His True Colors Chapter 781-783


His True Colors Chapter 781

Just when everyone thought that Han Qianqiang was dead, that man's fist had already blasted Han Qianqiang's chest, and with the deadly force of this punch, even a true Earth Character expert wouldn't dare to fight so hard.

        "This guy really didn't dodge, in my opinion, he wouldn't be able to react in time." Seeing this scene, He Xiaoxiao sneered contemptuously, with this kind of strength, he actually wanted to promote to the Heavenly Character class, it was ridiculous.

        Lintong frowned, with his knowledge of Han Qianli's strength, it should be a simple matter for Han Qianli to dodge this punch, his opponent had great strength, but wasn't so fast in speed that he couldn't dodge it, how could this be!

        "What the hell is this guy doing!" Rintong said in puzzlement.

        "What else can he do, this punch is enough to kill him, hey, what a bummer, I thought he could still surprise me, but I didn't expect him to be such a waste." He Xiaoxiao shook his head with a disappointed look on his face and continued, "It seems like you're preparing for more than you can handle, there's no way Han Qianli could have made it that far."

        Everyone was now thinking exactly the same thing as He Xiaoxiang, in their opinion, Han Three Thousand was dead, as being hit in the heart with such a force, even if he wouldn't die instantly, he would be shocked into internal bleeding, and the hope of saving such an injury was very slim.

        "Such a person dares to compare with Lin Tong, hey, it's disappointing."

        "Now he can become a real joke."

        "It's really ......."

        While the crowd was discussing, that opponent suddenly erupted with a painful scream, and there was even a hint of despair in his hideous expression.

        When his fist struck Han Qianqian, it was like hitting a brass wall, causing his five fingers to shatter, and in that instant he realized that with Han Qianqian's ability to resist blows so powerfully, he was simply no match for him.

        "Are you tickling me?" Han Marchian spoke up.

        The man's face changed, he had struck with all his might like this, but he was said to be tickled by Han Qianli, which made him extremely angry, but the hand that punched him had gradually lost consciousness, this difference in strength as a party, he knew more than those onlookers, even if he was given ten more chances, he couldn't possibly win against Han Qianli.

        "What's going on here ......?"

        "Han Qianli took a punch, but it's like he's fine."

        "How is that possible, has his resistance to hitting reached such a terrifying level!"

        At that moment, the crowd finally realized what had happened.

        Han Giangli hadn't dodged the attack, not because he couldn't avoid it, but because he simply didn't care about attacks of this magnitude and was able to resist it with just his flesh alone!

        "Grass, is his body built of iron, how can he be so strong."

        "Can win without even having to fight back, this guy is fierce to this extent."

        "It seems that his strength has already far surpassed the Xuan character level, I'm afraid ...... that he already has the strength of the Earth character level, or even the Heaven character level!"

        The crowd exclaimed incessantly.

        He Xiaoxiao with a contemptuous expression also understood what was happening, which had to make her expression become heavy.

        Even a Heavenly Character expert next to her couldn't help but open his mouth and exclaim, "With such a fearful body quality, I'm afraid that no one below the Heavenly Character level can be his opponent anymore."

        He Xiaoxiao was very unhappy to hear such words and turned to that Heavenly Character expert, saying, "You're not thinking too highly of him, he hasn't won yet."

        That Heavenly Character expert smiled indifferently and said, "Although this match hasn't ended yet, his opponent has no chance to make a move, and even if Han Giang gave him another chance, he wouldn't dare to make a move because the hand he just punched out of has been completely ruined."

        He Xiaoxiang gritted her teeth, she wanted to see Han Three Thousand fall in the ring, or even die in the ring, rather than seeing Han Three Thousand's spirited side.

        Those who dared to ignore her had to bear serious consequences, and He Xiaoxiang would not allow him to continue living in the apocalypse.

        "Lintong, I hope you don't disappoint me." He Xiaoxiao said to Lintong.

        Lin Tong sighed helplessly, he also didn't want to see Han Qianqiang make a name for himself, but this was Han Qianqiang's strength, it was something that no one could stop openly and honestly, even in the promotion test, Lin Tong was now unsure if the people he had arranged would be able to stop Han Qianqiang.

        It was because that Heavenly Character expert had just said that no one below the Heavenly Character level would be able to be a match for Han Three Thousand, and that was definitely not just words.

        "I'll let him do his best," Lintong said.

        At this time in the ring, Han Three Thousand said to his opponent, "Do you want more, I can give you one more chance."

        The man broke out in cold sweat, come again?

        So what if he had to do it ten more times.

        This punch alone had already crippled one of his hands, and another time would just be crippling the other one.

        And this was still a situation where Han Qianqiang hadn't fought back, so once he did, the end would be even less imaginable.

        After a moment's hesitation, the man lowered his head and said to Han Qianqian, "I admit defeat."

        With a faint smile, Han Qianli walked out of the ring, and the grading match was over, and in a way that no one had expected.

        "He didn't even make a move to win, so who else could be his opponent."

        "This guy is really too strong, it looks like the name of Lintong Heaven's Proud Son will soon be untenable."

        "Is he going to set a record and become the first person in the history of the apocalypse to be promoted to the Heavenly Character class in such a short period of time?"

        The windshield was like a wall of grass, and it instantly fell to Han Qianli, those who looked down on Han Qianli before changed their views on Han Qianli, this was the apocalypse, a place where one proved themselves with strength, and as long as they had strong strength, they could be recognized by others.

        Strength alone was the only thing that mattered.

        After the first grading match was over, the news quickly reached the ears of the second oldest, and he didn't feel the slightest bit surprised by this result, as he had very high expectations for Han Three Thousand, and if he couldn't even deal with this little trouble, Han Three Thousand would be too disappointing to him.

        But this process was still a bit surprising to the next oldest.

        Han 3,000 had even made the opponent surrender and admit defeat without making a move.

        "Next Elder, I heard that Han Three Thousand took a punch and instead shattered his opponent's hand, has his physical fitness reached such a terrifying level?" The assistant was full of doubt and asked the next oldest question, he thought about the possibility of the message changing in the course of delivery to the point where it became less accurate, but after asking again, the answer was still exactly the same, which made him feel horrified.

His True Colors Chapter 782

Such a strong body was impossible even for a current Heavenly Character expert, so this was something that the assistant really didn't dare to believe, as in his opinion, it was beyond the reach of a mortal body.

        The next oldest was similarly doubtful, such physical strength was beyond his explanation and not even within his comprehension, but this further enabled him to be certain that only Han Qianqian might be able to solve the crisis.

        I'm afraid that the three words savior were something that only Han Three Thousand could afford.

        "As I said, he's a savior and has a strong body, which can give him a better advantage when dealing with Second World creatures, which is good for the apocalypse, and the world as a whole," The Second Elder said.

        The assistant nodded, according to the Apocalypse's Secret Book, the creatures of the Second World were very strong in terms of their physiques, which was why so many Heavenly Character experts would have fallen back then, if the Heavenly Character experts of that time could have had a strong physique like Han Qianqian, it wouldn't have made the battle so miserable.

        "Next Elder, I'm becoming more and more convinced of what you're saying," The assistant said.

        At the same time, the news also reached the Third Hall.

        After hearing about it, He Qingfeng's first impression was that it was ridiculous and not believable at all, but when his spies repeatedly confirmed the authenticity of the news, He Qingfeng's expression became serious.

        "Are you really sure? His physical strength can really shatter an opponent's hand?" He Qingfeng asked.

        The spy nodded his head and said, "I've confirmed it several times, and it's true, if you still don't believe me, I can have him sent to you."

        "Have him come right away, I want to see what's going on." Hearing was believing, and if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, He Qingfeng wouldn't believe it, or he couldn't believe it.

        Shortly after the spy left, he appeared at Three Points with Han's opponent.

        As a Xuan character, he had never come into contact with the Domain of the Three Temples before, much less seen the Lord of the Three Temples, He Qingfeng, up so close, so this made the man feel apprehensive, standing in front of He Qingfeng, not even having the courage to raise his head.

        "Raise your hand." Qingfeng He said to that man.

        "Back to the hall master, my hand is completely ruined and I have no sensation now." The man said.

        Qingfeng He frowned even more as he took two steps forward and grabbed the man's hand.

        Not only was the hand useless, but the finger bones were all shattered, and even the wrist had visible bone fractures.

        "Was this really caused after you punched Han Giangli?" He Qingfeng took a deep breath, such a powerful anti-shock force came from the human body, he couldn't believe it.

        "Back to the Hall Master, it's true, if you want to know the details of the process, I can tell you what I felt at the time." The man said.

        He Qingfeng shook his head and said, "No need, you can go."

        The results had already been presented, which was enough to prove how powerful Han Qianli was, and the detailed process had no meaning for He Qingfeng to know.

        Because once the Four Gates appeared with such an expert, the position of the Three Temples would be in jeopardy, and even if the next oldest would actually go to the Second World, he wouldn't be able to suppress such a powerful Han 3000.

        "This old thing, where on earth did he find such a monster." He Qingfeng said through clenched teeth.

        The grading competition continued, and Han Qianqian and Jiang Yingying passed through the entire way with little resistance, making it to the next round of the grading competition, the Earth Character Master Test.

        He Xiaoxiao returned to the Three Temples Domain with a strong dissatisfaction, Han 3,000 was out of the limelight, which made her hate it so much, now the entire apocalypse was rumored to be very powerful, Han 3,000 might even set a record for the fastest promotion to the Heavenly Character level, she couldn't accept such an achievement from someone who had ignored her, she now had only one thought left in her head, to stop Han 3,000 and let everyone in the apocalypse know that Han 3,000 was actually just a piece of trash.

        "What's going on, didn't you go to the grading competition, who messed with you?" He Qingfeng opened his mouth to ask when he saw how unhappy He Qixiang looked.

        "Dad, help me think of a way, I want to stop Han Giang." This was something that He Xiaoxiang had been hiding from He Qingfeng, but now she had to tell He Qingfeng because she was worried that Lin Tong would not be able to do her job well enough to stop Han 3000.

        Hearing this tone, there was clearly a conflict between these two, which made Qingfeng He feel puzzled, Han Three Thousand had come to the apocalypse for a very short time, so how could a conflict break out with He Xiaoxiang?

        "What's going on, how did he mess with my baby girl?" He Qingfeng asked.

        "Don't worry about it, you just need to help me figure out a way, I can't let him make a fool of himself." He Xiaoxiao said.

        Qingfeng He walked to his side and said with a comforting face, "Daughter, you should know the rules of the Heavenly Apocalypse very well, even if I'm the Master of the Three Houses, I can't break them."

        "Are you going to wait until he's promoted to the Heavenly Character level before you humiliate your daughter?" He Xiaoxiao said with tears in his eyes.

        He Qingfeng, who was a slave to his daughter, was heartbroken when he saw this scene, and said angrily, "Good daughter, tell me first, how exactly did he provoke you, and if he's really at fault, father will definitely take revenge for you."

        He Xiaoxiang told He Qingfeng about the conflict between her and Han Qianqian, He Qingfeng looked helpless after hearing this, even if he wanted to pick a bone out of an egg, he couldn't seem to find Han Qianqian's fault.

        "Daughter, don't you know that Han 3000 already has a wife and children, so it's understandable that he's indifferent to you," He Qingfeng said.

        "Understandable?" He Xiaoxiang was furious, she was hounded by all the apocalypse people, only Han Giang didn't take her seriously, for someone who was used to being held in the palm of her hand, how could she understand?

        "Dad, you want me to understand him?" He Xiaoxiao said in a cold voice.

        He Qingfeng sighed in his heart, He Xiaoxiao's princess disease was all because he had spoiled it, he was responsible for He Xiaoxiao's current personality, but He Qingfeng was only one daughter, he couldn't do anything harsh to He Xiaoxiao.

        "Good daughter, let's just leave this matter at that, I'm afraid there will be a big trouble in the recent apocalypse, Han 3000 might still be able to help in this trouble." He Qingfeng said, the next old man had told him that the only one who could save the apocalypse was Han Three Thousand, although He Qingfeng didn't believe such words, but with the strength Han Three Thousand was showing now, he could indeed make some contributions to the apocalypse.

        It would be very unfortunate for Apocalypse if such an expert was stifled because of He Qifeng's capriciousness.

        In front of trivial matters, He Qingfeng would be the first to take care of the interests of the Three Temples, but in front of a major matter like the Second World, He Qingfeng wouldn't dare.

His True Colors Chapter 783

He Xiaoxiao was gloomy and silent, she didn't care what kind of trouble Apocalypse was in, in her world, she was the only one at the heart of it, and if anyone upset her, she would make the other party unhappy.

        If she couldn't get out of this foul mood, how could He Xiaoxiang feel comfortable?

        "Dad, since you won't help, I'll find my own way." He Xiaoxiao said in a cold voice.

        He Qingfeng wanted to say a few words of advice, but He Xiaoxiao had already turned around and left, which left him with no choice but to sigh.

        "Follow her, don't let her do anything stupid." He Qingfeng said to his men.

        After leaving the Three Temples Domain, He Xiaoxiao found Lin Tong, and since He Qingfeng refused to help, she wanted to make sure that the person Lin Tong was looking for was strong enough to kill Han Qianqian in tomorrow's test.

        Now that He Xiaoxiang had made her goal clear, she had to make sure that Han Three Thousand was dead, she would only feel happy if Han Three Thousand died.

        "I want to see the person you're looking for." He Xiaoxiang said to Lin Tong in a commanding tone.

        Lintong knew He Xiaoxiang's personality, and once this princess's temper came up, no one could control it.

        "I'll call him right away." Lintong said.

        In a short while, a middle-aged man appeared in front of the two, looking around forty years old.

        He Xiaoxiao looked her up and down, although she was very weak, a person at the Earth level was equivalent to trash in her eyes, and normally she wouldn't even talk to such a person.

        "As long as you can kill Han Qianqian, I can give you a higher position in the Third Hall." He Xiaoxiao said to that person.

        The man looked at Lin Tong, who had found him before and only said that he wanted to stop Han Three Thousand's promotion, but never said that he wanted to kill anyone.

        "Miss He, you should be very clear about the rules of the apocalypse, killing each other is a big taboo, if I kill Han Qianqian, I won't be able to save my own life." The man said.

        He Xiaoxiao looked at the man with cold eyes and said, "You dare to disobey my orders?"

        "Lintong, the terms we agreed upon earlier were not murder." The man asked to Lintong.

        It was true that Lin Tong hadn't mentioned this matter, as this taboo was something that even the next oldest and Qingfeng He didn't dare to break, but He Xiaoxiao's current attitude clearly wanted Han Qianli to have to die.

        "It's true that it wasn't murder before, but now, do you think there's still a choice?" Lintong said indifferently.

        The man frowned and decisively refused, "If that's the case, I'm quitting, I won't bury my future because of this."

        After saying that, the man prepared to leave.

        But at this time, He Xiaoxiao suddenly said, "You should still have family in the world, right?"

        This sentence made that man stop in his tracks and instantly squeeze his fists.

        It had been ten years since he came to the apocalypse, but before that, he had his own happy family in the mundane world, and He Xiaoxiao's words were clearly using his family as a threat.

        "If you don't do as I command, I will order someone to kill all your family members in the mundane world, and I will kill them alive." He Xiaoxiao continued.

        The man turned his head and said with an angry face, "He Xiaoxiao, you dare!"

        "I'm the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, what do I dare not do and do you think you can stop me? The people of the apocalypse can only leave the apocalypse once a year, there's no way you can defend me." He Xiaoxiao said.

        The man took a deep breath, he didn't expect He Xiaoxiao to be so shameless, and he knew that if He Xiaoxiao said that, she would definitely be able to do it.

        As she said, she was the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples!

        "But if I kill Han Giang, I'll die myself." The man said.

        "Fists and feet have no eyes in the test, and killing someone by mistake is an uncontrollable accident, so don't worry, I'll bail you out with the position of the Three Temples." He Xiaoxiao promised.

        "Really?" The man didn't believe some of He Xiaoxiao's words.

        "I, He Xiaoxiao, speak, is there still a lie, and I told you to kill him, if I don't bail you out, what if you betray me?" He Xiaoxiao said.

        The man hesitated for a moment and said, "Okay, I promise you."

        Since he had the leverage, he believed that He Xiaoxiao didn't dare to play tricks on him, just like what Xiaoxiao had said, if He Xiaoxiao didn't bail him out, he could expose He Xiaoxiao, the mastermind behind the curtain, and at worst, die together.

        "Can you really make this matter an accident?" After the man left, Lin Tong was puzzled, fists and feet without eyes was a pale and feeble explanation, after all, he was an expert at the Earth Character level, how could he miss killing someone who had just been promoted to the Yellow Character level by testing him.

        "Tomorrow, arrange for an expert skilled in the use of concealed weapons to be present, after he kills Han Giang, I want him to die as well." He Xiaoxiao said.

        Lintong's heart was shaken, he had once believed what He Xiaoxiao had said before, but he hadn't expected He Xiaoxiao to be a yellow bird and kill even that man!

        A woman's heart was like a snake, and Lintong finally realized the true meaning of this sentence, joining forces with such a woman made Lintong's heart a little chilled, would there come a time when this woman would also kill him?

        "If you do that, it will only make the situation worse, the four gates and three temples will definitely join hands to investigate this matter thoroughly." Lintong reminded, this plan was vicious enough, but not perfect, as it involved another extra person, and the more people involved in this matter, the more unstable the factor would be.

        "Since I can do this, I naturally have a way to solve it, you just need to follow my instructions to arrange it." He Xiaoxiao said.

        Lintong sank, there's a solution?

        Once the Four Gates and Three Temples were alerted, He Xiaoxiao, even if she was He Qingfeng's daughter, would not be able to easily quell this matter.

        Suddenly, Lin Tong's face changed and said to He Xiaoxiao, "He Xiaoxiao, you don't want me to take the blame for this, do you."

        "Why not, you and I are partners in crime." He Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

        A woman's heart was like a needle in the sea, the more beautiful she looked, the more untrustworthy she was, not to mention that this was a vicious woman with a heart like a snake.

        Lintong was never willing to let herself become a tool for her use, and also to take all the responsibility on herself.

        "He Xiaoxiao, I'm withdrawing from this matter." Lintong said.

        He Xiaoxiao's face turned cold and said, "Lin Tong, do you still have a choice now? You don't know how the Four Gates view you now, do you not, if I, the Three Temples, are unwilling to accept you, you are a joke at the Four Gates, do you think you still have the face to go back to the Four Gates?"

        Lintong and the Third Temple have recently become very close, this is something that all the Four Gates know, there are even rumors already that he is going to betray the Four Gates and join the Third Temple, in this situation, Lintong has absolutely no way out, because even if he is willing to return to the Four Gates, he will be sneered at by everyone and will be treated as trash that the Third Temple doesn't want, as a proud son of heaven, Lintong would never want to have such a black spot in his life.


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