His True Colors Chapter 779-780


His True Colors Chapter 779

Wasn't this woman the one who had gone to see him last time, but she was the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, which surprised Han Qianli.

        But then again, why would a woman with such a position in the apocalypse go to him for no reason, did he already have an overflow of peach blossoms in the apocalypse?

        This caused Han Qianqian a bit of a headache, for other men, the peach blossoms sent to their door may be a good thing, this level of beauty is even more impossible for those men to refuse, but Han Qianqian was completely different, he did not like these warblers, and had even rejected Qi Yiyun countless times.

        He Xiaoxiang's faint smile became cold to the bone when she saw Han Qianqian, and for some reason, she felt a deep-seated dislike when she saw Han Qianqian.

        Walking up to Han Qianqian, a cold-eyed He Xiaoxiang said, "I didn't expect you to be somewhat capable, but the Xuan character level is still just trash in my eyes."

        Han Qianqian felt a strong sense of targeting, this woman wouldn't have grown to hate him out of love because she couldn't get him, if that was the case, it would be a problem.

        Offending a woman, especially a cautious one, would be a huge problem.

        "I didn't expect you to be the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples," Han Qianli faintly said.

        A hint of pride was revealed between He Xiaoxiao's eyebrows, a source of pride for her as the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples.

        "Scared?" He Xiaoxiao provoked.

        "Grace?" Han Giangli showed a puzzled expression and asked, "What am I afraid of?"

        He Xiaoxiao was slightly furious, was this guy deliberately playing dumb or did he really not know, wasn't he still afraid if he offended the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples?

        "Han Qianqian, offending me won't end well, with a word from me, a single spittle here can drown you." He Xiaoxiao said coldly.

        The atmosphere of the surrounding crowd had already changed, as Han Qianli was able to talk to He Xiaoxiao, which had already caused jealousy and discontent among many people, and now, Han Qianli seemed to have even provoked He Xiaoxiao to the point that He Xiaoxiao was very unhappy, which further filled them with anger towards Han Qianli.

        Daring to offend the goddess, wasn't this guy just looking for death?

        Looking at the ferocious expressions around him, Han 3,000 wouldn't think He Xiaoxiao was joking, those crazy chasers would definitely do that.

        "I'm sure, but my time with them is already on the countdown, so I'm sure they wouldn't have that chance even if they wanted to drown me." Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        Feeling the confidence emanating from Han Three Thousand, He Xiaoxiang couldn't help but bite her teeth, what she wanted most was to see Han Three Thousand die in the grading tournament, not to see him succeed in his promotion, but Han Three Thousand was displaying strong confidence as if he was one hundred percent sure that he would be promoted.

        "To be promoted to the Earth Character rank, it's not something you can do by beating a Xuan Character opponent, there's also the test of an Earth Character expert, do you really think you can pass it?" He Xiaoxiao had a cold face and a strong disdain, the Xuan level was a threshold that stopped many people from entering the gates of the Earth level, which led to the fact that the Xuan level had the largest number of people among all the levels, and the chances of such a difficult test were undoubtedly very slim for someone who had only been in the apocalypse for half a month.

        What's more, He Xiaoxiao had already instructed Lintong to specially arrange testers for Han Giang, and there was absolutely no chance of him passing.

        "He Xiaoxiao, if you weren't He Qingfeng's daughter, what rank would you be at now?" Han Qianli deliberately put on a curious expression and asked.

        It poked at He Xiaoxiang's heart; if she wasn't He Qingfeng's daughter, with her strength, she would at most be at the yellow character level.

        She was uniquely blessed with advantages, even training personally by He Qingfeng, but being spoilt and spoiled, she never bothered to suffer, so much so that her strength had never progressed.

        However, in He Xiaoxiang's opinion, her status in the apocalypse was already big enough, so what if she didn't have strength, just the fact that she was Qingfeng He's daughter was enough to be proud of the entire apocalypse.

        "No matter what level I am, my status is not something you can compare to, it was given to me by my father, but unfortunately, you don't have such a powerful father." He Xiaoxiang was disdainful.

        Han Qianwan had never expected that He Xiaoxiang would not be ashamed but rather proud of himself, and it was clearly not feasible to reason with such a woman.

        "Indeed, it's your luck, but it's your father's misfortune." Han Qianli shook her head.

        "Han Three Thousand, what did you say!" He Xiaoxiang instantly became angry and snapped at Han Qianqian.

        "You heard what I said very clearly, isn't it pathetic to have a daughter like you?" Han Qianqiang looked straight into the fierce eyes of He Xiaoxiang without any fear.

        An enraged He Qiangxiao raised her fist, wanting to teach Han Qiangxiao a lesson, but was stopped by Lin Tong, who was on the side.

        In public, He Xiaoxiang hit someone this would definitely make her lose her reason, and when this matter reached the Four Gates, it would definitely cause many people's discontent as well.

        "Xiaoxiao, why be angry with this kind of trash, soon, he will never appear in front of you again." Lintong said, the meaning of the latter sentence could only be understood by He Xiaoxiang, as he had already told the testers that he had killed Han Qianqian in the event of a mistake, and once Han Qianqian was dead, he would naturally be unable to appear in front of He Xiaoxiang.

        He Xiaoxiang took a deep breath and pressed down his anger.

        Han Qianqiang looked at Lin Tong, a person whose name he had heard several times already, but this was the first time he had actually seen Lin Tong.

        "Heaven's pride, Lintong?" Han Giangli said.

        Lintong unconsciously straightened her back and acted like she was above the rest in front of Han Qianli, saying, "Not bad, it's me."

        "Is a trash like me also in the eyes of this proud son of the sky like you, looking for someone to kill me several times, you're not afraid of me, are you?" Han 3000 laughed contemptuously, what kind of pride of heaven is just dog shit, if he was really that powerful, why would he need to find someone to kill him, from all of Lin Tong's actions, he was dealing with Han 3000 because he had developed fear.

        When Lintong heard this, his face changed and he unconsciously looked at Fang Zhan with his remaining light, he knew that there was no deniability for what he had done, but he would never admit that he was looking for someone to deal with Han 3000 because he was afraid.

        "I just don't want the apocalypse to be tainted by trash like you, how could I be afraid of you." Lintong said coldly.

        "The only way to prove who's trash is a battle, do you dare?" Han 3000 said.

His True Colors Chapter 780

Han Qianqian's provocation made Lin Tong instantly clench his fists, as a proud son of the heavens, how could he possibly back down in the face of such a thing?

        And although Han Three Thousand was somewhat capable, in Lin Tong's opinion, Han Three Thousand still had a gap between him and his strength, something that Han Three Thousand was not enough to make up for in just half a month of entering the apocalypse.

        "Han Three Thousand, you're really smart, with your current position, are you qualified to fight with Lin Tong? Even if you lose, others will take it for granted, and not only will you have nothing to lose, but you can also be proud that you've crossed paths with Lin Tong, thus expanding your reputation." He Xiaoxiao said with a mocking look at Han Giangli.

        "I really like this kind of skyscraper idea of yours." Han Three Thousand shook his head helplessly, not knowing from what angle He Xiaoxiang had come up with this possibility.

        "Han 3000, if you want to fight me, it's not like you don't have a chance, I'll wait for you after you're promoted to the Earth Level, you mustn't let me down." Lintong loosened his fist after hearing He Xiaoxiao's words.

        With Han Qianqiang's current status, he indeed didn't have the qualifications to be his opponent, and he couldn't be provoked by Han Qianqiang, thus allowing Han Qianqiang to use him to enhance his reputation.

        "Soon, after today." Han 3000 said indifferently.

        "A good dog won't get in the way, trouble makes way, I don't want to waste time with someone like you." He Xiaoxiao interjected.

        Han Three Thousand smoothly sidestepped to make way, then said to Jiang Ying Ying, "Make way for the dog, don't get bitten by the dog."

        The muscles on Jiang Ying Ying's face twitched, clearly holding back her own laughter.

        On the other hand, He Xiaoxiao and Lin Tong were livid, wishing they could have seen Han Jianglian die earlier.

        After arriving at the viewing position that belonged to him, He Xiaoxiao sat angrily on the rattan chair and asked to Lin Tong, "Have the people arranged, I want Han Qianxiang to die here today, and if anything goes wrong, you don't want to have anything to do with the Third Hall in the future."

        Lintong smiled coldly and said, "Don't worry, can I still be negligent in my work, and you're not the only one who wants him dead."

        "This fury is really about to piss me off, how dare he call me a dog, when he dies, I will definitely whip his corpse and let him die without a body." He Xiaoxiao gritted his teeth, as if that wasn't enough to vent his anger, and continued, "And his worldly family, I won't let any of them go, if you dare to offend me He Xiaoxiao, you will have to pay a painful price."

        "Don't get too excited, speak quietly, it will be troublesome if others hear you, do you want his death to be related to yourself?" Lintong reminded in a low voice.

        Although He Xiaoxiao was a lady's temper, she still understood the importance of the matter, the Apocalypse Ban was killing each other, if this matter was really known to outsiders, once the four gates pursued it, it was feared that even her father would be implicated.

        After taking a deep breath, He Xiaoxiao regained her ease as the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, and the faint smile on her face was particularly charming, causing many people present to lose their minds.

        Lintong was very impressed with He Xiaoxiao's face-changing technique, she was able to shift her emotions very quickly and also knew what kind of posture to put on in front of whomever she was in front of.

        It had to be said that although this woman's posture was mesmerizing, the thorns in her body were also absolutely deadly to men.

        After the grading tournament began, the rounds were a bit boring, although it was also an expert duel, but most of the spectators present still came to see Han 3,000, after all, Han 3,000 had already made a big splash before he even came to the apocalypse, on the matter of him taking part in all the grading tournaments, although everyone held different views, but at this time, their mentality was the same, wanting to see how much Han 3,000 could do.

        Finally, it was Han Three Thousand's turn to take the stage, and the listless spectators finally lifted their spirits, even He Xiaoxiao and Lin Tong unconsciously straightened their backs.

        "Did you arrange this opponent for him as well?" Seeing that Han Three Thousand's opponent was as strong as a brute ox, clearly stronger than those before, He Xiaoxiang asked curiously.

        "He's the most powerful person among the Xuan character class this time, and the most hopeful to be able to advance to the Earth character class," Lintong said.

        "Han Giangli won't even be able to beat him, if that's the case, it'll be a waste of your arrangement." He Xiaoxiao said with a mischievous face.

        Although Lin Tong was reluctant to acknowledge Han Three Thousand's strength, he had truly seen Han Three Thousand fight Fang Zhan, an opponent who was indeed formidable at the Xuan level, but the chances of using him to stop Han Three Thousand's pace were very slim.

        "No, I just want to use this person to drain Han Three Thousand's strength," Lintong said.

        "Do you still need to consume his stamina for the test of an Earth Character level expert?" He Xiaoxiang was disdainful, in her opinion, even if Han Qianqiang was at the peak of his physical strength, he would never be able to resist an Earth-level expert, and this arrangement by Lin Tong was purely redundant.

        "I'm doing this to ensure that it's foolproof," Lin Tong explained, having seen Han Qianqiang fight Fang Zhan, Lin Tong didn't want his negligence to lead to an outcome he didn't want to see.

        In the ring, Han Three Thousand's opponent already looked like he was ready to go, and the voices calling for a start were rising.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, your fame is loud and clear, today you are the stepping stone to my fame." The man said with a sardonic smile to Han Three Thousand, as if the match was already won in his opinion.

        "I can understand if you think so, after all, I, Han Three Thousand, am indeed a celebrity of the apocalypse, just trying to use me as a stepping stone is not an easy thing to do." Han Three Thousand Faded, such an opponent simply made him unable to rise to the occasion, as the gap between the Xuan character level and his strength was too great to enter his eyes.

        "Hurry up and say more while you still have the chance to speak, I'm afraid you'll never be able to open your mouth after the match is over." The man said.

        "It seems that you've also been bribed by Lin Tong, this pride of heaven is really afraid of me." Han Giangli laughed.

        At this time, the referee gave the order and the match officially began.

        The man chose to bully his way into a strong attack at the first opportunity, clearly not intending to give Han Three Thousand a half chance and wanting to end the match in the shortest possible time.

        On the other hand, Han Qianqiang, standing in place, was actually in a posture with his hands behind his back, seemingly having no intention of fighting back, much less choosing to avoid it.

        "What's this guy doing, can't he be waiting to die in the same spot?"

        "Grass, it's a pity that I still had hope for him, but I didn't expect him to even have the desire to fight back, how on earth did this trash become a Second Elder's disciple."

        While many people were expressing their puzzlement at this scene, Jiang Ying Ying on the sidelines revealed a faint smile, and only she knew what Han Qianli wanted to do.

        How could this person cause harm to Han Qianxiang when her full force had caused her wrist to be dislocated?


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