His True Colors Chapter 777-778


His True Colors Chapter 777

"Next old man, why do you think so highly of this young man?" He Qingfeng was puzzled, this was a question he had always been curious about, he hadn't had the chance to ask before, but now he wanted to help himself out, after all, Han 3000 was just a mere worldly man, why would the next oldest place such importance on it?

        "The Four Gates need someone who is capable of taking my position, and Lintong has the ability, but unfortunately his heart is not suited for it, but Han 3000 is able to meet my requirements." The next oldest said.

        He Qingfeng shook his head at the news and said, "Although his heart is capable of satisfying you, in terms of strength, he is just a trash, in a place like the Tianqi where strength is paramount, how could he possibly convince the public."

        Heavenly Apocalypse, this was a place that spoke in terms of strength, and the only way to be able to prove oneself was strength, in He Qingfeng's opinion, Han 3000 was not up to that, perhaps given another ten years, it was possible for him to do it, but right now, it was absolutely impossible.


        This was the prejudice that all the people of the apocalypse had against Han 3000, because these people had always looked down on mundane experts, that's why they thought that no matter how powerful they were in the world, after coming to the apocalypse, they had to take time to settle down before they could become a true expert.

        But Han Qianli was different, Han Qianli had joined the apocalypse for a short period of time, it wasn't that he wasn't strong enough, it was just that the apocalypse hadn't paid attention to this person at all.

        "What would you think if I told you again that the one who might be able to save Apocalypse is Han Qianqian?" Next Elder said.

        Save the Apocalypse?

        With Han Gong-gon?

        The corners of He Qingfeng's mouth unconsciously turned upward, revealing a sneering expression.

        This was no longer a joke, this was simply an incredible conjecture.

        Having once blocked the Second World's attack, that had consumed the lives of thousands of peak Heavenly Character experts, but now the Next Old Man was saying that Han Qianqian was able to do it alone, which was truly amusing.

        "Next Old Man, although I wish for someone like that to exist, I can't agree with you to say that he's Han Three Thousand." He Qingfeng shook his head and said.

        Next Elder smiled faintly, he didn't give any examples to prove this matter because it was just his feelings, but Next Elder very much believed in his own feelings.

        From the very first moment he saw Han Qianqian, he felt that Han Qianqian was extraordinary, and even the first thought in his mind was associated with the Second World, which was perhaps an underworld predestination that couldn't be explained, but was believed incomparably.

        "He Qingfeng, I hope that after I go to the Second World, you'll be able to support Han Three Thousand and secure the position of Master of the Four Gates, he will definitely be able to play a key role in the fight against the Second World in the future." The Second Elder said, saying that it was support, but actually the Second Elder's biggest purpose was that he didn't want He Qingfeng to take advantage of the chaos to make things difficult for Han Three Thousand, because once He Qingfeng meddled in the internal affairs of the Four Gates, Han Three Thousand would be even more difficult to move forward.

        "I wouldn't want you to put your hopes on him, Second Elder, but don't worry, I won't meddle in any of the Four Gates' affairs." Putting his hopes on a brat, He Qingfeng couldn't do it and would never think that way, because in his opinion, it was no different than sitting around waiting for death.

        "Perhaps, if you change your mind, you'll be pleasantly surprised," The next old man said.

        "You don't need to persuade me, as the Master of the Three Temples, how could I possibly place my hopes on him, if this were to spread, wouldn't I be laughed at." He Qingfeng decisively refused.

        The next old man helplessly shook his head, since He Qingfeng was unwilling, there was nothing more he could say, but his inner thoughts would not waver.

        Leaving the forbidden area, as soon as Next Old returned to the Four Gates territory, his assistant hurriedly ran up to him.

        "Next Old Man, what's the situation?" The assistant asked.

        "It's not good." The next old man smiled slightly, the abnormal energy fluctuations in the second world could very well indicate that the creatures of the second world would make a comeback, which would be fatal news for anyone.

        "Not good news you're still in the mood to laugh." The assistant said with a speechless face.

        "Am I supposed to cry, even if I do, it's useless." The next old man was helpless, now he was in a mixed mood, instead of facing this matter with a low mood, it was better to relax, anyway, what will come eventually, no one can avoid it, sorrow also laughs for a day, why not choose to be happier.

        "Isn't there a solution that can be found?" The assistant asked, knowing how serious the consequences would be if this exploded into the open, with billions of lives at stake.

        "There." The next oldest said without hesitation.

        The assistant looked pleased, no wonder the next old man was so happy, he had already thought of a solution to the problem.

        "Next Old Man, you're not kind, not even telling me if there's a solution, causing me to worry." The assistant said.

        "It's not that I didn't tell you, but I was afraid you wouldn't believe me." The next oldest said.

        "If you don't believe it, you have to tell me first, maybe I'll believe it?" The assistant smiled.

        "Han 3000 is the savior, only he can solve this matter, can you believe that?" The next old man said.

        The assistant's face instantly changed, "Next Old Man, what kind of joke are you making, did Han Qianli put parasites in you, it's pure bullshit to think of him as a savior."

        "See, if you don't say it and you want to hear it, if you say it and you don't believe it, what can I do?" The next old man was helpless.

        "It's not that I don't believe it, who can believe such words, you have to have a measure even if you're joking, no." The assistant sighed, he really wanted to dig the next old man's brain open to see what thoughts were packed inside, his regard for Han Qianli was completely beyond what normal people could understand.

        It was just as well to hand over the Four Gates to Han Three Thousand's frosty young man, but now he even thought that Han Three Thousand was the savior, the joke wasn't funny.

        "How many years have you known me?" The next old man suddenly asked the assistant.

        Without thinking, the assistant said, "Forty-three years, back then, after I joined the apocalypse, I've been with you, but I'm counting the days."

        "In these forty-three years, when have I ever played a joke on you?" The next old eyes suddenly turned hot.

        The assistant was stunned, a joke?

        In forty-three years, it seemed that the next oldest really didn't joke around, and he treated everything with an extremely serious attitude.

        "Like, no." The assistant said.

        "Since there isn't one, do you think I would joke with you about something so important?" The next old man looked straight at the assistant and asked in a calm tone.

        The assistant took a deep breath, his eyes gradually becoming incredulous.

        "Next ...... Next Elder, what you said is true, is Han 3000 really the savior?" The assistant's voice trembled as he asked.

His True Colors Chapter 778

After a long period of silence, the next old man's eyes became more and more resolute, believing that only Han Qianxiang could solve today's predicament, and only he could save the heavens from the flames.


        The next old man's tone was flat, but filled with unwavering determination.

        After the assistant took a deep breath, he had to change his mind about Han Three Thousand.

        Although the current Han Three Thousand was still a worthless figure in his heart, the fact that the next oldest was able to show such a firm attitude showed that Han Three Thousand was a trustworthy person who should at the very least be given a chance.

        "The second round of graded horse racing is about to begin, Next Elder, are you going to watch?" The assistant asked.

        The next oldest shook his head and said, "There's nothing to see, he's 100% capable of promotion."

        Xuan Character Territory.

        Since the night he fell unconscious, Han Giang found that his body had changed very drastically, the power no longer only getting exerted in his right hand, but his entire body was filled with power and when he tensed his muscles to enter battle, his body strength would become exaggerated, thus enhancing his resistance to blows.

        The first night of the grading match, Han Gansheng was surprised and puzzled by the fact that he could not feel the impact of a blow.

        On the first night of the grading competition, Han 3,000 sat on his bed, his eyes dazedly looking at the red rope that had lost its skull.

        The skull disappeared for no reason and was not taken by Fang Zhan and Jiang Yingying, and the others could not have come to his room for no reason, could the skull still have wings and fly away?

        "Where the hell have you been and why have you disappeared." Han Giangli frowned and talked to himself, he had racked his brains over this question but couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation at all.

        Even if someone did break into his room before Jiang Ying Ying, the clothes were taken off by Jiang Ying Ying, and when he was still lying on the floor when he was unconscious, even if someone came, it would be impossible for them to discover the skull.

        Han Third Thousand clearly remembered that night's headache was the strongest of all the episodes, as if something had been forced into his head.

        Han Qianli looked up abruptly!

        Force it into your head!

        Could it be that ......

        Han Giangli looked horrified as he bounced off the bed and walked over to the mirror, looking at his head that wasn't any different.

        Could it be that the reason the skull disappeared wasn't because it had been taken away, but incorporated into his brain?

        Han Giangli's heart was cold, although this explanation seemed a bit absurd, it wasn't impossible, because after that night, his strength had clearly increased by several levels and his body strength had also changed dramatically, this was by no means a change that happened for no reason, there had to be a reason for it.

        And the reason for this was most likely the change that had occurred due to the fusion of the skull.

        "What the hell are you, and why did you enter my body." Han Giangli gritted his teeth, although he had become stronger now, the aftermath of what the integration of the skull would bring was something he couldn't foresee, so he had to worry.

        Han Three Thousand tossed and turned throughout the night unable to sleep until the next morning when Jiang Ying Ying knocked on his door, Han Three Thousand was shocked to realize that he hadn't slept all night, but he was still in good spirits and didn't look tired in the slightest.

        "Brother Three Thousand, today is the second round of the grading competition, we have to get there early." Jiang Ying Ying said to him after he waited for Han 3000 to open the door.

        "Let's go, it's time to leave this place." Han Three Thousand said.

        At the grading competition, almost everyone in the Xuan character class was already there, and those who had participated were warming up while those who hadn't were watching the excitement.

        When Han Three Thousand and Jiang Yingying appeared, the eyes of everyone present turned to the two of them without exception.

        The name Han Qianqian had long been known to everyone in the apocalypse, but many people hadn't seen Han Qianqian's true face, and seeing Han Qianqian so young at the moment triggered many sighs of relief.

        Although many people had previously taken Han Three Thousand's participation in the Classification Tournament as a joke, after the Yellow Character Promotion Tournament, Han Three Thousand's strength had become widely known, so many people still had a considerable change of heart towards Han Three Thousand, and some were even very much looking forward to Han Three Thousand's performance in the Xuan Character Classification Tournament.

        "So this is Han 3000, what a young man, I didn't expect him to be at the Xuan character level just after he came to the apocalypse."

        "Not only him, even the maids that followed him were promoted to the Xuan character level very easily, it seems that the rumor that the next oldest took him as a disciple because he received money from their family is simply bullshit."

        "Without some strength, how could he be qualified to become the next oldest disciple based on money alone, can you believe such words."

        "I don't know what kind of performance he will have today, let's wait and see, if he still manages to get promoted, that would be awesome."

        The scene was noisy, but it was still considered an acceptable level, but at this moment, the scene suddenly became violent and very chaotic, everyone seemed like they were crazy.

        "He Xiaoxiao is here!"

        "He Xiaoxiao has even come to watch the match!"

        "Really? Where, where, where, is Ho-Chunky really here?"

        Three simple words caused hundreds of people to stir, each of them padding their toes in search of a target.

        Han Qianqian had a puzzled expression, who was this He Xiaoxiao that was able to attract so much attention, everyone here seemed to know about her in general.

        "He Xiaoxiao is my goddess, after the last time I saw her, I've been thinking about her day and night, but I never thought I'd be lucky enough to see her today."

        "Goddess, goddess, I love you."

        The current scene was like an idol meeting, everyone almost had the expression of a nymphomaniac, which made Han Qianli even more curious as to who this He Xiaoxiao was.

        "Fang Zhan, who is He Xiaoxiao?" Han Qianli couldn't help but ask.

        Fang Zhan shook his head helplessly, the current apocalypse was really occupied by a bunch of trash, just one woman could cause this kind of fanaticism, their purpose here was not to pick up girls, but to enhance their own strength.

        "If I remember correctly, she should be the daughter of the Master of the Three Temples, He Qingfeng." Fang Zhan said.

        The daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples!

        No wonder she was so influential, she was a hot figure in the apocalypse, a position that would probably be sought after even if she looked like a pig, after all, after becoming He Qingfeng's son-in-law, her status in the apocalypse could soar.

        At this time, He Qifeng finally walked out from the crowd, and Han Qianli's jaw nearly dropped to the ground when he saw her.


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