dreams."

        After saying this, a tear fell from the corner of Mo Yang's eye as he continued, "I'm going to wash my hands of the gold pot for her and reappear for her, but I'll never fall for another woman just because she's gone."

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, he had been hoping to find a chance to enlighten Mo Yang, after all, when people were older, having a companion to take care of each other, compared to living alone and lonely, at least there was someone to talk to, but he didn't expect that things had been over for so long, Mo Yang was still so insistent.

        "We two are stinkers, you should understand my feelings very well." Mo Yang said.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly and said, "It looks like I'll have to build you a retirement home in Cloud City."

        The idea made Mo Yang snap out of it and said, "It's settled, I'll reserve a place for you, you can come accompany me later."

        After saying that, Mo Yang pointed at Lin Yong and Qi Hu and said, "And you two, we'll both live in the nursing home from now on, if anyone dares not come, I'm not done with him."

        Faced with this threat, Lin Yong definitely didn't dare to retort, but Qi Hu said something very heartbreaking: "I'll have a wife and kids, why should I live in a nursing home."

        Mo Yang was stunned and didn't know how to refute, Han Qianqian then smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll find a group of old ladies to accompany you, you will definitely not be lonely and isolated."

        This night, a few people drank all night and talked about the past and the future.

Chapter 725

At three o'clock in the morning, the other three were all drunk except for Han three thousand, but Han three thousand was only a little drunk, which made Han three thousand himself feel very surprised, for he seldom drank, his drinking capacity has always been very average, but today it was extraordinary, which had to remind Han three thousand of the power in his body again.

        Once something unexplainable happened to him, Han 3,000 could only think in that direction, as there were no other possibilities besides that.

        Just as Han Three Thousand was about to send the three of them back to Mordor, an old man walked back into the hot pot shop.

        "Do you still have the energy to have a drink with me?"

        "Grandfather Yan, what are you doing here." Han Giang quickly stood up, even though he was different today, Han Giang's respect for Yan Jun hadn't changed from before until now, to him, Yan Jun had accompanied him throughout his childhood growth, only Yan Jun had cared for him as a child, and without Yan Jun's training and guidance, he would never have made it this far.

        "It's been too long since I've had a drink with you, and I want to have a drink with you, there won't be many such opportunities in the future." Yan Monarch said with a smile.

        Han Giang's heart was shaken, it looked like Yan Jun had already guessed that he was leaving.

        "You two should leave first." Yan Jun turned to the boss and manager and said.

        The two of them looked at Han Qianli, how dare they leave without Han Qianli's orders.

        "Let's go, I'll compensate for anything that's lost." Han Qianqian said.

        "Mr. Han, I'll be guarding outside the door, if you need anything, just call me at the first opportunity." The boss quickly said, not to mention anything missing, even if the entire store was emptied, he wouldn't be able to find Han Three Thousand for compensation, and the value of this store was nothing compared to knowing Han Three Thousand.

        The matter of Han Marchan eating here was known to many big names in Cloud City, and the boss was well aware that his next business development would be fueled without any deliberate changes, so he didn't have to worry about his future in the slightest.

        After they left, Yan Jun personally poured a glass of wine for Han 3,000 and said, "Walk one?"

        Han Giangli raised his wine glass, and after they clinked their glasses, they drank it all.

        "Now you're a sea-load, Grandpa Yan probably isn't even a match for you anymore." Yan Jun said with a smile, thinking that in the past, when he drank with Han Three Thousand, every time he was less than two rounds, Han Three Thousand would definitely get eloquently drunk, but now, he was able to drink late into the night without changing his face.

        "Grandpa Yan, I think it's related to that power in my body," Han Third Thousand said.

        "No matter what caused it, but you can't deny that you're powerful, so doesn't that power belong to you anymore? You can't separate the two, and since it's inside you, it belongs to you." Yan Jun said.

        Han Giang nodded, he had always felt that the power was lodged within him, something that didn't belong to him, but after what Yan Jun said, Han Giang was suddenly enlightened.

        Regardless of where the power came from, since it was within him and could be driven by him, it naturally belonged to him.

        "What thoughts do you have about the future?" Yan Jun asked, this was the main reason why he had come to find Han Qianqian, about to go to the apocalypse, Yan Jun wanted to know if Han Qianqian was prepared.

        In the past, Yan Jun would more or less interfere with some of Han Qianqian's thoughts, after all, he was still young at that time, and his thoughts had many immature points, if not guided, it was very likely that he would go down the wrong path, now that Han Qianqian had become an adult, but Yan Jun still couldn't help but want to know more about Han Qianqian's thoughts.

        This wasn't an intervention in Han 3000, but a simple concern, after all, Yan Jun didn't have any offspring, and while Han 3000 treated him as a grandfather, he also treated Han 3000 as a grandson.

        "Grandpa Yan, I'm actually afraid." Han Three Thousand bowed his head, this was the first time he had mentioned his state of mind to an outsider.

        The apocalypse, that was, after all, a completely unknown place to Han Three Thousand, and what he would encounter there was also something that Han Three Thousand could not envision right now, in this situation, it was obviously unrealistic to say that Han Three Thousand would be able to face it completely honestly.

        Anyone, no matter how powerful, who was a mortal would develop a sense of cowardice in the face of the unknown, not to mention that Han 3000 had more responsibilities to carry now that his life was no longer his own.

        "Afraid of not coming back?" Yan Jun asked in a deep voice.

        "Ying Xia and Nian Er both need to be taken care of, and it would be very unfair to them if I really died." Han Giangli said.

        Yan Jun took a deep breath and said, "The only way to keep yourself alive is to be powerful, endlessly powerful, so powerful that you have no rivals, so that you can protect yourself as well as Yingxia and Nian'er."

        "Grandpa Yan, when I fought Fang Zhan in the Bifeng Manor, when that white bearded old man came out, did you see it clearly?" Han Giangli said.

        This matter had always been a source of confusion for Yan Jun, as he didn't specifically care about the old man with the white beard, and he hadn't caught his movements clearly at all in a sudden situation.

        "The lake shore is still a bit far from Green Island, and it's absolutely impossible for a normal person to cross that distance, so I've been wondering how he managed to do it all this time," Yanjun said.

        "By treading water." Han Giang said, a scene that only he had clearly observed, a scene that defied common sense and was exactly why Han Giang was afraid of the apocalypse, he might be called an expert in the mundane world, but in the apocalypse, he might be worse than even the worst of the worst.

        "Treading water!" Yan Jun frowned in shock, how was this possible, how could people walk on water at a speed that was unreachable by the naked eye.

        "I saw it with my own eyes, and I've already asked Zhang Bi Feng afterwards, there aren't any secret stakes or borrowing places at the bottom of the lake." Han Giangli said.

        Yan Jun took a deep breath of cold air, such a bizarre thing was unheard of for him, after all, this was reality, not special effects in a movie or TV show.

        "It seems that the apocalypse is indeed a completely different world from the mundane," Yan Jun said.

        Han Qianqiang's face was heavy and silent for a long time before he said to Yan Jun, "Grandpa Yan, why do you think a place like this exists?"

        It was a question Han Kuang had pondered for a long time, and since the apocalypse was a place that brought all the experts together, it couldn't be without a purpose, and that purpose might even be the meaning of the entire apocalypse's existence, which, in Han Kuang's opinion, was not only the key to the apocalypse, but also a place that would have a huge impact on his life.

        "To defend against certain enemies?" This was the first thought that came to Yan Jun's subconscious mind, but on second thought, there was another possibility and continued, "It's also possible that he was afraid that these experts would mess up the world, so he was looking for an excuse to gather them together to prevent their might from affecting the balance of the world."

        "Both are possible, but the former is more likely, and that old man once asked me what I would want to turn the world into if I were given a chance to change it," Han Giangli said.

        Regarding that old man's identity, Yan Jun and Han Tian Yang had speculated that he was most likely the next old man himself, although this matter hadn't been confirmed in any way, the messages revealed everywhere were proving her identity, if he was just an errand boy to protect Han 3000, Fang Zhan's attitude towards him would never be that respectful.

        And as the next oldest person at the helm of the four gates, it was obvious that he was quite serious when he issued such a question to Han Three Thousand.

        The fact that the world would change, and still because of Han Qianli, sounded like a joke, but coming from the mouth of the next oldest, it wasn't a joke at all.

        "Have you guessed this old man's identity?" Yan Jun asked.

        Han Giangli smiled faintly and said, "There's no need to guess, he's never said his name in front of me, so deliberately hiding it, I'd be a fool if I didn't know he was the next oldest."

        At this time, the next oldest who was sleeping late at night suddenly woke up with a sneeze, rubbed his nose and said, "It's the middle of the night, could it be that someone else is saying bad things about me?"

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Yan Jun nodded and said, "Your grandfather and I are also guessing the same thing, and it's very likely that he is the next oldest himself."

        "We can't imagine his position in the apocalypse, but for him to issue such a question to me, it's by no means just a casual remark." Han Qianli said in a deep voice.

Chapter 726

Yan Jun also understood this, with the next old man's purpose, how could he take such a topic and talk about it casually, since he said such words, he must have some sort of hope for Han Qianqiang, and this hope also revealed some message that the existence of the apocalypse was by no means a simple matter of imprisoning those experts in the apocalypse.

        "Soldiers, I believe you have a solution to anything you face." After saying that, Yan Jun poured another cup of wine for Han Qianli.

        After the two of them drank it all, Han Three Thousand said, "Grandpa Yan, I'm almost omnipotent in your mind, aren't I."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian himself laughed, omnipotent, how heavy was the weight of these four words, who would dare to use them to describe his own ability?

        But Yan Jun had a straight face and didn't seem to think it was a joke, saying, "Perhaps you are still some distance away from these four words, but I believe that one day, you will be able to do it, and only then will you be able to truly protect those around you."

        Protecting the people around you.

        These five words stimulated Han Giang's heart, if protecting those around him required breaking thorns, even if he knew that he would be covered in blood, he was willing to break the thorns, as long as he could achieve such a goal, Han Giang would be able to move forward.

        "Grandpa Yan, these five words will become my belief in life, no matter what dangers I encounter, I must survive." Han Three Thousand gritted his teeth and said.

        Yan Jun stood up, patted Han Three Thousand's shoulder and said, "Go home, Ying Xia is still waiting for you, the light in her room wasn't out when I left."

        Han Qianli looked at the time, it was about to be four in the morning, so she couldn't keep Su Yingxia waiting.

        As for the three Mo Yang people, Han 3,000 readily showed his mercurial side, originally planning to send them back to Mordor, but now there was no thought of that at all.

        Walking to the door of the hotpot restaurant, he said to the boss, "The three of them will be trouble for you to send them back to Mordor for me."

        "Okay, okay, no problem, take care of Han." The boss was almost asleep sitting at the edge of the street, and was instantly wide awake upon hearing Han Qianli's words.

        "I'll take down the money for this meal, even though I owe you a favor." Han Marchian said.

        The boss was so surprised that he froze in place until Han Qianli walked away, which made him jump to his feet in excitement.

        A meal was nothing, a favor from Han Qianli was a thousand gold.

        "Developed, developed." The boss said excitedly.

        The manager also understood this, and quickly said, "Boss, I can be an ox for you for the rest of my life, you mustn't forget about me ah."

        The boss patted the manager's shoulder and said, "Xiao Li ah, don't worry, you also contributed to this matter, how could I forget you."

        Han Three Thousand returned to the hillside villa, and as Yan Jun said, the light in the room was still on, and after opening the door, the haggard-looking Su Yingxia was immediately a hundred times more energetic.

        Despite the fact that Han Three Thousand was covered in alcohol, Su Yingxia did not show any dislike.

        "Hurry up and come up, it's cold outside." Su Yingxia said.

        The warmth of the nest, the heat is just right, late night drinking home, but there is such a virtuous wife, this is the greatest happiness for a man.

        "Is it cold?" Su Yingxia asked.

        "Fortunately, my defense body can carry it." Han Giangli smiled.

        Su Yingxia glared and directly grabbed Han Three Thousand's feet and placed them on her abdomen.

        It was cold as ice, but Su Yingxia didn't change her face, warming Han three thousand with her own body temperature.

        Han three thousand can't help but be somewhat moved, marry a wife like this, what more could a husband want?

        "Drink 'em down?" Su Yingxia smiled and asked.

        Han Qianqiang looked like a bull and said, "Your husband out of the horse, who can still sit on the table?, already drill the bottom of the table."

        Su Yingxia cheerfully said, "Although you are powerful, you still have to drink less in the future, drinking hurts your body."

        "Quit, from now on." Han Qianli was serious.

        "Really?" Su Yingxia said with a look of disbelief, casually just joking around, she didn't want to make Han Qianqian quit drinking, after all, he wasn't an alcoholic himself.

        "Really." Han Three Thousand wasn't joking, he was willing to fulfill every promise he made to Su Yingxia.

        If a man couldn't even fulfill his own promises, wasn't that the same as farting?

        "I'm just saying, I just want you to drink less, so you don't hurt yourself." Seeing Han Qianqian so serious, Su Yingxia quickly explained.

        "If I want to protect you and Nian'er properly, I can't let my body get damaged, and from today onwards, I'll also quit smoking." Han Three Thousand smiled.

        Su Yingxia suddenly lowered her head, and soon she let out a low sob.

        Han Qianqian panicked, for him who was not afraid of the sky, Su Yingxia's tears were comparable to bombs that destroy the world.

        "What's wrong, why are you crying when you're fine." Han Three Thousand asked.

        Su Yingxia raised her head, pear-shaped but smiling, and said, "I'm happy, can't I cry if I'm happy?"

        Han Giangli stretched out his hand and wiped away the tears on Su Yingxia's cheeks, saying, "You can't cry about anything in the future, I'll be heartbroken if you don't."

        "Just cry, just to make you feel bad, only if you feel bad will you care about me more." Su Yingxia said with a stubborn look on her face.

        Han Giangli hugged Su Yingxia into his arms and softly said, "Fool, if you don't cry, I'll always care about you."

        Su Yingxia quietly leaned on Han Qianli's chest, only at times like this, her heart was the most solid and secure, but she was clear that it was only a matter of time before Han Qianli left, and that was something that no one could change.

        "When are you leaving?" It was a question that Su Yingxia didn't want to face, but she had to ask it, and she was worried that Han Mianyan's sudden disappearance would leave her unprepared at all.

        "After the year's end, maybe it can't be delayed," Han Marchian said.

        Su Yingxia took a heavy breath, it was about the same time as she thought it would be, and although her heart still rejected it, still unwilling to accept the reality, she could only tell herself desperately in her heart that she must never become a stumbling block in Han 3000's life path, all she had to do was support whatever Han 3000 did.

        "Protect yourself, Nian Er and I will wait for you at home," Su Yingxia said.

        "Not because the world is negative to your wife and daughter, but rather negative to the world." Han Giangli said with a heavy tone.

        The two of them slept next to each other, and under this atmosphere, there was no heavenly thunder and earthly fire.

        The two didn't wake up until noon the next day, when the others were already eating lunch at the table.

        Everyone knew that Han Qianli had returned very late, so they didn't disturb their rest.

        But Han Qianli, who was originally in a good mood, felt inexplicably irritated when he saw the next old man at the table.

        "Old man, why are you scrounging for food again, if you don't have any money, how about I give you some charity." Han Giangli said.

        The next old man acted as if he was sitting steadily on the fishing platform, not at all angry at Han Qianli's words, not even intending to take care of Han Qianli at all, and said to He Ting, "Your cooking skills, it's truly a masterpiece, the taste is much better than those big hotels."

        He Ting looked embarrassed, she knew that the next oldest was using herself to change the subject, so she had to pretend that she didn't hear the next oldest's words either.

        "Aren't you ashamed to be so stubborn at your age?" Han Qianli didn't let go of the next old man easily, even though he knew his identity, he still wanted to vent his displeasure.

        "It's almost New Year's Eve, can't you also let the old man experience the New Year's atmosphere, I haven't known what it feels like for many years." The next old man said.

        "What does it have to do with me if you don't know what it feels like to celebrate New Year's Eve, finish this meal and quickly disappear from my house." Han Marchiang said.

        Faced with Han Three Thousand's eviction order, the next oldest could only show his thick as a wall and treat it as if he hadn't heard anything, vowing to take the deadly trick to the limit.

        Fang Zhan, who was on the other side, was trembling with fear when he heard these words, the entire Apocalypse couldn't find a single person who dared to speak to Yi Lao like this, and Yi Lao would still be Han Qianli's master in the future, and he was so dismissive of his master.

        "Grandfather, let's bring forward this year's Han Family Ancestor Festival and arrange the time so that we can return to Cloud City for the New Year." Han Three Thousand said to Han Tianyang.

        Han Tian Yang was planning the same thing, because he knew that Yanjing had no pleasant memories for Han Three Thousand, and it was a bit difficult to ask him to return to Yanjing for the New Year.


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