His True Colors Chapter 719-720


Chapter 719

Liu Zhijie can accept his own downfall, he also has the belief that he can make a comeback, otherwise the business loss, he has long been devastated, and how can he come to the wind full house as a waiter?

        This kind of status fallout is not something that anyone can accept, and from this, you can see that Liu Zhijie's capriciousness is still very strong.

        But just because he was able to accept the fall from grace didn't mean that he could accept the insult.

        Ten thousand was a lot of money to the current him, but there was no way he would sell his dignity for that money.

        "I don't need it." Liu Zhijie said indifferently.

        When the man heard this, his expression covered in coldness and said, "Liu Zhijie, so disrespectful? I've got my leg out, you're not going to ask me to take it back, do you believe I can make sure you can't get any job in Bin County."

        "Do you take yourself to be Tang Zong or Mao Tian Yi?" Liu Zhijie responded without being humble, although the Bin County place was small, but the one who could really control everything, other than Tang Zong, only Mao Tianyi could do it, but what Liu Zhijie didn't know was that Mao Tianyi was already finished.

        That person wouldn't dare to compare himself to Tang Zong Mao Tianyi, and if that got out, he would be dead, especially if Mao Tianyi heard the consequences.

        With Mao Tianyi's arrogant behavior in Bin County, no one dared to mess with him, not to mention comparing himself to him, even if his name was mentioned, he had to be careful.

        "Straw mud horse." The man stood up and kicked at Liu Zhijie's abdomen, cursing angrily, "Liu Zhijie, are you setting a trap for me?"

        Ryu Jiji takes a few steps back and falls to the ground, his expression nearly contorted in pain.

        The wind filled the corner of the building.

        Han Giangli looked at the scene and shook his head slightly.

        The aide stood behind Han Qianli and said with a sigh, "These people used to work with Liu Zhijie, but I didn't expect that they wouldn't miss their old friendship at all now that Liu Zhijie has fallen from grace."

        "This is the law of the business world, there are no eternal friends, only eternal benefits, once a friend can't generate benefits, it's the same as an enemy." Han Qianli said indifferently, this was a very realistic social problem, above the shopping mall, how many friends could there be who could truly be friends?

        The assistant's heart was cold, he had also offended many people, and now that Mao Tianyi had fallen, if those people knew, he would probably end up worse than Liu Zhijie.

        At this time, a woman wearing a down coat walked into the Wind Full House, with her thighs exposed under the coat, not forgetting to show off her body even in the cold winter.

        "Heavy makeup, Jiang Wan has changed quite a bit." Han Giangli said with a smile, the heavier the makeup, the more it meant that Jiang Wan Wan wanted to project herself, and this mentality could be interpreted as Jiang Wan couldn't wait to find a man to rely on.

        But with her current reputation in Bin County, who would dare to take her?

        A broken shoe that had been worn by countless people would only end up being thrown into the trash.

        "Jiang Wan, you're really slow, you don't want to ask for money do you." The man saw Jiang Wan and said with a disgruntled face.

        Jiang Wan walked up to that person and quickly apologized with a smile on her face.

        "I got your call and immediately took a cab over." Jiang Wan Wan said.

        The man pulled Jiang Wan down in his arms and then said with a disgusted face, "What are you wearing so thick for, how can I pay you if you don't let me see something exciting?"

        Jiang Wan Li took off her down coat, and her slender body was in full view.

        It had to be said that Jiang Lan's figure was indeed very good, and the tights she purposely wore outlined the perfect curves, making the other guys' eyes glow.

        "Look, this is your ex-boyfriend, right." The man pointed at Liu Zhijie on the ground and said.

        Jiang Wan laughed coldly and said disdainfully, "I don't even know this kind of trash."

        "Hahahahahaha." The man let out a loud laugh and said to Liu Zhijie, "You're too damn miserable, you don't even want to recognize your ex-girlfriend, tsk tsk tsk, I really feel pathetic for you."

        At this time, Jiang Wan suddenly stepped forward and actually stepped on Liu Zhijie's hand that was propped on the ground with her high heels and said, "Liu Zhijie, you also have today, it's ridiculous, remember how you used to reject me? Now, you don't even have the qualifications to give me a shoe."

        Liu Zhijie took a deep breath, this woman turned her back too hard, she was begging to get back together with him before, and now, she actually ganged up with this group of people to insult him like this.

        "Jiang Wan, you're just a broken shoe right now, do you still need to be mentioned?" Willow Chi-Jay said.

        Broken shoes?

        These two words made Jiang Wan's shame and indignation hard to resist, she knew that she was now unclean, but what right did Liu Zhijie have to say that.

        As far as Jiang Wan was concerned, she was just giving what she had to give for her life, so what was wrong with everyone taking what they needed?

        "Liu Zhijie, you have no right to judge me." After saying that, Jiang Wan fiercely glared at him with a kick.

        Once again, Liu Zhijie's expression twisted in pain, and the sharp pain from the back of his hand caused his entire palm to become somewhat numb.

        The gang watched as Liu Zhijie was humiliated by Jiang Wan and laughed very happily one by one.

        "Liu Zhijie, what kind of situation are you in now that you don't dare to fight back even after being bullied so badly by a woman?"

        "Have you even changed your gender since you went bankrupt, you're so unlike a man."

        "If you can, stand up and fight this b*tch, let's see a good show ah."

        The crowd began to instigate Liu Zhijie to resist, but as soon as Liu Zhijie dared to fight, it was time for them to beat Liu Zhijie.

        To be clear, these guys were just looking for an opportunity to beat up Liu Zhijie.

        Zhijie Liu took a few deep breaths, his face turned pale white, he knew what these guys had in mind, absolutely can't give them a chance to get their way.

        But these humiliating words, Liu Zhijie heard the fire, has unconsciously shake his fist.

        The man saw that Liu Zhijie had the tendency to fight back, adding fuel to the fire, he continued, "Liu Zhijie, can't you f*cking stand up like a man, don't be a wimp, people live for a breath, if you don't even care about this breath, you should just go die."

        Liu Zhijie was trembling slightly, which signaled that he was on the verge of exploding.

        Just then, the man suddenly handed over a beer bottle to Jiang Wan.

        Although Jiang Wan was very cruel to Liu Zhijie, this kind of hurtful thing wasn't something she had the guts to do as a woman.

        "I'll give you another ten thousand." The man said.

        These five words caused Jiang Wan to take the beer bottle in her hand without hesitation and swung it down towards Liu Zhijie's head.

        With a thud, the beer bottle exploded and shattered glass splattered everywhere.

        Blood was flowing down Liu Zhijie's forehead and his head was dizzy.

        Jiang Wan was so scared to see the bright red blood that she couldn't stand on her feet, this was the first time she had ever laid such a hateful hand on someone, but for the sake of 10,000 yuan, she had to be open-minded.

        "Liu Zhijie, you're so useless."

        "A complete wimp, what a disgrace to men."

        "Do you still have the dignity to live in this world, hurry up and find a tall building to die in, don't insult men."

        The mocking and taunting words reached Liu Zhijie's ears, he could hear very faintly, and even his vision became a bit blurry as blood kept flowing down and had obscured his vision.

        Just then, Liu Zhijie suddenly found himself in front of an extra pair of men's legs.

        "Stand up."

        This voice!

        Liu Zhijie looked up, trying desperately to see who the owner of this familiar voice was.

        "You ...... you ......" Liu Zhijie was incredulous in his fear, the person who appeared in front of him was actually Han Qianqian, he never dreamed that Han Qianqian would return to a small place like Bin County, after all, even Tang Zong had left Bin County now.

        "Grass mud horse, brat, I advise you to mind your own business." The man warned Han Qianqian, but when he said this, he didn't notice that Jiang Wan's face was so white that she had softened her legs in fear and was sitting on the ground in a crouch.

        The terror in Jiang Wan's eyes was like seeing a demon, and she hadn't expected Han Qianqian to come to Bin County again!

        To the Jiang family, Han 3,000 was the absolute devil.

        "Liu Zhijie, I told you to stand up." Han Third Thousand ignored the man's words and continued to say to Liu Zhijie.

        In a panic, Liu Zhijie stood up slightly trembling, how dare he disobey Han Qianli's order, even if he was lame, he had to stand up in front of Han Qianli.

Chapter 720

When the man saw that Han Qianqian didn't take himself seriously and dared to ignore his words, a surge of anger came over him and he actually smashed the back of Han Qianqian's head with a beer bottle.

        The assistant was about to remind Han 3,000 when Han 3,000 gave a back kick, directly on the man.

        The man was hit by gravity and flew five meters away, smashing a wooden table before dropping to the ground.

        Painful moans emitted from his mouth as he continued to roll around on the ground, clearly in great pain.

        When the others saw this, they all turned pale and stood up from their positions, putting a safe distance between them and Han Giangli.

        "Who is this guy, he's actually so powerful."

        "I've never seen this person before in Bin County."

        "Isn't he, that guy next to him, Mao Tianyi's assistant, why is he here?" Someone let out a tone of horror.

        Only then did the rest of them notice that assistant was present, and they couldn't help but turn pale.

        The fact that Mao Tianyi's assistant was here meant that this person must have a deep relationship with Mao Tianyi, if this guy was Mao Tianyi's friend and wanted to take the lead for Liu Zhijie, they would be doomed.

        This thought made them feel a wave of despair, but that wasn't the most desperate, when Liu Zhijie shouted out Han Sanqian's name, several of them froze in place as if they had been struck by lightning.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what are you doing here?" Liu Zhijie asked.

        Three thousand brother!

        After experiencing the matter of Han Nian's Hundredth Day Banquet, almost all the surrounding cities except Cloud City knew what kind of big shot Han Qianxiang was.

        Naturally, these people had also heard about it, could the person standing in front of them be the top person in Cloud City, Han Qianli?

        The thought that the crowd was so overwhelmed with fear that even if Liu Zhijie and him were only slightly related, it was enough to kill them all.

        Thinking about how they had just left no stone unturned to humiliate Liu Zhijie, the crowd's hearts began to chill.

        "Mao Tianyi has done all the bad things in Bin County, I'll clean up the mess." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Clean up the portal!

        These four words undoubtedly struck those people hard once again.

        Mao Tianyi was now the highest ranking person in Bin County, and he had already taken care of Mao Tianyi? If that's the case, what else are they?

        The man who was beaten was in severe pain, but these pains couldn't compare to the ten thousandth of the fear within.

        He began to regret his reckless actions just now, with his position, how was he qualified to take a shot at Han Giangli?

        "Stopping by to see my jokes?" Liu Zhijie said with a bitter smile on his face, although Mao Tianyi was powerful, it was nothing compared to a person like Han Qianqian, so Han Qianqian solving Mao Tianyi was nothing more than a trivial matter in Liu Zhijie's opinion.

        "With Mao Tianyi dead, Bin County needs someone who can take control of the situation." Han Qianqian said.

        At first hearing these words, Liu Zhijie had no reaction, but after scrutinizing them, Liu Zhijie's eyes became incredulous.

        Needing someone who could take control of the situation and yet Han Three Thousand Thousand approached him at a time like this, what this meant, Liu Zhijie knew very well.

        "Brother Three Thousand, are you ...... going to give me this opportunity?" Ryuji asked unbelievably.

        "But you disappointed me with your performance." Han Giangli shook his head.

        Liu Zhijie's heart sank, this was his only chance to make a comeback, and if he didn't seize this opportunity tightly, he would have to live his life in the doldrums.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I'm also a person with dignity, and I don't want to let them humiliate me, but right now, I have no choice but to hold back." Liu Zhijie said with his head down.

        "Yeah? What would you do if you were given the chance?" Han Giangli asked.

        Liu Zhijie raised his head and looked at the gang with murderous eyes and said, "None of them will live."

        Those words sent chills down the backs of the gang, all of them regretting their stupidity today, if they weren't idle to humiliate Liu Zhijie, how could they be in such danger.

        "Liu Zhijie, I didn't suggest coming to see you today, I just followed along for fun."

        "Me too, I also advised them not to come, but they didn't listen, so I couldn't do anything about it."

        "It was him, it was all his idea, if you want revenge, go at him."

        The crowd pointed at the man lying on the ground, they couldn't care less about their friendships at this point, after all, they couldn't afford such consequences.

        "Do it for me." Han Marchan said to Liu Zhijie.

        With a handful of blood wiped from his eyes and a beer bottle in his hand, Liu Zhijie walked towards the man.

        "Liu Zhijie, what do you want, don't come over here." The man said with a frightened face, and kept backing up, but after pushing into the corner, there was no way to retreat, but Liu Zhijie didn't stop his steps.

        "Liu Zhijie, I know I was wrong, I just wanted to play with you, I didn't expect Jiang Wan, the woman, to be so cruel as to actually hit you." The man explained.

        Jiang Wan's expression didn't change at all when she heard this, a dumbfounded look on her face, and now there was only regret inside her.

        Jiang Wan was well aware that once Han Qianqian gave Liu Zhijie the opportunity, he would replace Mao Tianyi's position, after all, with Han Qianqian's position, a single word could change the entire landscape of Bin County.

        The future of Bin County was Liu Zhijie's decision, and if she hadn't turned her back on him so quickly, if she was still willing to follow him when he was down and out, the future glory and wealth she would enjoy would be unimaginable.

        Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world, and she couldn't turn back the clock.

        "Play? Fine, I'll play with you now too." Ryu Ji Jie said through gritted teeth.

        The man's desperate expression was tinged with intense pain, and the fact that Liu Zhijie was able to get the opportunity Han Giang gave him, the instant turnaround gave him no chance to even run away.


        The beer bottle smashed on the man's head, the liquor splashing around and accompanied by numerous shards of glass.

        The man held his head and wailed.

        Liu Zhijie didn't stop, grabbing him by the hair with one hand and slamming into the wall.

        The violent thumping sound resounded throughout the building, and the gang was so frightened that they couldn't bear to see the man's fate.

        After Han Giangli gave a wink to his assistant, the assistant walked over to Liu Zhijie and stopped him.

        After all, this was a public place, and Liu Zhijie could take revenge, but never kill anyone.

        "Brother Three Thousand, please give me this chance, I won't let you down." Liu Zhijie bent over ninety degrees and said to Han 3,000.

        "From today onwards, you stay by his side." Han 3,000 said to his assistant.

        The assistant was full of surprise, he hadn't been abandoned due to Mao Tianyi's death, which meant that his gang of enemies were still in no position to seek revenge on him as usual, and for him, it was just a new master, nothing had essentially changed.

        "Thank you, Brother 3000." The assistant said with a series of nods.

        Han 3,000 walked up to Liu Zhijie and said, "My request to you is simple, never turn into a second Mao Tianyi, and the Jiang family, I won't allow them to take a step out of Bin County."

        Liu Zhijie knelt down on both knees and said with a pious face, "Rest assured, Brother Three Thousand, I will never discredit the rights you have granted me, as for the Jiang family, I will arrange for people to keep an eye on them twenty-four hours a day, and when they leave Bin County, I will have their heads on the ground."

        For such a military order, Han 3,000 was very satisfied, and with Liu Zhijie's experience, it was unlikely that he would become the second Mao Tianyi, after all, he had experienced a low point, and now that he had regained his rights, he would cherish it even more.

        "Remember what you said, I don't want to appear in this place because of you." Han Giangli said.

        Liu Zhijie nodded heavily, the words of assurance didn't need to be said, he also knew that Han Three Thousand didn't need such verbal promises, he could only tell Han Three Thousand with actual actions.

        Just as the three of them were about to leave Wind Full Head, Liu Zhijie suddenly felt someone hugging his leg and looked down to see that it was Jiang Wan.

        "Ji Jie, I know I was wrong, can you forgive me?" Jiang Wan Wan looked pear-shaped, if someone who didn't know her well were to look at her, they might be distressed, but in Liu Zhijie's eyes, her pity was extraordinarily sickening.

        "Jiang Wan, how brazen have you become, do you think I would still be with you now?" Liu Zhijie stared away from Jiang Wan with a kick and continued in deep disgust, "A broken shoe that has been worn by countless people, how could I, Liu Zhijie, possibly want it."

        Jiang Wan was dumbfounded, once she thought that Liu Zhijie could bring her happiness until Liu Zhijie's company went bankrupt, and after the company went bankrupt, she thought that there was no way for Liu Zhijie to turn over a new leaf, but because of Han Qianli's words, Liu Zhijie was back on top of the pinnacle that he had never been before in his life.

        It's not so much that Liu Zhijie is so powerful, but that Han Qianqian dominates everything.

        Only then did it become completely clear to Jiang Wan how happy Su Yingxia, whom she despised, was now.

        She had vainly attempted to compare herself to Su Yingxia, but now, what else did she deserve?


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