His True Colors Chapter 717-718


Chapter 717

Today's Bin County, Mao Tianyi can be said to be the first person, so his assistant's temperament is also exceptionally arrogant, after all, there is no one he can't afford to offend in Bin County, so naturally, he will not put the roadblocker in his eyes.

        The first step forward, pushed a handful of visitors, but not only did not push the roadblocker away, but he himself back a step.

        This made the assistant's face even more ungraceful.

        "Are you f**king blind, do you know whose car this is, still don't f**k off, be careful I'll break your legs." The assistant said with a disdainful face.

        Han Qianli faintly smiled, although he hadn't come into contact with Mao Tianyi as a person, he could sense from his men that this Mao Tianyi was far from Tang Zong's personality.

        Tang Zong was very low-key in Bin County, never caused any scandal, he had a very good reputation in Bin County, even some ordinary people liked him very much, because the development of Bin County had an inseparable relationship with Tang Zong, he had created countless jobs and provided a better life for the people of Bin County.

        And I'm afraid that these good reputations would be ruined by Mao Tianyi before too long.

        "It seems that the people cultivated by Tang Zong aren't worth the high hopes he's entrusted with," Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        The assistant's eyelids instantly jumped at the mention of Tang Zong's name by Han Marchian.

        Although Mao Tianyi was powerful now, that was based on the fact that Tang Zong had left, and once Tang Zong returned, Mao Tianyi would revert to his previous identity, and this person in front of him could be someone Mao Tianyi couldn't afford to offend if he was Tang Zong's friend.

        "Who are you, and you still know Tang Zong?" The assistant asked cautiously.

        "Who I am, just let Mao Tianyi come out and see, maybe he'll recognize me." Han Marchiang said.

        The assistant, with apprehension, walked back to the side of the car and said to Mao Tianyi through the window, "Mao, there is someone blocking our way, look ......"

        Before the assistant said anything, Mao Tianyi, who had his eyes closed, snapped: "Can't you handle this little thing? Don't disturb my rest, I need to refresh myself."

        "But ...... Mao, this person seems to know Tang Zong." The assistant said.

        Mao Tianyi opened his eyes, it was normal to know someone who knew Tang Zong in Bin County, but the person who dared to come and stop the road like this definitely had an unusual relationship with Tang Zong.

        "What's his name?" Mao Tianyi asked.

        The assistant shook his head and said, "I don't know, but he said that you might recognize him."

        Mao Tianyi didn't dare to slow down, in case it was really Tang Zong's acquaintance, but he didn't dare to mess with him, and his behavior in Bin County must not let Tang Zong know.

        The moment he stepped off the car, when Mao Tianyi saw Han Qianqian, he instantly had a numbing feeling and got goosebumps.

        Han Giangli!

        It's Han Gong-gon here!

        The last time Han 3000 came to Bin County, Tang Zong did not formally introduce Mao Tianyi to Han 3000 because, in Tang Zong's opinion, Mao Tianyi had no qualifications, but Mao Tianyi had seen Han 3000 and clearly remembered Han 3000's face.

        A character that could make Tang Zong bow, how could Mao Tianyi dare to forget!

        Three steps in two, Mao Tianyi walked up to Han Qianqian, bowed his head and said, "Brother Qianqian, I didn't expect it to be you here."

        The assistant was trembling with fear at the sight of this action, didn't think that this guy was really a big man, even the arrogant Mao Tianyi had to be so respectful when he saw him, and he, who had just pushed this guy, was really remorseful now that he thought about it.

        "You are Mao Tian Yi?" Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Mao Tianyi walked on thin ice and said carefully, "It's me, just call me Little Mao, Brother 3000."

        "You can tell the owner's character from the dog's conduct, the dog is so arrogant, do I have the right to call you Little Mao? You're not lifting me up too much." Han Qianqian faintly said.

        When Mao Tianyi heard this, he was scared out of his wits, he was indeed arrogant in Bin County, so much so that his assistant had a great temper, but Han Qianqian was a big man who had to respect even Tang Zong, so what was he to him?

        "Brother Three Thousand, I'm sorry that I didn't discipline my men properly, don't worry, I will pay attention to this problem." Mao Tianyi said.

        "It seems you still don't know what the problem is, Tang Zong gave you Bin County, what a wrong choice." Han Qianli said coldly.

        Mao Tianyi's forehead broke out in cold sweat, he had waited so hard for today, once Han Qianli told Tang Zong about these things, his future would be ruined.

        A terrified Mao Tianyi knelt directly in front of Han Qianli and said, "Brother Qianli, I was wrong, please give me another chance."

        The assistant saw the situation and also knelt down, after all, this matter was started because of him, if Mao Tianyi was finished, he would be finished too.

        Ever since Mao Tian Yi had taken over, he had followed Mao Tian Yi to be arrogant and domineering, offending many people, once he lost his position today, he might have to cross the street tonight.

        There were very many people coming and going on the road, while many of them knew Mao Tianyi, and when they saw Mao Tianyi kneeling at this moment, they all revealed a surprised expression.

        "Who is this person, he was able to make Mao Tianyi kneel."

        "This person's face is raw, I've never seen him before, could it be that he was sent by Tang Zong?"

        "This Mao Tianyi really deserves it, let him be arrogant in Bin County, I really think Tang Zong doesn't know, this guy is about to ruin Tang Zong's good name."

        "Self-inflicted sins cannot live, I really hope this guy is dead, so as not to scourge Bin County."

        "After Tang Zong left, I don't know how many flowery girls fell into the hands of Mao Tianyi, my colleague's daughter was forcibly brought home by this beast."

        Listening to the grumbling nearby, the coldness on Han Qianli's face became even greater, it looked like Mao Tianyi had really done quite a few things that people were outraged about.

        And it was true, after Mao Tianyi rose to power, no one else, did the most exaggerated thing, was to see a couple on the street, the woman was very beautiful, walked directly in front of the man to offer a high price, hoping that the other girlfriend could accompany him for a night, the man did not agree, was Mao Tianyi's men beaten into the hospital, this matter also made a lot of noise, but in the end was Mao Tianyi spent money to settle it.

        It could be said that Mao Tianyi was an evil person who did nothing but evil, so swollen that he could ignore anyone except Tang Zong.

        "Mao Tianyi, I'm curious as to how many evil deeds you've done that even passersby can't help but curse you a bit." Han Qianli coldly said.

        Mao Tianyi hated to kill those nosy guys, he had indeed done a lot of things that the gods and humans were angry about, but what right did these assholes have to tell him what to do?

        "Brother 3000, it's all because they slandered me, I don't even know these guys, so don't listen to their nonsense." Mao Tianyi explained.

        At this time, there was a bold passerby who walked up to Han 3,000 and said, "Little brother, although I don't know who you are, every word we say is absolutely not half adulterated, this guy is really an evil person, Tang Zong's reputation is all ruined on him, if you can contact Tang Zong, you'd better tell him these things."

        "What the f**k are you, believe me I'll k*ll you." Mao Tianyi gritted his teeth and stood up, ready to teach this speaker a lesson.

        The passerby retreated a few steps in fear at the sight of the man.

        Han Giangli kicked Mao Tianyi down and said to the passerby, "Don't worry, from today onwards, Mao Tianyi is an invalid, he won't hurt you, thank you for daring to stand up and say these people."

        The passerby looked like he had palpitations, and somewhat regretted coming out to say these words, after all, if Mao Tianyi retaliated against him, he couldn't afford it for an ordinary person.

        "Little brother, is it true what you said, Mao Tianyi's methods are vicious, I'll be finished if he takes revenge." The passerby asked to Han Qianli.

        Han Qianli nodded his head and said, "Don't worry, I'm a person who does what I say."

        After saying that, Han Qianli pulled out his phone and dialed Tang Zong's number.

        "I'm in Bin County, Mao Tianyi, this person, I've helped you clean up your mess." Han Qianli said to Tang Zong.

        Tang Zong had cultivated Mao Tianyi for a long time, and in his opinion, Mao Tianyi was the best candidate to take over Bin County, but since Han 3000 said this, Tang Zong wouldn't help Mao Tianyi defend himself.

        When Han 3,000 turned on speakerphone, Tang Zong's words came out on the phone, "Brother 3,000, if you have to do it yourself, he's not worthy yet, I'll send someone over right away."

        The words filled Mao Tianyi with despair and he roared into the phone, "Brother Tang, I will be honest before I am given a chance."

Chapter 718

It was impossible for Tang Zong to give Mao Tianyi another chance, after all, this matter had already allowed Han Giang to personally intervene, such a person, even if Tang Zong still had some feelings for him, it was not worth Tang Zong to defend him.

        Not long after hanging up the phone, Tang Zong's men came, and Mao Tianyi was taken away in despair, the aide trembling on his knees, not even having the courage to look up at Mao Tianyi.

        He did not expect that Mao Tianyi's brilliance had only just begun, but he would fall so fast, like a meteor passing by.

        "Brother 3000, what he did has nothing to do with me, I was forced to do it, he was the one who asked me to do it." The assistant kowtowed to Han 3,000 as he spoke.

        Han 3,000 rubbed his temples, he came to Bin County to curb the Jiang family from going to Cloud City to find trouble for Su Yingxia, he thought that the person Tang Zong chose would save his mind, but he didn't expect it to end like this, so that Bin County wouldn't have anyone in control of the situation, and Han 3,000 still had to hurt his head over this candidate.

        If it was in Yuncheng, this problem is a small matter for Han 3,000, he has a lot of candidates, but Bin County, it is really can not think of anyone worth bringing up.

        A glance at the assistant, this kind of wimp is not enough to take on a great responsibility, even if he is given enough power, he will still be a trash playing with status, and Mao Tianyi will not have any difference.

        Thinking about it, only one name appeared in Han Qianli's mind.

        Liu Zhijie!

        The man who once secretly fought against Han 3000 and broke up with Jiang Wan doesn't know what the guy is now.

        To Han 3000, Liu Zhijie is not someone who can achieve great things, but he has a very deep fear of Han 3000, and perhaps with this fear in place to support him up, he wouldn't dare to have any betrayal towards Han 3000.

        And it was a good choice to use him to control the Jiang family, after all, Liu Zhijie was very familiar with the Jiang family.

        With Han Third Thousand's current status, to intimidate the Jiang family, he didn't need to personally appear, even if he let Lin Yong do it, he could do it very easily.

        But to Han Three Thousand, this matter was very important, and anything related to Su Yingxia Han Nian was worthy of his personal appearance.

        It wasn't that Han 3000 was causing trouble for himself, but in his perception, it wasn't a small matter that could be ignored.

        Because in this world, the only ones that Han 3000 cared about the most were Su Yingxia and Han Nian.

        "Help me find someone named Liu Zhijie." Han Three Thousand said to his assistant.

        "Yes, yes, Brother Three Thousand, I'll find out for you right away." The assistant said with a series of nods.

        A few phone calls were made in succession, and in less than ten minutes, the assistant got the information back, from this aspect, he still had good network power in Bin County, perhaps having him stay by Liu Zhijie's side could help a lot, after all, Liu Zhijie's identity was just an ordinary company owner, suddenly asking him to sit in such a high position, he might not be able to adapt in a short period of time, and with this assistant here, it would be much easier for him to adapt to these things.

        As for whether or not Liu Zhijie's character would be led astray by the assistant, this was something that Han 3,000 didn't worry about at all, a dog's character followed its master, and there were arrogant and domineering dogs only when there were masters like Mao Tianyi, as long as Liu Zhijie could recognize what he should be doing, then the assistant wouldn't be able to influence him.

        "Brother Three Thousand, the people have already made inquiries, at the Wind Full House." The assistant said to Han Qianqian.

        Wind Manchu House?

        Han Giangli frowned slightly, if he remembered well, Liu Zhijie's company should be in finance, it wasn't a dinner spot, what was he doing in the Wind Full House, this place, it sounded like a restaurant ah.

        "Let's go." Han Marchiang said.

        Getting into the car that should have belonged to Mao Tianyi, the assistant drove off towards the Wind Full House.

        Although it wasn't the point to eat yet, and there was only one table of guests at the Wind Full House, but because of this table of guests, it appeared that the entire Wind Full House was bustling with activity, and every drinking guest spoke extremely loudly and couldn't be stopped by the King of Heaven when they bragged.

        "Liu Zhijie, serve wine, move so damn slow." At this time, a young man yelled loudly.

        Within a short while, Liu Zhijie walked up to the customer carrying a case of beer.

        "Liu Zhijie, you used to be a boss by all accounts, but you've fallen to this level."

        "It's so comfortable to have a boss like you bring us alcohol."

        "You didn't even give a damn when I invited you to dinner before, now you know what you are."


        The crowd let out a loud laugh.

        They were not an ordinary table of guests, all of them had more or less crossed paths with Liu Zhijie, all of them were owners of some small companies in Bin County, some of them had better business than Liu Zhijie, but more, they were not as good as Liu Zhijie before, and now, Liu Zhijie's company was finished, and he had to find a job in order to survive, these people gathered together to come to the Wind Full House to eat after hearing the news.

        As the saying goes, the drunkard's intention is not to drink, these people are not really here to eat, but to humiliate Liu Zhijie.

        Hearing these words, Liu Zhijie lowered his head, with his current position, he didn't have the qualifications to compete with these people, and he didn't have the capital to turn over a new leaf right now, so he could only suffer this humiliation in silence.

        "By the way, what's your girlfriend's name again, I only used a new phone to get her last night, and she told me that you're no good in bed." Some guy sneered.

        Zhijie Liu and Jiang Wan had already broken up, there was a time when Jiang Wan harassed him and wanted to get back together with him, but Zhijie Liu didn't agree, after all, the Jiang family was considered a thorn in Tang Zong's side, how could Zhijie Liu be with Jiang Wan for the sake of the company.

        And this woman's power Liu Zhijie also recognizes, can share the wealth, but must not have the same difficulties, such a woman has no meaning to him.

        It also proved that he was completely correct about Jiang Wan, after the bankruptcy of Liu Zhijie's company, Jiang Wan only appeared once, and after pointing at Liu Zhijie's nose and abusing her, she disappeared forever.

        Occasionally, Liu Zhijie would learn something about Jiang Wan from certain people, and she was now like a chicken, willing to lie in the bed of whoever could afford to pay her.

        "Liu Zhijie, you're too f**king useless, you don't dare to say anything even though your own woman is being played?"

        "What a loser, weren't you quite capable before, and now you don't dare to say a word?"

        Willow took a deep breath and said, "She and I broke up a long time ago, and it's none of my business who she wants to sleep with."

        "No, I have to let that b*tch come and see how much of a loser you are now." The guy who just spoke pulled out his phone and dialed Jiang Wan's number.

        "Hey, you're coming to Windy House right away, your ex-boyfriend is working here as a waitress, you'll take care of him." The person said to Jiang Wan on the phone.


        Jiang Wan immediately thought of Liu Zhijie, she used to like Liu Zhijie because of his money, but now, she only treated Liu Zhijie as a poor pimp, this kind of person wasn't worth meeting in person.

        "I'm not going, what's the point of meeting this loser of his." Jiang Wan said disdainfully.

        "Stinky b*tch, I'll let you come if I tell you to, and you still dare to refuse me?" The man said with dissatisfaction.

        Jiang Wan was at a loss when she heard this, after all, this person was someone she couldn't offend right now, and she also knew what the purpose of having her go to the Wind Full House was, wasn't it just to use her to humiliate Liu Zhijie?

        "Get your ass over here and I'll reward you with ten thousand." The man continued.

        "Okay, I'll be right there." Jiang Wan immediately answered.

        Hanging up the phone, the man scoffed and said, "This b*tch can be really interesting, she will do anything for money, are you guys interested, good looking, the most important thing is that the bed work is not bad, quite good at serving men."

        A group of grown men looked at each other and smiled, as if they had some sort of plan in mind.

        As a man, Liu Zhijie could guess what they wanted by their eyes, but he had no sympathy for Jiang Wan, even though he was once a lover, but it was all Jiang Wan's fault for the money, there was nothing to sympathize with at all.

        "Liu Zhijie, my shoes are dirty, if you're willing to kneel down and clean them for me, I'll give you 10,000 too, how about it?" The man stretched out his leg and said to Willow.


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