His True Colors Chapter 721-723


Chapter 721

After the curtain came down on the affairs of Bin County, Han Three Thousand Year made his way back to Cloud City without stopping.

        Although he would have loved to delay some more time and find himself some more trouble that needed to be solved, he couldn't find anything else to do after the Bin County incident.

        At the summit of Cloud Peak Mountain, the two of them, Next Old and Fang Zhan, stood at the top of the mountain, facing the whistling strong wind, wearing thin clothes that did not affect the cold of the sky in the slightest.

        "Is this the best time to bring him back now?" The next old man asked the other side of the battle, the last few days, the next old man had been struggling with this problem, with Su Yingxia and Han Nian's existence, Han 3000 could not possibly let go of his worldly attachments, and this problem would then become a hindrance to Han 3000's growth in the apocalypse, and even more so, it would cause him to have concerns when facing certain things.

        But anyone who entered the apocalypse had to do one thing, and that was to leave the world behind, it was a hard and irreversible rule, but the next oldest knew that it was impossible to impose such a rule on Han 3000, otherwise it would only cause him to resist, and even make him give up on the idea of going to the apocalypse.

        "Second Elder, enter the apocalypse and forget life and death, this is the first rule of the apocalypse, but Han Three Thousand cannot do it." Fang Zhan said, he wasn't saying that Han Three Thousand was afraid of death, but Han Three Thousand had his own responsibilities, so he wouldn't put life and death out of his mind.

        "Yeah, he has a wife and children, his future is his family's future, how could he do it." The next oldest sighed, if it was an ordinary person, the next oldest would treat him with special means, even by the apocalypse to cut off his attachment to the world, but Han Qianli was different, he was a special person, the next oldest valued him so much that he even saw him as the future of the apocalypse, it was bound to be impossible for him to resort to these means.

        Killing Su Yingxia and Han Nian?

        If it did, after Han Qianqian knew about it, the apocalypse might be in unexpected trouble.

        For so many years, the apocalypse had produced a proud son named Lin Tong, but Lin Tong's ability was unable to take on heavy responsibilities, whereas Han 3000 had the qualifications to do so, such a person was a double-edged sword that could create miracles if used well, but would hurt oneself if used poorly.

        "Next old man, I feel ...... that his ability is strange." Fang Zhan said.

        "Are there still less strange people among the apocalypse, he is strange, but he is also the strongest among the strange, I am confident that three years from now, the apocalypse will be stronger because of him, and when the apocalypse faces that incident, only he will be qualified to turn the tide." Next Old Man said.

        Speaking of that matter, Fang Zhan's expression was very heavy, as one of the top ten experts of the apocalypse, he had a core position in the apocalypse, naturally he knew the secrets of the apocalypse, what the apocalypse was guarding was a shocking secret that the worldly commoners didn't know, and the hidden danger that this secret brought to the world was the existence of extermination.

        Fang Zhan took a deep breath and said, "The greater the ability, the more difficult it means to control."

        This statement caused the next old man to shake his head and say, "His strong character will not be controlled by anyone, and I would never have such a thought, he is like a spring, the harder he is pressed, the stronger resistance he will get."

        "Could the apocalypse still change the rules for him? We can't just go along with him in everything." Fang Zhan said.

        "The rules are inherently made by people, so why can't they change." Yi Lao said lightly.

        Fang Zhan's eyes flashed with shock, but the rules of the Apocalypse had been passed down for a hundred years, and the next old man was now going to make changes because of Han Qianli, how important a place did Han Qianli hold in his heart.

        However, the apocalypse wasn't only decided by the four gates, the four gates and the three halls were of equal status, even if Second Elder really wanted to change the rules for Han 3000, he would have to get the approval of the three halls, but how difficult would it be to do that?

        For so many years, although the Four Gates and Three Houses had lived together peacefully on the surface, in reality, there were contradictions everywhere, and it was common for them to compete with each other, and what's more, there were times when the Four Gates and Three Houses looked down on each other.

        Take Lin Tong for example, although he had the name of the proud son of the sky, these four words, only the four gates agreed, the three temples simply took this matter as a joke, never felt that Lin Tong was qualified to claim these four words.

        "Next old man, will the Three Temples agree to you doing this?" Fang Zhan asked tentatively, he knew that if the next old man said so, there must be some arrangement, but he couldn't imagine what the next old man would do.

        The next old man smiled and said, "In the Apocalypse, strength is paramount, so as long as the three temples are shown Han Qianli's potential, why should they refuse?"

        It's not like this potential thing is a woman's pregnancy, it can't be seen or touched, just by talking about it, how could the people of the Three Temples believe it.

        "The beginning of spring, April, is a very important month for the apocalypse, you've been away from the apocalypse for so many years, do you still remember what happens in April?" The next old man suddenly asked the other battle.

        "Of course I remember, the annual expert selection, everyone in the apocalypse worked hard to be able to show their strength in the middle of this month." Fang Zhan said, although he had been away for many years, but how could he forget such an important matter?

        In the apocalypse, there are four levels, Heaven, Earth, Sky and Yellow, the yellow level belongs to the lowest level, that is, the most marginal figures of the apocalypse, think of Zhuang Tang Gongtian and his disciples in the Nangong family, is the yellow level, and every time they are promoted, their status in the apocalypse will become higher, only when they are promoted to the heavenly level, they are true apocalypse people, as for wanting to become a core member, one must reach the strength of Fang Zhan! , or at least become one of the ten masters.

        Someone like Lintong who had the empty name of being a proud son of the heavens was not considered a member of the core of the apocalypse, as he didn't even know the true secrets of the apocalypse.

        "How long is April?" The next oldest continued to ask.

        "It's almost New Year's Eve, and once the year is over, there's only a month left," Fang Zhan said.

        "Yeah, one month, Han Three Thousand Years has been promoted from Yellow Character to Heavenly Character, what kind of shock should that make the apocalypse." As he spoke, the next old man had a very heavy joke on his face.

        Fang Zhan was stunned, and only now did he understand what the next oldest was planning.

        He actually wanted Han Qianxiang to participate in the expert selection, and he had such high hopes for Han Qianxiang.

        Promoting from Yellow Character to Heavenly Character in one month was something unprecedented in the Apocalypse, and if Han 3,000 really did it, it would definitely shock the entire Apocalypse, and even the name of the pride of the Lintong Sky could not be compared to Han 3,000.

        But the ...... expert rating levels were like ladders that needed to be moved up step by step, was the next oldest going to break the rules for Han Three Thousand and allow him to take part in the promotion contest for each level?

        "Tuck your jaw in and don't look like you haven't seen the world." The next old man said with a smile.

        Fang Zhan hurriedly closed his mouth, he was indeed shocked by the idea of the next oldest, I guess the whole of the apocalypse had never thought that anyone could do this.

        "Second Elder, three ratings, you want him to participate in all of them, can he take it?" Fang Zhan was skeptical.

        "If you want to make a name for yourself, how can you do it without paying a price." Next Old Man said.

        "But I don't think the Three Temples will agree to his participation." Fang Zhan said.

        "As long as they have the strength, what right do they have to oppose it, I can't wait to see Han 3000 hit them in the face, it's time for these old guys to see what young people are capable of." The next old man said disdainfully.

        Fang Zhan's eyebrows jumped straight, in the past, there were rumors within the apocalypse that the next old man didn't get along with a few big names from the three halls, but without evidence, those words were just rumors, but today, Fang Zhan had seen that the next old man clearly had a very big barrier against those people.

        "Second Elder, you ......" Fang Zhan swallowed his saliva, wetting his own throat, before continuing, "Aren't you afraid of punching yourself in the face?"

        The next old man was startled, he hadn't really thought about this question, if anything went wrong, the one to lose face would be him.

        "How is it possible that Han Qianqian was able to force your tenth master to use his palm sword, what would be wrong with his promotion to the heavenly level?" The next oldest said.

        Ten masters?

        Whenever these four words were mentioned, Fang Zhan only had a bitter smile on his face, because he had been away from the apocalypse for too long and had completely deserted himself, with his current abilities, how could he still be qualified to call himself a top ten expert?

Chapter 722

"Next Old Man, do you really think I still have the strength of ten experts?" Fang Zhan said with a bitter smile on his face, if he was really at the peak of his strength, Han 3000 would be capable of killing Han 3000 even with the protection of the next oldest, so how could he wait to get help from the next oldest?

        The difference was a thousand miles, and that alone already showed that his current strength wasn't worthy of the title of Top Ten Expert, and judging Han Marchant's strength by such a criterion was now a major misunderstanding.

        "Are you this guy deliberately coming to undermine my confidence?" The next old man turned his head coldly to look at Fang Zhan.

        Fang Zhan unconsciously took a few steps back and put a safe distance between him and the next old man before saying, "Next old man, I just hope that you will think twice about it, using my peak strength to measure the current Han 3000, there is a huge gap, once Han 3000 loses, I'm afraid that you won't be able to hang on to your face."

        The next old man's shoulders visibly slumped a bit, he was so focused on the level of shock that Han Three Thousand would inflict on the apocalypse that he had indeed overlooked the gap between Fang Zhan's current strength and his previous strength, thinking of it this way, it would indeed be very difficult for Han Three Thousand to face the challenge of the Heavenly Character.

        And with only two months left, it was also unrealistic to want Han Three Thousand to become stronger.

        But Old Man Next was a very stubborn person, and since he had decided to let Han Three thousand make a splash in this way, he would never give up easily.

        And he wanted Han Three Thousand to gain the approval of the apocalypse in the shortest possible time, which was the only path that would work.

        "Two months, in that time, I have to make Han Three thousand strong." Yi Lao said in a firm tone.

        Fang Zhan opened his mouth and looked like he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn't say anything for fear of making the next oldest angry.

        What he wanted to say was simple and easy to associate with, that during this period of time, Han 3000 would definitely focus his life on Su Yingxia and Han Nian, that he wouldn't be distracted by other things, and that the next oldest's so-called training without Han 3000's consent was just a joke.

        Han 3,000 isn't a puppet who can be manipulated by others, he can do whatever he wants, and even the old man can't stop him.

        After returning home to the mountainside villa, Han Three thousand held Han Nian in his arms like a baby daddy, as Fang Zhan thought, Han Three thousand only wanted to accompany Su Yingxia and Han Nian in his only remaining earthly time, other than that, anything else was meaningless to him.

        When the second oldest god-grandfather arrived at the villa, Han Three Thousand gave Han Nian the cold shoulder, and even when the second oldest man looked at Han Nian, he didn't even get Han Three Thousand's permission.

        After all, the next oldest godfather's name came as a threat, and Han Third Thousand's heart wasn't happy, so naturally, he wouldn't let the next oldest be happy.

        "Can't I even take a glance at my own goddaughter?" The next old man said helplessly to Han Giangli.

        "Have you forgotten how you got your godfather status, you shameless old thing, my daughter can't learn badly from you." Han Qianqian said ruthlessly.

        Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun, who had already made guesses about the identity of the next old man, trembled in their hearts after hearing Han Qianli's words on the side, this Han Qianli also didn't take the next old man too seriously, you know he's a big man in the apocalypse!

        What's more, Han Qianli's words didn't even make the next old man angry, instead he was still smiling obsequiously.

        "She's so young, how could she follow me and be bad, besides, I'm not a bad person." The next oldest said.

        "You stay away from my daughter, if you have anything to say, say it quickly and leave my house if you're fine." Han Giangli said disdainfully, this old man has nothing to do with anything, since he came to him, he must have a reason.

        The next old man looked at Han Nian from afar, the little girl was white and clean and very watery looking, I'm afraid she'll be another scourge when she grows up.

        "Do you want to say it in front of all these people?" The next oldest asked.

        Han Qianli looked at Su Yingxia, then at Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun, and after glaring at the next oldest, said, "Go out and talk."

        Handing Han Nian over to Su Yingxia, Han Three Thousand and the Two Next Olds went to the backyard.

        "Hurry up and talk, I still have to take care of my baby daughter." Han Three Thousand looked impatient, daring to show this attitude in front of the next oldest, he was the first.

        "In April, I'll take you to the apocalypse, and when you get there, you'll face one thing, and as to what it is, I'll explain it to you later, but right now, what you have to do is to improve your strength, and during these two months, you must become even stronger than you are now." The next oldest said.

        "You can go now." After hearing the next old man's words, Han Qianli turned around and made a show of going back to the villa.

        The next oldest was stunned and quickly said, "You haven't said whether you'll agree or not."

        Han Three Thousand turned around with a speechless look and said, "Don't you know what you should do for New Year's Eve?"

        "Do what?" The next oldest was confused and asked.

        "Of course I'm spending time with my family, how can I have time to do this with you." After saying that, Han Giangli directly turned around and walked away, leaving no chance for the next old man.

        Second Elder's face was piled with a helpless grin, but he knew that he couldn't blame Han Three Thousand for this, his expectations were imposed on Han Three Thousand by himself, and with two months left for Han Three Thousand to go to the Apocalypse, it was only natural to stay with Su Yingxia and Han Nian, so how was he qualified to ask Han Three Thousand to train?

        Sighing heavily, the next old man said to the other side of the battle, "This brat is really hard to control."

        "I had already thought of this outcome, but with the importance Han Qianli places on his loved ones, he would never want to waste time with them at a time like this." Fang Zhan said.

        Hearing this, the next old man's face instantly darkened, turning his head to look at Fang Zhan in a gloomy manner.

        Fang Zhan smelled an air of danger and quickly said, "Old Man Next, I can't be blamed for this."

        "You bastard, if you already knew, why didn't you tell me." The next old man gritted his teeth.

        Fang Zhan had bitterness to say ah, if he had told the next old man, the next old man would be equally angry, this was really not human inside and out.

        "Actually, I just guessed it, I was just bragging." Fang Zhan quickly explained.

        "There is a price to pay for bragging, you wouldn't know that, would you?" After the next old man finished speaking, his figure suddenly became illusory.

        But in the blink of an eye, only Fang Zhan flew backwards like a cannonball.

        The next old man clapped his hands and said, "Less bragging from now on, you can't help but fight with this body."

        Fang Zhan was so bitter that he didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

        As the New Year approached, Cloud City also became more lively, with people working abroad returning to their hometowns and busily shopping for New Year's goods, the streets appeared to be bustling with people.

        This kind of pomp and circumstance could only be seen in the Celestial Family before, but now, even the Celestial Family needed to send people to the mountain side villa to deliver gifts, this was the benefit of status.

        But there was still a difference between the Heavenly Family and those ordinary merchants, ordinary people were not qualified to enter the villa, but the person who sent gifts from the Heavenly Family was able to enter the villa with a swagger and was able to hug Han Nian and laugh, this person was Tian Ling'er.

        Being able to treat Han Nian as her brother, Tian Ling'er was the only one in Cloud City, which was why she possessed special treatment in the mountainside villa.

        Tian Honghui, who used to not put Han Qianli in his eyes, had already celebrated the relationship between Tian Ling'er and Han Qianli more than once, if it wasn't for this relationship, the Tian family would have been reduced to an ordinary family long ago.

        "Brother, if you're so ugly, why do you have such a beautiful daughter."

        "Brother, when my niece grows up in the future, she can't look like you, or she'll be finished."

        "Brother, sister-in-law's genes are really strong, it's a good thing Nian'er wasn't influenced by you."

        Not only was Tian Ling'er able to treat the hillside villa as her home, she was also able to mercilessly hit Han Qianqian and make Han Qianqian not think of any rebuttal at all.

        Of course, Tian Ling'er wasn't serious, after all, in her mind, Han 3000 possessed the image of a male god, and if Han 3000 hadn't gotten married, she would have been more than willing to change the relationship from brother and sister to husband and wife.

        "Ying Xia, next time certain people come, please just lock the door and don't let her in." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Tian Ling'er nuzzled her mouth at Han Qianli and said disdainfully, "My sister-in-law isn't such a ruthless person."

Chapter 723

Han Qianli took Tian Ling'er really didn't have a move, this ghostly little girl knew exactly who she should please and whose protection she could get, as long as she made Su Yingxia happy, any threat Han Qianli made to her was meaningless.

        "No sense in making a scene with you," Han Three Thousand said disdainfully.

        Tian Ling'er raised her fist in victory and said, "You can't mess with me, admit defeat."

        Han 3,000 waved his hand and pulled out his phone, dialing Mo Yang's number.

        "You find a place and get together tonight." Han Three Thousand said to Mo Yang, the time to stay in Cloud City was getting less and less, Han Three Thousand and these brothers hadn't eaten and drank together to chat about their hearts for a long time, so it was a good time to take advantage of today's free time to account for a line of business in Cloud City.

        "Okay, I'll go and arrange it right away, how about a hot pot on a cold day?" Mo Yang said with a flourish.

        "Okay, listen to you."

        After hanging up the phone, Mo Yang couldn't wait to leave the Magic City.

        Recently, there was a hot pot restaurant in Cloud City that was very famous, almost every day it was so popular that you had to get a sign to line up for dinner, and often at dinner time, there were already people lining up at three o'clock in the afternoon, and a shop that was so hot that it could be said to be second to none in Cloud City.

        Arrived at the hot pot shop, Mo Yang's appearance, directly alarmed the manager, and the manager in the first time to convey this news to the boss, after all, Mo Yang's current status in Yun City is a big figure, no matter where he goes to eat, the boss personally received has been the minimum specifications, no one dare to have the slightest slack.

        "Boss Mo, I didn't expect that this small shop of mine would still be able to welcome such a big person like you, it's really humble." The boss said to Mo Yang with a smiling face.

        "Let's not receive any other customers tonight, I want to book the restaurant." Mo Yang said.

        The boss looked embarrassed, the turnover of the hotpot restaurant in one night could be negligible, but this would definitely cause dissatisfaction from other customers, and although Mo Yang deserved the boss's attention, he didn't want to smash his own sign because of Mo Yang.

        "Boss Mo, we have specially prepared private rooms here, how about I arrange a private room for you?" The boss said that if Han 3,000 came, he would be willing to pay the price and risk of smashing his signboard, but there was something about Mo Yang that wasn't worth it.

        Mo Yang looked unhappy when he heard this and said, "So disrespectful?"

        "Boss Mo, I'm just doing small business, the customer is God, but I don't dare to offend other customers ah." The boss smiled bitterly.

        "If you don't dare to offend other customers, you can offend me?" Mo Yang asked.

        The boss looked like he was in a difficult situation and said to Mo Yang, "Boss Mo, I in no way mean this, I hope you can understand me."

        The manager stood on the side although he didn't dare to speak, but he also had some dissatisfaction in his heart, this kind of forcing someone to do something was a bit too much in his opinion, after all, he was just one of Han 3000's men, what's the point of talking about such a big row, it's not like Han 3000 personally came to dinner.

        "Alright, since you're not willing, I'll have to choose a new place, after all, Brother 3000 likes quiet places to eat." Mo Yang said indifferently, externally he called Han 3000 as Brother 3000 because he wanted to put his position right and let outsiders know that he, Mo Yang, was just one of Han 3000's men, whereas in front of Han 3000, he directly addressed 3000 because it was what Han 3000 had asked for.

        Hearing this, the boss was stunned in place.

        Han 3000 actually wanted to eat at his place?

        How many people dream of this!

        Not to mention a small hotpot restaurant, even if it was the entire hotel, as long as he was willing to go, the hotel side would be willing to clear out all the guests for him ah.

        "What did he just say?" The boss asked to the manager.

        The manager also looked at a loss for words, obviously terrified, who could have thought that Han Qianli would come to their small place to eat?

        "Boss, it seems like, it seems like Han Qianli is coming too." The manager said.

        The boss instantly jumped to his feet, as if the floor was burning, and said to the manager, "What are you waiting for, hurry up and stop Mo Yang ah, if I miss this good opportunity, I'll regret it for the rest of my life."

        At this time, Mo Yang had already walked out of the hotpot restaurant, and the manager hurriedly gasped and stopped Mo Yang in front of him.

        "Boss Mo, please wait, please wait." The manager said breathlessly.

        With an indifferent expression on his face, Mo Yang said, "What are you waiting for, in this big Cloud City, can't I find a place to eat?"

        The boss ran out at this time, just in time to hear Mo Yang's words, repented and said, "Boss Mo, I'm really sorry, don't worry, I'm clearing out this shop tonight, there will absolutely be no idle people."

        Mo Yang smiled coldly and said, "Wasn't it a small business just now, afraid of offending customers?"

        It was true that the boss was afraid of offending his customers, but if Han Marchan came to eat, would he have to worry about not having any customers? Even for those big bosses, I'm afraid they'll be scrambling to make reservations.

        "Boss Mo, it's my fault, please give me another chance." The boss said as if he was making amends.

        Mo Yang patted the boss's shoulder and said, "I can't be blamed for not taking the chance."

        This made the boss's heart chill, the entire Cloud City didn't know how many people were waiting for such an opportunity, and he was going to miss it?

        "Boss Mo, I'm sorry I'm sorry, I'm damned if I don't know what to do." Saying that, the boss bent his knees as if he was about to kneel down.

        Mo Yang quickly stopped him, he wasn't used to people kneeling to him at every turn, and it was just a small matter of eating, no need to rise to this level.

        "Have your chef make the bottom of the pot more tasty, and prepare fresher dishes." After saying this, Mo Yang turned around and walked away.

        The boss was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses, the happy color on his face simply couldn't be controlled, he quickly said to the manager, "Quickly, quickly go and greet the kitchen, all the dishes for tonight must be fresh enough, prepare the dishes if not, immediately go to purchase."

        "Yes yes yes, boss, I'll go do it right away." The manager also looked panicked, since opening the shop, this was the first time to usher in a really big person, no one dared to be sloppy.

        The boss took a few deep breaths and even pinched his own thigh, after feeling the pain, he realized that this wasn't a dream, Han Qianli was actually coming to eat at his place.

        "Glorious family, I didn't think I would have today, luckily I didn't miss this opportunity, otherwise what face would I take to the ancestors in the future." The boss said with a celebratory face.

        Unaware of the dinner episode, Han Qianli left the hillside villa at four in the afternoon.

        When he arrived at the Devil's Capital, Mo Yang, Lin Yong, Qi Hu, and the others had been waiting at the entrance for quite some time.

        These people were all considered to be Han Three Thousand's closest brothers now, and although Lin Yong had been disliked by Han Three Thousand and had even deprived him of the right to become the number one person in the grey area of Cloud City, Lin Yong couldn't afford to take on a big responsibility and still had no problem doing some small things.

        "Brother Three Thousand."

        "Brother Three Thousand."

        Lin Yong and Qi Hu shouted in unison.

        Han 3,000 walked up to Qi Hu and smashed a punch into Qi Hu's chest, asking, "Are you adjusting to city life now?"

        "More than just adapting, he's now the most famous Cannon King in Mordor." Mo Yang said with a smile on his face.

        Han Qianqiang looked at Qi Hu unexpectedly, thinking that when he first came down to Cloud City, he was very unfamiliar with everything about city life and didn't even know the bare minimum of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, but now, he was able to get such a title, and it seemed like he was making a name for himself in the Devil's Capital.

        "Qi Hu, but I really can't tell, you still have such skills." Han Giangli said with a sigh on his face.

        Qi Hu fished his head in embarrassment and fiercely glared at Mo Yang before saying to Han Three Thousand, "Brother Three Thousand, the good life in the Flower World is much better than the mountains, Master always said that it was dangerous under the mountains, but it turned out to be a lie to me."

        Hearing this, Han 3,000 couldn't help but let out a loud laugh, it seemed that Qi Hu had really been compelled by beauty and didn't even believe his master's words.

        But it was also true, how could the diversity of the city be compared to the dullness of the mountains.

        "Everyone has a different way of dealing with things, I won't interfere with the life you choose, but women, when you meet the one you want to love, you have to hold on tight, don't let yourself regret it, and don't hurt her." Han Qianli said, these words were from the bottom of his heart, and also Han Qianli's faithfulness to his feelings.


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