His True Colors Chapter 771-773


His True Colors Chapter 771

For the second round of the grading competition, both Han Qianli and Jiang Yingying used a lot of energy in their training, not taking it lightly, because the gap between the Xuan and Yellow Character levels was really big, Han Qianli didn't want any accidents to happen in this grading competition.

        What he wanted wasn't to prove himself or let outsiders know how good he was, but to clear up the confusion in his heart as soon as possible, not wanting to waste a single bit of time.

        At the same time, Lin Tong and He Xiaoxiao were also plotting on how they could make Han Giangli die in an accident.

        Lin Tong didn't want her name as the proud son of heaven to be shaken because of Han Qianxiang, while He Xiaoxiang wanted to make Han Qianxiang pay the price for his disregard for her.

        Although the two weren't in the same boat right now, they had the same purpose, so they had been meeting very frequently lately.

        The next oldest had already learned about Lin Tong's desire to join the Third Hall, after all, Lin Tong had now made no attempt to hide her actions of going to the Third Hall.

        "Second Elder, if Lin Tong joins the Third Temple, it would be a very big loss for us, he would make the Third Temple even stronger, we can't lose Lin Tong." A middle-aged man said to the next old man, as the next old man's assistant, he had been closely following Lin Tong's developments recently, and Lin Tong's frequent contact with He Xiaoxiao made him very worried.

        After all, Lin Tong was a very talented person, his future achievements were unlimited, and he might even represent the future of the Four Gates, if such a person was allowed to join the Three Temples, this would undoubtedly fuel the Three Temples' anger.

        The next old man smiled slightly, the matter of whether or not Lin Tong joined the Third Hall was of no concern to him at all, because the nature of someone like Lin Tong simply couldn't enter the eyes of the next old man, the pursuit of false fame was the biggest taboo for a martial artist in the next old man's opinion.

        "Do you know why I didn't take Lin Tong as my disciple?" The next oldest said.

        "I don't know." The assistant shook his head, which was probably a mystery in the hearts of all the people of the apocalypse, because no matter which way one looked at it, Lin Tong was a thousand times better than Han Kuang, and Lin Tong had been in the apocalypse longer and had an advantage over Han Kuang, but the next oldest made a move that made many people foolish, abandoning the pride of the sky in front of him and choosing a worldly man as his apprentice.

        "Although Lin Tong has some strength, he won't be the strongest in the future, but more importantly, he has been unable to get rid of his vanity for so many years, and the title of pride of the heavens has caused him to lose himself, such a heart will never be the top strongest, nor can he afford the future of the four gates." The next oldest explained.

        The assistant shook his head, in his opinion, it was normal for young people to have vanity, and since Lin Tong had such strength, what was a bit of vanity, I'm afraid that this couldn't be controlled on anyone.

        "Next old man, is Han 3000 able to become the strongest? I heard about his grading competition, and he did show great strength, but it was only a yellow-letter grading competition, there's still a huge gap for the earth-letter Lin Tong, and with Lin Tong's talent, it's unlikely that Han Jiangiang will be able to catch up in his lifetime." The assistant said.

        The next oldest laughed and said, "That's because you don't know enough about Han Three Thousand, maybe right now he'll be able to fight Lin Tong back and forth, do you believe that?"

        "I don't believe it." The assistant gave an affirmative answer without even thinking about it, because experts in the apocalypse and mundane experts were not at all the same concept, even if Han Three Thousand had fought all over the world without a single opponent, he couldn't possibly be qualified to be called an expert in the apocalypse, and Lin Tong had grown up in the apocalypse since he was a child, his talent and martial deposits weren't comparable to Han Three Thousand's.

        "Since you don't believe me, then we can only watch, what I can tell you is that Han 3000 will be the first person in the last ten years to enter the Demon King's Grotto and come out alive." The next oldest said.

        The assistant looked horrified and couldn't believe it as he asked, "Elder Next, are you really going to let him participate in the promotion of the Heavenly Character?"

        "Do you think I was joking about what I said?" The next oldest old man faintly said.

        The assistant had indeed thought that the next old man was joking before, and he had even thought that the next old man was just using this method to increase the popularity of Han Giang's name in the apocalypse and make his apprentice known to everyone, but he hadn't expected that participating in the Heavenly Character promotion would be real!

        Isn't that like sending Han Gongqiang to his death?

        For a full ten years, there were no more new people promoted to the Heavenly Character level.

        And during these ten years, dozens of people had entered the Demon King's Cave and not a single one of them had been able to come back alive, while they were all top experts of the Earth Character class.

        In the aide's opinion, there wasn't even a one-hundredth of a chance for Han Qianli to make it.

        "Next old man, the promotion of the Heavenly Character class has not been completed by anyone for ten years, so how could Han 3000 be able to do it." The assistant said.

        The next old man sighed and looked somewhat helpless, saying, "It's because no one has been able to complete it, so in the past two years, the Demon King's Grotto has become a heartbreak for many Earth Character level experts, they have become so afraid of the Demon King's Grotto that no one is willing to challenge the Demon King's Grotto, the top power of the Heavenly Apocalypse is invariably weakening, if this continues, the Heavenly Apocalypse will fall sooner or later. "

        The assistant knew this, but this wasn't a situation that could be easily changed, much less broken by Han Saniang, the next oldest wanted to use Han Saniang to break those people's fear of the Devil's Cave, which was a good idea, but he definitely chose the wrong person.

        Han 3000, who had just joined the apocalypse, was like a baby conceived in infancy to his assistant, he was still growing and might be able to do it in the future, but definitely not now.

        "Next old man, are you gambling? Betting that Han Sangyan returned alive from the Demon King's Grotto as a newcomer as a way to irritate the others?" The assistant was confused.

        The next oldest nodded and said, "It's a bit unfair to Han 3,000, but I believe in him."

        The assistant shook his head and said, "Elder Next, I don't know where you have confidence in him, but it's a nearly impossible thing to do, and I don't even think he has the qualifications to be promoted to the Earth Level."

        The next oldest sighed a long sigh, since Da had brought Han Qianli to the apocalypse, it was all up to the gods, Han Qianli being able to promote was out of his control, and if he did make a joke out of it, the next oldest could only bear it.

        "I'm going back to my room to rest, you don't need to interfere with Lin Tong's decision to stay or go, let him choose for himself." The next oldest said.

        The assistant was very reluctant to see Lin Tong join the Third Hall, but the next oldest had said so, so there was nothing he could do about it.

        "Putting your hopes on Han Three Thousand but abandoning a true talent like Lin Tong, Next Old Man, I'm really worried that one day you'll regret your decision." The assistant said to himself.

        Other than the next oldest, everyone in the four gates were puzzled and even a little angry about this matter.

        The owners of the four gates met together to discuss what they could do to retain Lin Tong and make Lin Tong change his mind.

        "The next old man is really confused this time, Lin Tong has had frequent dealings with He Xiaoxiao in the last two days, is he even going to pretend not to know?"

        "Lin Tong is an expert cultivated by my four gates, how can we take advantage of the three temples, since the next oldest doesn't show up, we can only find a way to retain Lin Tong."

        "I've already sent someone to see that Han Qianqian, it's true that he has small strength, but there's still a big gap between him and Lin Tong, losing Lin Tong for Han Qianqian would be a very big loss for the Four Gates."

        "I've already informed Lin Tong that he'll be here soon, and we Four Great Gates will come together to save face."

        Not long after, Lin Tong came, due to his special status, he wouldn't be inferior even if he met the Four Great Gates, and the current Lin Tong was very dissatisfied with the Four Gates, as soon as He Qingfeng said a word, he would immediately abandon the Four Gates and thus fall into the embrace of the Three Temples, so he wouldn't even take the four people in front of him into consideration.

        "The Four Great Gates have gathered together, I wonder what they are looking for me, Ling Tong?" Lin Tong said indifferently, with a disdainful arrogance in her tone.

        "Lin Tong, we know that you've been interacting with He Xiaoxiao a lot lately, and we've guessed that you want to join the Third Hall, but you're an expert cultivated by my four gates, so we want to retain you, so you can make a condition."

His True Colors Chapter 772

Hearing this, Lintong's expression was cold and smiling, but he was still very satisfied inside, not expecting that the matter of him wanting to join the Three Temples would allow the Four Great Gates to jointly persuade him, which was a clear indication of how influential he was in the Four Gates.

        This kind of treatment was not something that an ordinary person could have.

        But even so, would Lintong change his mind?

        He wouldn't, because he would never coexist in the same four gates with someone like Han Giangli.

        "I won't coexist with a piece of trash in the same four gates, and if you want me to change my mind, it'll be unless the next oldest man drives him out of the apocalypse." Lintong said in a cold voice.

        Drive Han Three Thousand out of the Apocalypse!

        The master of the four gates turned pale, this matter of the next old man taking in a disciple was already well known in the apocalypse, how could he drive Han 3,000 out of the apocalypse, wouldn't doing so be a blow to the next old man's face, and the entire four gates would be laughed at by the three halls.

        "Lin Tong, you grew up in the Four Gates, it was the Four Gates that gave you today, do you really want to be a traitor?"

        "Yes, you have what you have now, and it's also carefully cultivated by the four gates."

        "Carefully cultivated?" Lintong looked at the four door masters with disdain and said indifferently, "This is my talent, even if I grew up in the Three Temples, my strength wouldn't be worse than now, what qualifications do you have to say such things?"

        "No matter how great a talent is, it still needs to be cultivated, is there a present day of your Lintong without my four gates?" The master of the Green Dragon Gate said with dissatisfaction, but Lin Tong was cultivated by gathering all the strength of the four gates, and the four gates had spared almost no effort in this matter, but now, Lin Tong was completely ignoring their efforts, thinking that he had today just because he was talented, which was pure nonsense.

        "Yes, if you guys think that acquired cultivation is more important, wouldn't it be fine to cultivate someone like me out again? Isn't Han Qianqian the perfect candidate, he's now the next oldest's own disciple." Lintong said with a smile.

        This statement made it impossible for the Four Great Gate Masters to refute, they weren't putting their hopes on Han Three Thousand.

        "Unless Han Three thousand withdraws from the apocalypse, otherwise this matter is non-negotiable." After saying this, Lintong left, his attitude displaying a very resolute attitude that left absolutely no room for discussion.

        The four great door masters looked dejected, how could the next oldest bring back Han 3,000 personally and drive Han 3,000 out of the apocalypse?

        "It looks like no one can stop this matter, what an advantage for that old man He Qingfeng to pick up, the talent that my four gates carefully cultivated is now a member of the three halls." The White Tiger Gate Master said with a face of resignation.

        The Green Dragon Gate Master let out a long sigh and said, "It's very likely that the Four Gates will be hit hard because of this matter, and if they are pressured by the Three Temples in the future and can't hold their heads up, the next old man could be a sinner."

        At this time, the Vermillion Bird Gate Master looked hesitant and said, "Could it be that Han Qianli can really bring a miracle?"

        When the other three heard this, they all laughed and shook their heads.


        Maybe there was, but it definitely couldn't have happened to Han Third Thousand.

        "Vermillion Bird, you're so whimsical, Han Qianxiang has only been here for less than a month, do you think it's possible for him to do it?"

        "A woman is a woman, always taking chances, anyone with a discerning eye can see that this matter is simply impossible."

        Although Vermillion Bird also felt that this was unlikely, she didn't think that the next oldest was really confused, since his old man was able to do this, there must be a reason for it.

        "So what if it's a woman, am I worse than you? Do you want a fight."

        When the other three heard Vermilion Bird's words, they showed a fearful look.

        She was a woman, but she was even more irritable than a man when it came to fighting.

        "I have something else to do, so I'll leave first."

        "I've got something too."

        "Wait for me, let's go together."

        The three of them quickly left, leaving Vermillion alone.

        "Kid, let me see what kind of person you really are." Vermillion Bird said to himself, and then he headed towards the Xuan level territory.

        Han Qianqiang was resting in the middle of a training break, and when he saw a middle-aged woman full of charm walking up to him, he couldn't help but feel his heartbeat quicken, a feeling he'd never even experienced in front of a beautiful woman like Chi Yi Yun.

        The woman's looks would not be stunning, and her body, although very good, was not yet in a state that would make a person obsessed with her at a glance, but the feminine charm of her body, but it made a man feel like he could not help himself.

        Raising her hands and feet exuded an extremely strong femininity, enchanting and voluptuous.

        Han Qianli unconsciously stood up.

        "My name is Vermillion Bird." Vermillion Bird walked up to Han 3,000 and said directly.

        Vermilion Bird?

        Is it the Master of the Four Gates?

        "Are you the Master of the Vermillion Bird Gate?" Han Giang questioned.

        Vermillion Bird nodded and took another step closer to Han Three Thousand, carefully examining it.

        A fresh fragrance came over the nose, causing Han Qianli to unconsciously take a deep breath, this natural scent could smell much better than perfume.

        "Do you have any idea how much change has occurred in the Four Gates because of your appearance?" After Vermilion Bird looked Han Marchant up and down, he found that his merits seemed to be just a bit more handsome, but nothing else.

        "A change of heart?" Han Giangli looked at Vermillion Bird in puzzlement and asked, "What's the change of heart."

        "Lin Tong is a proud son of the heavens carefully cultivated by my four gates, but because of your appearance, he's now joining the three halls, do you think you're qualified to be compared to Lin Tong?" Vermilion Bird said bluntly, she never spoke straightforwardly, never concealing her emotions or considering the other party's feelings.

        The discord between the four gates and the three temples Han Giang had already heard Fang Zhan mention that by joining the three temples, Lin Tong was the equivalent of betraying the four gates.

        "I didn't expect Lin Tong to be so afraid of me, but besides trying to kill me, she's now betraying the Four Gates." Han Giangli smiled.

        "Lintong wants to kill you?" Vermillion Bird was puzzled, she had never heard of this before and Lin Tong really wanted to do this, how could Han 3000 still be alive?

        Could it be that his current strength was now comparable to that of Lintong?

        How is this possible!

        "Twice, but unfortunately he didn't make it," Han Giangli said.

        "Personally?" Vermillion Bird was shocked, if Han Marchant could really block Lin Tong twice, then she would be really impressed with Han Marchant.

        "No." Han Third Thousand shook his head.

        Vermillion Bird smiled faintly, she thought that Han Three Thousand could occasionally block Lin Tong twice, but it turned out that Lin Tong hadn't made a move at all, probably just found some kind of minion character to test Han Three Thousand.

        But Han Three Thousand's next words left Vermilion Bird completely stunned.

        "The second time was when Fang Zhan made his move, you should know Fang Zhan as a person," Han Three Thousand said.

        "What!" Zhu Que heard the word Fang Zhan and instantly became nonchalant.

        She was unaware of what was happening in the mundane world, but she knew that this time when the Second Elder returned to the apocalypse, in addition to bringing with him Han Qianqian and Jiang Ying Ying, Fang Zhan, who was once a top ten expert, had also returned.

        Vermillion Bird knew in her heart how strong Fang Zhan's strength was, and Lin Tong personally couldn't have been as effective as Fang Zhan.

        And Han 3000, surprisingly, was able to survive Fang Zhan's hand!

        "Vermillion Bird, it's been a long time." At this moment, Fang Zhan's voice came from behind him.

        Vermilion Bird turned his head abruptly, that familiar face, although much older, Vermilion Bird had not forgotten.

        "Fang Zhan, he really managed to survive in your hands?" Vermillion Bird couldn't wait to ask.

        Fang Zhan smiled indifferently, walked up to Vermillion Bird and said, "After such a long time, shouldn't we catch up?"

        The anxious Vermillion Bird grabbed Fang Zhan's collar and asked, "Hurry up and tell me the answer, don't be dilly-dallying."

        Fang Zhan revealed a helpless expression, he didn't expect that after so many years, Vermillion Bird's personality was still so irritable, but she was nearly forty years old, and she was still so impulsive.

        "Can't a person in her forties be more relaxed?" Fang Zhan said.

        Vermillion Bird was stunned, then completely exploded, but she hated it when people mentioned the matter of age in front of her, especially her age.

        Next, Han Giangli saw a scene that startled him, the two of them were fighting and Vermillion Bird was ruthless in every way, not showing any mercy at all.

        "What is this." Han 3,000 smiled helplessly, but this Vermillion Bird didn't really look like he was forty years old, only in his early thirties at most.

His True Colors Chapter 773

"Vermilion Bird, can we have a word, why are you getting physical."

        "Say it, I'll rip your mouth off and see how you talk." The Vermillion Bird roared furiously.

        Fang Zhan had bitterness in his heart, how could he have known that this matter of age would cause such strong emotional turmoil in Vermillion Bird, had he known that, he would have kept his own mouth shut.

        "Don't you want to know Han Qianli's strength, I'll tell you if you stop first." Fang Zhan said.

        "I don't want to know anything right now, I just want to rip your mouth off." Vermilion Bird didn't give it a chance at all, apparently the topic of age had already touched Vermilion Bird's forbidden zone.

        "This Fang Zhan really deserves it, doesn't he know that a woman's age is a secret, and if he casually says it, of course he will be beaten." Jiang Ying Ying stood beside Han Qianqian to watch the fun, and she didn't forget to take a stab at it.

        Han 3,000 quietly took this to heart, and in the future, when she had an idea of what to say, she could never mention such topics.

        "Fang Zhan has been living in seclusion in the deep woods for years, I'm afraid he's long forgotten how he should get along with women." Han Marchian said.

        Jiang Ying Ying trailed off, deep forest seclusion could not be used as an excuse, it was the most fundamental taboo in dealing with a woman, especially one who was a little older.

        At this time, it was clear that Fang Zhan was on the verge of not being able to withstand the pressure that Vermillion Bird was putting on him, after all, he had been in seclusion for many years, and although he had recently been trying to recover his strength, it was still unlikely that he would be able to get back to the top, the way of martial arts was to swim against the current, and if you didn't advance, you would fall back, this was something that no one could change.

        "He forced me to use the palm sword." Fang Zhan suddenly said.

        Vermillion Bird stopped in an instant and turned abruptly to look at Han Qianli.

        Palm Heart Sword!

        If Fang Zhan's palm sword was not used, it would take a life to use it, and the fact that Han Qianqian was still alive meant that Fang Zhan had not even been able to kill him with his palm sword, which shook Vermilion Bird to the core.

        This young man, did he possess such great strength?

        Vermilion Bird looked at Fang Zhan with cold eyes and said, "I'll find you later to settle this matter."

        After saying that, Vermilion Bird moved his figure at an extremely fast speed, but in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Han Qianqian.

        "You can block his palm sword?" Vermillion Bird's chest was clearly rising and falling a little.

        For a man, such a sight was gripping, and it was good that Han Giang was a special case, as his eyes weren't even facing downward at all.

        "No." Han Qianli said truthfully, if it wasn't for the timely appearance of the Second Old Man that day, he would have died under Fang Zhan's palm sword.

        Vermillion Bird frowned as Han Qianli continued to explain, "While Fang Zhan made use of the palm sword, the next old man stepped in to stop him, and that's how I was able to save my life."

        Vermillion Bird suddenly surrounded Han Three Thousand Year, looking up and down, as if it wanted to see what was so special about Han Three Thousand Year.

        Han 3,000 was unable to block Fang Zhan's palm sword, but the fact that he was able to force Fang Zhan to use his palm sword was enough to show that Han 3,000's strength was not bad.

        But this guy, no matter how you look at it, he's not that powerful.

        "Kid, tell me honestly, what's so special about you." Vermillion Bird stopped in front of Han 3000 and leaned very close to Han 3000, oppressing Han 3000 with a powerful aura.

        With the tips of their noses almost touching, Han Three Thousand could even feel Vermillion Bird's breathing, and the fragrance became even more clear to the nose, enticing in the extreme.

        Han 3000 couldn't help but ask, "May I ask what perfume you're using?"

        Vermilion Bird's eyes flashed coldly and said, "Are you teasing me?"

        Han 3000 quickly shook his head, where would he dare to flirt in the face of such an irritable woman, and Fang Zhan had just said that Vermillion Bird was already a woman of almost forty, Han 3000 didn't have such a fetish.

        "No, I just wanted to send my wife a bottle of the same." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Don't change the subject, tell me why exactly you're so powerful, Fang Zhan is a former top ten expert, how could you force him to use the palm sword!" Vermillion Bird coldly said.

        People in the apocalypse never put mundane experts in their eyes, this was not prejudice, but the fact that the strength of mundane experts was indeed worthless when placed in the apocalypse, this was not an isolated case, but everyone was like that.

        However, Han 3000 was an exception, he was able to force Fang Zhan to use his palm sword without joining the apocalypse, such strength was simply impossible in Vermillion Bird's opinion.

        Han 3000's strength came from his skull, but this was a secret he had never told anyone, not before, not now, and not even more so in the future.

        "Probably, it's because I'm extremely talented, even more so than Lintong?" Han Giangli said.

        Vermillion Bird visibly gritted his teeth, was this really just something that talent could do? But other than this explanation, there seemed to be no other way to make sense of the situation.

        "Kid, remember, the Four Gates lost Lin Tong, the pride of heaven, because of you, I'll give you one piece of advice, if you can't replace Lin Tong's position, I'll never let you go." Vermillion Bird threatened.

        "You need to calm down first, women get angry easily and get wrinkles, it's more than you can handle." Han Giangli said.

        Vermillion Bird's expression instantly relaxed after hearing this.

        Wrinkles, this was a woman's natural enemy!

        "I'll be there to see you at the next grading match, I hope you don't disappoint me in your performance." After saying that, Vermillion Bird turned around and left.

        Fang Zhan didn't dare to breathe at the side for fear of causing Vermillion Bird's idea.

        But Vermillion Bird didn't go far out, and then suddenly stopped and turned to look at Fang Zhan.

        Fang Zhan's heart was tight, offending this woman was something that should never have happened.

        "Fang Zhan, our two accounts will be settled next time."

        Fang Zhan cried and laughed, what evil had befallen him to offend this woman, Vermilion Bird.

        After the Vermillion Bird left, it went straight back to the Vermillion Bird Gate.

        Among the four gates, the Vermilion Bird Gate was the smallest in numbers, as women had a great disadvantage in the martial dao, which became the key to the small number of Vermilion Bird Gate, it was extremely difficult for a woman to enter the apocalypse and reach the earth level.

        However, the Vermilion Bird Gate was definitely an extraordinary existence among the four gates, even including the Three Temples, because women had a very fatal point for men, which was magnetic attraction, and the women of the Vermilion Bird Gate were all top-notch beauties, which caused many people to give preferential treatment to the Vermilion Bird Gate.

        "Gate Master, what's happening, is Lin Tong really going to betray the four gates?"

        "This Lin Tong, what a thing, the four gates have been cultivating for many years and he doesn't even miss the old feelings at all."

        "Actually, this matter can't be blamed on Lin Tong, he's the pride of the apocalypse, yet he didn't get the treatment of the pride of heaven, the limelight was all stolen by a trash, this wouldn't have convinced anyone else ah."

        Several handsome looking disciples voiced their opinions, in their hearts, the two of them, Han Qianli and Lin Tong, it was clear that the latter had the more hearts, after all, Lin Tong had been in the Heavenly Apocalypse for many years, and his excellence was visible to everyone.

        Han Three Thousand, however, was a nobody, who had just joined the apocalypse and wanted to take away Lin Tong's limelight, how could this convince Lin Tong?

        "You guys think that there is no comparison between Han Three Thousand and Lintong?" Vermillion asked.

        "It's not just us who think that, I think everyone in the Apocalypse would think that."

        "Gate Master, after all, Lin Tong has been in the Apocalypse for so many years, how could an outsider possibly compare."

        Vermillion Bird nodded at the words, before she saw Han Giang, she herself thought the same, but after meeting Han Giang, she had to change her mind about him, a character with the ability to force out Fang Zhan's palm sword, could it be said that he didn't have strength?

        "Would you believe me if I told you that Han 3,000 is most likely more powerful than Lintong?" Vermilion Bird continued to ask.

        More powerful than Lintong?

        Several people couldn't help but cover their mouths in light laughter when they heard this.

        "Gate Master, how is that possible, he's a mundane middleman who just joined the apocalypse, how can he compare to Lin Tong."

        "Mundane masters to the Apocalypse can only be considered as martial arts masters who have just started, Gate Master, why would you suddenly say that."

        "Gate Master, you're not confused by anger, are you."

        Seeing the reactions of a few people, Vermillion Bird shook her head, she had planned to tell the other three about this, but now it seemed unnecessary as no one would believe her at all.


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