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Amazing Son-in-law Ye Fan Chapter 2301



      Su Zhiyu heard that Grandpa told him to stop looking for it and asked, "Grandpa, why?"


      Du Zhenhua said vaguely, "It won't do you any good to continue looking for him, so you might as well just let it go."


      Su Zhiyu frowned tightly and said very insistently, "Grandfather, what I'm looking for is my brother and I's savior, who saved both of our lives! So no matter what, I'll definitely look for him, even if I can't find him, I won't give up!"


      Du Zhenhua was a little anxious and said seriously, "It's not a matter of whether you find him or not! This is a matter of your own future!"


      Su Zhiyu wondered, "My future safety? What does that have to do with my future security?"


      Du Zhenhua said seriously, "Master Lai said that you and his destiny clash, and his destiny is far harder and higher than yours, so it's okay if you don't find him, but once you do, it's like a moth to a flame, and in the end, you're the one who gets hurt, ah!"


      Su Zhiyu immediately retorted, "Grandfather, I don't mean anything against your old man, but I feel that what that Master Lai said is pure nonsense!"


      Saying that, she continued without hesitation, "Grandfather En saved my life, if it's true that I'm a moth and he's a fire, as that Master Lai said, then why was I not only not burned to death, but saved by him? I see that this Master Lai is just believing what he says!"


      Du Zhenhua sighed and said, "Hey! How can you change such a thing as fate by force of argument? It's true that he saved you, but that was before! What Master Lai has calculated for you is the future!"


      Su Zhiyu retorted without hesitation, "I don't care what future or not, I only know that he saved my life, I want to find him and thank him in person, it's as simple as that, it doesn't matter even if my life and his really run against each other, at the worst I'll just give him back this life."


      Du Zhenhua gave a rare and stern reprimand, "Know Fish! Don't you talk nonsense here! What Master Lai says is not joking, you must listen!"


      Su Zhiyu shook his head and said firmly, "These are pseudo-scientific feudal superstitions, I won't listen!"


      Du Haiqing, who was right on the side, said, "Zhi fish, I Ching Bagua is the supreme wisdom of the ancestors, it is by no means some feudal superstition, and Master Lai is the most famous Feng Shui physiognomist in the world today, you must have a sense of respect!"


      Saying that, Du Haiqing also said very seriously, "In my opinion, you shouldn't continue to look for it either, so stop here!"


      Su Zhiyu was anxious and said with red eyes, "Mom. Why do you believe in these things? You're at least a graduate of a prestigious university, you should believe in science!"


      Du Haiqing said very seriously, "Knowing Fish, how do you know that I Ching Bagua is not science?"


      Su Zhiyu blurted out, "It's all a bunch of feudal and superstitious ideas, what science can be said? If there is a real basis for this, why don't you just tell me where I can find Eunuch? But tell me about clashing destinies and moths to the flame, I don't want to believe such things!"


      Du Haiqing said seriously, "The I Ching and Eight Trigrams is a set of philosophy, or even science, that the ancients came up with after years and years of observation, study, induction, and conclusion, using the world and the stars and the sea as reference!"


      "Have you ever wondered how the Mayans were able to accurately project every solar eclipse of the 21st century over three thousand years ago?"

Amazing Son-in-law Ye Fan Chapter 2301

"What's more, the calendar they measured is almost identical to the legislation measured by modern science, with errors as small as a mere day's difference every five thousand years, do you think this is also feudal superstition?"


      Su Zhiyu didn't know how to refute it at once, so he could only forcefully say, "There's no actual basis for such a thing, and I'm definitely not going to believe it anyway!"


      Du Haiqing sighed at this time, and said in a still serious tone: "When our generation was young, there was still a more objective perception of Eastern and Western culture, never blindly thinking that the West is better, or the East is better, but using objective vision, using dialectical vision to look at the problem, but in your generation of post-90s and even post-00s children, Western culture began to occupy! A complete upshot."


      "The fact that you believe in science and the Internet, but you don't believe in the essence of what the ancestors have left behind over thousands of years and are gradually branding this set of things left behind by the ancestors into the category of old feudal superstitions, is itself a manifestation of ignorance!"


      Su Zhiyu asked rhetorically, somewhat unconvinced, "According to the ancestors, is there a so-called destiny for everything? Is it also true that what I eat and where I go today has already been predetermined in my destiny?"


      Du Haiqing earnestly said, "You think that everything in the world has no destiny, that everything is up to me, but have you ever thought about it, from a small piece of gravel to the entire universe, all of it is continuously running with its own set of laws, and the more you look at it macroscopically, the more unchangeable its destiny is!"


      Su Zhiyu immediately asked, "Mom, tell me, what is the fate of a piece of gravel? It may remain in the desert and become one of thousands of gravels, or it may sink into a river, or be carried by a river into the sea, or it may be made into a piece of glass, or mixed into a piece of concrete by a human being, or does destiny plan the fate of every piece of gravel?"


      Du Haiqing shook his head and spoke, "As I said earlier, destinies should be viewed from a macro perspective, never from a micro perspective."


      "When you use a microscopic perspective, you will feel that the grains are insignificant and worthless, while there are many grains in the world and it is impossible for destiny to plan a different fate for each of them."


      "But do you know how many stars, like the sun, there are in the universe?"


      Su Zhiyu looked bewildered.


      Du Haiqing said seriously, "Zhiyu, when you look at it with a microscopic view, you always feel that gravel is too small and worthless, but when you look at it with a macroscopic view, you will find that even though the entire Earth, in the entire universe, is just like gravel, even less than a gravel."


      Saying that, Du Haiqing continued, "Don't you young people like to talk about science? Then I can tell you that there are about two trillion galaxies in the observable range of the universe and the range of educated guesses, and listen carefully, it's two trillion!"


      "And in every galaxy, there are at least hundreds of billions, if not trillions more stars, and the sun is but one of the hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy, and in the entire galaxy, the sun is so ordinary that in the entire universe, the sun is worse than a piece of grit on Earth."


      "The stars in the universe that are like the sun add up to much more than the grit on Earth, but you think that there is too much grit, so a small piece of grit doesn't deserve to have a destiny, so let me ask you, a star that is a hundred times bigger than Earth is just a piece of cosmic grit in the universe, so does it deserve to have a destiny?"


      Du Haiqing's words caused Su Zhiyu to be struck by lightning, her entire body unable to say half a word.


      She had never comprehended the entire world from such a perspective, and just by trying to think about the entire macrocosm in her mind, she could immediately feel her own smallness and ignorance.


      If the sun was just grains of sand in the universe, then I am afraid that the earth would only be a speck of cosmic dust.


      If human beings were so small that they needed to live in the dust of the universe, then what were they?


      How much does the so-called science that mankind can glimpse into in this speck of cosmic dust represent everything on earth?

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2303

Seeing that Su Zhiyu had stopped speaking to refute, Du Haiqing sighed lightly and said in an extremely serious voice, "Zhiyu, you must know that all the stars in over two trillion galaxies have their own set of laws of operation, not to mention the lives of just a few billion people."


      Saying that, she folded her hands and said with devotion, "I used to go to the temple to burn incense and worship the Buddha, and both of you and your father thought I was a feudal superstition, but it has long been said in the Buddha's teachings that one sand one world!"


      "Even if it's just a piece of gravel, its interior is infinite!"


      "In comparison, a galaxy is just a grain of sand in the universe, but it contains another world of incomparable vastness."


      "The I Ching is the truth that tells people that everything in the universe, from the smallest dust to the largest stars, everything has its own laws, you can not understand, but you can not blaspheme, understand?"


      Su Zhiyu hurriedly nodded and whispered good-naturedly, "Mom, I understand, I'm sorry, I was really too shallow before, I don't know the I Ching Bagua or the Destiny of Destiny."


      Du Haiqing smiled slightly and said, "Everything in the world has laws, if you find its laws, you can see its past, present and future."


      "As if the ancients learned the laws behind the heavens and thus began to gradually master the ability to predict the weather .


      "It's as if astronomers today have the laws of the sun and moon, so they can accurately predict every solar and lunar eclipse going forward, even thousands and thousands of years ago;"


      "The essence of the I Ching is in summarizing the laws between the world and mankind."


      "Once this law is mastered, one is able to see the past, present and future of a thing or a person."


      "Since Master Lai advised you to stop looking for it, then you should be honest and obedient and not continue to look for it, you and your brother are my life, the last time something happened to you in Japan, I almost had a heart attack, so in the future, I cannot accept any more accidents happening to you."


      Su Zhiyu subconsciously asked, "Mom do you think Master Lai will miscalculate?"


      Saying that, she hurriedly explained, "I'm not doubting the I Ching gossip, I just think that this kind of thing is like doing math problems, the slightest error, the result will be a big deviation, as the saying goes, the slightest error, the difference is a thousand miles."


      Du Haiqing shook his head and said seriously, "The Earth is rotating around the sun, it takes a year to make a turn, but never any deviation, while the solar system is rotating around the center of the entire galaxy, it takes 2.5 billion years to make a turn, and still no deviation occurs, that's the rigor of the law!"


      "The laws of the I Ching are as precise as astronomy, and Master Lai is the most profound master and none other in the world today who has studied the eight trigrams of the I Ching, so there can be no mistakes!"


      "If he says you're a moth to a flame, then you need to stay as far away from the fire as you can! If you don't listen and insist on finding him, then I'll have your father send you out of the country right now!"


      Said Du Haiqing, "Harvard Business School starts in August anyway, and there's still half a year left, so if you don't listen, go over there early."


      "Don't, Mom!" Su Zhiyu hurriedly blurted out, "You now let me go to the United States alone, I go there school is not in session, dormitories can not live, life is unfamiliar, it is not convenient to do anything."


      Du Haiqing seriously: "Nothing inconvenient, your father has already bought a villa near Harvard University last year, you can live there after you go over, there are housekeepers and maids, there are life assistants, you will be very convenient to go there, it is not possible, I can also accompany you."


      Su Zhiyu heard this and quickly begged, "Mom, I don't want to go to America yet then I'll listen to you, can't I stop looking?"


      As she said this, Su Zhiyu was filled with resentment deep inside


      "In my heart, naturally, I'm ten thousand times more reluctant to give up looking for a savior."


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