His True Colors Chapter 784-786


His True Colors Chapter 784

Looking at the hesitant Lintong, He Xiaoxiang sneered with a face full of laughter, as a man, how can he achieve great things if he is so indecisive in his actions, this is the boldness of the proud son of heaven?


      "Lintong, I didn't think that you, the pride of the heavens, would be just a wimp, it's me who thinks too highly of you, if you want to quit, just get out now, I'll never stop you." He Xiaoxiao said.


      Lintong knew that He Xiaoxiao was deliberately trying to irritate him, but he also knew very well that if he left, he would no longer have the chance to join the Three Gates, because with how much He Qingfeng doted on He Xiaoxiao, as long as He Xiaoxiao didn't want to, He Qingfeng wouldn't nod anyway.


      Returning to the Four Gates becoming a joke?


      There was no turning back when Lin Tong raised the idea of betraying the Four Gates, and he would never allow himself to be humiliated by one of them.


      "I'll go find someone who is good at using hidden weapons." Lintong said.


      He Xiaoxiao smiled, this result was expected by her, Lin Tong was a person with a very high self-esteem, and having been known as the son of heaven for so many years, he valued the word face very much, so how could he accept returning to the Four Gates and being humiliated?


      "Don't worry, after this is over, I'll let you join the Three Temples." He Xiaoxiao promised.


      Lintong took a deep breath, his main concern now was no longer whether or not he could join the Three Temples, but on the matter of killing Han Qianqian, don't make any waves, or else the consequences would be unimaginable.


      Xuan Character Domain.


      Han Three Thousand and Jiang Ying Ying were in the middle of intensive training for tomorrow's test, more precisely, Jiang Ying Ying was training while Han Three Thousand was staring at the side, because with his current physical state, tomorrow's test wouldn't hinder him in any way at all.


      "Three-thousand, you have to be more careful tomorrow." Fang Zhan walked to Han Three Thousand's side and warned.


      "Lin Tong won't give up yet? This is already the place of the apocalypse, does he still dare to disobey the rules of the apocalypse?" Han Giangli was confused.


      "I wouldn't worry too much if it was just Lin Tong, but you still have a conflict with He Xiaoxiao, right?" Fang Zhan said, he had already gone privately to find out what kind of person He Xiaoxiao was, as He Xiaoxiao's many deeds were widely circulated in the apocalypse, so after making some inquiries, Fang Zhan knew exactly what kind of person He Xiaoxiao was.


      Jairus was not easy to provoke, and this woman also had a backstage like the Master of the Three Temples, no one was sure what she could do once she became unruly.


      "This woman is a bit strange, would you believe me if I said that I don't even know how to provoke her?" Han Qianli was helpless, when he ran into He Xiaoxiao today, the hatred in He Xiaoxiao's eyes boggled Han Qianli's mind.


      In Han Qianli's opinion, he and He Xiaoxiao were just a one-sided encounter, he didn't feel that he had offended He Xiaoxiao, but He Xiaoxiao's attitude was as if he had a deep hatred for him.


      "Shin, women are inherently strange creatures, especially this kind of arrogant woman, it's normal to unintentionally provoke her, and I've heard that due to He Qingfeng's spoiling of her, it caused her to be unpopular throughout the apocalypse, no matter how bad she did, He Qingfeng would find a way to help her set things right, which led to He Xiaoxiang being even more capricious, so I'm worried about the In tomorrow's test, He Xiaoxiao will make a mess of it." Fang Zhan said.


      Han Qianqian looked at Fang Zhan with an appalled face, didn't this guy live in seclusion in the deep mountains for many years, I didn't expect him to have a thorough understanding of women, and to be able to say this, he must have some firsthand experience.


      "Fang Zhan, it seems that you have quite a rich love story, how about telling me about it when you have time so I can learn some experience." Han Qianli smiled.


      "You and Su Yingxia are envious of each other, do you still need experience." There was indeed undisguised envy in Fang Zhan's eyes as he said this.


      At first, Fang Zhan was following Han Qianli because of his own daughter, but the more time he spent with Han Qianli, the more Fang Zhanli was able to feel Han Qianli's charm, which was not only for women, but as a man, he would be equally infected by Han Qianli.


      Just this firm feeling of Han Qianqian's treatment of Su Yingxia would make Fang Zhan admire her.


      With Han Qianqian's position in the world, he wanted a woman and would certainly be able to wield it, and it was a temptation that many men would be tempted to fall for, but not Han Qianqian, and that was not something every man could do.


      "Of course you need to, you can only get along better with experience." Han Three Thousand smiled.


      Fang Zhan glared at Han Three Thousand and said, "It's not experience you want to know about, right?"


      Han Qianqian accosted him with a smile, Fang Zhan was also an old fox, it wasn't a strange thing to be able to guess what he was thinking.


      "You've been separated from your daughter for so many years, it's indeed curious what's going on, and more importantly, you know very little about her, which means that you only know that you have a daughter, which has to make one wonder what's going on," Han Giangli said.


      Fang Zhan's expression flashed with a trace of remorse, as if he was regretting some of the decisions he had made back then.


      After a moment of silence, Fang Zhan said to Han Qianqian, "Back then, I was crazy about martial arts and put all my energy into it, when I found out that I had the chance to join the apocalypse, can you understand how excited I was?"


      "So you're excited to leave your family behind?" Han Qianli asked in confusion.


      Fang Zhan took a deep breath and said, "She just got pregnant."


      "F*ck, Fang Zhan, you're too inhuman!" Han Giangli said in surprise, how desperate must it be for a woman to be abandoned while pregnant, Fang Zhan would do such a desperate thing just to join the apocalypse, no wonder he knew very little about his own daughter, as he had never even met her.


      "When you truly cognize the apocalypse, you might understand why I chose to do so, because there is more than just for myself," Fang Zhan said.


      "Involving the secret of the apocalypse again?" Han Qianli frowned.


      Fang Zhan nodded and said, "I believe that perhaps if you encounter such a choice, you'll be just like me."


      "Bullsh*t." Han Qianli sneered and said, "Even if the sky falls, I will never abandon my wife and children, this is not the kind of thing that only an animal would do."


      The words that only an animal could do were equivalent to scolding Fang Zhan in disguise, but Fang Zhan laughed it off and said, "What if the only way to keep them safe was to leave?"

His True Colors Chapter 785

The question that Fang Zhan threw out made Han 3000's expression serious, only by leaving could their safety be guaranteed, this showed that back then Fang Zhan didn't seem to have a choice at all, and this matter involved the secrets of the apocalypse, it looked like the existence of the apocalypse should be guarding some peace, or fighting against some power.

        In the past, Han 3000 was an atheist, but after the skull incident, he knew that there might still be certain mysterious dimensions of the world that he didn't know about, perhaps not ghosts and gods, but certainly beyond the ordinary.

        "It seems that the enemy that Apocalypse is facing is not simple," Han Giangli said.

        "Trying to get my word?" Fang Zhan looked at Han Qianqian with disdain.

        Han Qianqian wrinkled her nose in embarrassment and said, "I'm just asking casually, the answer is already in front of me, as long as I stretch out my hand I can know, do I still need condescending words?"

        "Tomorrow is the last hurdle, as long as you can pass it, you will be able to participate in the test of the Demon King's Grotto, at that time, you will know all the answers, but whether you will be able to come back alive from the Demon King's Grotto is still unknown." Fang Zhan said.

        Regarding the Demon King's Grotto, Han 3,000 had found someone to ask, although those people didn't know what kind of place the Demon King's Grotto was, but they heard that in the last ten years, no one had been able to survive the test of the Demon King's Grotto, and even in the last few years, no one had dared to take part in the test of the Demon King's Grotto, which meant that the Demon King's Grotto had left a psychological shadow on many people in the apocalypse, and this was the real difficulty that Han 3,000 had to face.

        "You're not afraid, are you?" Fang Zhan asked.

        "Honestly, how can I not be afraid of losing my life, but my curiosity is much more serious than fear." Han Qianli laughed.

        Fang Zhan laughed, Han Qianqian was indeed a very special person, his thoughts were different from the norm and his strength was also different from the norm, if he really managed to come back alive from the Demon King's Cave, he would definitely be able to shock the entire Apocalypse.

        This was because he would be the person who had joined the apocalypse for the shortest amount of time and became a Heavenly Character the fastest in the history of the apocalypse.

        "By the way, since you haven't even met your daughter, how do you know if she's male or female?" Han Giangli returned the topic to Fang Zhan.

        "This is a clue that I went to great lengths to obtain," Fang Zhan said, a hint of painful remorse showing in his eyes again.

        Han Qianli patted Fang Zhan's shoulder and said, "As long as she's still alive, the Nangong Family will be able to find her."

        Fang Zhan nodded and said, "Until then, I'll stay by your side, but after I find my daughter, I'll leave to make up for the debt I've owed her for so many years."

        Han Qianli looked like she wanted to stop talking, Fang Zhan wanted to make up for his daughter, but it was still unknown whether the other party would accept it, perhaps even if she did find someone, she would only have hatred for Fang Zhan and would not be willing to accept his compensation.

        This, Han Qianqian has personal experience, back then Shi Jing didn't care about him, now even if Shi Jing cared about him, Han Qianqian won't feel too deeply, because the mutual feelings have long since faded due to the coldness back then.

        Of course, one could not rule out the possibility that Fang Zhan's daughter had been waiting for him, and this kind of thing was not something Han Qian could guess accurately with his personal experience.

        The next day, the much-anticipated test was finally about to begin, besides Han Qianqian and Jiang Ying Ying, there were ten people in the entire Xuan Character class who participated, but among these ten people, I'm afraid that only two or three, or even one, could actually advance to the Earth Character class.

        When the first person's test began, Han Qianli was watching the battle from the side, and the moment the two of them fought, Han Qianli was able to feel the disparity in strength between the Xuan character level and the Earth character level, this disparity wasn't even a difference of one or two levels, the strength of the Earth character level completely crushed the Xuan character level.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I didn't expect that the top experts of the Xuan character class would be so bad for the Earth character class." Jiang Ying Ying said to Han Three Thousand.

        "The Earth Character class, as the sub-core power of the Apocalypse, deserves such strength, but it's not difficult for you to deal with such people." Han Qianli smiled.

        Jiang Ying Ying smiled faintly and said, "Brother 3000, the test is taking place on stage, but most of the audience is watching us, so it's not good to be so high-profile."

        Today's test, Han Three Thousand and Jiang Ying Ying were the real protagonists, those people all wanted to see how they would perform in front of the Earth Tier experts, so now most of the eyes were hitting on the two of them.

        "I've kept a low profile for so many years, I should also keep a high profile, after all, this is a place where strength is paramount, and keeping a low profile will only make people boring." Han Qianli said.

        In the past, in Cloud City, Han Three Thousand had the unspeakable problem of not revealing his identity, Nangong Qianqiu wouldn't allow him to live as a member of the Han family, so he had to hide himself, no matter how much the outside world reviled him, Han Three Thousand could only laugh it off.

        But now it was different, Han 3000 had no restrictions, which made it so that he didn't need to swallow his pride.

        "Then I, do I have to defeat my assessor?" Jiang Ying Ying cheerfully said.

        While the bystanders were wondering how long they would be able to last for the test, Jiang Ying Ying was actually already calculating whether or not to save face for the assessor, something that those people wouldn't even dare to think about.

        "It's better to save face, just win a close one or two moves." Han Qianli said.

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded, since she had to narrowly win one or two moves, she had to control the intensity.

        Finally, it was Jiang Yingying's turn to take the stage, she was facing an Earth-level expert who was known for his skills, speed and agility were his strong points, but as the old saying goes, in front of absolute power, any tricks are pale and powerless.

        When he met Jiang Ying Ying, he could only admit his misfortune.

        "How long do you guys think that Jiang Ying Ying will be able to last?"

        "She's slightly weaker than Han Qianqian, in my opinion, it's good to be able to last twenty moves."

        "This has far exceeded the test standard, and it looks like she will definitely be able to advance to the earth level, it's really enviable."

        After Jiang Ying Ying went on stage, the people below began to talk, but there were very few voices about how Jiang Ying Ying would fail the test, most of them still believed that Jiang Ying Ying could pass the test, after all, the strength she had shown before everyone had seen it, and they didn't dare to treat her with the slightest contempt.

        Far above the high platform, this was the place where several great figures of the Heavenly Character level watched the battle, including the Master of the Third Hall, He Qingfeng, who came to watch the test out of curiosity, but to his surprise, the next oldest didn't even come.

        He had to know that Han Qianxiang was his disciple, and being able to advance to the Earth Level should be the thing that the next oldest cared about the most, so how could he not show up.

        "This woman, is that Han Qianxiang's maid? I never thought that even she would be qualified to participate in the test, what a surprise." He Qingfeng said indifferently.

His True Colors Chapter 786


        Lowly in status, yet so strong in strength.

        When He Xiaoxiao heard this, she subconsciously bit her teeth, as the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, although she was a collection of thousands of favorites, she couldn't even compare to Han Qianqian's maid in terms of strength, this made He Xiaoxiao's heart very unbalanced, in the apocalypse, how could there be a woman better than her?

        She now regretted a bit that she only cared about arranging to kill Han Three Thousand and didn't target Jiang Yingying.

        Han Third Thousand couldn't live, and the same was true for Jiang Yingying.

        But as long as Han Third Thousand was dead, it was only a matter of time before she would have to play Jiang Ying Ying to death, so He Xiaoxiang wasn't in a hurry.

        "Dad, if I'm willing to train diligently, this woman is nothing." He Xiaoxiang said disdainfully.

        He Qingfeng smiled helplessly, there was no if in this world, but it didn't matter even if He Xiaoxiang didn't train hard, as long as he was there, He Xiaoxiang would be in a position of power, and he didn't want to see He Xiaoxiang suffer.

        "That's for sure." He Qingfeng said.

        At this time, the test on the stage had already begun, and the two of them fought back and forth, and most of the time, when facing the other's skillful attacks, Jiang Ying Ying was only able to use her physical body to counteract them, because in terms of agility, He Xiaoxiao's reflexes were not even close to being enough to handle the other's attacks.

        This made Jiang Ying Ying somewhat annoyed, after all, her body wasn't as strong as Han Giang's, and the pain that accompanied each attack would add a hint of anger to Jiang Ying Ying.

        If it wasn't for Han Qianqian's warning, Jiang Ying Ying would have been about to be unable to resist fighting back with her full strength.

        "Only to take a beating, I thought she was so powerful." After seeing Jiang Ying Ying's performance, He Xiaoxiang mocked in a cold voice.

        He Qingfeng who was standing on the side however frowned, Jiang Ying Ying seemed to be coping very hard on the surface, but she was obviously still suppressing her strength, which made him unable to figure out the reason why.

        "Dad, why don't you say something, she's such a piece of trash and you're still looking at her so intensely?" Seeing that He Qingfeng did not respond to himself, He Xiaoxiao pursued the question.

        He Qingfeng knew that this was because He Xiaoxiang was not satisfied within himself, and that was why he maliciously went to attack Jiang Ying Ying's strength, but Jiang Ying Ying's strength was not something that He Xiaoxiang could discredit with a few words.

        "Daughter, this woman is restraining her outbursts, which is why the bystanders mistook her for a beating." He Qingfeng said.

        Hearing this, He Xiaoxiao became even more dissatisfied and said, "Dad, she's obviously taking a beating, why are you still speaking up for her, could it be that you're still having an affair with this woman?"

        He Qingfeng was full of bitter smiles in the face of He Xiaoxiao's unreasonable behavior.

        At this time, the ring's Jiang Ying Ying was no longer tired of it and took a glance at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian knew that Jiang Ying Ying had been in a passive state and was running out of patience, so he nodded his head.

        The corners of her mouth turned up slightly as she received Han Qianqian's order.

        In the distance, He Qingfeng's eyes glazed over and said, "The next step is the manifestation of her true strength."

        Only Jiang Ying Ying suddenly ignored her opponent's attacks, and since she was losing to her opponent in skill and speed, she could only break open and seek a fatal blow.

        "The test is over." Seeing that Jiang Yingying seemed to have given up on her resistance, the earth level testing officer said with a slight smile.


        With a loud bang, that testing officer's entire body was blown out of the ring, it all happened in a lightning bolt, not to mention that he himself didn't react, even those who were watching the battle didn't return to their senses.

        Jiang Ying Ying clapped her hands and said with a smile, "It's finally over, it's almost time for you to beat me up for so long."

        After saying that, Jiang Yingying walked out of the ring, which caused the bystanders to recover from their shock.

        "Is this ...... the end of it?!"

        "She, she's even beaten an Earth Tier expert!"

        "How is it possible that she's so strong that not even the Earth Level is a match for her!"

        Shouts of astonishment rang out from everywhere, and the incredulous expressions on everyone's faces were as if they were seeing an illusion, as if they were dreaming.

        An Earth Character Master was a very high threshold for a Xuan Character Master, even if a Xuan Character Master was successfully promoted to an Earth Character Master, it would take a very long period of training to reach the true strength of an Earth Character Master, yet Jiang Yingying, had defeated an Earth Character Master right in the test, what a performance of strength!

        Jiang Ying Ying returned to Han 3,000 and, hearing the exclamations from everywhere, unconsciously threw up her tongue and said, "Brother 3,000, would it be too much?"

        "How can you overdo it, but that guy punched you a dozen times." Han Qianli smiled.

        Hearing Han Giangli say that, Jiang Ying Ying was relieved.

        He Qingfeng in the distance took in a deep breath of cold air, it had been many years since the apocalypse had seen such a strong newcomer, even Lin Tong, who was known as the pride of the heavens back then, hadn't shown such a strong strength.

        She, on the other hand, was nothing more than Han Marchant's maid, which made He Qingfeng even more eager to see Han Marchant's true strength.

        "I'm not wrong, if this woman hadn't restrained herself, her assessor would have already lost." He Qingfeng said to He Xiaoxiang.

        He Xiaoxiao was still in a dumbfounded state, she was proud of her identity as the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, she could be above anyone, but what was the use of having a high identity, she couldn't even compare to Jiang Ying Ying, what else did she have the qualifications to be superior to Han Qianqian.

        At this moment, He Xiaoxiang finally experienced how painful it was to have no strength, perhaps if she was given another chance to choose, she would spend more time on training, but even that wouldn't help, because at the level of strength, no matter how noble she was born, no matter how many experts she had cultivated, she would never be able to compare to Han Qianqian.

        Equally so, there was also Lintong.

        At this moment, the words "pride of heaven" seemed ridiculous to Lintong, who was proud of it, but never thought that his achievements would be so unbearable in front of Jiang Ying Ying.

        He had set a record of holding out for twenty-five strokes when faced with an Earth level test, which was the current limit of the Apocalypse Grading Tournament, yet Jiang Ying Ying was able to directly defeat the Earth level test officer, the difference in strength that existed could be imagined.

        What made him even more desperate was that this was just Jiang Yingying's performance, and Han Giang's strength was even higher than Jiang Yingying's!

        "Looks like our plan is going to fail." Lintong unconsciously spoke out, not caring at all that He Qingfeng was still present.

        "What plan?" He Qingfeng asked.

        He Xiaoxiao's heart tightened and quickly said, "Dad, it's nothing."

        He Qingfeng looked at He Xiaoxiang's panicked eyes, with his knowledge of He Xiaoxiang, how could he believe in He Xiaoxiang's so-called nothing.

        "Lin Tong, now tell me that it can still be redeemed before it becomes a big mistake." He Qingfeng questioned Lin Tong with a cold face.


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