Secret Identity 2299-2300

Amazing Son-in-law Ye Fan Chapter 2299

When Du Zhenhua heard this, although he was surprised, he was not without joy.


      He couldn't help but smile, "Master Lai, this person is said to be able to kill a number of top ninjas in Japan with his own strength, his strength is truly extraordinary, it should be normal for him to have a harder fate, right?"


      Lai Qinghua said very seriously, "Zhenhua, there are a lot of people with hard fates, not to mention anything else, but any widow who has a husband is as hard as iron, but the fate of a true dragon is extremely rare, if put in ancient times, I don't dare to say that it can definitely achieve nine or five, at least it would have to be a king and a general, not a mortal ah."


      Du Zhenhua was silent for a moment and said seriously, "Master Lai, that granddaughter of mine really wants to find this person, I wonder if you could give me a hint?"


      Lai Qinghua exclaimed, "This man's destiny is superior to mine, I, I can't see through it."


      Du Zhenhua exclaimed, "Master Lai, and the destiny you can't see through?!"


      Lai Qinghua laughed bitterly and said seriously, "Fate is something like an ancient official title, since ancient times, an official's rank is overwhelming, and a level bigger than me is something beyond my ability and in any case, I can't see through."


      Du Zhenhua was surprised and asked, "If you can't see through it, then how do you know that he is the fate of a true dragon?"


      Lai Qinghua smiled, "My destiny is a python, in the laws of feng shui destiny, python is second only to dragon, so the only one above me is the dragon. It's like a prime minister, the only one who can override him is the 9-5, and as long as I can't see through the destiny, it must be the true dragon's destiny."


      Saying that, he recalled Ye Chen's appearance in his mind, and said with full respect in his tone, "I once had the honor of meeting a person with the fate of a true dragon, and the skills on that person were already beyond the imagination of mortals, although I don't know how much skill this person your granddaughter met has, but I don't think it's not bad"


      To Ye Chen, Lai Qinghua has always been filled with reverence.


      In the beginning, he calculated that he was approaching the end of his life, and at the same time he calculated that the East had the chance to extend his life, so he agreed to Ye Zhongquan's request to go to Yanjing and find a feng shui treasure land for the Ye family.


      It was only when he arrived at the Ye family that he saw that Ye Chen was in a situation where the dragon was trapped in the shallows.


      At that time, Ye Chen's entire life was at the lowest valley of his life as well as destiny, and his destiny was no match for him.


      That's why he was able to calculate Ye Chen's fate of the time.


      Ever since he broke the dragon trapped in the shallows, Ye Chen's destiny soared to the sky and from that moment on, he could no longer see Ye Chen's destiny.


      Right now, he couldn't figure out who the person Su Zhiyu was looking for was, so he could also conclude that the person Su Zhiyu was looking for was the fate of a true dragon.


      When Du Zhenhua heard this, he sighed helplessly and said, "So it seems that if this granddaughter of mine wants to find this person, I'm afraid she'll have to do more work!"


      Lai Qinghua said seriously, "Zhenhua, I don't really recommend your granddaughter to continue looking."


      Du Zhenhua was surprised and asked, "Why? Master Lai, what do I say to that?"


      Lai Qinghua earnestly said, "The divination shows that this granddaughter of yours and the person she is looking for clash with each other's life forms, and the other is the supreme and strongest Dragon, it's like a bicycle and a heavy-duty train moving at high speed, if the two don't collide, they will naturally be able to get along, but if they do, the bicycle will have no chance of winning."


      When Du Zhenhua heard this, his entire body couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.


      He was extremely trusting of Lai Qinghua.


      So, he hurriedly said, "Master Lai, thank you for your reminder, I'll call that granddaughter of mine and tell her not to look any further."

Amazing Son-in-law Ye Fan Chapter 2300

Lai Qinghua gave a hmmm and said seriously, "It's time to make her stop, or else she'll be like a moth to a flame, and she'll end up hurting herself."


      Du Zhenhua thanked him repeatedly, then hurriedly hung up the phone, followed by sending a video call over to Su Zhiyu.


      The reason why he was sending a video call was because he knew that when the other party picked up the video call, they would directly default to using the speaker, so that what he was about to say could be heard not only by Su Zhiyu, but also by his daughter Du Haiqing and grandson Su Zhifei.


      What Du Zhenhua is afraid of is that Su Zhiyu doesn't believe in divination and gossip, if she is explicitly told that there is a tiger in the mountain, she is likely to not only not retreat, but also prefer the tiger mountain.


      So, he wanted to tell Du Haiqing's family this in front of them, even if he couldn't persuade Su Zhiyu, Du Haiqing and Su Zhi Fei.


      It was dinner time, Su Zhiyu was indeed eating with her mother and brother, and when she received a video call from her grandfather, she was suddenly delighted, thinking that the divination had already yielded results, so she immediately pressed the call button.


      The video was connected, and Du Zhenhua asked with a smiling face, "What are you doing, Zhiyu ah?"


      Su Zhiyu was busy, "I'm getting ready to eat Grandpa, how about you?"


      Du Zhenhua smiled and said, "I've finished eating."


      After saying that, he asked, "Where are your mother and your brother?"


      Su Zhiyu immediately switched the camera and took both her mother and brother in, saying, "Mom and brother are here, by the way grandpa, have you had that master help with the math yet?"


      Du Zhenhua nodded and said, "It's counted."


      Su Zhiyu could not hide her excitement and asked, "Really? Did that master give any clear clues?"


      Du Zhenhua hesitated for a moment, sighed softly, and said, "Zhiye ah, Master Lai helped you with a divination, but the divination shows that the person you're looking for has an extremely high destiny and is extremely hard, so even Master Lai can't see any clues related to him."


      "Huh?" Su Zhiyu was incredibly disappointed and said, "Grandfather, didn't you say that this Master Lai is very good? Why can't you find any clues at all?"


      Du Zhenhua explained, "It's not that I can't find a clue, it's that I can't see through it, even Master Lai's destiny is a little lower than the one you're looking for."


      Su Zhiyu said in annoyance, "What lower and higher, I think that Master Lai just couldn't find any clues, so I found an excuse to justify it."


      Du Haiqing hurriedly said, "Zhiyu, don't be rude!"


      Su Zhiyu blurted out, "Mom, isn't what I said the truth? Isn't that Master Lai just looking for excuses to cover up his incompetence if he can find out and says he can't, but has to say something superior and inferior?"


      Su Zhi Fei at the side spoke up, "Zhi Fish, you shouldn't be so extreme, if it's really those Jiang Hu liars, he definitely won't tell you one thing he can't see through, he'll only give you some ambiguous or unfounded words."


      "For example, if you're looking for someone, he'll probably tell you faithfully that the person you're looking for is in the northwest, and then let you find the rest on your own, as to whether you can find them or not, it doesn't really have anything to do with him."


      "And since this Master Lai can directly say that he can't see through it, then I'm sure it's no excuse."


      Although Su Zhiyu didn't believe in this, he didn't want to argue too much with his family at this point, so he could only say, "Since even this Master Lai can't see through it, then I'll just rely on myself to find it slowly."


      Du Zhenhua then hurriedly said, "Zhiyu ah, listen to grandfather's advice, this person should stop looking for him."


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