His True Colors Chapter 769-770

His True Colors Chapter 769

Lin Tong's words once again filled He Xiaoxiao's face with anger, the matter about being ignored by Han Jiangxi was a humiliation to He Xiaoxiao, how could she tell Lin Tong?

        "Lin Tong, I'm warning you for the last time, this matter has nothing to do with you, you'd better not provoke me, I know you want to join the Three Temples, I think you should know my position in my father's heart, if I don't want to, father will never agree." He Xiaoxiao said full of coldness.

        Lintong was only testing the counterattack, but he didn't expect it to cause such a big change in He Xiaoxiao's mood, which made him even more curious as to what had happened between the two that could make He Xiaoxiao so angry.

        However, he knew that if he continued to ask questions, he was afraid that he would really offend He Xiaoxiao, and once she said something wrong about him in front of He Qingfeng, it would be nonsense for him to want to join the Three Temples.

        In the entire Apocalypse, who didn't know that He Qingfeng's indulgence towards He Xiaoxiao was without measure, no matter what mistakes He Xiaoxiao made, He Qingfeng would try his best to help her cover up, and the matter of not offending He Xiaoxiao had almost become a taboo known by everyone in the entire Apocalypse.

        "I'm sorry, I'm being nosy." The proud son of the heavens, Lin Tong, had chosen to compromise at this moment, and had lowered his head to say these words to He Xiaoxiao, which was enough to show that he had deliberately lowered his stance.

        But He Xiaoxiao didn't feel any relief from his respectfulness, because in He Xiaoxiao's opinion, the way Lin Tong treated her was a matter of course.

        So what if she was the pride of the heavens, was there a comparison in front of the daughter of the lord of her three palaces?

        "I can't tell anyone about what I'm looking for you today, or else I won't let you go." He Xiaoxiao warned.

        "Yes." Lintong bowed her head and said.

        He Xiaoxiao left without giving Lin Tong a second glance, it was clear that in her eyes, there was no room for this pride of the Celestial Apocalypse.

        Lintong raised her head and looked at He Xiaoxiao's back as she walked away, although this woman's princess disease was very serious and her personality was particularly strong, she still couldn't inspire half a bit of disgust, because her looks and figure were really fascinating to men.

        "One day, I will conquer you, and at that time, even if you are the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, you will still have to beg for mercy from me in bed." The corners of Lin Tong's mouth drew a lusty smile, and there was clearly nothing serious in her mind.

        The day the grading competition began.

        Since it was the lowest level of the promotion tournament, there weren't any big figures of the apocalypse present to watch the battle; after all, those apocalypse superiors wouldn't condescend to come to such a lowly place like the Yellow Letter Level.

        Han Qianli and Jiang Yingying each had their own opponents, but the two of them were now far beyond the Yellow Letter level, so the grading competition at this level was nothing more than a breeze for them.

        All the yellow character level people were present in the audience when Han 3000 competed, among them, Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian were in the most emotional mood, after all, the two of them had gone to the Nangong family as assessors, and at that time, Han 3000 was just a waste in their eyes, but now, Han 3000 was about to become a Xuan character level person, and this difference in status was not as simple as a title.

        "Hey, that's the difference in talent, it's only been a short time since Han 3000 came to the apocalypse, and he's already about to become a Xuan character." Zhuang Tang was infinitely saddened, in the past, he was still able to stand tall in front of Han Qianqian, but now that he had met Han Qianqian, he had to bow his head, this was the importance of strength in the apocalypse.

        To elevate one's status in the apocalypse, strength was the only threshold, but this only threshold stopped most people from doing so.

        "Master, Han Three Thousand's opponent is the number one expert in the Yellow Character class, is there any chance of him losing?" Gong Tian asked to Zhuang Tang.

        Zhuang Tang raised an eyebrow at Gong Tian and said with a smile, "Is there a possibility, don't you know it in your own heart, do you still need to ask me?"

        Gong Tian slumped his shoulders weakly, he did have an answer in his heart because he had seen Jiang Ying Ying's strength before, those few yellow characters didn't even have a chance to resist in front of Jiang Ying Ying, let alone Han Qian Qian, even though Han Qian Qian's opponent was the number one yellow character expert, but what did that matter?

        "I didn't expect the difference between our status and his to become so large in a short period of time," Gong Tian said.

        "This gap will grow wider and wider, you don't need to feel unfair, you can only blame yourself for not being strong enough."

        At this time, the match had begun, and Han Three Thousand's opponent showed an extremely strong desire to fight, emitting low growls from his mouth, as if he was saving his strength.

        Only Han Three Thousand walked idly towards him, his hands negative behind his back with no defensive stance at all.

        This action aroused the curiosity of many people.

        Most of the people present were people who had never seen Han Three Thousand's skills before, and most of them felt that Han Three Thousand couldn't possibly win the grading tournament, so Han Three Thousand's actions at this point looked more like a death sentence to them.

        "What's this guy doing, thinking this is a shopping trip?"

        "This kid really doesn't know anything, he's totally here to make a joke."

        "Hey, I thought there would be a battle to watch, but I didn't expect this guy to be a pokemon, what a disappointment."

        Just as the crowd was discussing, Han Qianqian on the field suddenly spoke up, "I know you've been preparing for today for a long time, but the fact that you met me only shows that you're unlucky."

        With a cold smile, the opponent's feet suddenly gave out, and his entire body seemed to lunge towards Han Qianqian with the force of a thousand pounds.

        At this moment of exertion, the ground beneath that person's feet caved in with two very deep footprints, enough to see how horrifying the power was.

        Everyone revealed a horrified expression at the same time, no one had thought that he had spared no effort in the beginning, this was to deliver a fatal blow to Han Three Thousand.

        "This guy Han 3,000 is finished, he'll have to be crippled if he doesn't die ah."

        "With Han Three Thousand's current reputation, if he can beat him, he'll be famous in the apocalypse in one battle, and this guy has put in a lot of effort."

        Just as the discussion was starting and the return of the position was over, the man's attack had reached Han Three Thousand's face.

        Faced with such a powerful attack, Han Three Thousand's expression was relaxed and comfortable, and he didn't seem to care at all.

        "Quite strong, but you're not nearly as strong as you are in front of me." Han Giangli smiled faintly, only to see him extend his right hand, and just as everyone felt sure that Han Giangli's right hand would be useless, they saw that man's powerful attack was instantly curbed.

        His forward lunge however held up in an instant, as if he had encountered great resistance.

        "What's going on here ......!"

        "How is it possible, did Han Qianqian block his attack!"

        "Impossible, absolutely impossible, he's known for his strength, how could Han Qianli's small body have so much power."

        The crowd was overwhelmingly horrified by the scene before them.

        Gong Tian's scalp went numb and he couldn't help but say, "Master, he actually blocked it so easily!"

        Han Qianli's opponent's heart was also filled with incredulity, in his opinion, even if this punch couldn't kill Han Qianli, it could definitely cost him half of his life only.

        But now, it was like there was a brass wall in front of him, directly blocking his path.

        "How could it be, how could it be!" The man looked at Han Giangli in horror.

        Only the corners of Han Giang's mouth rose slightly as he said, "It's my turn."

        Three simple words made that person feel an incomparably strong crisis, and just as he was about to pull away, a huge force came from his chest.

        Next, he felt his body lose weight and then flew backwards.

        With a thud, the man's body hit the ground, now becoming a mute pin drop.

        Only the sound of some breathing remained in the silent scene of the grading competition, everyone's eyes on Han Giangli, not only incredulous, but also a little frightened.

        Facing such an opponent, who dared to fight against it?

        After a long silence, someone finally came back to their senses.

        "Is this, is this the end!"

        "Han 3,000 ...... is worthy of being the disciple of the next oldest, he's so strong."

        "Who dares to fight him, there's absolutely no chance that he can win at all ah."

        As sighs rose everywhere, the crowd finally got to see Han Qianli's strength, and they were aware of how ridiculous they had been in mocking Han Qianli.

His True Colors Chapter 770

Jiang Yingying's match was also going very well, no one could stop her with a single move, and the two of them impressed those people with just one battle, not daring to take it lightly.

        "Fang Zhan, how many more matches do I have next?" After the grading competition ended, Han Giangli asked Fang Zhan.

        This result was not a surprise to Fang Zhan, after all, he had personally experienced Han 3,000's strength, and a district Yellow Character grade was nothing to him.

        If it wasn't for the rigid rules of the apocalypse, in Fang Zhan's opinion, Han 3,000 would have been able to directly participate in the Xuan character level grading competition.

        "No more." Fang Zhan said with a smile.

        "No more?" Han Qianqian looked appalled, there were many people participating in the grading tournament, how could there be only one opponent for him.

        Fang Zhan patted Han Three Thousand's shoulder and said, "Just now, all your opponents abstained, no one dared to fight you, so of course there's no competition."

        Han Three Thousand stroked her nose and said with a smile, "Isn't it too high-profile to act so that you won't become a thorn in some people's side."

        "I don't care about keeping a low profile in Tiankai because it's a place where strength speaks for itself, if you don't keep a high profile, how are you going to let people know how good you are? you and Ying Ying can both be promoted directly to the Xuan level now, and you can leave right away to prepare for the Earth level grading tournament." Fang Zhan said.

        Han Qianqiang rested her hands on the back of her neck and said with a calm face, "I didn't expect that the apocalypse that countless martial artists seek would turn out to be nothing more than this."

        Fang Zhan shook his head and reminded Han Qianqian, "Don't be careless, there is a huge gap between the strength of the Yellow Character and Earth Character classes, your next opponent is not something that can be dealt with so easily, and to promote to the Earth Character class, in addition to dealing with the Xuan Character class, there is also the test of the Earth Character experts, this is your real difficulty."

        "The real challenge for me is the Demon King's Grotto." Han Giangli said, "Promoting to the Earth Character level is just a threshold, it doesn't count as a real challenge for him.

        The reason why he had such a bottom line was because Han 3000 could now feel the skull's power echoing his own, and he could even feel that he had reached a new realm where his body was continuously absorbing the skull's source of power, which would cause his strength to increase very quickly.

        Previously, Han 3,000 was worried that he would encounter obstacles in the grading competition, but with the power of the skull, the grading competition would become very simple.

        Fang Zhan knew that Han Three Thousand's goal should indeed be on the Demon King's Grotto, as this was what the next oldest expected of him, but the grading competition was also not to be underestimated, and it was a prerequisite for Han Three Thousand to be able to go to the Demon King's Grotto or not.

        "Don't get too inflated, or you'll suffer a big loss," Fang Zhan warned.

        Han Three Thousand wasn't inflated, and it wasn't that he didn't care about the next grading tournament, but he was now fully confident that he could do it.

        The news of Han Third Thousand's direct advancement quickly reached He Xiaoxiao's ears, but to this He Xiaoxiao still showed disdain, as the Yellow Letter grade was inherently the lowest level in He Xiaoxiao's eyes, and Han Third Thousand winning such a grading tournament was nothing at all.

        "It seems that this Han Qianqian does have some strength, it's not without reason that the next oldest can look up to him." A man with thick eyebrows and a tiger back said in a low voice, he was He Qifeng, He Xiaoxiao's father, the Lord of the Three Halls!

        He Qingfeng's name was very elegant, and it was hard to connect with him personally, as his physique was as strong as a black bear, and such a person should reasonably have a very fierce name.

        "Dad, winning the yellow level only, is that considered powerful?" He Xiaoxiao said with disdain.

        He Qingfeng smiled faintly, facing his daughter, he never showed a stern attitude, even though he knew that Han Qianqian was someone who couldn't be underestimated, he wouldn't accuse He Xiaoxiang of his attitude towards this matter.

        "My sweet daughter, what kind of person is the next oldest, would he really let a loser be his apprentice?" He Qingfeng smiled.

        He Xiaoxiang had already treated Han Qianqiang as an enemy inside, even if Han Qianqiang was really powerful, she wouldn't admit it inside, and she only had one request now, and that was for Han Qianqiang to die.

        "Maybe the next oldest is the one who took his money, isn't Apocalypse talking about this now." He Xiaoxiao said.

        He Qingfeng was dumbfounded, this kind of joke was something only those idiots would say, who would actually take such nonsense seriously?

        It was true that the apocalypse needed monetary support from some of the great families in the world, otherwise the apocalypse wouldn't be able to sustain itself, after all, everyone here also needed food and clothing, but that didn't mean that the apocalypse was a place that could be bought with money.

        And as the master of the Four Gates, how could the next oldest be blinded by money.

        "Silly girl, do you think Dad would be bought by money?" He Qingfeng asked.

        "Of course not." He Xiaoxiao said without thinking, "Dad is so upright, how could he be bought by money, and when has the Third Temple ever lacked money."

        "Since I'm not even short of money, how could the next oldest be short of money," He Qingfeng said.

        This statement made He Xiaoxiao didn't know how to retort, so he could only play the lady and said, "Dad, can't you just go along with my wishes and have to fight against me."

        Seeing that He Xiaoxiao seemed to have signs of anger, He Qingfeng hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, my good daughter is right, it must be that old guy who is short of money."

        "Hmph." He Xiaoxiang held his head high and cold, causing He Qingfeng to smile bitterly helplessly.

        "Dad has something else to do, so you play with yourself first." He Qingfeng who had no choice but to find an excuse to escape.

        He Xiaoxiao's expression gradually darkened, a show of strength from Han 3000 who had won the grading tournament in a very easy manner and all of his opponents had abstained.

        Although He Xiaoxiao didn't want to admit it, she wasn't stupid, and the fact that she was able to show such a strong deterrent was enough to show that Han Three Thousand was not simple.

        But the stronger Han Third Thousand was, the more disgruntled He Xiaoxiang would be inside, not even willing to accept this fact.

        "No, I have to find a way to stop this trash." He Xiaoxiang gritted his teeth and said.

        Never offend a cautious woman, or else the trouble she would cause would be unimaginable.

        Han Kuang still didn't know how much trouble his attitude towards He Xiaoxiao had caused, as he saw it as nothing more than a small matter, after all, he was a man with a wife and children, so it was reasonable for him not to put other women in his eyes.

        In his new environment, Han Giangli found that there was a big difference in treatment between the Yellow and Xuan character classes in addition to the difference in status, the living environment was better, even the food was a few levels better, this was a very obvious class system.

        "Nowadays, it's all about equality for everyone, but I didn't expect the apocalypse to have such a clear distinction between high and low." Han 3,000 said with a sigh on his face.

        "Brother Three Thousand, equality for everyone is just a slogan on the lips, there's no such thing as equality in reality." Jiang Ying Ying said.

        "That's true, different abilities naturally lead to different status, so how can there be equality." Han Three Thousand nodded his head.

        Since Han Three Thousand and Jiang Ying Ying had become famous in the Yellow Character battle, many people in the Xuan Character had heard about them, so their appearance had caused many people to secretly pay attention to the two of them, some of whom were impressed by them, while others likewise felt that just winning the Yellow Character competition was nothing and scoffed at it.

        But Han Giangli never cared about this, no matter how these people viewed him, his only goal now was the Demon King's Grotto, because only then would he be able to know the secrets of the apocalypse and unravel the greatest confusion in his heart.


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