His True Colors Chapter 774-776


His True Colors Chapter 774

In order to convince people of Han Marchant's strength, no matter what anyone said, it was useless, the only way to do it was for him to prove it to everyone.

        But Vermilion Bird, who originally had no hope in this matter, now had a little bit of expectation.

        Now that everyone in the apocalypse was not looking forward to him, even waiting to see his jokes, the people over at the Three Temples even felt that the next oldest was extremely foolish for doing this, and couldn't wait to see the next oldest get slapped in the face.

        If Han Qianqian could really prove himself, he would not only be able to win for himself, but he would also be able to give the Four Gates a long face.

        And in this case, whether or not Lin Tong went to the Third Hall was even more irrelevant, because Han Three Thousand wasn't just likely to replace Lin Tong, it was even stronger than Lin Tong!

        "Gatekeeper, what's wrong with you?"

        "Why don't we go persuade Lintong."

        Seeing Vermillion Bird's silence, several disciples looked worried.

        Vermillion Bird shook his head and said, "I'm fine, as for how Lin Tong wants to choose, it's his own matter, Vermillion Bird Gate doesn't need to interfere."

        Several people sighed in their hearts, it looked like the four gates would have to be all destroyed by that guy called Han Qianqian, it really wasn't worth it, the four gates had been on equal footing with the three temples for many years, if the four gates were made inferior because of him, it would crumble the hearts of the four gates.

        At the Xuan Character Territory, when night fell, Han Giang and Jiang Ying Ying finished their training, ate dinner, and went back to their rooms to rest after washing up for a while.

        When they were at the Yellow Character level, Han Three Thousand feared that those who had ill intentions would do harm to Jiang Ying Ying, so they slept in the same room, but when they came to the Xuan Character level, they were separated because Jiang Ying Ying's performance in the grading competition had made many people dispel their dirty thoughts about her, and since Jiang Ying Ying was after all a yellow-flowered girl, it wasn't good for Han Three Thousand to sleep under the same roof with her.

        Returning to his room, Han 3000 pulled out his phone and silently looked at the pictures of Su Yingxia and Han Nian on his phone, this was something he had to do every night, only by seeing these two would he have a stronger motivation to do what he was doing right now.

        "Honey, I miss you." Han Qianli whispered to himself.

        At the same time, Cloud City hillside villa, Su Yingxia, who was holding Han Nian, was also holding a cell phone, re-recording the previous photos with Han Qianli, Su Yingxia's way of easing his thoughts was the same as Han Qianli's, only through photos.

        Although a phone call to contact is a very simple thing, but Su Yingxia is afraid of disturbing Han Qianqian, several times turned up the phone number also did not have the courage to dial.

        "Nian'er, this is your dad, take a good look at him, but you have to remember his face, and you must learn to call him when he comes back later." Su Yingxia said holding the phone in front of Han Nian.

        Late at night, deep sleep Han Giang's body suddenly shook and looked painful, soon he was struggling in pain on the bed.

        With his hands on his head, Han 3,000 felt like his head was about to explode, not only did it hurt terribly, but it felt like something had forced its way into his brain.

        Within a short while, Han 3000 was already drenched in cold sweat and even his bed sheets were wet, this was the worst headache he had ever had, almost making him feel like he was approaching the brink of death.

        The entire headache lasted for a very long time, and at one point Han Giang was on the verge of collapse, forcibly hammering himself in the head, hoping to make the pain stop.

        But this pain from the inside out wouldn't be disturbed by the outside world, and it wasn't until Han Three Thousand was completely unconscious that he lay on the ground without moving.

        And at that moment, there was a distinctly faint red glow on his head.

        The next morning, Jiang Ying Ying was waiting outside Han Three Thousand's door very early in the morning to train together.

        But time passed little by little, but Han Third Thousand was late in going out, which made Jiang Ying Ying feel very strange.

        Regarding this matter of training, Han 3,000 had never been lazy, and he was even less of a person who would sleep lazily, so what was going on today?

        "Brother 3000." Jiang Yingying couldn't help but knock on the door and shout.

        The door didn't make any noise, and Jiang Yingying found it even more strange, he was very vigilant in his sleep and would wake up at the slightest stirring of the wind, so how could he not hear the knocking?

        "Has Brother 3000 already gone to the training grounds?" Kang Ying Ying wondered but thought it was unlikely because every day the two of them were together, so there was no way Han Qian Yang could have left her alone.

        Kang Yingying, who couldn't help but be curious, finally pushed open the door.

        The moment the door opened, Ying Ying Kang found Han Sangsan curled up on the floor, which shocked her.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what's wrong with you." Kang Ying Ying squatted down beside Han Three Thousand on the runway and found that his body was still shaking slightly and was cold.

        After all, Jiang Ying Ying was a girl, and when she encountered this situation, she was instantly scared and cried.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what's wrong with you, how did this happen." Jiang Ying Ying easily carried Han three thousand back to the bed and kept shouting.

        Han Three Thousand Year didn't move at all, which further caused Jiang Ying Ying's mind to near collapse.

        At this time, Fang Zhan also came to look for Han 3,000, as Han 3,000 was late in showing up, he thought Han 3,000 was lazy.

        At the door of the room, hearing the cries of Jiang Yingying, Fang Zhan ran into the room in three steps.

        "Ying Ying, what's wrong?" Fang Zhan asked nervously.

        Jiang Ying Ying shook her head and cried, "I don't know what's going on, I found Brother 3000 lying on the floor when I entered the room, it must have been a sneak attack, it was Lin Tong, definitely Lin Tong."

        Fang Zhan gritted his teeth and said, "Let me take a look first."

        Fang Zhan carefully examined Han Three Thousand's body, there were no signs of trauma, but it was clear that he had endured great pain, so much so that even though he had passed out, his body was still trembling.

        "You turn around first, I'll see if he has any injuries elsewhere." Fang Zhan said.

        Jiang Ying Ying stubbornly shook her head, even though men and women were different, she also wanted to know what was going on with Han Qianli.

        When Fang Zhan saw this, he could only helplessly say, "You come help him take off his clothes."

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded and without saying a word, she went straight to work and took off her clothes for Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand's muscles weren't exaggerated, but the lines were definitely the most aesthetically pleasing, causing Jiang Ying Ying to look a little lost in her eyes, this was the kind of body a man should have.

        "What is this?" When Fang Zhan saw a rope hanging from Han Qianqian's chest, he was puzzled and asked, this red rope didn't look like anything special, and it wasn't dangling, it was just a simple rope.

        Jiang Ying Ying shook her head, how could she know what such an intimate object was with her relationship with Han Three Thousand, but there was only a rope and no amulet or anything within the jade pendant, it was indeed a bit strange.

        "It's probably something of Sister Ying Xia's, only something of Sister Ying Xia's would be worthy of such importance for Brother 3000 to carry with him at all times." Jiang Ying Ying said, this was the only way to explain the value of the red rope.

        Fang Zhan nodded, not bothering with the meaning of the red rope, because he knew how much Han 3000 felt for Su Yingxia, even if it was just a poke of Su Yingxia's hair, it was worth Han 3000's treasure.

        "There's no trauma and no signs of assault, what's going on." After examining Han Three Thousand's body once, Fang Zhan didn't find any injuries, which made him feel very confused.

        Since there were no injuries, what about the painful manifestations his body was showing?

        "Could it be the head?" Jiang Yingying said carefully, she didn't dare to think towards this aspect because the consequences of a serious injury to the head would be very serious.

        Fang Zhan took a deep breath, if it was really like what Jiang Yingying said, it would be disastrous, after all, the face of the four gates was now on Han Qianqian.

        Just as Fang Zhan stretched out his hand to check if there was any injury to Han Qianli's brain, Han Qianli suddenly opened his eyes.

        "Brother Three Thousand." Jiang Ying Ying shouted eagerly.

        "You guys, what's wrong?" Han 3000's eyes were confused as he asked.

        Seeing that Han 3,000 still recognized him, Jiang Ying Ying cried with joy and said, "Brother 3,000, how are you doing, who attacked you."

        Sneak attack?

        Han Giangli recalled the events of last night, his headache flared so violently that he had no idea what had happened afterwards, and it looked like he had been unconscious for too long, which had led to the misunderstanding caused by Jiang Ying Ying and Fang Zhan coming to his room.

His True Colors Chapter 775

Han three thousand himself knew very well what last night was about, not being attacked by someone, but the pain from his skull had made him unconscious until now.

        At the thought of the skull, Han Three Thousand realized that he was actually naked and subconsciously nursed his hand towards his chest.

        "What are you doing, you're not a woman, can't you see the light?" Seeing Han Qianli's actions, Fang Zhan smiled and said.

        Han Three Thousand's face didn't change, but inside, he was already horrified.

        The skull, surprisingly, was gone!

        With a glance at Fang Zhan and then Jiang Yingying, only the two of them had entered their room and the skull disappeared, did they take it?

        "Brother Three Thousand, you should get dressed and think about what really happened last night." Jiang Ying Ying turned around and said.

        "I want to take a break, you guys go out first, I'm not training today." Han Giangli said.

        Fang Zhan was about to stop talking, the second round of the grading competition was about to start, Han Three Thousand must intensify her training to do so, or else she would most likely fail the promotion.

        But looking at Han Three Thousand's current state, it was indeed not quite suitable for training, so he could only say, "Alright, rest well, and after you're rested, train quickly."

        Immediately, Fang Zhan turned to Jiang Yingying and said, "Your training cannot be delayed, after all, your own strength is inferior to Han Qianli's."

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded and said, "Brother Three Thousand, rest well, and look for me if you need anything."

        After the two of them left the room, Han Three Thousand looked at the bare red rope and thought about who had taken the skull.

        But Fang Zhan and Jiang Yingying, the two of them, shouldn't have done that, but other than them, had anyone else come into the room while he was unconscious?

        At this time in the Heavenly Character Domain, the assistant came to the next old man's room early in the morning, and the two of them had very serious expressions, one could even say that they were somewhat heavy.

        "Next Old Man, you know about the movements of the Forbidden Realm last night." The assistant said to the next old man.

        The next old man nodded, not only did he know, I'm afraid that all the Heavenly Characters could feel it.

        The Apocalypse Forbidden Ground, where the greatest secret of the Apocalypse was hidden, was also a great danger, the reason why the Apocalypse was established for three hundred years was because of the Forbidden Ground.

        "I had thought that they would make a comeback sooner or later, but I never thought that it would be at this time." The next oldest said.

        When the assistant heard this, his face turned pale as paper and said, "Next Elder, do you mean that they're coming back?"

        The next old man smiled helplessly and said, "After so many years without any movement in the forbidden area, isn't last night's change a sign of their reappearance?"

        After saying that, the next old man stood up and spoke again after a long silence, "Looks like it's time for me to go there."

        The assistant panicked at these words, subconsciously stood up and walked to the next old man and said, "Next old man, you are now the master of the four gates, how can you casually make such a major decision, but that place has never been back, no one has ever come back."

        "No one has ever come back, do you have to be afraid and run away? This matter will happen sooner or later, rather than waiting for them to show up, I'd rather let me go in and see what's going on, and maybe even find a solution." The next oldest said.

        The assistant shook his head, and I could tell that he was very much against the next old man's decision, and said, "But the Four Gates still need your support to do that now."

        "No, the Four Gates already have Han 3000, and as long as he's here, I believe the Four Gates won't be destroyed." The next old man said calmly.

        The assistant gritted his teeth, it was Han Qianqian again, how and how qualified was this young man to hold up such an important responsibility.

        "Next Elder, I'll say something you don't like to hear, in my eyes, trash like Han Qianqian isn't even qualified to hold your position, I don't know why you would put your hopes on him, but I'm certain that you will destroy the Four Gates by making such a decision." The assistant didn't dare to say such words before, but now he couldn't care less because this decision of the next old man would shake up the entire Four Gates, and he made sure to make the next old man come to his senses.

        The next old man frowned slightly and said, "Han 3000's abilities are beyond your imagination, I know that all the people of the Apocalypse now look down on him, but he has the ability to impress you."

        "Next Elder, is this young man really worthy of your trust?" The assistant said resignedly.

        "It's worth it." The next oldest responded without hesitation, if it wasn't worth it, he wouldn't bring Han 3,000 back to the apocalypse, let alone pin his hopes on Han 3,000.

        The assistant sighed, he knew Next Old's temper, once he got stubborn, even ten oxen couldn't pull him back.

        "Next Old Man, I can't change your decision, but can you wait until Han Three Thousand Year is truly promoted to the Heavenly Level before deciding whether or not to go to the Forbidden Zone." The assistant said.

        "Don't worry, I'll definitely wait until he's promoted, but right now, we need to go to the Three Temples and see how He Qingfeng feels about this." Next Old Man said.

        The Three Temples Domain.

        He Qingfeng hadn't slept all night, his face slightly tired, he also couldn't sleep last night because of the movement in the Forbidden Realm, this matter concerned the survival of the Apocalypse and even the entire world.

        "Dad, what's wrong with you, you're so serious early in the morning, it can't be your little cutie that's pissing you off." When He Xiaoxiao saw He Qingfeng's serious expression after he got up, he walked up to He Qingfeng with a playful face and took his arm and pampered him.

        He Qingfeng's indulgence towards He Xiaoxiao was almost to the point of being outrageous, he never had the authority of a father in front of He Xiaoxiao, but today, even when he saw He Xiaoxiao, he still had an unsmiling expression.

        Because of what was going on in his heart, he had completely lost the mood to think about other things.

        "Xiaoxiao, you go play, Dad has something very important." He Qingfeng said.

        He Xiaoxiao's expression immediately showed his discontent, because usually no matter how serious He Qingfeng was, he would definitely have a smile on his face after seeing her.

        "Dad, what's wrong with you today, early in the morning, what's wrong with you." He Xiaoxiao said.

        At that moment, a Third Temple Disciple walked up to He Qingfeng and said, "Temple Master, the next old man is here."

        "Next old man, what is this old thing doing in my Third Temple." He Qingfeng said unhappily, although the four gates and three palaces belonged to the same apocalypse, they rarely walked around each other, and the disciples were also displeased with each other, so the next old man personally came to the three palaces, which put He Qingfeng in a very unhappy mood, after all, he was Han Qianqian's disciple, and when he thought of Han Qianqian, He Qingfeng was very angry inside.

        Since childhood, no man had ever dared to treat He Xiaoxiao with such a high and cold attitude, Han Qianqian was the first, and was also hated by He Xiaoxiao for it.

His True Colors Chapter 776

"Unrestrained, don't talk nonsense and hurry back to your room." He Qingfeng scolded when he heard He Xiaoxiao's words.

        In the past, He Qingfeng didn't blame He Xiaoxiao too much for his cold-eyed mockery of the next old man, but today, when He Qingfeng knew what the next old man had come for, this wouldn't allow He Xiaoxiao to go unbridled.

        Regardless of how much He Qingfeng had discontented with Old Yi in the past, the four gates and three halls must now work together.

        For the first time, He Xiaoxiao felt Qingfeng He's harshness, which scared her too much to speak, this princess was capricious but not ignorant, she knew that something must have happened with her father's sudden change in attitude.

        And the presence of the next oldest in the Third Hall was a strange thing in itself.

        "You must give me an explanation afterwards, or else I won't forgive you." He Xiaoxiao said with moist eyes.

        He Qingfeng wasn't in the mood to comfort her and immediately moved to the door to greet the next oldest.

        "Next Old Man, what brings your old man here." He Qingfeng said with a polite gesture as soon as he saw the next old man.

        "The four gates and three halls are originally one, so it's nothing strange for me to come." The next old man said with a smile.

        "Of course, this is of course, sit inside." He Qingfeng said.

        "No need, the reason I've come to find you must be clear to you, I'm not in the mood to sit and talk right now." The next old man said.

        He Qingfeng took a deep breath and said with an extremely serious expression, "It seems that Old Man Next has also felt the movement of the forbidden area, I wonder what Old Man Next is thinking?"

        "The Forbidden Zone has not changed in many years, and the movement last night must be the other side stirring up to wage war on us again, but other than that, I can't think of any other possibility." Next Old Man said.

        Qingfeng He couldn't help but tremble, although he thought the same, he had kept some fluke in his heart, and now, even the next oldest thought so, so it seemed to be true.

        "Let's go, let's go to the Forbidden Zone and see what's going on." He Qingfeng suggested.

        "En." The next oldest nodded his head.

        The Forbidden Place of the Apocalypse, this was a place where no one had the right to come casually, except for the masters of the four gates and three halls, anyone appearing at will would be killed, this was the first rule of the Apocalypse, and no one dared to break it, because behind this rule, the blood of countless curious people was invaded.

        Even for an arrogant princess like He Xiaoxiao, He Qingfeng had given her a death warrant. So much so that although He Qishao was very curious as to what was hidden in the forbidden area, he never dared to come to investigate.

        Since it was a forbidden area, there would naturally be a guardian, and this guardian's strength was at the pinnacle level, among the top ten experts, in terms of the apocalypse.

        "Second Elder, He Lao." The mountain keeper saw the two and stepped forward to respectfully shout.

        "What happened last night?" He Qingfeng couldn't wait to ask.

        "I didn't enter the forbidden area without orders from you two, but I felt a very strong energy fluctuation last night." The mountain guard said.

        In front of everyone was a pitch-black cave that was unfathomable, and after the next oldest and He Qingfeng exchanged glances, they walked towards the cave.

        The cave showed a downhill shape, meaning that it extended straight to the earth's core, and it took a few people a full ten minutes of walking before the pitch-black cave had a faint glimmer of light, coming from the very bottom of the cave.

        He Qingfeng's heartbeat accelerated, although he had known the secrets of this place for many years, and had visited this place more than once, but every time he came, He Qingfeng still couldn't hold back his nervousness.

        The Lord of the Three Temples, how powerful was he, and yet there was something he was afraid of?

        "Next old man, can you feel the difference?" Qingfeng He said to the next oldest.

        The next oldest nodded and said, "The energy fluctuations are clearly much stronger than before, and it looks like they can't be trapped here for much longer."

        As they spoke, the two finally arrived at their true destination.

        In the deepest part of the cave, within a dazzling circle of light was endless darkness, like a black hole capable of devouring everything, with fog that was visible to the naked eye surging wildly, as if it was trying to break through the cage.

        Seeing this, He Qingfeng's face changed dramatically and said, "I remember last time, the fluctuation wasn't even this obvious, this should have been dozens of times stronger, why is this happening, why is there suddenly such a drastic change?"

        Sensing He Qingfeng's fear, the next old man wasn't as calm as usual and said, "It looks like the time has come, I'm afraid the secrets of the apocalypse will not be able to be kept."

        The secret of the apocalypse that Han Qianli had always wanted to explore was here, the apocalypse was established three hundred years ago, also because of this black hole, on the other side of the black hole, there was another world, what that world was like, no one knew, but the creatures of that world were so powerful that they had almost caused the entire Earth to suffer a death calamity, if not for the countless experts who had used their fall to curb the attacks of the creatures of the second world, the Earth would have ceased to exist long ago.

        He Qingfeng's expression was trembling as he drew a breath of cold air and said, "Next old man, with the current strength of the apocalypse, it's impossible to deal with them, is it, is the world really going to end?"

        As the Master of the Three Temples, Qingfeng He knew the history of the Apocalypse very well.

        In the past, the reason why Apocalypse had been able to block the attacks of the Second World was because Apocalypse was so powerful that there were thousands of peak Heavenly Character experts, but today, there were only dozens of Heavenly Character experts, and with such power, it was impossible to block the Second World.

        This was a very desperate thing for He Qingfeng.

        The next old man nodded his head, the current apocalypse was like a comparison between an adult strong man and an infant in swaddling clothes compared to the past, it was not on the same level at all, with the current strength of the apocalypse, how could it compete with the second world?

        "I want to find out for myself." The next old man suddenly said.

        He Qingfeng was bewildered and looked at the next oldest old man.

        To find out for myself!

        It wasn't that the Heavenly Apocalypse hadn't sent experts in to explore the secrets of the Second World, but so far, no one had been able to come back alive at all, it was like a demonic mouth, going in was the end of being devoured by a demon.

        "After I'm sure that Han Qianqiang can be promoted to the Heavenly Character level, I'll contribute my last moments of life to the apocalypse, I won't live much longer anyway, it's better to die in the Second World than in the apocalypse." The Second Elder said.

        Han Three Thousand's promotion to the Heavenly Character Rank?

        Although He Qingfeng was in a heavy mood right now, hearing this sentence still felt like a joke.

        Wasn't it ridiculous for someone who had just entered the apocalypse to vainly attempt to advance to the Heavenly Level?


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