His true Colors Chapter 787-788


His True Colors Chapter 787

Lintong unconsciously exposed his plan with He Qishao, and then came back to his senses and couldn't help but tremble.

        The consequences of this matter being known to He Qingfeng were very serious, and the fact that he had betrayed He Xiaoxiao by doing so, offending this woman with a heart like a snake and scorpion, the consequences were even more unimaginable.

        But what was said was spilled, and it was obviously impossible to take it back.

        When Lintong found He Xiaoxiao's murderous eyes staring at him, he didn't dare to look up.

        He Qingfeng grabbed Lin Tong by the collar and picked him up in the air, he knew exactly how capricious his daughter was, if she really did something against the rules of the apocalypse, even as the master of the Three Temples, he wouldn't be able to keep He Xiaoxiao safe, so he could only stop it before it happened.

        "Lin Tong, I want you to tell me exactly what's going on and what your plans are." He Qingfeng gritted his teeth and said.

        Even his breathing was trembling, and Qingfeng He's powerful aura was so overwhelming that he could barely breathe.

        "Hall Master, the plan ...... is, is to kill Han Qianli." Lintong said.

        Kill Han 3000!

        He Qingfeng shook off Lin Tong, the biggest taboo in the apocalypse was killing each other, in He Qingfeng's opinion, although He Xiaoxiao was capricious, she wasn't so foolish as to do such a stupid thing, after all, her life was at stake, she was a girl, how could she have such a vicious thought.

        But at this moment, he knew that he had thought wrongly, He Xiaoxiao had been far more than capricious, she would do anything for the pleasure of her heart.

        "He Xiaoxiao, I demand that you stop this plan immediately." He Qingfeng angrily scolded.

        He Xiaoxiang's expression at this time was not the slightest bit remorseful, there was even annoyance towards He Qingfeng, she didn't understand why He Qingfeng was so angry, it was just killing a piece of trash that had just joined the apocalypse, was there a need to make such a fuss?

        If Han Giangxi provoked her, shouldn't she deserve to die?

        And as the Lord of the Three Temples, how could he possibly not settle this small matter?

        "Dad, you're the high and mighty Lord of the Three Temples, these are just trivial matters to you, do you need to be so nervous, the worst case scenario is tearing your face off with the Four Gates, are they now as powerful as the Three Temples?" He Xiaoxiao said stubbornly.

        He Qingfeng was furious and laughed, he never would have thought that He Xiaoxiao would say such a thing, although the four gates and three halls had been in conflict for many years, but after all, they belonged to the same apocalypse, who would dare to let the relationship between the two break easily?

        Even the next oldest would not be able to do so.

        And now that the entrance to the Forbidden Second World has changed, the disaster of a hundred years ago is likely to strike again, the four gates and three temples must join forces to have a chance to deal with this trouble, if they choose to implode at this time, not only the apocalypse, but the entire Earth world will fall into chaos, at that time, who will be able to survive the invasion of the Second World?

        "Little things?" He Qingfeng looked at He Xiaoxiao with a frosty face and said, "For you, killing is even just a small matter now?"

        "Yeah, is killing a loser still a big deal?" He Xiaoxiao held his head high, not knowing at all of his own fault, and even took it for granted.

        It was only at this moment that He Qingfeng truly understood what kind of person his indulgence in He Xiaoxiang had made her grow into.

        There had to be a way to make her realize the error of her ways.


        He Qingfeng waved his palm and slapped He Xiaoxiang in the face.

        The air seemed to freeze in a split second.

        He Xiaoxiang covered her face and looked at He Qingfeng incredulously.

        Since she was a child, she had never been beaten, and He Qingfeng had tried to love her in every way possible, never letting her suffer the slightest grievance, but now, He Qingfeng had slapped her heavily.

        When He Qingfeng slapped her, the first reaction within him was regret, great regret, and heartache, how could he hit his daughter so hard after loving her for decades?

        "You hit me." He Xiaoxiao's eyes gradually became darker and said to He Qingfeng.

        "Daughter, I ......" He Qingfeng slightly panicked and looked at He Xiaoxiao.

        "You've never hit me since I was a child, but now, you're hitting me because of an outsider." He Xiaoxiao felt the fiery pain on his face, and his eyes became increasingly emotionless.

        "I want you to know the serious consequences of breaking the rules in the apocalypse, beating you is just to sober you up, when you really make a big mistake, the consequences aren't just a beating." He Qingfeng knew that he couldn't be soft, or else this slap would be in vain, he had to make He Xiaoxiao cognizant of his mistake.

        But would He Xiaoxiang?

        Apparently not, because of this slap, she not only hated Han Marchand even more, but she hated He Qingfeng as well.

        "I'm sober, very sober, and you can't stop this now," He Xiaoxiang said with his back groove teeth clenched.

        Qingfeng He turned his head abruptly and looked towards the ring, where Han Three Thousand and his testing officer were already on the stage, and it was clear that He Xiaoxiao's plan was to kill Han Three Thousand with the testing officer.

        "The plan won't work." At this time, Lin Tong on the side lost his mind and said, after seeing the strength of Jiang Ying Ying, he knew clearly that the person he was looking for could never be Han 3000's opponent, even if Jiang Ying Ying had almost possessed the strength of the Heavenly Character, how could Han 3000 be weaker than him?

        And the person he was looking for was nothing more than an expert at the Earth level.

        Now that Lintong had completely understood how much he had underestimated Han 3,000, Han 3,000 surpassing him, it wasn't a matter of time, it was a matter of when he would let Apocalypse know his true strength, all of which would only change because of one thought.

        Heaven's pride.

        What a ridiculous four-letter word.

        He was nothing in front of Han Giangli.

        "What are you talking nonsense about, believe it or not, I'll kill you." For He Xiaoxiang, who desperately wanted Han Qianqian to die, Lin Tong's words were undoubtedly too much for her to accept.

        Lin Tong released a smile and said, "Actually, we all know how powerful Han Three thousand is, it's just that we don't want to admit it inside, He Xiaoxiang, haven't you come to terms with reality? Whether it's you or me, neither of us are as excellent as Han Qianqian, what you have is just the status of the daughter of the Three Houses' master, while I am just the fictitious name of the proud son of heaven, in front of strength, the two of us count for nothing."

        These words were almost put to death for He Xiaoxiao, strength, again, was strength really more important than status? She was the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, and even a three-pointed heavenly character expert would have to address her as Eldest Miss when he saw her, how could someone like Han Qianli be compared to her!

        "You fart, what qualifications does this kind of trash have to be on par with me." He Xiaoxiang angrily scolded.

His True Colors Chapter 788

In the ring, Han Marchant still had his hands behind his back, but his posture like this didn't give anyone any awkwardness, nor would anyone feel that he was taking the test of facing an earth level expert too lightly, instead, many people felt that this was the performance of a true expert, and even many women were already looking at Han Marchant with dazzled faces.

        In their hearts, Han 3,000 would definitely be able to pass the test, and it was even possible to end the battle in the shortest amount of time.

        After all, Jiang Ying Ying had already shown them the impossible miracle before, and Han 3000 was clearly more powerful than Jiang Ying Ying, so how could Han 3000 not be able to do what she was able to do?

        "It's so handsome, so there's someone more handsome than Lintong in this world."

        "He's the true prince of heaven, what's Lin Tong."

        "From today onwards, my prince charming is Han Qianqian, what's Lin Tong, go away."

        The ones who said these words used to be Lin Tong's admirers, but now, they were turning to Han 3,000, unabashedly expressing their love for Han 3,000.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, I want to be your woman."

        "I'm the one who's your chosen woman, look at me, look at me."

        "Han Three Thousand Years, I'm waiting for you to marry me."

        Quite a few women under the stage began to stir, but when Han Three Thousand heard those words, he wasn't half happy, only a headache, he didn't need the adoration of these women, and to him, this kind of thing didn't give him any sense of superiority, rather it was trouble, very big trouble.

        The earth tester had a very heavy anger between his eyebrows, Han Marchan's gesture didn't take him seriously at all, and it was more like those crazy women on stage were saying that he was going to lose.

        Of course, the anger didn't wash over him, and the way Jiang Yingying had acted just now was enough to make him truly wary of Han Three Thousand.

        And his goal today was to kill Han Third Thousand in order to keep his worldly family safe, so he didn't dare to take it lightly.

        "Han Three Thousand, I'm not a Xuan character, and it's not good for you to be so careless." The Examiner said to Han Three Thousand.

        He needed Han Three Thousand's full strength, the only way to find a chance to kill Han Three Thousand by mistake.

        "I advise you that you better put away your killing intent, or else you'll be the one to die here today." Han Three Thousand said, Fang Zhan had deliberately reminded him yesterday, so Han Three Thousand knew that the testing officer in front of him was not pure in his intentions, and his words were not to relieve himself, but purely to remind the other party.

        The testing officer smiled coldly and said, "Cut the crap, take the move."

        The difference in strength between the Earth Character and Xuan Character levels could be seen with the naked eye alone, and when he made his move, Han Giang could clearly feel a pressure of power, but of course, this was only a feeling resulting from the comparison with the Xuan Character level, and from Han Giang's own point of view, this pressure was nothing at all.

        During the two of them, Han Qianqian did not take the initiative, but was carefully observing the opponent's moves, to him, actual combat could gain a lot of experience, especially the opponent's move patterns had a lot to learn, which was an experience that could not be obtained through unilateral training.

        After seeing this scene from afar, He Qingfeng was relieved, with this display of strength, he didn't need to worry about Han Marchant's life being threatened at all, and was even more horrified when he gradually discovered Han Marchant's purpose for not making a move.

        For someone who had just joined the apocalypse, the fact that he was able to observe the opponent's move patterns after facing the test of the Earth Character level showed that he was much above this Earth Character level, and that was the only way he could have the leisure to do so.

        At this time, He Qingfeng couldn't help but think back to what Old Yi had said in the forbidden area before.

        Only Han Three Thousand could solve the Second World's troubles.

        Previously, He Qingfeng had treated those words as a joke, but now, he had a faint feeling that perhaps Han Three Thousand could really do it.

        This was because even up until now, no one had been able to force out Han Three Thousand's true strength, meaning that Han Three Thousand's limit was a mystery, and it was impossible to guess how high it was.

        He Qingfeng took a deep breath and said to himself, "Who exactly is this brat, and where is his limit, does it mean that he already has the strength of ten experts now?"

        Top ten masters!

        This sentence caused the eyes of Lin Tong on the side to glaze over.

        He was a proud son of the heavens, but now he was only at the earth level, and Han Qianqian had just arrived in the apocalypse for less than a month, but he was able to receive such high praise from Qingfeng He.

        If these words had come from his mouth, Lintong would have scoffed at it, but to say them from Qingfeng He's mouth, the significance was extraordinary.

        "He and I, there is actually such a big difference?" Lintong's eyes were dull.

        At this time, no one felt worse than He Xiaoxiao, being slapped by He Qingfeng made her feel a harsh fatherly love that she had never felt before, and more importantly, the fact that the trash she had always thought of as trash was able to receive such high praise from her father made her self-esteem shatter like glass.

        Thinking about Han Qianqian's previous disregard for her, He Xiaoxiang's heart felt like pins and needles.

        Back then, she thought that she was the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples and was able to stand tall in front of Han Three Thousand, but now, Han Three Thousand nearly possessed the strength of a Heavenly Character, which made He Xiaoxiang's positional advantage disappear.

        So what if she was the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, in a place like the Heavenly Apocalypse where strength was paramount, what did it matter if the Heavenly Character powerhouses were willing to give her three thin slivers of face, and if they weren't, what did it matter if they didn't give a damn?

        In the arena, the Earth Grade Testing Officer had almost exerted his full strength, but he hadn't done any damage to Han 3,000, and even so far, he hadn't even made a single effective attack, and every time he made a move, he was able to be easily dodged by Han 3,000, whether it was strength or speed, there seemed to be a huge gap between him and Han 3,000, which filled him with displeasure.

        At this time, his mind was no longer thinking about how to kill Han Qianqian, but to fight for himself.

        How could a mere person who hadn't yet been promoted to the Earth level treat him like a monkey?

        "Han 3,000, you're a shrinking turtle, besides hiding, do you dare to fight me head on?" The Earth Grade Testing Officer roared furiously.

        Seeing the other party's annoyed look, Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "I'm worried that after I make my move, you'll be defeated soon, so wouldn't that be boring?"

        The words were nakedly humiliating, and the Earth Test Officer couldn't control his anger and exploded completely.


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